Postcards from Amsterdam

Postcards from Amsterdam – in fact, here Utrecht – is about the last leg of a trip in the end of March. Amsterdam is great, but there is more about the Netherlands, of course :)

Canal in Utrecht

Canal in Utrecht

This trip included Paris again and the Netherlands. Amsterdam is known for its trademark canals, museumsbicycles… For years I go to both Paris and Amsterdam, and as France “is” more than Paris, the Kingdom of the Netherlands has much more to offer than only the capital, too. Most of us call it Holland, but the Netherlands has 12 provinces, including South-Holland and North-Holland.

Here, Gouda and Utrecht – there, check out Olivier Café, a former church! And a church that when you cross the arch, you can make a wish – it came true to my friend! Are you superstitious?

Hope you enjoy the “postcards:)

Paris from above

Paris from above, arriving. But since I’ve shown Paris enough on this blog, showing just this pic, now

This church is so amazing - cross the arch, make a wish and... it seems it'll come true!

This church is so amazing – cross the arch, make a wish and… it seems it’ll come true!

Olivier Bar in Utrecht, a former church - the pipe organ is still there!

Olivier Bar in Utrecht, a former church – the pipe organ is still there!

Downtow Utrecht - with a grey coat and a silk scarf all the time, bought in San Sebastian. Bag, Oh Moca,

Central Utrecht – grey coat and silk scarf, both bought in San Sebastian. Bag, Oh Moca; so comfy boots, Next

Gouda City Hall

Gouda City Hall – because sweet Maiken, a blogger-friend, asked once to see more pics of a city! Here you are!


This is a great quote I saw on my blogger-friend blog Crafty-Zone

A great quote I saw on my lovely blogger-friend Ivonne’s blog Crafty-Zone – a super sweet blog!

Wishing you a great week with smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

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67 thoughts on “Postcards from Amsterdam

  1. hey, Denise! I do love it when you post those tourist-y photos from all the cool places you visit. for example The Netherlands (Amsterdam) was in our list a couple of years ago but we picked Prague then. one day it will be The Netherlands, I hope :) that church where you have to cross the arch – I want to go there and make a wish! anyway, you look wonderful! it’s a beautiful coat and the colourful scarf and headband are like two cherries on top of that outfit. grey and pink look lovely together! seems like a really awesome trip overall! ps. I want even more photos, haha!

    • Hi, dear Pam! Thank you for your sweet comment! I always love your comments, you are always one of the first to come here and I love it! It was the end of March, so 2 months ago. Not so cold, but also not super warm :) Hope you have a very nice week!

    • Hi, dear Vanessa! Thank you for your always super sweet comments! You are such a lovely and supportive friend! I always go to Amsterdam, cause not only I love the city, but because I have very close friends who live there. So I miss them a lot and year after year I visit them. They welcome me with so open arms and hearts, I really love being there for them and the city. I am so happy that you lived there and at the same time a bit “down”, cause we could have met there! But who knows, one day I guess we will! Hope you have a very nice week! XXXXX

  2. Liebe Denise, das ist ja genial: ein Wunschbogen! Und ich glaube absolut daran, dass Dein Wunsch wahr wird! Du hast den Besuch in Amsterdam, Utrecht und Paris offenbar sehr genossen, Du siehst wieder so glücklich und schön aus, auf Deinen Bildern. Ich war noch in keiner der Städte und umso mehr freue ich mich über Deinen tollen Post hier. Noch eine wunderbare Woche. Alles Liebe von Rena

  3. I envy you Denise..You have traveled so many places that are beautiful … You are really lucky to have opportunity and time to visit new places..I wish I can travel more often too

    • Hello, sweet Purva! Thank you for your sweet comment! I am sure that you will be able to travel, if you wish that very much! I always wanted to go to India, and I wish it so so much, that I am sure one day I will go – but you have to wish it with all you soul! I am sure you will see many things that you long for – but remember, we don’t only travel through the air or sea, we travel inside ourselves too, and around our cities, that also have great beauty – people tend to think that travelling is only going to far places, and it’s not. Hope you have a very nice week!

      • true….but I would love to explore other culture and places.. Not that in India we dont have it.. But its just something I want to experience. I want it with all my heart and hopefully one day I will be publishing my travel stories too :)

  4. Pretty postcards of your travels. You are right, people often focus on Paris when you talk about France and Amsterdam when you talk about the Netherlands. I love Amsterdam and I’ll definitely have to look out for that Oliver Cafe because I am slightly superstitious – I’d have lots of wishes to make. You look so happy in your photos but then so would I be!

  5. Stunning pictures Denise, and how funny. I have a sister-in-law who lives a short distance from Utrecht and we visited the city on a day trip while staying with her. Holland is absolutely stunning. I had never been before this visit and I was taken aback. I loved the windmills and I just found the place so orderly. And of course, I can’t forget to mention the bikes. They were everywhere and I found it quite something that they have such a high priority on the roads and pathways. Then again, Holland is so flat that I guess that set-up could only really work there. And you managed a trip to Paris too – you’re so lucky! Tx

  6. you’re so pretty! I love to see your smile! You have such a winning smile.

    Charming outfit, I especially like the scarves. Both of them (the one in your hair and the one around your neck) are so lovely. Plus, they make for a wonderful pop of colour. Another lovely pop of colour is that floral bag….how cute!!! The coat is very nice as well. Perfect styling! Travelling in style.

    I hope to visit Amsterdam some day. With its canals, it seems like such a lovely town to stroll in. Supposedly, it is also known for cyling, so maybe I should try that too. Netherlands is an interesting country, rich in history and culture…and naturally some day I would love to pay it a visit.

  7. Hey Denise,
    The pictures are great. I love them. You look really pretty as always :) Oh and I love that quote in the end. That is just so true. I love your traveling posts. They are so fun to read. By the way, I really love your smile 😀

  8. How exciting! I love the vastness of Canada and so many other elements of my beautiful country, but am the first to admit that sometimes I wish we had more neighbouring nations, the way that Europe does, so that I could see and experience a greater number of cultures first hand without having to travel extremely far distances. Oh well! Just more of an incentive to visit Europe again one day. :)

    Big hugs & happiest of wishes for June, dear Denise!
    ♥ Jessica

  9. I’m happy you can travel so often. These pictures are so beautiful and I can imagine, it would be even better in person. And how amazing that church must be__ making people believe that their wishes will come true. I hope your wish will come true as well if you have one, Denise. You look amazing in this coat and scarf, hope you are having great week so far.

  10. I’ve never been, but it looks amazing every time I see it! Thank you so much as well, Denise for wishing me better, I hope you are getting better too since you haven’t been well either. Lots of love and strength I’m sending your way!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  11. Amsterdam looks beautiful! I love the photo of you by the canals with all the bicycles, it really reminds me of the last time I went there. I’d love to go back!

  12. Ciao cara Denise! Mi dispiace che tu abbia avuto una ricaduta della tua malattia, ma sono contenta che ora tu stia meglio es pero che stavolta ti guarirai definitivamente, così che potrai goderti l’estate come si deve!
    Bellissime le foto di Amsterdam, anche io ci sono stata diversi anni fa (in Giugno) e c’era lo stesso tempo mezzo nuvoloso: ho le foto con la stessa luce delle tue (solo che quando ci sono andata io faceva più caldo)! ^^
    Comuqneu è una città davvero bella ed originale che vale la pena visitare!
    Tu sei la turista più carina che ci sia, sempre così ben vestita e feminile! 😀

  13. I was lucky enough to visit Holland last year, although I didn’t get too far away from Amsterdam. It is a wonderful country. Very lush and green with great history.

    You do get around! Lucky you!

    I hope your wish came true and I’m glad to see you’re feeling better.


  14. You always travel to such beautiful places, Denise. Gorgeous pics, and you look so cute and chic. Sweetie I am so sorry to hear you are still not feeling better. Have you seen the doctor? Do you get any treatments? Please rest a lot and drink a lot. Flu is never to be taken easy, hun. Take good care of yourself. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Get well soon, pretty.

  15. Thank you for your concern! I was in Germany/France without any internet or device to blog on- camping!!!!
    Your visit sounds very nice- I like that church!
    I am not really superstitious at all!!x

  16. Totalmente de acuerdo, Denise. Muchas veces los países son solamente apreciados por su capital cuando en realidad muchos de ellos también cuentan con otras ciudades igual de bonitas que merecen ser visitadas. Me gustó lo de cruzar el arco de esa ex iglesia y pedir un deseo. Cuando se trata de estas cosas me declaro culpable de ser supersticiosa, jaja. Por ultimo y no menos importante, te ves muy feliz en esas fotos, me alegra que te hayan quedado lindos recuerdos de ese viaje. <3

  17. Hello Denise! I really like your photos, Amsterdam is amazing city, I heard that it’s very friendly for bikes, I’d love that this habit will appear in other big cities as well. :) I see that you had nice time there, the church looks terrific, I love architecture of its. What’s more, the canals from Amsterdam have to be even more charming, when you see it on life, I wish that someday I’ll be able to travel, maybe not as much as you do, but few times per year to discover new places :) And Paris from the plane is breathtaking, would love to visit this great, French city second time in the nearest future 😉

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