Stripes and Florals

Stripes and Florals, because I was “obsessed” with stripes in February :) (here). I decorate rooms with some stripes and florals, so why not wearing an outfit that way? Do you like mixing patterns?

Headband, Liberty

Chanel earrings; Headband, Liberty; Bracelet, from Paris; Ring, from Slovenia

Around 3 years ago I ONLY wore high heels – on every occasion, even when visiting Stonehenge, and people looked at me as if I were an alien. Looking for a flat in London, for a friend of mine, taught me to wear flats. My friend wore comfy flats and walked fast, while I had to stop sometimes, because we walked really a lot, and high heels weren’t for that. Now I feel so much better having changed – and I feel good in flats, as well as they look cute, in my opinion! Let’s see :)

Vest (waistcoat), my design; Bag, from Kilkenny; Top, Quincy; Skirt

Vest (waistcoat), my design; Top, Quincy; Skirt, Fit

I liked the patterns, a bit "Hawaiian"

I liked the floral pattern, a bit “Hawaiian”

Flats, Arezzo

Flats, Arezzo; Indian ankle charm, don’t remember

Pearl bracelet, don't remember; Pearl ring, Fiorelli

Pearl bracelet, don’t remember; Pearl ring, Fiorelli

This bag was such a great companion since February! I bought in Kilkenny (here) and it went with me to so may places! Here it's in San Telmo Museum, San Sebastian

This bag was such a great companion since February! I bought it in Kilkenny (here) and it went with me to so many places! Here it’s at San Telmo Museum, San Sebastian

Stripes and Florals top


Because some people think they are polite, but they are not - just mean narcissists

Because some people think they’re polite, when they are nothing but a mean narcissist!

Wishing you a great week, with smilesThanks for the sweet comments, I love having you here!

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73 thoughts on “Stripes and Florals

  1. Hi Denise! Its been such a long time. Your website looks amazing, well done!
    I lost access to my email account but finally got it back recently.
    How have you been?
    Missed you stax!

    • Wow, dear Sam!!!! I am o so so glad you are back, I wrote you some times, but I thought you didn’t have access to your email anymore! Last week I thought “how can I find her again”, no joke, and here you are! Thank you so much for your lovely comment, and I will write you today! Hope you are fine, how is everything going? XXX

  2. Such a fab post, Denise! I really love your design – the vest turned out amazing!!! You are so talented!! I also love your jewelry, so pretty! On a different note, I loved the quote on being kind. It’s so true! You are such a beautiful soul! So glad we connected!
    Happy Monday, love!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  3. Bentornata cara Denise!!! Sono felice di sentirti di nuovo! 😀
    Io amo tantissimo i fiori e le stampe floreali, ma anche le righe mi piacciono molto e penso che insieme siano una combinazione davvero fresca e femminile, come hai ben dimostrato con il tuo look!
    Pensa che invece io i tacchi alti non li porto (e non li ho portati) quasi mai: odio non poter correre o camminare bene o salire scale o gradini agevolmente! Al contrario di te dovrei imparare a metterli di più!^^
    Bellissima la citazione che chiude il post, concordo al 100%!

  4. So lovely to have you back again Denise! Lucky you that you get to travel so much. Floral and stripes, mix them up why not. You team the styles really well together and make the look your own – I love the paisley headband you’re wearing. That bag. Gorgeous! I’m on the hunt for a tan bag. I have so many black bags. I love them but things can get a bit boring when you’re forever stepping out with a little black bag in tow. Mixing it up – I’m taking a leaf out of your book! Big hugs and kisses Denise. Txxx

  5. I started wearing flats after I moved to Canada, back when I was still living in KL, I wear only heels. These days shoes are more for practicality than looking good so flats allows me to run after the little one easier.

  6. Hola Denise!! Cuanto me alegra que estes de vuelta por la blogosfera 😉 Muchas gracias por tomarte tu tiempo para visitar mi blog, realmente me puso muy contenta leer tu comentario.
    A mí me encanta mezclar estampados! Y casualmente, uno de mis estampados favoritos para mezclar es el rayado. Tu combinación es moderna, divertida y clásica al mismo tiempo! Las ballerinas son her-mo-sas!!! <3
    Buena semana, Denise!!

  7. Being a short petite that I am, I don’t like wearing flats often. But I hear ya, sometimes we need to walk fast haha so gotta ditch the heels. And you look so lovely mixing patterns! Thanks for the lovely quote at the end too. Hope you have a great week ahead.

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  8. Hello Denise :) I really like your outfit, personally I also love to mix florals and striped prints together, because they look terrific in combo 😉 What’s more, wow, you DID wear ONLY heels for 3 years? So it’s great that your friend showed you how to wear flats, Denise, because this kind of shoes is the most comfortable plus some of the designs are really lovely as well and look even better than heels :) Futhermore, I love that quote, you’re right – being polite and kind is really important nowadays :)
    PS: Guess what? I got a job, I’ll be personnel and salary officer :)

  9. Awesome stripe styling, sweet Denise. I especially like the layered look with a vest (waistcoat).

    Stripes have grown on me in recent years a lot. I shied away from them for ages, as they weren’t always the most becoming things on me, but by sticking largely with classic widths and colours, I’ve been having better luck lately and am really enjoying having this timeless pattern to work with more freely.

    Big hugs & happy Wednesday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    • Hello, dear Lauren Blair, and thank you so much for so sweet comments! Yes, it was better before, in heels. Flats hurt, in the past, my heels and calves. But the amount of walking my friend did or does was absurd, I used to call her “athlete walker”. It was too much, kilometers – like 7. Now, there’s a medical explanation for someone who only wear heels, turning to flats and having pain. The calves’ muscles are “shortened”, because of the constant use of heels. So when we put flats on, they “pulled” and this aches. Once we pass that and get used to flats, like I am now, then it’s fine :) But it took me a year to get used to! It’s not an instant process :) Hope you have a great week! XXX

  10. Liebe Denise, jetzt musste ich ein wenig schmunzeln, denn ich habe bis vor kurzer Zeit auch fast nur hohe Schuhe getragen :) Und jetzt liebe ich flache Schuhe, vor allem Sneakers! Dein Freund hat Dich gute Dinge gelehrt :) Ich mag Dein Outfit wieder sehr, samt der tollen Schuhe und Du siehst wieder bildhübsch aus <3
    Alles Liebe von Rena

  11. I love how you put the stripes and florals together Denise – it’s very European. Must try it. Thanks for the inspiration. Have a great week and I hope you always find lots of hearts that will listen. Fil x

    • Hi, dear Fil, nice that you are back, but soon “on the road” again, right? Thank you so much for the lovely comment! Well, the top has a Hawaiian print :) But the headband is Liberty, so, European, and the bag I bought in Kilkenny :) Such a lovely city! Wishing you a lovely day! XXX

  12. I really don’t know how I ran in high-heels all the time when I lived in London, and then again in San Francisco. But, these days since I travel a lot I tend to bring flats, and a mid-height style heel. It’s better on my feet, then when I want to go out in heels I am not dying already from wearing them all day. haha. You look lovely Denise. Welcome back. xx


  13. Hey Denise , I’m really boring with print on my clothes. I rarely wear stripes and florals but should consider wearing more in the summer. I much prefer a flat shoe but they don’t look as cool as a heel so I always invest in a stylish flat shoe to make up for the fact that there is no heel. You always wear a stylish quirky shoe.

  14. I don’t know why you’re not.appearing in my Bloglovin feed Denise, I’m so sorry I missed this!!! Yes to florals and stripes-you look so pretty and I agree with the fun flats-those ones are super!!! I hope all is well with you. Yes, that statement to do with being kind is v true and wise. Sometimes it is better to remain silent than to speak.x.

  15. Hi Denise You look so pretty. I love your flats. Great purse too. I do admit I love heels and prefer them but because of my arthritis I struggle wearing them lately so now I usually wear flats. Great post hun.

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