Stripe a pose

Stripe a Pose :) just a pun, because I like stripes; do you like stripes, too?

I didn’t wear any accessories – let the stripes “shine”!

I didn’t wear any accessories – let the stripes “shine”!

Mix and try, that was what I did :) I normally am more “conservative” about florals and stripes together, but I’m changing. So now I mixed stripes, polka dots and applique boots plus an embroidered bag :) It may be a lot, but I felt good :)

While taking pictures, I crossed my arms – it reminded me that some people say that we cross our arms and clasp our hands according to genetic traits. Really? “Most people have a strong preference when folding arms: left forearm or right forearm on top, but it’s a myth“, says a study; arm-crossing and hand-weaving preferences are random. “A study found that 55% of people place left thumb on top, 45% prefer the right thumb and 1% have no preference; it’s likely affected by multiple genes and environmental factors”. How do you cross your arms? :)

But apparently left hand over right arm-crossin means that the person follows gut instinct (here)!

Apparently left hand over right arm-crossing means that the person follows gut instinct (here)!

  • If you cross your arms and weave your hands both right-over-left OR right arm and thumb over left arm and thumb, you’re a critical thinker;
  • Right over left arm, hands left over right thumb OR left over right arm, right over right thumb – high gut instinct and critical thinking for complex issues.
Sweater/jumper, Primark; Denim skirt, Cantao; Shirt, Next

Sweater/jumper, Primark; Denim skirt, Cantao; Shirt, Next

Headband, don't remember; Bag, C & A

Headband, don’t remember; Bag, C & A

I love embroidery!

I love embroidery!

This coat had such a beautiful lapel, in my opinion!

This coat has such a beautiful lapel, nice sleeves and great electric blue color, in my opinion!


Coat, Y.O.U.

I love these boots!

I love these boots!

Boots, I'm walking

Boots, I’m walking


Happiness quote

Wishing you a beautiful week with smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

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66 thoughts on “Stripe a pose

  1. I cross my arms right over left, but I wouldn’t say I’m a critical thinker .. lol. I’m too un-focused and well, maybe a bit scatter brained 😉

    So in love with your boots !! <3


  2. I adore stripes but your splendid smile always steals the scene to everything else! I love your boots too! Baci, Valeria – Coco et La vie en rose (my website is under maintenance right now, you can come share some love on my FB page if you like!)

  3. Yes, I love stripes also! I love the outfit, beautiful colours. Also, the boots look really cool. You look really lovely.
    The part about crossing your arm is really interesting. I don’t have one way of crossing my arms, I tend to keep changing it.

  4. I’m definitely a critical thinker then, haha! 😀 I’ve always thought that if you’re right-handed, then you cross your arms with your right hand over the left one. Go figure!
    I love stripes as I’m sure you’ve noticed already on the blog! So I really like your outfits in this blog post :) Thank you for stopping by my blog!

    E from Helsinki, Finland

  5. Love the stripes and mixing dear Denise!! You always look fab and I love your outfits! I love that blue jacket also, what a gorgeous color! And so interesting about arm crossing, I never thought about it and do it unconciously! Hope you are doing well, my craziness is finally slowing down so I will be around more ! Hope everything is going great with you! Xoxo

  6. Ciao cara Denise! Come stai?
    Spero tu sia guarita definitivamente!
    Che carina che sei in queste foto, mi piace moltissimo come hai combinato il top a righe, hai creato un look originale e trendy! E che bello il tuo cappotto! 😀
    Come incrocio le braccia? Con il braccio sinistro sopra il destro!^^

  7. How funny I was just sitting here crossing my arms as I was reading this post. I noticed I do right over left so it looks like I’m a critical thinker which I believe I am actually.

    I dont tend to wear a lot of florals or stripes or polka dots in fact I dont wear a lot of colour but maybe I should given you say it made you feel good. You certainly look very happy!

  8. Me encantan estos outfits coloridos y divertidos! La mezcla de estampados es super original y vos la llevas con mucha naturalidad. El bordado en el bolso es bellísimo, y combina percato con las botas!
    No sabía nada sobre lo que podría significar la manera en que cruzamos los brazos, como siempre, gracias por enseñarnos algo nuevo en cada post que compartes. <3
    Espero que estés teniendo una linda semana, Denise!!

    • Hello, dear, thank you so much for your sweet comment! Yes, it means that, you analyze facts before comingo to a decision! You are a critical thinker, according to some studies. That is very good! I hope you have a very nice Wednesday!

  9. I must be an idiot but I cannot figure out the arm crossing thing… I just don’t get the descriptions lol! I basically cross my left arm over my right one and tuck my left hand under my right arm while the right hand rests on my left arm.

    • Hi, dear Melissa, thank you so much for your comment and you are right: because I try to summarize the post, cause I know that some people prefer pictures, it was just too “summarized” now! But I figured out: the way you cross your arms shows that you are a critical thinker, it means, you analyze facts before making decisions! I wish I were this way, but I am hopeless: I feel something like intuition, then think “nonsense”, do exactly the opposite and finally see that my intuition was right, but then it is kind of too late! Thank you again, wishing you a good Wednesday!

  10. Liebe Denise, ich liebe Streifen und Stickerei auch und ich mag Dein wunderbares Outfit so gerne! Die Stiefel sind natürlich ein Traum und Du hast alles so schön miteinander kombiniert <3 Das ist sehr interessant mit dem Verschränken von Armen, jetzt weiß ich, dass ich ein kritischer Denker bin :) Danke für diesen tollen, neuen Denkanstoß und alles Liebe für Dich von Rena

  11. So adorable! You are looking like a cute doll in all pictures. :) I like stripes too, but I don’t know how to mix and match different kind of prints. I’m always afraid that I might end up looking like a joker. 😛

    • Hi, dear Madison! Thank you for your sweet comment, it means a lot to me! I only knew one person that was ambidextrous apart from myself, and now you! I am as well, but I don’t think it makes any difference and some studies say that it’s random, while some say it plays a role. You know how it is, for every “it is this way”, there’s always a “I disagree” :) which is good, cause it triggers further knowledge for us all! Hope you have a lovely Wednesday!

  12. Love the pun headline Denise – made me laugh! I tend to be a bit conservative with my floral and stripes like you used to be, not mixing them. I should take a leaf out of your new book and experiment. Now, I never knew there was hidden meaning to the arm folding business. I learn so much from reading your blog :). No idea how I fold mine. I need to check – after I’ve written this comment. On to fashion and my favourite pick from your collection today is the embroided bag. Stunning. Hugs Denise. Hope you’re feeling much better now? Tx

  13. so nice to see you mixing prints…this outfit is wonderful…I especially like those boots, they match the bag so well. How have you been? I hope all is well.

    …and yes, I love stripes too!
    so I’m all for…stripe a pose!!!!!!!!!

  14. Great outfit and post, sweet Denise (I, a huge lover of puns, really appreciated the title :)). For ages I veered away from stripes for the most part (with just a few exceptions, such as classic Breton tops), as I feared they did nothing for my short, curvy figure. However, in just the past year or two at most, stripes have suddenly (massively) grown on me. Well, not literally, like a zebra, of course, but I have become enamored with them and have purchases two new striped pieces already this spring (one of which, a fab 50s frock, I just had to have because the colour palette screams fall, my favourite season, and the moment I laid eyes on it, a great autumn outfit materialized in my mind and that sold me on the dress instantly – watch for it on my blog later this year).

    Tons of hugs, happy weekend wishes, and my heartfelt thanks for all of your great recent blog comments,
    ♥ Jessica

  15. I really like that finishing touch! I know I should try to follow it more :) but when it comes to crossing my arms I have absolutely no idea how I do it. and to be honest with you I don’t even care, hehe. oh and of course I like stripes! also polka dots and florals. gosh and what a cool pair of boots you’re wearing! your wardrobe really contains such special gems, Denise!

  16. I feel as though I have seen your bag before – it is a gorgeous coloured bag! I’m not sure though, perhaps I am mistaken to another bag? Either way that looks lovely – and your boots are incredible. I’m not sure which way I cross my arms – next time I do I am going to note it and then check back. Very interesting fact! xx

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