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Questions & Answers, because Live Love & Explore, a very inspirational blog, nominated me for the Liebster Award! Thank you so much, I’m so honored! The questions were tough, this time!

By a river, with this very nice necklace

By a river, with this very nice necklace

Direct to the Questions & Answers, hope you don’t get bored! Because 99% of people prefer pictures, I’ll mix with some, as well, plus 2 ways to wear a bag :)

1. Favorite book author? Two, please? Books come later :) Charles Dickens and Balzac.
2. How do you overcome writer’s block when it hits? I normally try not to write very much on my blog, cause as I said, 99% of people prefer pictures, so I think I don’t have writer’s block :)
3. What book inspired you the most? One? No way! Not about religion, but literature. Huis Clos, The Prophet, HeptameronJamaica Inn, poems by Konstantinos KavafisThe man who counted, Bible storiesBuddhist taleschildhood books, biographies and Malthus, Adam Smith, Dickens, Balzac, Zola, etc.

OOTD: Asos jeans, Al Suelo jacket, Jovonna London tunic

OOTD: Asos jeans, Al Suelo jacket, Jovonna London tunic and Lulu Guinness bag

4. What makes you smile? Beloved ones. Comedies. Exploring places. Learning.
5. If you were on a desert island, what 3 items would you want with you? That’s a tough one! Glasses to be able to see. A book. A tooth brush. I could say paper, pen, so on, but they’re items that people can manage to make later.
6. What is your biggest fear? I’m known as having loads of fears :) But they’re “real”, like crossing a street, since I was hit by a car once, or fire. Ah! I flew a lot, but I don’t like it  very much, though I know it’s faster and needed.

Schutz shoes

Schutz shoes

7. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? No idea. I like to surprise myself.
8. What is your life goal? To see the ones I love being happy. And to be able to help them. And helping people in general.
9. What do you value most in life? Love, friendship, ethics, kindness, a nice heart, learning, loyalty, being humble, being grateful, respecting that people are entitled to have different opinions – even when not agreeing with them.
10. What would you do today if you knew you could not fail? Sail.
11. What’s your favourite season of the year, why? Fall/autumn :) Not too hot, not too cold. I love it!

Do you remember the previous post Lulu Guinness clutch? It can be worn this way too! It’s a shopper, when you open it! Which way do you prefer it?


Lulu Guinness clutch or shopper bag – as a clutch I had my ID, lip balm, powder, money and keys in!

I wish a beautiful week with many smilesThank you for your sweet comments!

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71 thoughts on “Questions & Answers

  1. I love this, always love getting to know a blogger who I follow a little better and wow, those are some heavy readings, Denise. I wish I could say I have read at least one of those books but alas, I love YA genre…yes, I am way over the age of YA but I have quite the imagination so I love fictions. Haha! And no to sailing for me, just no, no, no, NO. I get really bad seasick so I would probably die if I’m to go sailing. Hubby and I went island hopping in Phuket before the little one was born and I swear there were times I felt like jumping off the speedboat into the ocean, I was that ill. Haha!

    I hope you’ll do more Q&A, Denise, it’s really lovely to know you.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  2. A me è piaciuto molto questo post! Ho trovato interessante conoscere qualcosa in più su di te cara Denise!
    Ad esempio ora so che abbiamo entrambe un autore preferito in comune, Balzac, ed una visione del futuro molto simile: anche a me piace l’idea di non sapere quali avventure mi aspettano in futuro!
    Sei davvero una bella persona fuori e dentro e credo che tu sia anche molto simpatica ed interessante, spero di conoscerti dal vivo prima o poi! :)

  3. I had no idea that you was hit by car, I hope that there wasn’t very serious accicent, Denise! What’s more I see that we’re very similar to each other – my main goal in live is also to be happy, because nowadays hapiness is everything and so many people are looking for it, but not always find it in the right place. So, to sum this up, I hope that we’ll be happy in next 10 years and many more! :) Have a great day, dear friend!

  4. Liebe Denise, was für eine tolle Idee, die Clutch auch so zu tragen. Du siehst wieder so wunderbar und so strahlend aus, dass es eine wahre Wonne ist! Mir gefällt Dein Outfit wieder total gut <3 Und danke für Deine interessanten Antworten, meine Lieblingsbücher sind auch Biografien, allerdings wüsste ich nicht, was ich auf eine einsame Insel mitnehmen würde, wenn es nur 3 Sachen sein dürften :) Was einfach bewundernswert ist, dass Du diejenigen, die Du liebst, glücklich sehen willst – Du bist unglaublich selbstlos. Und ich würde die Frage Nummer 10 mit Motorradfahren beantworten :) Ich wünsche Dir heute schon ein wunderbares Wochenende! Alles Liebe von Rena

  5. You look beautiful here! and your life goal is great! Thinking about the loved ones first is not only admirable, is what allows us to be truly and genuinely happy. May success find your way, because you deserve it!


  6. Hi my dear beautiful smile Denise:). Congrats on nominating:). After read all your answers, I love all your answering :). You’re a beautiful person inside and outside Denise. I love comedy so much and it made me laugh out loud , comedy movie is my only kind I watch the most out of all. you have a beautiful smile and it tells all in that smile:). I love the answered no. 9 is so you and that how wonderful you are :). Fall is my favorite time of the year too. How was the trip go? I’m now on my trip and it’s a very old old town I’m at now which I love old town anyway:). sorry for a late replied :)! Oh btw, I love and preferred both way on wearing the clutch it looks amazing on both looks:). I wish you a lovely Friday dear friend Denise. Keep smile:). Hugs and kisses.


  7. Hi Denise! So cute, love the post since I love getting to know you better!!! I love Charles Dickens too! One of my fave authors since childhood. In fact, I read a ton! So happy that you like to read too! Also, like you I would like to try sail! Something I would really like to do – across the world actually! :)
    PS: You look lovely, as always! Love you!
    Happy weekend!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  8. I like Balzac too! You look great, Denise :) it’s OK to write more, sometimes I don’t want to simply comment “you look great, awesome skirt, etc.” but rather comment on what the blogger wrote. I;m sure there’re a lot of people like myself. Take care!

  9. I love reading these type of posts, it’s always nice to get to know bloggers a bit more … There are so many authors I love and great novels that are my favourites too. I agree being humble, and having morals is very important, wish more people were. Congratulations on the award Denise. Take care, Madison xx

  10. I don’t like flying also. I didn’t know that you were hit by car, I had car accident seven years ago so I know that this could cause trauma. As I see we have similar goals. Beautiful looks and I prefer the first one, but both are perfect!
    Have a nice weekend:)

  11. Oh my God… I think that this is the most different post in your blog. Denise, first I must give my congratulations for the award and thanks for your answers. I liked very much for to know you a little more. I hope you have a very nice weekend.

  12. Nice post!
    I like too Balzac, ”Eugenie Grandet” is one of my fave books. Well I also like Kavafi’s poems, but it does not count cause I am greek lol 😉

    Happy name day since your middle name is Maria… though today it is officially celebrate the married Marias.

    • Thank you sooo much for your sweet comment! Yes, I know, the other day is Nov 21st :) In fact I have 7 names, so I can choose some days to celebrate names – isn’t it cool? Now I am thinking, yes, getting at least 3 presents, not bad at all! Just joking, I really really loved the comment and how sweet you were to greet me on the 15th! Hope you have a very nice weekend, and I am looking forward to your amazing pictures – I love Greece and architecture!

  13. I really like this bag both as a clutch and a shopping bag…so cool it can be worn two ways.
    Both outfits are really lovely and feminine. You look very pretty!
    Your answers were quite interesting. I also couldn’t pick a favourite book, there are so many of them that inspire me. I’m also a bit afraid of crossing the street. I was never actually hit by a car, but a few times it was a close call….and it still makes me nervous sometimes.

  14. Hello sweet Denice!!
    I love both outfits!!So stylish dear!
    And i adore your shoes!So cool!!
    Sorry to hear that you once got hit by a car ,it happening to my small daughter too,so tragic.I hope now you are ok!
    Have a happy Sunday!!!Polla filakia!!!!

  15. Oh that genius! Love the fact that you can wear this bag in two ways. And I found your answers really interesting.
    By the way your shoes are also gorgeous! You have some amazing pairs in your collection! :)

    • Hello, dear Falasha! Thank you for your sweet words! Yes, the incident was traumatic, so much that I can’t cross a street without thoughts about it or fear… it was a car coming with the rear on my back, so I didn’t even know what was happening, but thankfully, I have some minor injuries on the knee and hands, but the psychological effects were bad :) I follow you on Bloglovin, I hope they sent you the note! Hope you have a very nice week! XXX

  16. Congrats on the award, Denise. Well done. Loved to read your answers. And I love your adorable outfit. So cute. Wow, that’s an amazing clutch/shopper. Who would have thought that in such a cute small clutch is a shopper hidden. That’s such a cool idea. Thx for your sweet comment, Denise. Lol, no no one went nuts, yet, lol. But I need to do some more shopping today, so there might be a chance of driving him crazy, hahaha. Nah just kidding. I really have made up my mind about the rugs and the carpets. For both rooms and I am not going to change my mind again, although I have some new ideas…………….. 😉 Happy Sunday, Denise.

  17. How fun!!! I’ve been nominated and played along with the Liebster Award a few times and I always enjoy seeing it surface again on a blog that I follow. I really enjoy blog awards and tags. I know they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but they’re certainly mine. :)

    I love that you said that you’d bring your glasses so that you could read on a desert island. I’d bring mine, too, as I’m nearsighted and without them, I might not be able to spot the rescue plane coming in on the horizon. 😀

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  18. Aaaw Denise! I’m so happy you got nominated. They did great by doing it because you are a very special person who can enrich others. Now I feel I got to know you a little more and that makes me happy :) . I always enjoy reading your posts and this one has become my top 1.
    Thanks for showing us that cool bag.. it can be worn in more than one way! Awesome! . May God bless you in every part of your life. Kisses amiguita!
    – Elsey

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