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Well… that was just a funny title… but on my first post about Rally Holidays in March I said I would prepare a post with my purchases. And the time is now!

Travelling often and the rules of airports and air lines “force” me to constantly buy new beauty products. I travel with hand luggage only and as everybody else, can only carry a small allowed plastic bag with a 100ml per product. It soon fills the bag! So I use the airport shops for my rescue, to have creams and perfumes with me at my destinations.

At the airport

At the airport in Dublin before reaching Germany. Dior Dream Skin and Dior One Essential serum. Clarins double serum, Percy &  Reed hair balm and some cute bangles

In Germany, by Yves Rocher (I love it!)

In Germany, from Yves Rocher (I love it!) Brushes, mascara, eyeshadows,  scarf (Bijou Brigitte), eyeliners and two amazing perfumes: Neroli and Vanila Noir

In Berlin

In Berlin, Lanvin hair products, P2 hand serum, Catrice powder, Alverde lip gloss and highlighters (didn’t know them) and Guhl shampoo. I love it and can’t find it in England

I like to buy local makeup brands where I go... these item are from Polnad (scarf included). I don't believe in XXL lip gloss es. I bought this one for the color and by the way - it really works just a lip gloss

I like to buy local makeup brands where I go… these items are from Poland (scarf included). I don’t believe in XXL lip glosses. I bought this one for the color – beautiful! – and by the way – it really works just as a lip gloss

Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta Florabotanica perfume, Garnier BB cream,  a garnet ring and crystal bracelet from Prague, some traditional hand painted and beaded items from Hungary

Detail of the garnet ring

Detail of the garnet ring

Hermes head ribbon and a great pendant, in Rzeszow, Poland

Hermes head ribbon and a great pendant, in Rzeszow, Poland

To go to Greece, at Brussels airport Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise perfume

To go to Greece – Brussels airport:  Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise perfume, nail polish and The Body Shop serum. In Greece, eyeshadows, shower gels, soaps (from Greek brands) and Mavala nail coat

Some nice items from Thessaloniki - it's a DIY project!

Some nice items from Thessaloniki – it’s a DIY project! I also bought some icons

At Tsakiris Mallas store in Thessaloniki

Apr 14 – Tsakiris Mallas store in Thessaloniki. New brogues, jeans and shirt. More shoes in the bags… the shoes there were great!

Bare Minerals

Bare Minerals powder and facial cleanser, Nuxe serum and Max Factor primer

Anna Sui nail polish - isn't that cute?

Anna Sui nail polish – isn’t that cute?

Gdansk is the world capital of amber, so I bought some pieces there

Gdansk is the world capital of amber. I bought some pieces there (shown here)

My friend Julie is so talented! I chose the gem and said what I wanted and she made this ring for me!

My friend Julie is so talented! I chose the gem and said what I wanted and she made this ring for me!

The list of purchases in March-April goes on… shoes (here), jackets, dresses, skirts, tops (here), sunnies, earrings (here), belts, bags (here), scarves, headbands, lipsticks, nail polishes, more perfumes… I’ll show more next week (the trip to Greece). Maybe too much? Well, I was happy and do believe me, life is too short to miss what you like.

I hope you are all having a great time and may you see many smiles!

Thank you so much for your visit and comments, I really love them!

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140 thoughts on “Shop till you drop

    • Thank you, Jackie! You know when we read reviews and they say “this product is wonderful, etc.” – and the product is bad, actually. Well, not Clarins double serum! I’m glad I bought it, I thought twice… but it’s great! Hope you have an amazing week!

  1. Hi Denise, you have the most amazing and varied collection of products, I must admit I haven’t tried any of them, and your jewelry pieces and rings are beautiful, I also want to try the Anna Sui fragrance. Thanks so much for stopping by…wishing you a productive week ahead!

    • Hi, dear Sam! Thanks for the compliments! I don’t know whether it’s a shame to say or not, but those in the pictures are only products I bought for the trips in March and April… I have an “army” of things in the main apartment, which I may show around August… but anyway, I do recommend the Dior serum and cream, and the Clarins serum, as well as many other products pictured here… But the Anna Sui little torso is a nail polish, in fact! Base coat! It was so cute, I had to get it! Hope you have a beautiful week!

  2. Hi Denise! I love your haul. Everything is so nice and cute especially the Anna Sui nail polish. At first, I thought it’s a perfume. Haha! :) You also have lovely accessories. <3 I'm still in search for a good mascara. What's your fave brand of mascara? 😀

    • Thank you so much. Shekinah! I always look forward to your comments! I do have good recommendations about mascaras, although it’s a very personal thing, and what works for one, may not work for another person. I’ll write about mascaras one day – I love them and try everything you can imagine! Well, I put some layers on… some that really look amazing are cheap like Manhattan brand – No end mascara and Go4BigLashes – do believe me, these two work wonders! Some Yves Rocher mascaras also work beautifully and L’Oreal Double Extension – great. But for me, also the best of the best is Lancome Hypnose Drama. Do believe me, I hope they don’t discontinue this wonder, it’s so perfect! If some of the brands are not available at your side, please tell me and we can arrange something!

  3. Hi, Denise! This is a very great trip! I also love to shop at airports, cosmetics and perfumes are always among the favorites. I loved your purchases, especially cosmetics! It is very cool!

  4. Wow! Compraste muchísimas cosas! Todas se ven muy deseables así que te entiendo jajaja. Yo la verdad es que trato de controlarme un poco porque me he dado cuenta que me duran mucho, sobre todo el maquillaje y como nada es eterno, después de un tiempo empieza a oler rancio o a perder sus propiedades. Por eso, no sé cómo lo haces tú para usar todo y que se conserve bien.
    Cuando viajo, trato de llevarme en el equipaje de mano potes pequeñitos con cremas o esos sobres de muestras que a veces regalan. Si me tengo que quedar mucho tiempo entonces claro, conviene más llevarse el envase más grande o comprar otro como haces tú.
    Muy lindas compras y útiles. He mirado el perfume de Balenciaga alguna vez, pero no me decidí a comprarlo. Te gustó?

    • Hola, Ale, que bueno leer tus comentarios, siempre! Bueno, tienes razon, a veces – o muchas vexes, suele oler a rancio, verdad, y es verdad que soy terrible – yo uso un poco, no mucho, y luego me voy a la otra crema… es como que para tener mi opinion… y despues les boto :) O uso para decoracion :) Como soy sola y pase malos momentos, tu lo sabes, yo me doy regalos – pero es verdad que casi siempre fui asi. Tambien trato de llevar algunas veces los sobres-regalos, pero para 2 o 3 dias… a veces 4… pero dos semanas, o 8 dias… no me alcanzan! El perfume es maravilloooooso, yo creo que te va gustar! Gracias por tus siempre amables palabras, ya veo que escribiste en tu blog y me voy alla! Besos!

    • Hi, George! Thank you so much for your comment! I always like your pictures, I’m glad we are connected! But I have to say, the brogues are not from Tsakiris Mallas! They were new, but I bought especially for the trip to Thessaloniki and at TM I bought two beautiful pairs of Greek shoes! I always wanted that brand!

    • Thank you so much! I did love the brogues… but at first I thought “oh no, so outstanding, everybody will stare…” and in fact, they did – but after a while I like them even more!

    • Hi, Monica, thanks for your lovely comment! Actually and unfortunately, the things at the airports here are not Duty Free… In June I’ll travel a long distance and then it will be, but inside Europe, as it’s the European Community, they are just normal shops at the airports, with the same – unfortunately – normal prices as in the cities :( But anyway, they are excellent as “airports 100ml rule-rescue”, after security. But you are so right – we should travel to get Duty Free and to be honest, hee-hee-hee, I’m just waiting for June 15th for the amazing offers!

    • Thank you, Alice, and welcome! I like your pictures very much, as you know! Have you checked the previous posts where I showed when I was in the beautiful, amazing Poland in March? I loved it so much, eager to go back!

  5. You sure did find some amazing beauty products on your travels! I agree it is nice to find local products that you would only find there! I really love your jewelry too, Your friend made you the most amazing ring! Those shoes you are wearing are too cool, they are so something I would wear!


    • Hi, Rebecca and thanks for the compliments! Yes, now thinking about your style and shoes, it’s true, they are so much you (and, well, me too :) I had the choice of 3 colors – beige and brown, also beautiful, and black and white – again, also cool, but I opted for those ones – I guess I told you, red is my favorite color! Up to now, everybody is telling me they are great (and I confess, I didn’t expect all the reactions!) so that next week I will show more detailed pictures!

    • OOOhhhh! Dear Sam! Bless your heart, always! I love your posts, by the way, you know this! Thank you sooo much for your always, always so kind words to me! I was not feeling that happy today and you have just made my day!!!!

    • Hi, thank you for your compliments! Yes, I was there for the second time, actually third, my sister-in-law comes from a Polish family! But she wasn’t together, she was with my brother in their house (not in Poland). I simply loved the country, and the people all, really all so friendly! Do you live in a city where I have visited?

  6. dear denise, what a clever idea to shop for your beauty products at the airport! plus you get the bonus of discovering & trying these products in each place you go .your amber pendant is divine! i crush on anna sui things.i still haven’t felt like blogging, but i am still alive. you look gorgeous in your photos! your blog header is perfect for world traveler you. sending hugs & smiles your way. :)

    • Dear Teddi, you can’t imagine how happy I am with your comment and news! I mean, I totally understand about not feeling like blogging… it’s maybe the same feeling I had 6 years ago about facebook… I left it, but then I know it’s easier to interact with friends, even one of my brothers, being there, so I’m active on fb again… As I always point out, I use the blog as my diary, to know when and where I was… and if I can share some tips and meet nice people, that’s a great bonus! Having said all that, I understand you don’t feel like blogging so soon, but I miss your posts and insights! I hope you are fine and very happy, and that you give me some news now and then if you feel like :) I like to know you are fine! Hugs and many smiles to you!

    • Hello! Thanks for your nice words! And yes, you are so right! Imagine the small allowed plastic bag… moisturizer, foundation, eye drops (in my case, very needed), spare contact lenses (they come in lenses liquid), deodorant, a perfume – end of the allowed items, what fits in a small plastic bag. But if we use a primer, a tonic lotion, if we need some ointment, etc? So, the only way is local places or the good airport shops! It’s a bit of, or a lot, a pity, because true it’s nice to be able to try new products, but we always have to buy things in double and sometimes it’s such a waste. But anyway, it’s good to travel, so I am not complaining :) Do you have your next trip planned? I’m looking forward to knowing where to and reading about it!

    • Thank you so much, Angel! Well, as I always say to everybody with a real wish – when you really want something, it will happen! I remember wishing to be in so many places so much, that it had to happen!

  7. oh wow, Denise, really, I’m amazed! I think I don’t know anyone else who shops that much 😉 I can only imagine how big the collections and variety at your home are. it’s actually a big contrast for me since I’ve been trying to buy and use as few beauty products as possible. though of coure I do shop! I did buy some local hair products from Crete for example. but makeup is something kind of far for me. mascara and concealer make my makeup, haha. anyway, I love seeing all those different products and learning some new names. it’s pretty exciting to be honest 😛
    now, you visited Greece! well that’s so cool! I have only been to the island of Crete so far but would love to see other places someday! did you love the local cuisine? we were absolutely crazy about it, haha. we found this one tavern and even though we had all meals included at the hotel we still visited the tavern like once every day. because hotel food (even if it’s 5* is still hotel food and local tavern is local tavern. both are nice but tavern is still better, hehe). okay, I’m going to stop my rant now. take care, dear Denise, and enjoy the rest of the week! :)

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

    • Hi, Maiken! Thank you for your lovely comment, I’m always so pleased by your insights! I totally agree with you about the taverns! As a matter of fact, I had a friend who owned a Greek restaurant in Germany, where the Greek community is strong and I always went there and loved the food! (I said I had, because undortunately she died… so young. Sorry to share this.) I absolutely love taverns and Greek food! Well, we should swap :) I told you I had many invitations to Crete, to another friend, and never went (even her wedding invitation there last year), and I’d love going there! I think I know just around 10 cities in Greece and I simply love the place! Hopefully I go there more times, who knows! As for makeup, I agree with you – I’d love to wear just concealer and mascara, like I did some years ago…, but I think I’m older than you, and now I need a bit more to look OKish, whereas you always look amazing! And I’m being honest!

      • I’m sure you look just lovely with mascara and concealer! :) I myself am just very lazy when it comes to makeup, well and my knowledge is limited too. it’s just not very interesting for me 😛

        • Ah, thank you, Maiken! I know you are sweet! I need more than concealer :) Well, sometimes I try concealer (nearly, a BB cream), mascara and lip balm, that I find important to keep lips smooth. Then I think “OK”. Then I think “mmm… a bit of illuminizer?” And then it looks nice. Then I stop. Ah, but let’s not forget that I normally don’t wear concealer, I wear a tinted BB cream and with the mascara an eyeliner (I don’t wear eyeshadow very much. But there you go – it’s already nearly a full make up! BB cream, illuminizer, eyeliner, mascara and colored lip balm! 5 products!!! Hahaha! But believe me, it’s the most natural possible. I very seldom wear vibrant lipsticks, although I like them when I see someone wearing. And blue or green eyeshadows, it would be very difficult to see me with! I am very sure that if you wanted you would be an expert in makeup! But it’s like you said and I agree with you – if it’s neither needed (and it’s not!) nor interesting, it’s better to be without it! I did so… uh… 20 years ago :)

  8. hola! si que hiciste muy buenas compras… Hay algunas compras que no valen tanto la pena pero tu en definitiva si hiciste muy buenas conmpras, que valen mucho la pena, para mi el cuidado de lapiel es muy importante…

    • Hola, querida Diana! Tambien pienso asi, que el cuidado de la piel es importante, y como siempre tuve buena piel (gracias al buen Dios!), quiero seguir asi :) Asi que intento cuidarla! Gracias por tus palabras, eres siempre tan amable!

  9. Omg, soo many new and amazing stuff. The cosmetic products are greart and I totally love all your new accessories and bijouterie. Perfect ring and really cute nail polish. Love your last sentence- you´re right, life is too short to miss what we like. Very meaningful quote. Thanks for your comment. Pitty that we didn´t meet, but maybe sometime later we do. :)
    Fashion Happenss

    • Hi! Thank you so much for your words! I did get astonished by the rings, and the nail polish was also an obsession! I haven’t worn it, it’s just base coat, but I mainly bought it as decoration :) And yes, life is really short. Don’t ask me why, maybe one day I tell here, but I do know about it (no, I didn’t get sick, nothing with me). And since I realized that I can’t waste any minute of it!!! And I’m always telling people the same “let’s live at full!” Yes, I won’t stop travelling, maybe one day we can meet in the beautiful SK!

  10. You really do shop till you drop ha ha. It’s a good idea to buy at the airports rather than having to fuss around with these silly 100ml bottles. I tend to ever only buy perfumes at duty free and some sweets. I love your beauty shopping hauls. I don’t but many beauty products, I tend to stick with the same old Elemis but I guess if I travelled as much as you I would probably experiment a bit more – I haven’t even heard of some of the brands you have shown. They obviously work because your skin looks amazing. Have a great week x

    • Thank you so much, Colleen! Yes, I love to discover what local brands can do for someone… and I tell you, I hadn’t heard of some of the brands either, till I decided to try them… the Alverde one is really a great “discovery” – I really loved the glosses – they are not shiny, they are creamy and last for hours! The skin – oh, thank you for the compliment! – is something I pay attention to, I confess, but I think… it also has to do with all the water I drink… my favorite drink! But I will confess that the Bare Mineral cleanser is fantastic! I recommend!

    • Thank you so much! I normally don’t like to share posts with shopping, but since some of the products are so good, I decided to publish it! Thank you so much for the jewelry part! When I saw the ring that my friend made I was gobsmacked! She’s so talented!

    • Thank you, Lara! I got to know Nuxe just a year ago, through a friend of mine. But it took me a year to buy a product and I so recommend it! Anna Sui is great, isn’t she? I do love her! So nice to “see” you again!

    • Thank you so much, Maggie! I’m glad you liked the items, I do recommend some of them – well, the famous brands are always good, I suppose, and the ones that are not so well known here were a great surprise to me! Baci!

    • Thanks, Paola! The picture was to show the ribbon, the pendant… I confess I cropped it because I felt so fat :) And the second I felt so embarrassed of “posing” at the Shopping Mall, so my face is strange – but I liked the shop and wanted to show it :)

    • Thank you so much, dear Mary! I had the idea of the map, text and picture, because of my love for maps, and a friend made the art, putting altogether! She’s so talented! Yes, some of the products are very famous, some not that much, but I liked to get to know them! Some brands I just got to know during the trips!

    • Thank you so much! I forgot to show here the amazing lipsticks that I got, after I saw one on you! It’s amazing, lasts long, beautiful color and I owe that to you! I’m looking at the pictures, it was such a magical time, I love Greece! Filakia kai tha ta poume meta :)

  11. Wow! You certainly got a lot of nice things! I am so jealous! I am from Germany (but live since 9 years in Florida) and you bought my all time favorite Shampoo from Guhl! It is the best! Have you tried it yet? I so miss it! I need to tell my friends to send me some over! hehe!

    • Halloechen und danke fuer deine Woerte! Ich habe in Deutschland studiert, und so Guhl hatte ich immer ins Badezimmer! Sodass jetzt, musste ich wieder nach Deutschland gegangen, fuer etwas mit der Uni zu tun, und wollte ich unbedingt Guhl wieder kaufen!!!! Es ist sooo gut, du hast Recht! Ich hoffe, dass deine Freunde wieder viele Guhl zu dir geben! :)

  12. Nein, liebe Denise, auf keinen Fall zu viel, sondern genau richtig für Dich, denn man sieht, wie glücklich Deine neuen Sachen machen, da Du wieder so glücklich und schön auf Deinen Fotos aussiehst <3 Ich finde es gut, dass Du Dir auch neue Kosmetik- und Beautysachen gekauft hast, ich bin mir da nämlich oft nicht sicher, ob die Produkte zu mir passen usw. Außerdem gefällt mir Dein Ring sehr. Ich denke, wenn man sich Sachen kauft, über die man sich freut und die einen jedes Mal glücklich machen, wenn man sie anschaut, dann war es immer richtig! Alles Liebe für Dich und ich danke Dir so sehr für Deine lieben Worte <3

    Alles Liebe von Deiner Rena aus Bayern

    • Hallo, Rena! Ich bedanke mich fuer deine Woerte! Du hast mich genauso verstanden. Ich weiss, dass du den Grund kennst. Diese Woche habe ich mich nicht so gut gefuehlt und troztdem, habe ich so viele schlechte Woerte gehoert, dass mir so verlezt gemacht haben. Aber gluecklicherweise, eine liebe Freundin hat alles “gerettet” :) Ich fuehle mich besser heute, obwohl ich nicht vergessen konnte, die schlimme Woerte und Sache. Aber dann… etwas neues passiert, jeden Tag, und alles wird wieder gut :) Die Sache haben mich sehr gluecklich gemacht und ich probiere Schoenheitprodukte gern! Ich denke auch – nein, das war nicht zu viel! :) Immer ein groooosse Danke von mir, liebe Rena, du hast ein Herz von Gold! Liebe Gruesse und geniess dein Wochenende!

      • Liebe Denise, die Leute, die etwas Schlechtes sagen, sind nur selber mit sich unzufrieden und wollen das auf andere Menschen übertragen. Du bist genau richtig so wie Du bist und Du weißt, wie sehr ich Dich mag! Und ich weiß auch, dass viele Menschen Deine Liebe und Dein Herz aus Gold sehen und sehr schätzen <3 Ich denke an Dich und sende Dir 1000 gute Gedanken, dass in Deiner Seele die Sonne wieder scheint! Lots of love and kisses, Rena

        • Wow, liebe Rena, manchmal oder sogar staendig, bin ich nicht sicher, dass ich ein Herz aus Gold habe oder dass ich geliebet bin… Aber mit Sicherheit, hast du mich jetzt so gut gefuellt gemacht, ich danke dir so sehr!!! Ich denke, muss du Recht haben, ueber Leute… sowieso, ich war ziemliech verletzt, und fuehlte ich mich sogar schlecter als frueher. Aber weiss du was? Die reagieren jetzt als ich die Verletzung gegeben habe. Es ist eine komische Welt! Lieber kaufe ich meine Produkte weiter!!! Was ich gelernt habe ist, wir koennen nie jede gluecklich machen. Es wird immer jemand, wer sagt “sie ist furchtbar”. Aber auch immer, wer wie du, andere Leute so gut vestehen kann!!! Wie gesagt, ich danke dir von ganzem Herzen, fuer deine Liebe Kommentar, und ich hoffe, dass du ein wunderbaren Sonntag mit deiner Familie hast! Liebe Gruesse!

    • Oooh, you are too kind, dear Sam! I just draw for fun, I don’t think my drawings are that good, but thanks! One day I may show here! Waiting for Friday Frills tomorrow… very much in need of some wise words!

    • Hi, thank you for your nice words! I do the same! Whenever I travel I try to find (different) brands, because it’s a bit the contrary – being in England I’m exposed to the latest products, and so finding local ones during the trips is a great surprise to me! Some are really brilliant!

  13. oh wow! que buenos productos! Y si me encanto el titulo, gracioso :)
    Contame como te va con el producto de Lanvin para el cabello.
    pd: Muchas gracias por tan lindas palabras, por tu apoyo, y por tu amistad bloggera <3
    Ya subi un nuevo post y espero te guste

    • Hola!!!! Y gracias por tus bonitas palabras hacia mi! Me hacen muy bien! Pues claro que te iba a apoyar, siempre espero tus posts, me gustan mucho! Ya me voy ahorita mismo leer al nuevo! Ah, Lanvin fue increible! Mi pelo se quedo como algodon, como de una cria :) Me gusto mucho!

    • Thank you, Jenny! When I saw the garnet ring, I loved it! As I said, it’s the 3rd from Prague, so it had to top the others… I confess it didn’t, but I liked it anyway! The one my friend Julie made is really incredible! I’m always ordering things there, next week she may have another request :) And then I’ll show it here, and hope you like it too!

  14. Hi Denise
    Wow! What a lot of airport purchases! You must spend a small fortune! But what a great excuse to spend, spend, spend :). What do you do for work that means you travel so much? I’m envious :). I have the Percy & Reed hair balm butI’m still not sure about it. How do you find it? Btw thanks for checking out my blog. I’ve now added you to Google+ and will follow you on Bloglovin :). Thank you to Mingaile too for the introduction. Tx

    • Hi, Tracey! Yes, Mingaile is great! And thanks for your lovely comment! I don’t travel because of work, although I use the trips’ pictures on the blog. I just like travelling, it is good for the soul, I believe, and I learn a lot from it – new people, new places, nice architecture, new words in different languages… as I said, it’s good for my soul! I was going to say something about the Percy & Reed hair balm, but didn’t… I can say now, then: I found it soooo good, at least for my hair, that I bought two of them! (We never know when a product will be discontinued…) I hope you have a great weekend!

    • Hi, Oxana, and thank you soooo much for your comment, too, they are always so sweet towards me! Ooohhhh, I tell you, envy in a good way _ I swear it’s in a good way! Because I’d love to go to Russia again!!!! And soon! A Russian friend of mine, to whom I owe many things like friendship, support when I need good words and many Russian words that she taught me :) is also going to visit her family, in August I think. She invited me to go next year – I’m dying to accept it! Maybe we can meet? Would be lovely! I hope you have a great weekend too!!!

  15. Hallo Denise, du hast dich mit den besten Sachen eingedeckt. Nein man kann nie zuviel kaufen! Ich bin schon so lange nicht verreist. Es machst immer soviel Spaß, die Marken und Produkte aus anderen Ländern auszuprobieren. Die siehst wieder toll aus. Die Schuhe sind der Hammer! Ich freu mich schon aus den nächsten Post aus Griechenland. Tut mir Leid, dass ich mich erst so spät melde, aber ich hatte super viel zu tun. Wünsch die einen super schönen Freitag! <3

    xx Mira

    • Liebe Mira, mach keine Sorge, es ist nicht spaet! Du weisst, ich schreibe einmal pro Woche, so mein Post ist hier die ganze Woche lang – es ist total in Ordnung! Und einmal habe ich hier gelesen, als ich 2 Woche lang keine Blogs gelesen konnte, weil ich beschaeftigt war das “das, was zu dir passiert (beschaeftigt zu sein) nennt man Leben. Wir alle haben Dinge zu tun, mal viel, mal weniger”. Ich denke immer an diese Woerte und ich hoffe, dass du auch magst! Jetzt, denke ich an deine Woerte – seeehr schoen, ich danke dir! – man kann nicht zuviel kaufen :) Super, du bist immer genial! Die Schuhe waren eine echte Ueberraschung – viele Leute haben gemocht, sie haben sogar an der Strasse gesehen und etwas gesagt! Ich war begeistert, so eine Reaktion erwartet ich nicht :) Ich hoffe, oder besser zu sagen, wuensche, dass du es bald reisst! Vielleicht koennen wir einmal in einem anderen Land treffen? Es waere schoen! Ich wuensche dir ein wunderbares Wochenende!

  16. All really beautiful purchases. It’s difficult when you travel a lot and you’re not allowed to carry many products on your hand luggage. The jewelry you bough are all fantastic, and the shoes that you bought from Greece, and I got to see up close were also amazing. I hope you enjoy all your purchases, and I can’t wait to read your new post next week! :)

    • Thank you so much! Hehe, the Tsakiris Mallas shoes, hehe (hehe again :) they were sooo on my list since I saw yours :) Cause the brand is outstanding, so beautiful! We should wear them together one day (keep yours even 20 years from now, please! I’ll keep mine) and even the cute pink belt there was nice and sweet – I love the shop! I thank you so much that you took me there (and many other things, of course!) I’m so excited with the pictures, I selected 50 that I most liked, but obviously I can’t post all of them :( It’ll be a hard work to choose the ones that will get a place on Monday :) But I’m excited!

    • Hi, Simera! And thanks for the wishes! For me the weekend kind of started today and I guess you gave me luck then, cause I had a great day so far! And I hope you have an even better weekend then – hope I pass some luck too! I just read your reply, so I will answer here… my eyes don’t water, no no… but I wear contact lenses and sometimes they leave eyes dry, so I wear some eye drops – looks like crying :) But your eyeliner is cute!

  17. Wow, you bought lots!!! I am drooling over your brogues!!! So so nice and funky!!! I’m sorry we haven’t been able to meet up. My concert is 29th June which is after you have gone back. X

    • Thank you for your compliment, dear Kezzie! Oh my word, I was telling many people that I thought twice about these shoes and they were so right, because I’m getting so many compliments! I had 3 choices to buy – beige ad brown, very nice, black and white and blue/white/red and as I love red, I got them. I’ll post them in full detail next Monday! It’s such a pity… that the concert is exactly 2 weeks after my flight… not only would I have loved to meet you again, as I loved the concert – my friend is a virtuoso!!! I was so proud of that, being there, able to listen to you and say hi! Well, as I said, there are still some days, if you and CBC want to spend some time in Malvern or Stratford-upon-Avon, Worcester, who knows, then we can set something if you have some time! Would be lovely!

    • Hello and thank you for your lovely comment! There was a time that I travelled because of work, a time I did because of studies and now a time tat I do just for fun, to learn and see new things, languages, people, cultures and… products :) I’ll definitely keep in touch and I hope you have a great weekend!

    • Thank you much, dear Sam, and I can tell you the I had a great day, it was so right to go to Trinity College gardens and libraries and of course, I bought some things that warmed my heart… at the end of the day I was singing and smiling and the bad moment I had came to me as “oh, how sad was that, it was a small drop, I won’t make it ruin my days”. You were so right, the tour was brilliant to my spirit! I hope you have a great weekend too! Once more, thanks for your wise words and comforting too! I’m deeply grateful for them!

    • Thank YOU so much, Sam, for your lovely words to me, always! I feel so happy and honored that you think these nice things of me! I tell you, nearly every product was good, apart from some that we would imagine – oh amazing – but no, they were a bad surprise (I have just tried the Max Factor primer and… it’s a no for me). I’ll definitely stay in touch! You know I may visit my favorite blogs (you know your is!) once a week, but I faithfully do it! Hope you have a great weekend!

    • Hi, Rae! Thank you so much for your compliments! You’re so kind, not me! But thank your for you sweet words! I can tell you that I’m enjoying the things – well, some were not that good, but we just get to know when a friend tells it to us, or we try it ourselves! But so far I have enjoyed most of the things! Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

    • Thank you for the lovely comment, Paola! The airport shops did “save” me – I have good skin, but dry, and I can’t be without moisturizers – so they really rescued me with good facial creams! Baci!

  18. Denise, I am very impressed with people who manage to travel with a hand luggage only. I have tried to do that once or twice and I got so annoyed that I decided to never do that again. I usually count on a hotel to provide a shampoo and conditioner and other bits and bobs, but you are at the mercy of the hotel then or, like you say, buy stuff at the airport once you are past the security. You don’t always get the stuff that you need there either.
    I always wonder how come there are sooo many brands of beauty products. I hardly know any one that you mentioned. Impressed with all the products that you bought!
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and it’s very lovely to see that I managed to introduce some nice people to each other. I guess that was the intention of my blog post about the best bloggers… :)

    • Hi, Min! And thank you so much for your amazing comment and sharing this with me! First of all, yes, thank you very much for introducing so nice people! I was very happy reading your post, cause among the top 10 I knew 5 and everything you said about them was so true! And I also agree that they are amazing! Then I thought “if she wrote that about the 5 I know, and I also think they are fabulous, the other 5 must be too!” Because you are great as well! So there you go, I did enjoy their blogs very much and I thank you for that post!
      You are so right about the shops and products… I do count on hotels, too, for shampoo, but sometimes they ran out and then? So I decided to get one at a local drugstore in one of the places :) Wise idea, I tell you. I didn’t know about many products either… in foreign places I love going to supermarkets and drugstores… to see how local people live, what they have at hand, what they eat… and I had good surprises with some products! One that I tested today – and is famous – is the Max Factor primer. Do believe me, THAT one that everybody expects to be good… is a no go for me!
      I also hope you have a great weekend! The sun is after all shining here! (I bet for 1 more day… it rains a lot here!)

    • Thank you! I did have fun when buying the products and many are so good! But as everything, and some I didn’t know, when trying some… They were a bad surprise. But as I said, the majority is great! Hope you have a great Sunday and thanks for the lovely comment!

    • Hi, Anett, and welcome! Thanks for the nice comment! I must say that this time it was no Duty Free, unfortunately… so full tax :( It was inside the EU community and so they don’t give passengers any mercy, only to the travelers from “abroad” (USA, Canada, for ex… :) But it was worth anyway and I loved the products! I really recommend some of them!

    • Hi, Annick, thank you very much for your compliment and welcome here! I did love the rings, yes! The garnet one was love at first sight and the one my friend makes, well, she is so talented and I was so happy when I saw it ready!

    • Hello! Welcome here and thank you for your comment! Clarins is great, I agree! At first I read about the double serum and didn’t pay much attention… but then I got a sample in a magazine and was so crazy about that! It’s a brilliant product, indeed!

    • Wow, thank you for this lovely comment! You know some days when someone needs such a sweet comment? That is one of them! I thank you so much for that! And hope you have a nice week!

  19. Great stuff you got there, love those make up brands. I really like those brogues such a great find Denise. Finding something unique is always great when travelling, I enjoy buying souvenirs and great finds from each city that I go to here and abroad. Have a nice day dear!! xo

    • Thank you for your lovely words! The brogues are such a nice surprise, it seems everybody likes them – and in the beginning I was not so sure about them! I agree with you, it’s so nice to have souvenirs and then we look at them… and remember the nice time we had when travelling! It’s like going to the place again! Hope you have a beautiful week!

    • Thank you, M! I love the name of your blog! It’ll be great to have you back here and be very sure that it’s mutual – I’ll also be back to your blog! Hope you have a great week!

    • Thank you for this lovely comment! Yes, I also love Anna Sui, her designs are so feminine! Amazing, you are from Poland (my sister-in-law is from a Polish family)! I was in Stettin, Koszalin, Gdansk, Warsaw, Rzeszow and many other cities and towns along the way (it was a trip by car). Do you live near the cities I was in? They are so beautiful!

    • Hi, Jasmine, welcome and thanks for the nice comment! I agree with you – Anna Sui is one of my top 5 favorite designers, so feminine and colorful, I also love it! Thank you again for visiting me, I’ll visit you soon!

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