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Thanks for all the previous post‘s comments and for sharing stories, really important to me! The Prevention Diet now – I know I could be more engaged, but it’s a touchy theme and I lack the skills to do so. But I’m trying my best to show that the (Breast) Cancer Awareness is very important!

The ring is a lip gloss by Jaqua

The ring is a lip gloss by Jaqua

A frame for fun :) Wearing pink, not the whole look, but details. Sweet Ivana decided to wear more pink in Oct, too – check her blog out! Lovely Jointy&Croissanty drew my attention to prevention diet. She’s right, but I’m not the best person to spread it – I need a healthier diet (I’ve started). I’m ashamed to be a junk food lover :(healthier diet means better life quality. Some foods can increase cancer risk; others strengthen the immune system: “while there’s no food you can eat to prevent or fight cancer, vegetables, fruits, soy, nuts, whole grains and beans can help lower the risk to have it”.

The look below doesn’t really deserve a post, but alas, I like practical outfits. With pink details :)

The pink symbol of Pink October Awareness month as a side curled ponytail finish

The pink symbol of Pink October Awareness month as a side curled ponytail finish

pink October badge

Pink October shoes and scarf

Oversized top

Oversized top and jeans, Asos

Pink floral scarf

Pink floral scarf from Bijou Brigitte


Shoes, Vizzano


Floral bag, Baboon

White nail polish, pink ring, bracelet from Mallorca

White nail polish (looks pink, but it’s white!), bracelet from Mallorca and pom pom ring

I hope you have a great week with many smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

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62 thoughts on “Prevention Diet

  1. Oddio quell’anello a pon pon quant’è bello! Lo voglio! *_*
    Bellissimo post cara, una dieta giustissima e hai fatto bene a parlare di questo argomento a prescindere dalle tue competenze. La prevenzione è importantissima e tutti dovrebbero essere sensibilizzati sull’argomento. Purtroppo è il male del secolo ma con le accortezze giuste e senza mai perdere il sorriso e la voglia di vivere si può vincere. Mio papà cel’ha fatta e per me è stato l’esempio che tutto è possibile. :)
    Buon inizio settimana! :*

  2. It’s so true what you say about our diet. I have heard so many times that you are what you eat but I never paid attention to healthy eating. This year however, I have made more of a deliberate effort to incorporate vegetables in my meals, have more non-meaty protein and choose organic whenever possible. I believe that it will pay off in the future.


  3. love the look, it is so worthy of being here 😉

    Good luck with the new diet. I used to be a lover of junk food too, but I feel so much better now, eating veggies, salads, fruits. I’ve cut out white rice and white bread. Try whole wheat pasta too, it is so much better for you 😉

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  4. Someone above mentioned how gorgeous the pom pom ring. I second that. It’s stunning. Totally love that. So novel too. Now, hats off to you Denise for really pushing home the cancer awareness message, through your blog and by wearing pink throughout Oct. It is such an important issue. Cancer is devastating and it hits so many lives – isn’t it the case that 1 in 3 people are affected by it? So very sad. Sweet kisses Denise, Txx.

  5. Love that you’re sharing your pink look. The scarf really is a gorgeous piece Denise. I have always had to watch my diet because I have certain allergies. But, I love food and try to stay healthy even with a few good indulgences every now and then. <3 Wish you a great new week dear. xx/Madison
    Workout & Inspire

  6. Any and every look deserves a post, I love how you style the floral scarf and bag together with an all black outfit. And you know what, Denise, so what f you eat lots of junk food? I do too and I snack all the time, I have a snack drawer that is filled with potato crisps and chocolate. Yes, it may not be the healthiest lifestyle but I balanced it out by exercising and eating lots of vegetables and fruits too. There’s nothing wrong with indulging ourselves with our favourite food. xx

  7. Great post, Denise! Indeed, diet is very important and thank you for sharing your support on breast cancer! You are always so thoughtful which is why you are so loved by so many! I love those pink shoes esp! They are unique and just the cutest – just like you!
    Sending you much love, and have a fabulous Monday!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  8. A girlfriend of mine has breast cancer and it was because of her that I finally had my first mammogram (you young ladies are years away from that test).

    I always try to eat healthy – sure, I love my occasional junk food. My best accomplishment this year has been no more diet soda. And gawd, I miss diet Dr Pepper !!


  9. Liebe Denise, natürlich verdient Dein wieder total süßes Outfit einen Post! Es steht Dir super und ich bin auch ganz verliebt in die Tasche und die tollen Schuhe. Was Deine Vorhaben anbelangt … ich denke, es ist auch wichtig, dass einen Essen glücklich macht. Und das kann auch Fast Food sein und manchmal macht es meiner Meinung nach mehr Sinn und ist gesünder für die Seele, das zu essen, was einem wirklich schmeckt :) Ich wünsche Dir eine wunderbare Woche, liebe Denise!
    Alles Liebe von Rena

  10. You look so lovely, Denise, you have such a sweet smile :) I’m no good with dieting, I find that when I’m on a diet I get the urge to eat more unhealthy stuff! So the way I do it is I tell myself I can have whatever I want as long as it’s in moderation, and I try not to snack in the evening after 8 or 9pm.
    I must admit I didn’t know it was Breast Cancer Awareness month but thank you for raising awareness, Denise, it’s such a worthy cause! I’m the same as you, I love practical outfits with pink detailing :)

    ♥.•*¨ Amanda Says ¨*•.♥

  11. Totally agree with you and btw, I have to do some post about this topic on my blog, we should share with the others about the information about cancer awareness, maybe we create together some action with other fellow bloggers, what do you think about this? I know that healthy food and good diet can prevent from this terrible disease, luckily, I always love to eat fruit and vegatables (when it comes to cancer the best are the green ones!) and I’m happy that you decided to change your diet a little, because you’ll feel better and healthier, which is priceless :) Have a great evening, Denise!

  12. Hello lovely dear Denise. I know I been missing out of your previously posts as you know my free time is none lately:). But come here to visit you and your blog is a bless to read your beautiful posts. People are wearing pink everywhere to support our cancers group of needed here. I love your beautiful pumps, they are so lovely on your well put together look:). It’s so nice to see you are doing too:). You have a biggest heart dear Denise:) glad to have you around:). Thanks also for your kindness dear sweet Denise. I wish you more than wonderful:). Happy to hear you’re doing well:). Many kisses and big hugs:).


  13. I love the touches of pink, it is great you’re doing this. You must have the most gorgeous collection of shoes ever- I’m always impressed by your shoes. I need a much healthier diet, it really is not good at the moment.

  14. Oh, dear, you are so sweet (thanks for mentioning:)
    I’m happy that you have started with healthier diet and don’t worry about eating fast foods some times if it’s not too often and you can always make healthier alternative as home made burgers, pizza or french fries. I’m addicted of chocolate and candy (but I try to limit it and read the list of ingredients).
    Practical outfits are really cool and useful, you look beautiful as always and that floral scarf is fabulous! I also like these shoes!:)
    Have a nice day!:)

  15. Eu acredito muito, que uma alimentação mais saudável pode influenciar positivamente na nossa saúde. Há alguns anos atrás eu tinha alguns hábitos alimentares não muito saudáveis ( comia muitos doces e frituras ), e quando comecei a fazer a reeducação alimentar, logo senti que minha saúde e disposição melhoraram muito. E além de melhorar a saúde, também perdi peso sem precisar de usar remédios.Beijos querida Denise, e uma ótima noite pra você!!

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