Social touching

Haptic communication – social touching means how people and other animals communicate and interact via touching, in interpersonal relationships (nonverbal and nonvisual). It depends on intimacy and differs from culture to culture. How is it in your country?

No filter, the days are getting brighter, somehow

No filter, the days are getting brighter, somehow; sorry, I was exhausted last week, but now I will visit blogger friends again!

Touch can be positive, playful, control, ritualistic, task-related or unintentional. The Telegraph showed a research by Oxford University showing how we react to touching – from strangers to partners. Bright body area color can be touched. Black and blue borders are forbidden. It also depends on one’s cultural background. In some countries, just a handshake is allowed and in others, strangers, when introduced to each other, kiss on cheeks. The chart shows taboo and allowed areas:

Topography of social touching depends on emotional bonds between humans

Blue are men and red are women

Blue are men and red are women

Now, look of the day. It was October, so you’ll have to bear more pink outfits :)

Pink skirt, . Black jacket,

Jacket, Jackie Usava. Pink skirt, Sisterhood.

Top, Clements Ribeiro

Satin top, Clements Ribeiro

Also Shoes

Aldo shoes

Pink nails and rings

Pink nails and rings – gold and silver with blue topaz by Julie Reen. Bow clutch. Vanda Pires. One of the fingers looks so fat, I was shocked!


Hope you have a great week, with many smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

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38 thoughts on “Social touching

  1. I love the baby pink manicure. so pretty! and the rings are beautiful as well. oh and the whole outfit looks awesome on you! the jacket, skirt, blouse, shoes – such a great look! I especially love the floral print on your blouse. yeah, I think black and fuchsia make one of the coolest combinations ever!
    a few words about social touching – in Estonia a handshake is an ordinary thing when you have to greet someone you don’t know. definitely no kisses. when we greet people we already know we just say “hey” or “hello” and sometimes but not very often some of us hug our loved ones or people we know but who aren’t our loved ones. gosh, sounds so difficult, I hope you get what I’m saying here. us Estonians are not very emotional! 😀
    anyway, have a lovely and successful week, dear Denise, and I’m looking forward to your travel stories!

  2. In my family, especially my mum’s side, they are very warm and touchy people, kiss on the cheek is a warm greeting and a traditional hello. But the other side, are not very touchy per se. Very interesting Denise. I also love your outfit, the pink skirt is gorgeous. <3
    Style Files

  3. Some forms of physical contact depend on culture, in terms what is considered acceptable. I think in my country we are more open to physical contact than in some other European countries. Handshake or/and a kiss on the cheek is very common in my country. Hugs are more for friends and family (especially bear hugs), but we tend to kiss on the cheek a lot, when we meet one another (like Italian and French people do).. In addition, we kiss on the cheek for a number of social events (a wedding or even at the funeral).

    Handshake is also very often, sometimes I have a feeling we shake hands with everyone we see or come across. My husband always does and then I do to:) maybe his influence but yes our culture is quite open to it…but still I think there are countries that are even more open to it…I think in some countries they hug and kiss even people they don’t know well….Anyhow, once I read a comparative research about the amount of times a random couple (from multiple countries) touches one another in a public place…and in some countries it is 100 while in others it is 0.

    you look very pretty and feminine!!!!

  4. Wow I loved that Topography of touching, I’ve never seen something like that before but it makes sense I guess but it’s quite nice to see it in diagram form like this. With my girlfriends I push the boundaries for a laugh, so sometimes I’ll touch their breast for a joke which is quite funny but I would be livid if a man did that to me who was not my boyfriend – that’s completely forbidden ha ha! It’s so great that you continued to wear pink throughout October, I feel quite bad that I didn’t. I’m so sorry to hear you are feeling so exhausted – I hope you start to make some changes that make you feel happier and healthier soon. Start with one thing to focus on first: I’d recommend cutting out any sugary drinks and replacing it with water or sparkling water – that’s your challenge for the week.

    • Dear Colleen, thank you so much for your lovely comment! I think I need to cut carbs, but I have already cut them quite a lot… maybe I am feeling this way because of gluten, but I never had problems with that… as for water… that’s the only thing I am drinking for a month… if I go on this way, I need to go to a doctor for supplements… but I will keep you informed and I want to visit the shop you have just recommended! Hope you have a very lovely week and again, thank you for the suggestion! XXX

  5. Un post muy interesante, Denise! En mi país nos saludamos con un beso en la mejilla a menos que sea una entrevista laboral o algo muy formal. Los abrazos son más para amigos o familiares. En mi familia también me enseñaron a ser así porque somos descendientes de italianos, jaja y es el mismo caso con muchas familias de Argentina.
    Te ves preciosa con ese outfit con un toque de rosa, los accesorios son muy femeninos y delicados, me encantaron!

  6. Adorei saber essas informações sobre o toque em diferentes culturas e países. Aqui no Brasil como você sabe, somos um povo muito caloroso, que adora abraçar, beijar e demonstrar o carinho pelas pessoas. E você querida Denise, como sempre tão bela! Amei essa sua saia rosa, ficou linda em você! Espero que já esteja melhor de saúde e se sentindo mais descansada.
    Beijo grande e que você tenha um ótima noite.

  7. Fantastic post dear, Every culture is a little different. friends and family we usually tend to hug and kiss. people I met for the first time I usually shake their hand. but I do believe that when someone is not feeling well or is sad if you give them a big hug it can change their attitude sometimes a little touch can make a difference.
    You look so beautiful dear as always!!

  8. Really fascinating topic to lead with, dear Denise. I come from a country that, traditionally, isn’t that big on public touching, whereas Tony hails from Italy and will double air kiss just about anyone on the planet. That said, I’ve always been a hugger and while air kisses aren’t my absolute favourite, I will hug anyone I deem it safe and appropriate to do so to at the drop of a hat. :)

    Big hugs & joyful start of November wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  9. Hello lovely lady! So sad to hear you haven’t been feeling well. I hope that is all sorted and you are starting to feel more energetic now. If it is any consolation you look wonderful!

    Pink and black are one of my favourite colour combos.

    In Canada we often shake hands but if you are good friends we will hug. Or at least I do. My husband is from France and it took me a while when I lived there to understand the whole “kissy kissy” thing and not feel awkward about it.


  10. Hi Denise! First of all, I hope you are feeling better! Got your note and you got me worried there!
    However, this post is just super cute! I am 50% Asian and 50% European, and we do hand shakes but also hugs, and good friends a kiss on the cheek (but not both sides). It is indeed very interesting how countries differ on what’s acceptable or not. Now to you, you are gorgeous, as always! Sending much love your way!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  11. What a coincidence, I just watched an Ellen episode where she discussed social touching and used the same topography! I’m personally not a very “touchy” person and feel a bit uncomfortable when people get in my private space…

    Another feminine chic look from you, love your pink skirt!

  12. love this post denise! very interesting! love the little diagram about places ok to touch and not ok!
    in the us i guess we dont touch that much, but compared to when I was in europe, they touch eachother a lot!! lol
    you look so lovely, i love the pink skirt! and your hair looks so perfect! hope you are doing well, friend! have a great rest of your week and weekend! xo

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