Pink Tax

Pink Tax – have you ever heard of that? Women are not guilty of spending more than men!

Maxi dress and ring

Being a human, alone, demands regular maintenance. But for women maintenance is tiring and more expensive – I didn’t know about Pink Tax, till last November. I usually thought that women do buy more because we are flooded by marketing directed to us and also because we do wear makep and other things that men usually don’t. Now it’s confirmed: there’s a Pink Tax embedded in products for women. And this tax starts from birth!

On the top of that, women worldwide generally earn 26% less than men. There’s a pen for him and a pen for her, a razor for him and razor for her, but in pink. Same razor, but the pink one is 7% to 13% more expensive, says the New York City’s Department of Consumer Affairs, that also found that toys for boys are much cheaper than for girls. Marketing dictates an “ideal life” and forces us to have “needs”. Women more often accept that, creating a stereotype, spending more to be updated. An officer at the department says there’s no law that can change prices’ differences: “Shops won’t change their behavior until we change our buying behavior. Pink is more expensive, so choose another color”. :) Any product for women, in any color, has the tax. Have you heard about the Pink Tax?

Now a lighter topic… Look of the day :) How was your first week of 2017?


Maxi dress, Amaro

Maxi dress, Amaro

They were given to me by the shop, I found them so romantic!

They were kindly given to me by the shop some time ago (here) –  I found them so romantic!

I loved this dress, nice and comfortable!

I loved this dress, nice and comfortable!

Croco bag, don't remember...!

Croco bag, don’t remember where I got it from!

Nail art of the week

Nail art of the week and turquoise ring

Burgundy Louloux shoes

Burgundy Louloux shoes

So in love with this print and the attached dress tie

So in love with this print and the attached tie

On the menu 2017

Tahchin - an Iranian rice cake, vegetarian version

Tahchin – an Iranian rice cake, vegetarian version

Recipe on Vegetabible

Recipe on Vegetabible

A giveaway winner

In December I won an amazing giveaway! Steffy, from the great Steffystyle sent me this amazing YSL set, with mascara, eye pencil and eye cream – all great products, I loved them! Thank you so much, dear Steffy!

YSL eyes set

Finishing Touch

It’s the beginning of the year… I guess it’s good to think of this, always!

Quote destiny Wishing you a beautiful week with many smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

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81 thoughts on “Pink Tax

  1. Denise, this was such a fascinting post to read. Thank you for sharing! And I want to thank you so much for all your recent kind comments – I’ve been strugggling to find time to reply to all the posts people have done over Christmas, but now I have more time for reading blogs. It’s one of my goals for this year also! Yay!! I hope you;ve had such a lovely break and I’m excited now to go and read back the last couple posts of yours which I’ve missed xxx

  2. This was interesting about Pink tax, I haven’t heard about it until now, but it is so true. It is ironic, that women make less money comparing men and still, there is such thing as a Pink Tax.. Your nail art is always so beautiful, Denise, and this rice cake looks super delicious. Hope you are having a great start of the week.
    Nina’s Style Blog

  3. Liebe Denise,
    ja, ich habe darüber auch schon gelesen, aber nicht in einer so gut zusammengefassten Version wie Du sie hier gemacht hast. Es ist wirklich so, dass Frauen das Leben teurer zu stehen kommt und dass Frauen leider immer noch oft viel weniger als Männer verdienen. Das ist sehr ungerecht und ich danke Dir sehr für Deine Informationen.
    Du selbst siehst wieder wunderbar aus. Was für ein tolles Kleid und ich liebe Deine Schuhe! Ganz sicher bin ich, dass Dein Gericht fantastisch schmeckt <3
    Meine erste Woche im Neuen Jahr war richtig schön, Deine hoffentlich auch!
    Liebe Grüße, Rena

  4. Non avevo mai sentito parlare della pink tax, ma immaginavo che le donne avessero spese di “manutenzione” maggiori degli uomini… però a dire il vero credo in compenso che gli uomini abbiano hobbies più costosi, lo vedo com mio fratello ed i miei amici: magari risparmiano su make up, beauty e vestiti, ma tra go-kart, moto, kitesurf, mountain bike, ecc, alla fine secondo me spedono molto più di noi!^^
    Sei bellissima Denise in queste foto, sempre così dolce e originale, adoro i tuoi orecchini! 😀
    Buona settimana, tesoro!

  5. Denise,
    as always a wonderful and inspiring post! I love reading each one. I did NOT know about the pink tax! That is maddening. It will be black razors for me from now on. Well at least we women know how to shop, so we can compensate for this unfairness.
    Love your OOTD, the maxi is gorgeous, i love the floral and the sash as necklace, Gorgeous jewels and nails, and those shoes are to die for!
    Fabulous post, in every possible way!
    xx, Elle

  6. Yes, i can WELL understand there being pinktax grrrr!! ANd also, think about personal hygiene lad products- we have to pay VAT and taxes on those and they aren’t a choice!!!!

    Your outfit is gorgeous- I adore those shoes and the earrings are a dream- I love them!
    Your nails are amazing- did you do them!??? I have terrible nails!!!

    Thank you so much for all your supportive comments in recent times- SOOO appreciated! I hope Christmas was lovely for you and you didn’t feel the loss of your family too

  7. Wow I honestly had no idea about pink tax nor had I even heard about it….so this was a really interesting read for me thank you hun and I LOVE your nails and outfit as always! Have a stunning week xx

  8. La pink tax… Denise sei un genio, io non ci avevo mai pensato ma effettivamente è verissimo. Gli uomini hanno una bella fortuna, anche se qui in Italia anche loro ci tengono molto alla cura personale (lo vedo con i miei fratelli e con mio marito). Ma ovviamente non si può paragonare a noi.
    Queste foto sono stupende e oggi le tue scarpe hanno rapito il mio cuore. Tu sei bellissima.
    Un bacione
    Maggie Dallospedale

  9. nope, I didn’t know about the pink tax… and I also can’t say pink (women’s) razors are always more expensive than men’s. sometimes I buy women’t razors but sometimes I use my husband’s. and we buy them during sales anyway. but I guess the prices can be different in other countries. since I’m not a make-up lover I don’t need too many products and for example shower gel can be shared with the husband again. after-shave lotion as well, haha.
    anyway, your lovely dress reminds me of the one I used to have before I gave it to my mom. it’s shorter but really similar otherwise. wow and those shoes are really pretty as well. and the earrings too. oh and such great luck with that giveaway! who would not want some YSL products for free!
    I wish you a wonderful week, dear Denise!

  10. I was aware of the pink tax. That is why I sometimes buy products for men, for example razors…because they’re the same, just cheaper. The clothing made for men is usually made of better materials and it is in general of better quality.

    It is like the market assumes that if we are women we will just buy anything and shop for the sake of shopping. That is why we should prove them wrong! I saw a lot of ladies who are doing shopping bans and that kind of thing to make themselves more available of their own shopping habits. I tend to think before I shop too! I wasn’t always like this, when I was a teenager I always assumed more is better- but not anymore!

    you look gorgeous in this maxi dress. I really like its patters…so vivid. Very beautiful and feminine look. Your shoes are so lovely. You always have the best accessories!

    congrats on winning that giveaway:)

    • Ups, I see a mistake in my text…I meant to write” more aware of what they’re buying NOT more available”.. ha ha ha.
      Anyway, I just stopped to wish you a lovely weekend. btw I did notice you have green eyes. When people have darker shade of green eyes (or even one that is icy blue to green and changes according to light), sometimes others don’t notice it. My husband’s eyes are a mix of green and brown, but he thinks he has brown eyes. I had to prove it to him by zooming in on photos:).

      • Dear Ivana, please don’t worry about the text :) I usually write emails in such a fast way, that then I think “I was going to a restaurant”, for ex., and then I change my thought to “I went to a restaurant” and then I don’t correct emails – because then it prevents me to send them immediately, but when I see later (after sending them) it is written like “I was went to a restaurant” :) So don’t worry, I understood what you meant! You must have veeeeery good sight, because it’s only possible to spot the color of my eyes on a bright day! And you did it through photos! I tell you, wow, I am so short-sighted, I envy who can spot things like that! So nice, that you showed to your husband the real color of his eyes :) Thank you so much for your lovely comment, dear Ivana, hope you have a very lovely weekend!

  11. Hi Denise! Wow, I haven;t had idea about pink tax and honestly, thank you for this post and informations, because now, I’ll be more aware and I’ll pay more attention of my purchases and I think that I may spend more, because I really like all of these “girly stuffs” and clothes in super girly colors like pink, ha ;D Like always, thank you for your post, I’m more clever now, the human learns for whole life :) What about your outfit, you look super cute and pretty in this maxi dress, good to hear that it’s comfortable as well. And one more thing – congrats on winning giveaway, you won such a luxury set.
    Have a lovely evening, my dear friend! :)

    Have a lovely evening dear,

  12. Hello Denise.
    I have heard of female razors being the same as males’ ones and still more expensive, but I didn’t actually know about pink tax. It’s a bit ridiculous to me.
    My first week of the year was a bit challenging. I was full of motivation but just because i wanted to make a change in my life doesn’t mean that the people around me were interested in doing anything differently so it felt like I had a lot of opposition. I had to readjust my expectations I guess.
    Never tried an Iranian rice cake. it sounds really nice.
    You look really pretty in that dress dear. I love the earrings too.
    I hope your first week of the year went well and that the second one is even better :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

  13. Hellooo Denise. Happy New Year and all of that. I’m back, though I’m just about to start working for a charity and so putting my blog on a bit of a back burner. The charity thing is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I’ve never much enjoyed freelancing from home. It’s a lonely existence. I need the company of others, hence my decision. I will still blog. Just not as often. This is why I have been quiet recently, sorting my life out ;). So, how are you sweetie? I hope your Christmas was good? Thank you so much for your messages. They always cheer me up xxx. And so to the pink tax. I have heard of it, on products like tampax and sanitary towels, bit I didn’t know it was as widespread as it is. Brands cannot justify charging more for a pink product. They do it because they know they can get away with it. It’s shocking. Big big hugs my lovely xxxx.

  14. What do I do first……OK, first congrats on your win, that’s fantastic stuff you gotten there. The mascara I can tell you, it’s one of my holy grail, actually, I only have 2 holy grail the UD one and the YSL one. kLove your look today, the dress is gorgeous and the shoez……….awesome, just awesome. You look divine Denise. I had a similar bag/clutch. Now let’s move to your mani, girl, how do you do it!!!! I always admire your mani but this one is just beyond gorgeous. And I also love your lipstick shade, what is it? It looks so pretty on you, Denise.
    New update: Something Blue….

  15. I have heard of that darn pink tax. It is the same when you go to get your hair cut. Men’s cuts are cheaper than women’s.

    I LOVE those shoes!!! You have quite the collection.

    That boho dress is pretty sweet too.

    Happy New Year lovely lady!


  16. I’d heard a little about the pink tax before but wasn’t entirely sure what it was. This dress is super beautiful on you and I love the earrings. I’ve seen a few pieces from Happiness Boutique lately and like what I see. Also thank you so much for supporting my new blog, really appreciate you following.

  17. Wow. Now that you mentioned, you are right. Things in pink do cost more than other colors. I always kind of accepted it because that has always been the case. And I was thinking because girls like pink generally, the demand is higher thus the price is also higher. This is something that we should really think about…

    Thanks for this thought-provoking article. And your shoes are gorgeous, btw. :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  18. No conocía lo del Pink Tax, qué lastima, y con lo que me gusta el rosa! :( Muchas gracias por informarnos, querida Denise. El outfit de hoy me ha encantado, tu atencion por los detalles ya sea en accesorios y maquillaje/manicura es perfecto! Los pendientes de Happiness Boutique son bellisimos, me enamoraron jaja. También me gusto el rice cake, porque amo el arroz y obviamente, que sea veggie 😉
    No se qué día es exactamente tu cumpleaños este mes pero te deseo de todo corazon un hermoso cumpleaños y que todos tus sueños y proyectos se concreten!!!

  19. How interesting, I never heard about Pink taxes before!

    You look lovely, love your nail art and your stunning shoes :)

    Once again I am so happy that you received the YSL gift set and thank you for the shoutout!

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