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I love prom dresses! I won’t have a prom now – or in the future, this is past to me –  but prom dresses can be worn not only to a prom,  but on a special occasions, as a guest at a wedding or even as a bridesmaid. So now I am introducing this beautiful shop, Missy Dresses and I think you will like it, too! Please, get to know it and the dresses I most liked; let’s see them!

Above, this amazing  dress, in such a beautiful cut and color, for an unforgettable time! Very elegant! I like it very much! That is my favorite dress!
Stunning Purple Sheath Tea-length scoop dress

Stunning Purple Sheath Tea-length scoop dress

I simply loved the dress, above! The color, the cut, it’s so perfect, in my opinion! I love the sleeves!
Attractive Pink A-line knee-length V-neck dress

Attractive Pink A-line knee-length V-neck dress

I know, another pink dress, with rather a similar cut as the first one, but this one has embellishments, and I love it! And why not, I love pink! For your prom or a wedding, as a guest or bridesmaid, or a romantic evening – you see, there are lots of occasions when you can wear so beautiful dresses, please take a look at these other amazing prom dresses that I chose. I am sure you’ll choose a great dress that will suit your taste, cause they offer many nice styles!

This is really a very sweet and beautiful shop! I totally recommend it as it offers amazing dresses with great prices. They are offering a 5% discount – you just have to write the code 5OFF@MISSY to enjoy a very beautiful dress!

Hope you have a very nice day with many smiles! Thank you for the nice comments!

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* I was selected for this opportunity by missy dresses – i really loved the dresses!

38 thoughts on “Stylish dresses

  1. I have to disagree with you on this one, Denise ;). My fave without a shadow of a doubt is the purple sheath tea-length dress. What an absolutely stunning colour, matched equally by the fabric (is it satin?) and the cut. That neck line is to die for. It’s utterly flattering. I just wish I had formal occassions to go to where I could wear such a dress. Sadly, not these days. When I was a single woman, working in London I did go to lots of black tie events for work. Perhaps in the future the invites will come rolling in again… yeah, pigs might fly too, as they say! Lovely dress picks Denise :). Tx

    • Maybe we can dress up and meet for tea one day, dear Tracey! I would love to! We should plan it for next year :) But I am not in such a great shape like you, I warn, I am short and chubby :) I liked the purple dress, too, very much! I thank you for all the sweet comments, always, you are really so amazing! Wishing you a great weekend! XXX

  2. hehe I remember my prom, so many years ago! I wish they had such a great selection of dresses back then! I remember the style was ballgown long dresses, so that’s what I had too, but I wouldve preferred something shorter like these beautiful dresses! how elegant! love all of your picks here too! so many nice prom dress and special occasion dresses! xo

  3. The colors of these dresses are so beautiful! I’ve always heard of girls spending hundreds on prom dresses, it seems like a rather unneeded expense, so I love the idea of being able to wear them again!

  4. Yaayyy.. dresses like these are very girly and every girl would love to wear!
    I also love pink and I will be a forever pink dress lover, so maybe that’s why I really like your selections here, hun!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the dressess and will be checking their website now!
    Have a lovely day!

    Jhem |

  5. I absolutely adore prom dresses, too. I didn’t go to my high school prom and I had a small civil ceremony wedding at which I didn’t wear a wedding dress, so I’ve never had a chance to wear a true evening/wedding gown before. Hopefully some opportunity to do so will come along one day.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  6. Hi,
    I really like your all dresses.these all are very beautiful and charming dresses.and am sure that all the girls will really find there dresses .Also i like your suggestion to wear prom dress on other functions.It will really help a lot of girls.

    Thanks for share.

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