Sunny Words of Wisdom

Thank you so very much for all the amazing GET WELL wishes !

They really really meant a lot to me!

After “my” 5th cold in 10 months (fever, weakness, so on) I feel better now. Wherever I go doctors say my immune system isn’t OK now, for many reasons. I eat junk food. People I care, family too, have hurt me. Irreversible things happened, too. All impacted me a lot and I easily get ill.

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So, as I didn’t really write a post last Monday, I’ll show what I had done in the past weeks. A friend invited me for going to some cute cities I didn’t know.

It was very cold, but sunny

July 26th, 2013. Picada Café Mill

July 26th, 2013. Picada Café Mill

Spending a nearly "dream" year, winter all over!

Nearly a “dream” year,  whole time winter!

Some “get well” wishes said “catching a cold in the middle of summer is sad!” I must clarify – it’s winter where I am now. I’m a winter lover – please don’t think I’m crazy! This year I only got winter till now! I plan to spend time in winter for many more months!

Mill's park

Mill’s park

I love that coat. Bought in Germany but don't remember the shop

I love that coat!  From Germany (don’t remember the shop)

Canela's stone cathedral. I love this satchel!

Canela’s stone cathedral. I love this satchel!

Cathedral's detail

Cathedral’s detail

The headband was a present that my Master’s supervisor gave to me in Germany – and I really loved it!

So now I’ll read my favorite blogs!

Thanks again for your sweet wishes!

Hope you all have a great day and may you see many smiles!


32 thoughts on “Sunny Words of Wisdom

  1. Me alegro que estés mejor. Es preocupante en realidad que te enfermes tan seguido. Si bien sabes cómo cambiar el estado de tus defensas deberías intentar comer más sano desde ahora y vacunarte cuando puedas. Yo sé que cuesta cambiar hábitos, pero debes pensar en tu salud. Te queremos sana!!
    Hermoso el coat con flores! Me encantó.
    Es raro que te guste tanto el invierno. Yo te veo sonriente en las fotos y pienso que le llevas un poco de primavera a esos inviernos donde llegas 😉

  2. I’m really glad you’re feeling better and I REALLY hope you don’t catch a cold anymore. it must suck big time, winter or summer, it doesn’t matter if sickness strikes. it always sucks. anyway, so cool that you’re sharing those photos from your trips. you look really happy and I love those bold colourful pieces you’re wearing. and those crisp beautiful backdrops too! oh and those words of wisdom are brilliant! so simple but so true. such a happy and cheerful post overall, Denise. I enjoyed it a lot :)

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  3. That’s a lot of colds in a short period of time, miss :-( I know you can’t help bad things happening to you in life, but you gotta try and take good care of yourself. Take care of that body and all! I know that won’t stop the hurt that people have caused, but at least you will feel physically better. X

  4. I’m glad you’re feeling better! You know I was worried! I finally have some time to read my favorite blogs too, and yours is of course one of them! :)
    It’s funny that you want to stay in winter for many more months, whereas I’d love to live somewhere where it’s always spring (not summer! I hate the summer heat!). We’re so different in this field. hehe
    You looked amazing in these photos! I missed your pretty face. You should post photos of you as often as you can! :) I’m sure the trip with your friend was amazing!
    Lots of kisses!

  5. Hi sweety, I was away for the long weekend and had no idea you were ill, hope that you are recovering swiftly and may you feel better soon, stay warm hun! Thats so great that you got to travel a bit, looks like such charming places. Love your colourful jacket!

  6. I seriously LOVE all the pictures where you smile. Your smile is so enigmatic!!

    And this is slightly off topic, but in regards to you catching a cold/fever so often. I know this may sound stupid (but you seem Zen with all of your inspiring quotes) but the best medicine for me, that has ALWAYS worked has been meditation and focusing ‘healing energy’ on the area that is ‘out of order’… it has ALWAYS worked for me. I’ve maybe had medicine 3 times in my life, mind over matter is a sure fire formula. For example, I had jaw surgery recently and the pain was unbearable. I have tried all sorts of drugs and painkillers, but no avail. I finally decided to start meditation this week. My pain? Completely disappeared. It’s like it was never there and my bones were never broken. SORRY FOR THE RANT!!


  7. Hi sweety, always good hearing from you, been hoping you are doing well. If theres something I have learnt over the years is that sometimes our families are tougher on us because they want us to excel and they want us to be better. Its true that we can be misunderstood but we too maybe misunderstand their intentions.Thanks for your kind words, always appreciated!

  8. Hi Denise! Good to hear that you feel better now. I love the photos! You look lovely as always. Thanks for the Sunny Words of Wisdom… I really need it since it’s been raining so hard these past few days (here in our country, PH). Have a great weekend! Don’t forget to take your meds/vitamins and to eat healthy foods.

  9. Liebe Denise, hoffentlich geht es Dir wieder besser! Ich glaube, Du arbeitest sehr viel und manchmal braucht Dein Körper einfach eine Pause … I love your jacket from Germany <3 You look so beautiful on your pictures!

    And the wisdoms you posted here – they are true as the other sayings which you have posted in your blog!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  10. Hi Denise! Oh, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been ill. I hope you’re feeling better already! I think food has a big impact on how we feel. I think Lauren Conrad had a great post about healthy food, have a look at Maybe healthy food will help you get back your energy! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog!

    E from Helsinki

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