Perfect selfie

Perfect selfie – there’s “selfie science“, it’s something interesting! Do you take many selfies?

Beautiful earrings from Anthropologie

Beautiful earrings from Anthropologie

Selfie, “word of the year 2013” has now more studies like “what a selfie says about you and “why photos don’t look like we expect“. Due to a psychological reason: we see our faces daily, so we don’t like our selfies as much as a stranger does. Existing memory images spoil our ability choosing a good representation, says Dr David White. Results are better through smiling photos. Even immigration officers recognize us better if we’re smiling in pics, usually forbidden. Do you like your selfies?

Look of the day with something to say :)

Top, Shisha UK. Jeans, . Shoes, Tactile. Bag, don't remember

Top, Shikha London. Jeans, LTB.  Bag, don’t remember

Detail of Shisha top, so interesting!

Detail of Shikha top, so interesting!

Tactile shoes

Tactile shoes

Tactile shoes, better seen here

Tactile shoes, better seen here

Leather bag - it's not red, it's the light!

Leather bag – it’s not red, it’s the light!

I thank you for all your always sweet comments and wish a great week with smiles!

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70 thoughts on “Perfect selfie

  1. I never took any photos or selfies of myself during my first two blogging years. Last year I took the most selfies; in 2015 I have taken fewer. When I look at Instagram, I think that the selfie trend is going down… but I might be wrong.


  2. Normally I don’t take so many selfies, but when it comes to take any picture of myself for the blog, I always dislike them and have to take so many!
    Interesting post! xx

  3. You look marvelous Denise. Love your cute top and bag and of course your beautiful smile. I like selfies and I think they are very entertaining 😀 but I don’t like my selfies 😀 I’m glad that I know know why 😀 Thanks for your kind words. It’s always the same with my dad health insurance. I’m used to fighting with them. Ich habe schon einen kleinen Sieg errungen, nun muss ich sie nur noch bezwingen 😀 Das wird schon, aber es kostet viel Zeit und Nerven 😀 Have a wonderful Monday sweetheart!

  4. This was a very up-lifting post! I love reading everyone’s replies .. glad to know I’m in the same boat! I have to take a TON of photo’s just to find a few that are decent enough for my blog 😛


  5. I’m not a fan of selfies, actually I hate being in front of the camera and have alays been more comfortable behind it. Even in family pictures, there are very little pictures of me because I’m usually the photographer. Despite being a beauty blogger for more than a year, I still am not comfortable posting pictures of myself but I do it because I need to show how the product looks on me.

    I love your top, Denise, it’s very unique and it looks really good on you!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  6. so what is the true colour of that cute leather nag? orange?….and those heels are absolutely fabulous.

    I don’t take selfies, but that is probably because my husband takes my photos for the blog every single day, so I get tired of having my photo taken.

    I don’t think that taking selfies is bad…selfies can also be a form of art, an autoportrait…and they can be a great way for us to rememeber a particular make up look or hairdo that looked good on us.

    btw…your hairdo and make up is always perfect…you always look so pretty.

  7. Hallo meine schoene Denise! Toller post – selfies are funny – muss es ehrlich zugeben! Wenn ich ehrlich bin mag ich die nicht so, vor allem, weil ich selbst von mir ein Foto machen muss. LOL Ich mag es lieber, wenn mein Mann ein Foto von mir macht.
    Nun denn, wie immer find ich deine posts toll und du siehst ganz huebsch aus, ganz ehrlich! Deine jeans sind klasse und die Schuhe ganz romantisch!
    Drueck dich ganz lieb, Maus!
    Happy Monday & Much love!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  8. That is one of the most whimsical, wonderful sweaters ever! It reminds me both of some of the illustrations in a book of fairy stories I had as a child (not fairy tales, but actually fictional stories about faeries) and of some of the art that was used for the Beatles’ later albums and projects.

    You look so cute, pretty and ready to greet autumn head on with a smile on your face and in your heart alike.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  9. to be honest with you I’m not one of those selfie-persons 😛 I only took some when I cut my long hair off. but I’m not someone who takes them like every day or week because I find it slightly stupid :) but that’s just my way of thinking and when others want to take selfies then it’s of course okay 😀
    anyway, I agree that when we smile our photos look nicer. and since you always smile your photos always look nice too 😉 and today’s post is not an exception. you look lovely. that tunic/top is such a special piece of clothing. how cool are those fairy-tale-like mushrooms!? and the bag looks like such a great vintage piece. I like its vibe!
    by the way, I’ve been really wanting to visit your blog earlier but sitting behind my laptop has been very difficult during those weeks of vacation. I have huge heaps of material for the blog and I hope in September I can share everything that has happened. I’m totally looking forward to having more time for my favourite blogs and blogging :)
    I hope you’ve had a wonderful August and September will be awesome as well! take care, Denise!

  10. Liebe Denise, ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob ich überhaupt jemals einen Selfie von mir gemacht habe :) Da ist eher unsere Tochter (und auch unser Sohn) ein Profi! Deine Selfies sind schön, aber Du bist es ja auch. Ich denke ohnehin, dass uns andere ganz anders wahrnehmen, als wir uns selbst, ob mit oder ohne Selfie, auch meine eigene Stimme, wenn ich sie höre, erstaunt mich eher. Dein Top ist so schön und auch sehr fröhlich, es passt so gut zu Dir. Und wie immer mag ich Deine Schuhe. Und Du siehst auch wieder hinreißend und sehr entzückend aus! Liebe Denise, hoffentlich hattest Du ein ganz und gar zauberhaftes Wochenende. Alles Liebe von Rena

  11. This is super interesting! I don’t take a lot of selfies because I don’t like my selfies (or maybe is just my phone’s quality) and I surely never publish them. This just makes me ask myself a thousand questions about my selfies


  12. Such a cute outfit, Denise! I especially adore those shoes. I love the background on selfies. I had no idea that people could recognize you better from a smiling photo, and no idea about the science behind a selfie. Really neat information, and I’m glad that you keep your posts so informative! Much love. :)

  13. Dearest Denise, I hate my selfies. I have to take quite a few because I write a beauty blog, and now that I’ve added fitness into the mix, I’ve got to start taking selfies of myself at the gym, which I’m particularly not looking forward too (I’m actually getting my PT to take them for me instead – I’ll feel less self conscious that way!). So, I’m so glad to read that there’s science to prove that others think our selfies are better than we do. So there’s hope for me yet, lol ;). You always look beautiful in your pics. Do you take them yourself? It looks as if someone else takes yours? Your smile is utterly radiant – so keep up with the grinning – something I need to do more of! Kisses. Tracey xxx

  14. I love to watch other people their selfies, but I hate mine, haha. Luckily the selfie trend is getting less popular, at least from what I see on Instagram. I really love your outfit, especially your top :) The print is so cool xo

  15. My selfies just look weird most of the time.

    I just hate that we cannot smile for our driver’s license or passport photos or any ID anymore. I look like a serial killer.

    Love that top! What a cute design.


  16. To be honest, I don’t like as much selfies as I thought, because I do them only when I need to – for example, when I have to publish post with new jewelry (DIY or the one which I got thanks to collaborations) and the reaserches are right – I prefer selfies with a smile on it 😉 What about your outfit, I really like your top, you’re right, it has interesting print :) Have a great evening, dear Denise!

  17. That’s so odd that smiling is easier to recognize! I never would’ve thought of that. I take selfies when I’m feeling happy about how I look, but typically don’t post them anywhere. My window lighting is always so nice, I can’t resist!

  18. Aaaah yes selfies. I do take the odd selfie but not as many as some people and yes I find that I’m never happy with my selfie, I guess people always look for perfection with selfies because unlike someone taking a picture of you, you can just keep taking selfies until you get the perfect shot, but after the 10th shot you do wonder what you are doing and why – i guess it’s all just a bit of fun. Anyway your look of the day would make a great selfie, especially with that bag!. Have a great week

  19. Hello sweet Denise. Please forgive my busying time around here. I haven’t blog for week and traveled all the whole week about my work. I’m sorry for a late reply:). I would love to have a moment selfie like other does but boy it’s quite hectic schedule with work, and moms job. I sometimes thought to myself wow I didn’t took picture of my boys and myself as often as I should:) so why my Instagram isn’t need for my blog. I love your cute bag and top but most your happy smile:). I’m hoping your doing well all the way of a week:). Happy day to you:). Xoxo

  20. I definitely selfie, lol. But most selfies stay on my phone and don’t make it much further than that. I will share though especially if I am having a particularly great hair or outfit day haha! Also, that top is super cute! I love the fun design and as always you look great!
    XO Amanda | Sans Scrubs

  21. Hahaha, si me tomo unas selfies de vez en cuando 😉 Pero casi nunca las publico porque me pasa eso de que al final ya no me gustan hahaha, me río de mi misma al seleccionar y borrar como 30 selfies de una sola vez 😀
    Qué lindo el estampado de tu top, es muy cute! <3 Los zapatos también son únicos, estas bella!

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