SS 2013 trends

Friday – and there comes my favorite day of the week!

Like many others, I love reading, including magazines too. You name it: history magazines, psychology, travel magazines and fashion ones, too.

The latter ones are showing the trends for spring and summer 2013 right now (February/March 2013) – profusely. I must say I never saw so many trends together in one season.

And here are some of them


Clean chic trend here

And these are just some of the trends! I’ll post the others – and not all of them! – later.

Lately I’m not exactly following any trend. This year, though, will be great for me. Many of the trends I currently wear, so I’ll be… modern.

Hope you have a nice day and weekend, with many fantastic smiles!


7 thoughts on “SS 2013 trends

  1. Hi dear, thanks for your kind words, i still feel really bad about the bday. What a fantastic round up of trends, its still going into winter here, so we will receive these trends only towards September. Loving the chic all whites, bights and prints. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  2. Tú podrás ya ir probando la ropa más liviana al contrario de lo que hago yo ahora que empiezo a ver ropa de invierno. Viene mucho el blanco? ya el año pasado se veía más en las vitrinas, aunque como dices pueden aparecer cosas como las que ya tienes y te sientas más a la moda y si no fuera así igual siempre te vistes bien y da lo mismo si pareces más IN o no 😉

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