Sustainable Consumption

Sustainable Consumption, Production and Development – I have already talked about the 17 Goals for Transforming our World, as much as we can, till 2030 and beyond. This is not a preaching post – it’s about my thoughts for transforming my life!

I have started changing my behavior!

I have started changing my behavior! Bracelet from Slovenia

Sustainable consumption and production is about promoting resource and energy efficiency and providing access to basic services, green and decent jobs and a better quality of life for all – minimizing the use of natural resources, toxic materials and emissions of waste and pollutants “, according to the above links. As for me, it’s about stopping being a fool. PLEASE, I’m not saying that the ones who don’t agree with me are that. We’re all entitled to our own opinions and I strongly respect that. But I feel like a fool and I want to change it.

Starting sustainable consumption – I want to stop consuming without a real purpose. People many times buy things for the sake of buying, or to show people “look what I have! I’m rich!” and end up wearing things just once (I don’t understand why some people fiercely want to show this. My wise grandmother always said “rich people don’t brag”). This is not honoring people’s work and the planet. True, we’re humans and humans want new things, especially because of ferocious social media and ads. I use 3 bedrooms as walk-in closets. In a storage place I have around half a ton of things (the weight is real, not an expression), including a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes that I thought I would “die” if I didn’t buy it – how many times have I worn it? NEVER. So I decided to stop being such a fool. I don’t need more clothes, I have enough new items for 3 years without repeating and must have still 10% of my shoes (I confess it’s a sick number, around 500) never worn, and many more just once worn – all that is energy that doesn’t flow properly and is bad to a person. From this year on, I’ll try to wear again items I only wore once (or never). Starting today with a dress worn in… 2008, maybe? With shoes that I bought last year and never wore (typical me). Why that excess? I feel ashamed for that – and stupid – and think of the many people who don’t even have a blanket in the winter :(

I’ll be a hypocrite if I say that I won’t buy anything anymore. But I want to buy things 1) If I need them; 2) During a trip, when I know I won’t go back to the place so soon; 3) For birthday and new year – my tradition to wear brand new clothes; 4) Or very special things, that wow me. Other than that, I want to be a more responsible consumer. I’m better, but not perfect – the year started with some superfluous purchases – but hey, my birthday is next week :) Also, in my defense, I say that I have some faithful favorite items – a denim jacket that I wore around 20 times, I’m sure! And will go on wearing it :) I’ll try to limit purchases to 5 items a month – but no pressure: everything that is “imposed” produces stress and that’s not nice :)

I’m sorry for the confessions, too long and boring post. But it’s more like a statement to myself to remember my “goal” :) I hope I succeed! How about you? Do you buy like I did? Buying and wearing things just once or not at all? I’d love to know your opinions!


Welcome back to life, dress! With my favorite denim jacket :)

Welcome back to life, dress! With my favorite denim jacket :)

Back detail - lovely dress! From Germany, Sunichi

Back detail – lovely dress! From Germany, Sunichi

Shoes, George Alex. First time now :)

Shoes, Jorge Alex. First time now :)

I did love the result!

I did love the result! By the way, these shoes are so comfortable!

Hair detail

Hair detail

I loooved this necklace - bought in Montevideo last year. Now... worn for the first time . It was about time!

I loooved this necklace – bought in Montevideo last year. Now… worn for the first time . It was about time!

And a second necklace :)

And a second necklace :)

I did wear this bag some times

I did wear this bag a few times

The location has incredible nature!

The location has incredible nature!

And also amazing architecture!

And also lovely architecture!

Finishing Touch and Mood of the Week

Take time for things quoteWishing you a beautiful week with many smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

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53 thoughts on “Sustainable Consumption

  1. You Grandma was right with some rich people had you seen the Kadashian they are the biggest bragger. I do not feel the need to mention how many things I have when it comes to my personal stuff sometimes I’m ask on IG about my house or cars I answer without giving to much detail. I love shopping for what I want and need I’m definitely not an impulse shopper I’m a big believer less is more hate clutter.

  2. Your dress is lovely, especially paired with that denim jacket. Glad you could give it a wear! :)

    Last year I did #6monthsWithoutShopping and tried to hit 30 wears on more of my wardrobe – it was a great way to slow my spending over the whole year and I while I’m not doing the same no-shop challenge this year, I’m continuing with my 30 wears goals to try wear more of what I own and stop feeling the urge to buy new things all the time!

    Good luck with your goals for the year! :)

    Hope that you are having a nice start to your week and you had a good weekend! We had a quiet one here.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. happy Monday Denise! I used to buy too many unnecessary things but not anymore. I used to go for shopping at least 3 times a week ( I know, it’s crazy) but now I go only few times a month. You look perfect in midi dresses/skirts. Love this look, you hair looks amazing and how cute are those necklaces. Have a wonderful week ahead.

    Nina’s Style Blog

  4. Hello my sweet Denise!
    I agree with your thoughts!
    You know how things are now in Greece with the big crisis.
    I’m very careful buying things!
    I love your beautiful dress,the necklace,the bracelet and your pretty shoes!
    Lovely pictures and beautiful nature!
    Wishing you a lovely new week!Filakia! ❤️💋

  5. This is such an important post, and I hope that it reaches many people. <3 In this day and age, it feels like everything is just focused on buying and consuming as much as possible, without any regard for the impact it may have. I too would love to try and be a more reasonable consumer, I have made some steps towards it already, ie down-sizing my wardrobe. Thank you for sharing this lovely post beaut xoxo


  6. I agree with everything you said hun, and yes I too have bought a few things I did not actually wear so I am also more aware this year and make sure I actually wear my items hehe. Hope you had a wonderful christmas, new years and a great 2018 xx

  7. I agree with you 100%! I’m definitely trying to curb my consumerism. It’s not easy with all the social media goodies out there, but it’s silly to keep buying when I have enough. So in 2018, I’ve so far purchased 4 glass straws (no more plastic straws!) and discovered a site w/app called Mercari where I’ve sold gently used makeup items and I just purchased an exercised top by Fabletics – the seller has only worn it once. I’m not new to second hand items, BUT .. I’m a bit spoiled and well, .. want new. Anyway, it’s a step in the right direction ~ I think :-)


  8. Liebe Denise, Du hast so recht mit Deinen Gedanken, wir sollten uns wirklich all diese Dinge fragen! Und ich finde es gut, dass Du dieses wichtige Thema hier ansprichst und man soll in der Tat nicht einfach bedenkenlos konsumieren. Danke für Deine Anregungen und Dein wieder wunderschönes Outfit, dass Du hier zeigst. Du bist jedesmal wirklich eine Augenweide!
    Alles Liebe von Rena

  9. You should wear these shoes more, they’re so cute!
    I agree with your thoughts. I have stopped buying many cosmetics. And I have noticed I wear the same outfits all the time, while there are other clothes, I have completely forgotten about. But I rarely buy new clothes unless I know it’s something I’m going to wear.
    Have a great week!

  10. I love this post Denise. I recently ran a wardrobe cleanse challenge for members of my Facebook community. When I prepared for it, I had to de-clutter my own closet. I realised how many clothes I have.

    I am now on a mission to ‘recycle’ and make the most of what I own. I will probably still buy new clothes but not as often as I did it before.

    Her Style Hive

  11. Hai ragione, la gente spesso compra cose solo per il gusto di farlo, senza pensare a ciò che c’è dietro o attirata dalle campagne di marketing delle aziende.
    Produrre e acquistare in modo sostenibile credo sia una priorità ai nostri giorni!
    Un bacione :*

  12. OMG I know I hear you, I have so many times purchased things I really didn’t need. I too want to be much more aware and not that I am laid off it is more useful then ever. And plastic bags, ugh can we talk about plastic bags. Got home from shopping and can not believe how many plastic bags we used. They just need to outlaw them then it will force people to have alternatives.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  13. Sai che mia nonna diceva esattamente la stessa cosa sulla gente che dà troppa mostra della sua ricchezza (in più lei diceva che in genere che si comporta così finisce povero…)?
    Comunque mi sono rispecchiata tantissimo in quello che hai scritto oggi, sembra che tu mi abbia letto nel pensiero!^^
    Anche io ho una stanza piena di vestiti e accessori di cui un terzo (credo) sono nuovi e mai messi. In effetti a pensarci è stupido, ma quando desideri tanto una cosa (e te la puoi permettere) ti sembra impossibile poterci rinunciare, non è così pure per te?
    E anche io ho 3 paia di Louboutin che mi sono fatta regalare in varie occasioni e non ho mai messo (durante il periodo di Gossip Girl ero del tutto fissata con le Louboutin): il fatto è che sono belle, ma sono scomodissime e durissime!
    E, come te, ho pensato tante volte anche io di provare a comprare più consapevolmente, ma è molto difficile cambiare così tanto… tanto più che o lavoro nel campo della moda, quindi ho continuamente tentazioni!
    Ma piano piano ce la possiamo fare: l’importante è cominciare! :)
    Delizioso il tuo look, cara Denise, fresco e delicato: adoro soprattutto le tue scarpe!
    Baci e buona settimana!

  14. Denise,
    I so agree with this idea and I applaud your message. . We all, to some extent, buy more than we really need. I tend to buy a fair number of things but I hold onto them for many years. Since I am almost 60, I do have a lot of clothes and shoes. I do try to give away things if I know I’m not going to wear them. I also make sure that if I donate something it does not end up in landfill.
    I also love your beautiful dress and I’m glad that you held onto that. I think it’s important that we behave responsibly as consumers. And that translates to so many things including transportation and housing renovations. Thanks so much for writing this wonderful post.

  15. Olá
    Sabe Denise você tem razão, a minha insustentabilidade está bem visível no que se refere a moda, meu Deus como peco neste quesito. Ultimamente tenho acompanhado algumas aulas de “Boa Moda” e não é que tenho reutilizado muitas coisas? Concordo com você quando diz que deixa de ser tola, acho que temos que acordar mesmo,Amei o post.
    Desde já aceite os parabéns antecipados minha querida amiga que seja feliz sempre.
    Ta liberada para comprinhas hehehe.

  16. What a pretty outfit! Those shoes are gorgeous, I can’t believe you didn’t wear them before. The dress is very feminine and chic…and that denim jacket goes well with everything. You created a lovely look.

    I do understand what you mean. Being conscious of what we buy is important. This can be applied to many areas of our lives, not only clothes. We all sometimes buy things without thinking about it.

    When it comes to clothes (but not other things), I take the extreme in another direction. Sometimes months go by and I don’t buy anything. Alright, sometimes I’m just a bit lazy and sometimes I do enjoy shopping my closet but there is something else…I think that I sometimes don’t buy clothes because I feel like I don’t deserve anything new and that’s probably a bit too extreme. I don’t really have to be that harsh with myself. Probably the best thing is to find balance. Last year I only bought a few clothing items. This year I already bought two, a coat and a bag.

    When it comes to shoes, I think I have a good approach. I buy new ones regularly and I always rotate them so they would last longer ( I heard that wearing the same pair of shoes two days in a row isn’t good for them). The way I buy shoes seems pretty logical to me, I should apply it to other areas of life. Not buying anything new is not a good solution either because it can actually make the clothes we love wear out sooner. If we wear something all the time, then it won’t last long. I think that what is important is finding a balance. Buying only things that we truly love and want to wear seems like a good plan to me!.

  17. I know you mentioned something similar on my blog post about my purse! I am totally on board with you on this one, I too am trying to only buy things that I absolutely need, and to really think through my purchases to ensure that what I DO buy is long lasting and eco-friendly.. I am really trying to take responsibility for the things I bring into my home and my sphere on influence.. good on you friend! I am cheering you on!!! <3 –

  18. You’re in the same position as me! Although I would LOVE to have just one room as a walk in closet and not have such a mess in the bedroom I live in, Ive still got too much stuff and I’ve not been very careful, more greedy with buying. That’s why I am always trying to re-wear my items now and style them differently and only buy the things on my list that I do definitely want! Lovely post, Denise! I didn’t know you had Louboutins though, I’d love to see!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  19. Hi Denise!!!!
    We all need to do everything we can to transform our world, I love that you are taking the time to educate us! I need all the education I can get. Living in California we are very mindful of waste, you have to pay for all bags which means most people, including me, carries reusable bags. I want to stop consuming without a real purpose also, I love that you are leading the charge. I don’t know why people think it’s so great to be rich and wasteful. That’s selfish and wrong and just gross. I actually sending half of my clothes to a young woman I met in Africa. She is going to sell them and I’m hoping it will be a new source of income for her. I used to buy just like you but I’m doing my best to be more mindful. Let be each other support system :)

  20. oh Denise, I too am on a mission to become a more conscious consumer. I had the very same thought early last year when I was cleaning out my closet, going through unworn and unused clothes – many with tags still on and it made me feel so guilty and unappreciative of the goods and materials in my life. I have been trying so hard to strive towards a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle and it feels so rewarding to not succumb to everyday capitalist temptations.

    I hope you get to transform your life too 😊

  21. ommmg Denise. This is literally my goal. I love to spend on things that I don’t need and now I am trying to stop and set goals to consumption. You know this post is really a great awareness for people like me x) Thank you for such a wonderful post.

    Also, you look amazing! Omg I love your outfit and the pictures. They are great. 😀

  22. “Rich people don’t brag.” Your grandma sounds very wise! I love this quote. I definitely need to stop buying things just for the sake of it and think more about what I put into my basket. (Also, I love your second necklace!)

  23. Lovely post. I used to buy a lot, therefore my closet is full of very stylish unexpensive items but they look awesome and many are also second hand items. Now that I am a fashion blogger, I stopped buying clothes and shoes as I get them for free to review. Love it. I totally agree with you on buying just for the sake of it. Everything I bought I use as I only buy things that I truly fall in love with and the majority of the time they are classic items. Wonderful post Denise. Have a lovely weekend. xoxo Cris

  24. This seems to be the theme with many this year, myself included and I have stopped blindly buying stuff. I have only repurchased so far and only because I love the products and I ran out of it. Even Lisa Eldridge came out with a video about using what we have, I think too many of us are overwhelmed with the non-stop new releases.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  25. Great post! Already years ago I decided not to buy new clothes if I didn’t sell of old ones first or at the same time. So I’m a big believer in flea markets. Also, I try to have a wardrobe consisting of cornerstone, clothes that are timeless or easy to match with anything. I usually only buy a couple of new items and combine them with the older ones. Some pieces I save because fashion & trends tend to circulate. I think it’s important for everyone to think about their consumption habits. Thank you for visiting my blog, and leaving me such kind comments!

    E from Helsinki, Finland

  26. Bom dia Denise!!
    Eu as vezes fico pensando como somos consumistas não é, creio que temos oportunidade demais para comprar e adquirir coisas.
    Eu me lembro que quando vim pra Curitiba eu não tinha quase nem bagagem e hoje tenho um quarto cheio de coisas ( principalmente meus itens favoritos roupas, sapatos, brincos, óculos, bolsas e relógios ) eu sou a louca dos relógios tenho muitos .Agora me diga para quê?Não é fácil isso te digo..
    Suas roupas são muito lindas você tem muito bom gosto.
    Beijos e uma excelente semana.

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