Sweet awards

Sweet awards, that I’m so honored to receive! Two fantastic blogger-friends nominated me for lovely awards and now I should answer some questions :)

A picture that didn't make to the blog... till now!

A picture that didn’t make to the blog… till now!

Two very sweet blogger friends nominated me to lovely blog awards – thank you so much, dear Amanda and Deborah! Please check their blogs out, cause they are really amazing! I normally don’t write much on my posts, but it’s about questions and answers, so an exception!

Blog awards

The rules to accept the awards are: thank the blogger who nominated you and link them in your post – I did :) Answer the questions you have been sent and send them to 10/15 bloggers you want to nominate. Can I pass the last part, please? I feel shy to nominate blogs! Just feel free, everyone who reads this post, to answer the questions!

Now, the 10 questions that Amanda sent to me!

  1. Who is your favorite historical figure? It’s so difficult to answer… we’re all eclectic…From Buddha to Churchill, Robert Owen, Thomas Edison… really many!
  2. What’s your happiest childhood memory? I guess on the beach playing with one brother and running on dunes near our beach bouse, with another brother. Or snacks with them by the swimming pool. Or having ice cream with my grandma… Strangely, I’m not fond of sun, but these memories are connected to summer :)
  3. Who is your favorite musician or band? Many, but I stay with George Harrison and the Beatles.
  4. It’s a hot summer night and you’re off to a swanky party with your friends. What are you going to wear? A midi or maxi black skirt with a black jacket. Maybe the green dress below :)Vintage dress
  5. If you could go anywhere in the whole world right now in the blink of an eye, where would you go? Only difficult questions :) Right now, probably Tenby.
  6. If you could have one super power what would it be? Stopping wars. Make people respect each other’s opinions. Why wars? Live in peace, we’re all going to die after all, and the things that were so important will be powder. As terrible as it sounds, it will be so!
  7. Favorite ice cream flavor? Mint.
  8. Favorite magazine? Psychologies.
  9. What’s the last movie you saw and did you love it or hate it? The Age of Adaline – loved it!
  10. What’s the best thing that happened to you this year? So far, I have done many important things, that needed my attention. But honestly, it was to connect with so many amazing blogger friends, that although in different parts of the world, I could feel such a connection! A second thing was to go to a place of extreme beauty, a surprise to me. Old railway tracks Now, in order of receiving, the rules for the Recognition award!

* Give a brief story on how your blog got started and a suggestion to new bloggers. Provide a link to the original post, Edge of Night – did it now :)

I’ll copy the answers I gave to the a previous interview I “gave” :)

– I was always very curious willing to discover and pioneering things. I was always kind of the “first to know how to do this and that”, so about blogs too. My first blog was launched on Christmas 2005, purely to discover that new ground. I  wrote on it till 2012;

– Blogging can be so competitive, so it depends on your goals – to make cash or share thoughts and news.  Your goals may change along the way. I’d say have fun, express yourself, exchange ideas – you’ll learn a lot and meet nice people, for sure!

Thank you so much for always being so sweet! Wishing a week full of smiles!

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63 thoughts on “Sweet awards

  1. Oh hell yes, my kind of girl after all, I love mint ice-cream and so glad to meet another fan because many dislike it! LOL! I absolutely agree with you on connecting with other bloggers, I have felt such strong friendship with a few and I hope to meet them in real life one day in the future and you’re one of them, Denise!

  2. Congrats on that awards, dear and what about your answers, I totally agree with you – no more wars. Unforunately, we’re living in weird times, where people doesn’t respect each other and wants more and more, which could be also one of the causes of the wars in generally. And one more thing – The Beatles! I love this band too, it’s timeless and no mater how old are you, you associate some of them. Have you seen the film where it were used some of the The Beatles’s songs, “I am Sam”? If not, I recommend it to you, because it’s very emotional! :) Have a great evening, dear Denise!


  3. Great answers! I felt like I was there with you running with your brothers in a few words only! My work colleague is from Tenby! When are you coming back to England?! Let’s meet!
    We’ve got our KCO concert next Saturday- lovely Hadyn symphony!!!
    And re your comment that you worried your comments were interesting (or something!) I appreciate everything you write dear Denise and I hope your eyes get better.x

  4. Congrats on getting nominated! I always love reading these posts because they are so much fun to learn about the blogger. I haven’t seen Age of Adaline yet but it looks good-anything with the goddess Blake Lively is always something worth checking out! I also loved reading your last answer-meeting blogger friends is always such a fun time :) I am glad I met you this year-you’re so sweet!
    Anyway, I hope you didn’t forget about me after being MIA on the blog. I hope to see you over at mine :)
    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

  5. Congratulations on your lovely blog awards, dear Denise! What a fun treat for all of us to get to know you ever better. The green dress that you’re sporting in that photo is especially gorgeous and looks absolutely breathtaking on you.

    Big hugs & happy (three big cheers that it’s here again!) Friday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  6. I agree with everything you said about blogging. It’s great to be able to connect and make new friends from all corners of the globe. It’s a very supportive community too, on the whole. I’m always fascinated to hear about the person behind the blog, and these sorts of Q&As are great for that. Though personally I hate doing them, and like you I don’t like to pass them on, just in case the person I’ve nominated really doesn’t want to do it, but they feel obliged to because you’ve nominated them. But oh, dearest Denise, mint ice cream? Really? I joke, of course. Everyone likes what they like, and that’s how it should be, though I must say I don’t know anyone else who likes mint ice cream 😉 Kisses sweet Denise, Txx

  7. Adorei ler as suas resposta Denise! Também faria o mesmo se fosse me dado um super poder, ficaria muito feliz se terminassem com esses conflitos e guerras pelo mundo que não levam a nada senão a dor e ao caos. Adorei o seu vestido verde, é lindo!!

    Beijos querida Denise e um belo fim de semana pra você

  8. I love mint icecream too…and I’ve been meaning to see Age of Adeline but I forgot about it. I’m not sure what was the last film I saw…I don’t watch films very often. I can answer what the last one I saw in cinema was and that was Interstellar…I loved that one.

    You look amazingly beautiful and feminine in that green maxi, it would be a perfect choice for a night out. I do think that green is often ignored in fashion and it is really such a wonderful colour. For me it represents nature and I really like most of its shades….from army green to mint.

  9. Congratulations on the award, liebe Denise! You totally deserve it and you are indeed VERY SWEET! Loved reading your answers too! So nice that you read the Psychology magazine too! I actually have two degrees and one of them is in Psychology! i just love learning new things about you and realizing how much we have in common!
    Anyhow, you look adorable and I really hope that your eyes are doing better! All my love!
    Have a great weekend, love!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  10. Love to learn more about you dear Denise! Congrats on the awards, you deserve them because you really are so sweet! I love the outfit you said you would wear out, black maxi and jacket, or even that dress! And I agree with your super power of stopping wars and respecting each others opinions – we need peace in the world! Glad to read more about you and hope you are having an amazing weekend! Xoxo

  11. Congratulations for your awards. It’s very good, be recognized and you deserve it. About the things I hate ice cream mint flavor. I like licor mint flavor but not ice cream. And I also love The Beatles. I love this post. I hope you have a great week.

  12. Oh, this was nice .. we get to learn a little bit about you :-)

    I had to look up Tenby .. I think my husband would really like this place .. he’s an ocean loving person.

    I also have The Age of Adeline on my list of movies to see .. now I really want to see it !!


  13. Querida Denise, recién ahora tuve tiempo de chequear este post! este fin de semana estuve enferma y no podía hacer literalmente nada :( Ahora que me siento mejor vengo a visitarte y te quiero felicitar por ambos premios porque estoy convencida de que te los mereces!
    Me divertí mucho leyendo tus 10 respuestas, en ellas se traduce tu personalidad tan dulce, culta y única. Realmente sos una persona super interesante en todo lo que decís, haces y hasta vestís! :) Por cierto, me encantó el color de ese vestido que llevas, se ve muy elegante!
    Un beso!


  14. Hi Denise! Thank you so much for the shoutout! Sorry it’s taken me so long to check this out, as you know, I’ve been away. I LOVE your answers! I love Buddha and Churchill, too, and The Beatles are awesome, you have great taste! You look gorgeous in your green dress. I haven’t seen The Age of Adaline yet but I will make sure I check it out. Lovely post, Denise, have a lovely weekend! xxx

    ♥.•*¨ Amanda Says ¨*•.♥

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