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Tuesday – On March 14th I went to Doncaster, among other cities, for a “long” weekend. On a short trip I like to get trains, but a longer one means  “changes” – this time 3 changes till Doncaster. Then I prefer getting a bus – no change and also comfortable.

Arriving at the station, two ladies who work there offered to buy the ticket in a faster way – alone for that, wow,  nice! Then one said:

Your face… you look like Nigella, she’s so pretty and I like her!

I said “thank you!” and thought “oh… I need a diet!” (Nigella is, among other things, known for her “chubby” phases, then dieting.) The other lady then said:

You have smiley eyes!

Nigella Lawson - mmm... it was a huge compliment, of course, and I enjoyed it, but I never thought of me looking like her... what do you think? Do you agree with the lady?

Nigella Lawson – mmm… it was a huge compliment, of course, and I enjoyed it, but I never thought of me looking like her… what do you think? Do you agree with the lady?

Well… I have two friends, from different countries, Chile and Greece – they never met each other – that say I look like Amy Adams:

Thank you, sweet friends, again a huge compliment... both Nigella and Amy are gorgeous, but... I can't see similarities with me... maybe the SMILEY EYES?

Thank you, sweet friends, again a huge compliment… both Nigella and Amy are gorgeous, but… I can’t see similarities with me… maybe the SMILEY EYES?

Well, all to tell the “coach station story” – I was really surprised! I teased the ladies saying “after that, I swear I’ll always travel by bus!”

March 23rd, 2013

March 23rd, 2013 – do you agree with the ladies and my friends? It’s an honor being compared to the mentioned stars, but I don’t think I look like any…

To finish the post, as the blog is my diary, it’s my mother’s birthday today. I miss her a lot! Wish she could be with me.

Have a sweet day everybody, with many smiles and “smiley eyes”!


18 thoughts on “Smiley eyes

  1. Now that you mention it I think you kind look like them. You have the colors of Amy, but you have something from Nigella too. But of course you’re unique, and you have a very unique beauty, that can’t be the same with them.
    Aww I didn’t know about your mother’s birthday. I know how you must feel. I was really emotional on my father’s birthday! It’s good to remember her, but stay strong and think of all the people around you that love you! I’m here for you, if you need me!

    • You are sooo sweet, always! Saying that I have a very unique beauty, wow! INigella did think, when I saw the pictures, that the colors were quite the same as Amy’s – apart from the blue eyes! I now think I may have the smiley eyes of Nigella :) if we look at the pictures carefully! I would say, thanks to all who said I remind them of these stars!

  2. No conocía a Nigella, pero las señoras tenían razón, tienes algo de ella y pueden ser los ojos sonrientes igual que Amy Adams a la que sigo encontrando parecida a ti. Es un aire, no diré que son iguales, pero cuando la veo a ella siempre me acuerdo de ti 😉 incluso en esa foto que pusiste donde no se ven tan parecidas.
    Por cierto que tienes tus propios rasgos bellos, pero no está mal que te encuentren parecida a mujeres bonitas no?

    • Claro que es un honor la comparacion, pues claaaaro! La Amy, como dijiste, que en la foto que yo puse ahora no me veo tan parecida con ella :) pues sabes, cuando la miro ahora como que me veo un poco, despues de lo que me has dicho :) seran los ojos sonrientes, colores, sonrisa… no se, pero despues que me has dicho eso, siempre la miro con otros ojos ahora! Y tambien a la Nigella! Gracias por los “rasgos bellos”, para mi es un honor que me veas asi! Besos!

    • Thank you sooo very much for your comment and compliment! In fact, I said that I don’t think I look like them (and I wrote that below my picture) – it was just a story, when 2 women I never saw told me that about Nigella, and two friends of mine told me that about Amy :) And yes, one always wants to be unique! Thank you so much for your lovely words, you are so kind!

  3. hi sweetie…
    i love this post. i always love reading daily story.
    in my honest opinion, i think you have the colors of Nigella. But i think you dont look like Amy. you’re beautiful and you have pretty smile like Nigella.
    happy birthday to your mom, wish her all the best.
    and thank you for commenting on my post, yeah everybody loves summer but i swear it will be boring if you only have summer in your whole life, dear.
    keep posting.

    • Thank you so much for your lovely words! In fact, two friends of mine thought I looked like Amy and I don’t think so – she’s very beautiful! I know what you mean about summer – I once lived in a place where you had summer for at least 8 months and I didn’t like it… then I moved to where you can have winter for 8 months – and I’m so happy now! :)

  4. Oh I do like what you have done with your blog! It looks smashing :)

    You are very very pretty indeed and what is better still is that you have a beautiful shining heart. That combination of joy and inner beauty is why people you meet say such lovely things x

    Onto the comparison – I had not noticed the Nigella comparison before but now I see it. Amy Adams – yes! Especially around the eyes.

    Guess what though? You are wonderful all by your wee self and could stand tall in the same room as both these ladies and shine.

    • Oh, wow, and you say I’m the one with a beautiful heart? Look at what you just wrote to me, I’m soooo honoured! Thank you so much! You are amazing, you know I’m your fan! Well, I never thought about Nigella before the ladies at the Birmingham station, but after that I looked at her show and photos and thought, mmmm… yes, there’s something… as for Amy, two friends said that, now you said something too… I wrote, I do think it must be the eyes’ expression! Well, I’m honoured that people think that way, the two ladies are beautiful! Again, thank you sooo much, your words mean so much to me – cause I truly admire you and you know that! :)

  5. I think you look more like Amy Adams. I see the smiley eyes, your eyes are very vibrant, inviting and look ‘fresh’.. either way, you are beautiful! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog, they truly made my day! Would you like to follow each other?


  6. well denise, you are as pretty as a celebrity! i think your skin looks luminous. i can see that you have elements of nigella and amy, though you favor amy more. most of all, you are your own unique self. :)

    • Thank you, Teddi! It’s not that I favor Amy more… but some friends say that! In fact, looking at some of her pictures, after those friends said that, I could see some kind of touch, but of course not completely – as you said, and I think that way too, we are all unique – and honestly speaking, I like to be so! :) I think it was all about their eyes’ expressions, I may have a bit like them :) But then, everyone who smiles a lot has the same expression, I guess!

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