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Guest post – iintroducing Peter Minkoff, who writes amazing posts like the one below – really worth reading it! At the end of the article you’ll find Peter’s short bio – I’m very honored to host his post and shared expertise here! It may be directed to mothers, but all of us can use the post’s ideas!


With today’s variety of cosmetic products, it is difficult to find some that suit you specifically. To make things even worse, the prices are extremely high and you do not even know what you are getting for the money spent. For a mother, skincare has to be quick, simple, efficient and affordable. How to find great beauty products that can meet your need, in that case?

It might sound complicated at the first glance, especially if you pay attention to all those marketing tricks, telling you that you need everything. Still, once you realize that you can optimize your skincare by knowing what to use and when, you will understand that is neither that hard, nor that expensive. Do not worry momma, we will help you.

No, You Do Not Need Everything

There are probably more than 10,000 skincare companies which are trying to sell their products and creams, for everything from toe to head, to you and all the other women in the world. And though they might be very convincing, some things are pure exaggeration. Here are some of the things that are completely unnecessary: separate creams for face, neck and chest, toner (unless you have rather oily skin), hydrating serum, age-reversing products (they never work), body-firming products and stretch mark treatments (the same reason as for the previous one).

You Do Need Something

Skin care

Now that we have got the “no-no” covered, let us move on to the “yes” division. Firstly, make sure that all the skincare products you are purchasing are intended for your skin type exclusively (products for all skin types are out of the question). Secondly, you need to establish a basic skincare routine and stick to it. As for the daily skincare routine, you will always need cleanser, makeup remover, moisturizer with SPF, eye-cream, anti-aging (not age-reversing) cream and body milk. You can find most of these products at affordable prices if you get creative with shopping. Australian moms are, for instance, gone totally nuts about cosmetic warehouse sales (here, in Melbourne) where they can find up to 80% lower cosmetic prices.

Mother Always Thinks Long-Term

It is just as you are telling to your kids “If you learn the lesson now, before the exam, you will only need to read it once to know everything”. One “big” skincare endeavor will save you a lot of trouble later on.

For instance, deciding for laser hair removal will save you the money and the time which you would otherwise use on razors or waxing. Exfoliating the face and the body once in every two weeks will help in absorption of all the skincare products, and thus contribute to their efficiency. Occasional visits to a beauty salon are sometimes exactly what your skin needs.

Do It Yourself, We Know You Can

Skincare do it yourself

Super-mommas can make their own skincare! A fruit basket just arrived for your birthday? Great, we know even better way to use it. Check your pantry and refrigerator, we are sure there plenty of things that would be great ingredients for your DIY masks, cleansers and peels. A simple bath in lukewarm water with some baking soda will do wonders for your skin softness. Sugar, coffee, green tea, pepper, mint, oatmeal, and lemon make great scrubs. Facial mask can be made of bananas, honey, milk, mayonnaise, yogurt, mustard, aloe, cacao, eggs, berries, papaya, avocado, pomegranate, etc. Apple cider vinegar is the perfect alternative for toners. Before you start with your own products’ mixing, do your research and find out which ingredients are good for the problem you are intending to solve. Luckily, the web is full of tutorials and recipes for DIY skincare products, so you can easily avoid potential mistakes.

If anyone in this world deserves for the outside glow to be equally as strong as the inside, those are the mothers. So, reward yourself for the important role on this planet, by having an efficient, quick and cheap skincare regime!


Peter is a fashion and beauty writer for HighStyleLife magazine located in Brisbane, Australia. Graduated from Australian Institute Of Creative Design, he worked as a wardrobe assistant for many local fashion events. Beside fashion, he loves reading, making homemade beauty products, cooking exotic meals and travel around tropical destinations. Combining all his skills and experience along with his complete and utter passion for fashion and beauty, he is planning to launch his own blog about life-saving tips. Peter’s Facebook and Twitter

* Photos were provided by Peter Minkoff

Hope you have a great weekend, with many smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

35 thoughts on “Skincare for Budget Momma

  1. Hi Denise, that’s an amazing guest post. I really love Peter’s tips. I will try the baking soda bath. That’s the main ingredients in many bath bombs that cost so much. I rather make my own. Happy Thursday sweetheart!


  2. Che post interessante cara Denise!
    In effetti anche io ho un sacco di prodotti inutili o che non uso, e ne basterebbero molti meno ma mirati per la beuty routine quotidiana!
    Senza contare che io amo moltissimo provare maschere e ricette naturali per la pelle ed i capelli!
    Sono contenta che tu sia tornata, però mi dispiace sentire che sesi stata così male (io credevo che fossi partita per un viaggio), spero che tu ti riprenda prestissimo! :)

  3. Hi Denise, sorry to read you were under the weather, hope you are doing well by now. Sending you healing thoughts and hugs, girl. My renovation project turns into a never ending story as well, lol. the constructor will come in next week to get that darn ceiling down, it bothered my since I moved in here, that’s why the room became my dumpster room, so to say. Anyhow, Denise I am sooo curious about the chair covers and other things you did, and hey we all have different styles, imagine a world where everyone does the same, how BORING, lol. Your interior design will be truly you, colorful, playful, sweet, wild and giving the impression of happiness. While mine is boring minimalism, but hey I try to change that, lol. Get well soon, darling. So now to the guest post, great tips. Cucumber for your eyes is so good when they are really tired.

  4. Peter did great job on this article, I totally agree with him, that we, women don’t need everything and it’s only marketing and some of the beauty products are so versatile that you can use it in not ordinary way, for example I heard that hair conditioner is also great cream to shave 😉 I have to read more about DIY products, because they’re better than these ones, which I usually buy on the shops. What about you, dear Denise, I hope that you’re felling better now, I send to you a lot of good and positive energy, because I’m waiting for your post and outfit,my dear friend :)

  5. Liebe Denise,
    danke für diesen sehr interessanten Gast-Post! Ich verwende seit Jahrzehnten Reinigungslotion, Reinigungswasser und Creme – allerdings wechsle ich immer mal wieder die Marken :) Bisher wusste ich nicht, dass es über 10.000 Marken für Kosmetik gibt, kein Wunder, dass all diese Marken ihre Produkte verkaufen möchten :) Hoffentlich geht es Dir wieder ganz gut, ich denke an Dich!
    Alles Liebe von Rena

  6. There are load of skincare brands out there, and I do many DIY treatments, but also I’m lucky enough to have a sister that makes a lot body butters, etc. Otherwise I treat myself to a few beauty brand favourites. <3

  7. Very helpful post, not only for moms but for everyone. I don’t know about apple cider vinegar but rosewater is also a great (and cheap) alternative for toner. :) By the way, I have nominated you for Liebster award! I hope you’ll accept it :)

  8. Loved these tips – there are so many products out there, it can get so overwhelming! Sometimes I’ll read the online reviews for something before I buy, and then I end up looking at 10 additional products that other people said were better. At the end of the day, it’s really hard to figure out since everyone’s skin is so different!

  9. Hi dear Denise. I’m just wanted to stopp by real quick before my bedtime even though I’m super tired after work:). I’m loving this type of old school budget momma. My mom and grandma used to do this when I was a little girl. I’m hoping you’re having a lovely November already dear Denise.

    Happy new week honey.
    Kisses and big hug.

  10. Denise, I can recommend you my favorite facial product from Turkey: rosewater from “Rosense”. It is 100% natural (even vegan and no animal testing) and without any alcohol. You can use it as a toner and it makes your face soooo smooth! It is made of pure rose blooms and besides that, the packaging is soooo beautiful. I know, this sounds like an ad (haha) but I am so absolutely convinced of this product! I can send you one bottle if you like, a friend of mine brought me three bottles lately 😉 So tell me if you like to have one :)

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