Pink October

Pink October or Breast Cancer Awareness Month; it’s an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease. The idea is to wear pink in October, to support Breast Cancer Awareness, so important!

Starting with a pink lipstick...

Starting with pink cheeks and a pink lipstick – Chanel Rouge Coco number 454 Jean

“While most people are aware of breast cancer, many forget to take the steps to detect the disease in its early stages and encourage others to do the same” This is what the National Breast Cancer campaign says. So in honor of the thousands of women who don’t have access to medicine, even in 2015, and died because of that, I will wear pink for the whole month long.

Now… A fantastic pink lehenga (Indian wedding skirt), that I love! I’ll post more pictures today :)

Top, See by Chloe

Blush top, See by Chloe

Bag, from Camdem, in London

Bag, from Camden, London. Scarf, Reinaldo Lourenco

Skirt detail

Skirt detail

Pink October skirt

Shoes, with some pink too,

Shoes, Beira Rio, with some pink too

Pink Russian brooch, hand painted on mother of pearl, and bangles

Pink Russian brooch, hand painted on mother of pearl, and bangles

Peral necklaces, "designed" by myself and made by Julie Reen

Pearl necklaces, “designed” by myself and made by Julie Reen

Bag detail with black and oink scarf

Bag detail with white and pink scarf

I hope you have a great month with many smiles! Thanks for the lovely comments!

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71 thoughts on “Pink October

  1. What a touching gesture to wear pink throughout Nov in honour of such a worthy campaign. My sister-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years back. She is in remission now but treatment was brutal. It’s such a devastating disease, claiming so many in its wake. I shall take a moment to reflect each time I wear pink in Nov. I love your Indian wedding dress. It’s stunning. Gorgeous embroidery and embellishmemts. Kisses for you Denise, xx

  2. Bè, anche se questa è un’iniziativa davvero molto importante e assolutamente da condividere, io adoro il rosa e lo porto tutto l’anno, quindi non posso non amare il tuo look ed il tuo make up, cara Denise!
    Come sempre hai interpretato il trend con originalità e stile, adoro la tua gonna!
    E che capelli bellissimi che hai! Sei davvero molto bella e romantica con quelle onde ed il rossetto rosa! 😀

  3. Meine liebe Denise, du bist einfach die BESTE! Ich liebe es deinen blog zu besuchen, deine Persoenlichkeit kommt wirklich zur Geltung! Du hast so eine liebe und froehliche Art die ich einfach gerne mag! Anyhow, breast cancer awareness is indeed important and I love how you paired you Indian pink skirt to honor it! Such a great skirt worn by the most beautiful girl I know!
    Hab dich ganz doll lieb, mein Schatz!!
    Much love,

  4. Great initiative but I think more important is to inform people how we can guard against cancer, I mean which ingredients in food we should definitely avoid and what eat to increase our immunity.
    Beautiful and stylish look, as always! I adore your skirt and jewelry!
    Have a nice day:)

    • Thank you for your lovely comment! I agree with you about informing and food, but I thought that since I am not the “healthiest-habits’ person”, I couldn’t dare to tell people to eat broccoli regularly, since I probably eat that just once a week. But then I thought that people can go to their doctors and ask for advice, and go for regular appointments, cause this is what I do! I decided to wear pink because I wanted to honor an important person in my family, who died because of that. I hope you have a great day, too!

  5. Wow! You look prettier than ever!
    Your face is so beautiful and this hairstyle really suits you! Your skirt is so special! I’m glad you continue wearing Indian style and that you are going to wear pink the whole month for a good cause!
    Happy october!

  6. wearing pink is a lovely way to raise awareness about breast cancer…both of my grandmothers had it and they both survived it…my other grandmother died from other health complication, but she survived breast cancer. It is always good to raise awareness about it!

    I absolutely love your pink maxi skirt….This mix of modern clothing and a traditional Indian skirt is very much to my linking….cute shoes too! and I like your lipstick…you look feminine and beautiful. Thank you for your sweet comments. I totally agree with you….we should all accept each other, our differences make us special.

  7. I have a very close relative that was affected by breast cancer and detected it very early on, so now, seven years later, she is still cancer-free. But it reminded me to check myself regularly and never miss a doctors appointment.

  8. Breast cancer awareness has come a very long way and I’m glad that it has the exposure that was much needed. More people are educated about it and hopefully, it would save more lives. My husband’s niece was heavily involved with breast cancer charities in the past but recently got more involved in ovarian cancer cause. She runs marathon to raise money too and trying to bring more awareness towards ovarian cancer.

    The skirt is absolutely stunning, Denise, the details are exquisite and I love the Bollywood vibe to it.

  9. I know that October is a pink month, I’d love to see more campaings, which support health and increase awareness of any serious diseases! And btw, I love that decide to wear pink all month, Denise! What about your outfit, this Indian wedding skirt is so pretty, I love that it’s established, you matched it perfectly! Hope you have just started perfect week ahead, dear friend!

  10. You wear long skirts SO beautifully! I LOVE this outfit- you look so pretty!
    The skirt is amazing and what a good idea- I see these in charity shops quite often, hmmm,you got me thinking!x

  11. The oufit is amazing, Denise! I love that shirt, it really reminds me to India, and women wearing beatiful sahris with gold details ^nice memories*. I love the reason of this post, it’s a really good matter.
    Nice post and oufit, lovely! xx

  12. Minha querida Denise, preciso de uma saia dessas urgente :)) haha, é linda demais e ainda na minha cor preferida!! Adorei todo o seu look e a maquiagem com batom e bochechas rosadas em homenagem a campanha do Outubro Rosa ficou muito bonita também. Acho muito importante essa divulgação da campanha, nós mulheres precisamos mesmo estar sempre conscientes disso e procurarmos cuidar cada vez mais da nossa saúde. Uma linda noite pra você! Beijos

  13. what a great gesture…Hats off to you for your support towards the awareness.. Love your pink lehenga..You look great in Indian dresses denise :) Wish to meet you if you ever visit india :)

  14. Hi Denise, I had no idea that October is the breast cancer awareness month. I feel sorry for all these poor women that access to medicine. You look totally marvelous. Love your cute lipstick and the super-duper skirt. I’m going to wear pink today too. Thanks to you. It’s not much but at least it’s a start. Wish you a wonderful day sweetheart :)


  15. you’ve made such an important and I have to say beautiful tribute to the Breast Cancer Awareness. I really love pink and somehow I don’t have any pink garment.. these days I am looking for a pink skirt and coat and yours made me wanna have ecext one for myself! it looks great on you and the total look is so put together! great work Denise!! looking amazing as always!

  16. Gorgeous outfit!!! My eye went instantly to your elegant pink Russian brooch. What a timelessly beautiful accessory.

    Thank you deeply for promoting breast cancer awareness. For the first time ever, my immediate family was touched by this horrific disease when it struck my 84 year old grandma several months ago now (she had never had cancer before and we were all shocked when she developed it so late in life). Thankfully it was caught fairly early, she had surgery, and is now undergoing radiation treatments this fall, but it has not be an easy road for her – or anyone battling this condition – in the slightest and the future remains very uncertain as to her long-term prognosis.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    • Oh, dear Jessica, I am so sorry for your grandmother and family! Yes, I was amazed while reading your comment, because it is a late age, indeed! But I hope that everything goes well, I really really hope so and I am sending good vibes, be very sure of it! Hugs and kisses!

  17. My mum was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and she is now a survivor. I hope one day that there will be a cure. I’m so happy that she has been blessed to be a strong survivor. I love your skirt, and such great looking outfit and details here Denise. Wishing you a lovely week. x/Madison
    Organise Shoes

    • Oh, Madison… I am really sorry for that… and at the same time I admire you and your family, your mother, for being strong and being a survivor. Unfortunately I can’t say the same, in my family one was diagnosed and didn’t survive. And that’s why I am dedicating the whole month to her. I know I coul d do more, engaging in charity and so on, but I am still emotionally torn and wearing pink and spreading it, is the most I can do now. I really send the best vibes to you and your family! XXX

  18. So inspirational that you are doing this Denise. It is such an important campaign for us women and we really should support it as much as we can. It’s great that we can incorporate our passion for fashion into supporting the campaign by wearing pink. I must admit I don’t own many pink clothes, but I will certainly look out for some and look for other opportunities to show my support. Your pink skirt is absolutely stunning and I’m sure you will be wearing it long after this month.

  19. Me parece genial que ayudes a crear consciencia sobre este mes a través de tu blog, Denise! Me parece una muy buena idea. Espero que cada vez más mujeres se cuiden y estén atentas con su propia salud, es literalmente lo más importante que tenemos. Tu lehenga rosa es perfecta para este mes, los detalles además son hermosos, y me gusta mucho que la hayas combinado con esos zapatos estampados! Te ves hermosa como siempre <3

  20. i forgot that october was pink month for breast cancer awareness! I want to wear pink all the time now! I will make an effort to! It is so important! I absolutely love your pink indian skirt, it is GORGEOUS! And you style it really well! you look so beautiful and lovely in your photos, dear denise! love all of your accessories as well! xo

  21. Oh Denise! I wish I had more time to comment on all of your recent posts as they are filled with beautiful images! I just wanted to say how much I like that skirt and how beautiful and glowing you are in top picture of this post! xx

    Your most recent comment on my blog meant such a lot – thank you so much. I am sure sometimes I maybe have posts you don’t feel so much like reading (I’m just guessing, not in a bad way but obviously for the reasons you wrote me of before and which I was so moved and desperately upset for you to hear of) and it means a great deal to me that you still read them and leave your heartwarming and thoughtful comments – you are certainly a true friend xXX

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