Patience is something some people naturally have and some don’t – and if they want to learn how to be patient, it’s an art that can be learned, indeed!

Lancome Rouge Absolu lipstick  # 152

Lancome Rouge Absolu lipstick # 152

People have characteristics, not flaws. It takes years to annoy me (no joke) for me to say “something”, what often leads to feeling used, insulted and hurt, but I prefer so than being aggressive. Patience leads to happiness and peace. So, how to be patient?

* Sometimes we all have problems. Avoid being judgmental – try to understand people’s reasons to “this and that”, including YOUR reasons. We ALL have phases and changes;

* Pain and differences have purposes. They push us to growth. People are different and entitled to their own opinions. Exchanging is good, we learn through this!

* “They’re dumb-superficial-bossy-egocentric” – recognize these thoughts?  It’s your mind causing discomfort, not others. We put others in categories we don’t like and we feel discomfort. Changing thoughts takes time. We won’t please everybody and should be prepared for their bad thoughts about us, too. Give less importance to what they think. It’s their problem. Not yours.

Now, the weekly outfit :)

Maison Jacques Diamant

Remember a dress I got in Paris? (Here) I bought this there, too. By Maison Jacques Diamant

Velvet shoes with metal cap-toe. Pouch

Velvet shoes with metal cut-out cap-toe detail,  don’t remember where from!

I loved it! I know I bought online, but which shop... don't remember!

Loved the pouch! I bought it online, but from which shop… don’t remember! Ring, Julie Reen

I really love this lipstick color!

I really love this lipstick color! Tried to straighten my hair, but it didn’t work well, as it was raining later!

QuoteHope you have a week with kind smilesThank you for your always nice comments!

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172 thoughts on “Patience

  1. I love looking at your outfits! They are so unique, and well put together. I don’t know how to describe them, like they’re very artistic!

    And what you said about having patience is so true. Today, I was dealing with a client who seemed really distracted and aloof, like to the point of almost being unfriendly, even though she was cordial enough. When she got up and walked away, I noticed that her left leg was in a cast; then she was probably not “all there” because of the pain and medication. I was so glad that I was patient with her instead of taking her attitude personally; she probably couldn’t help how she was acting!

    • Wow, your comment is so amazing! Cause it is exactly what I wrote about and you confirmed my thoughts – thank you SO MUCH for that! And it was so nice that you hared it, cause yes, when we think someone is unfriendly, difficult, angry, annoying, etc… it can be it’s because of deep feelings and facts that happened to him/her or are happening… and only if we put ourselves in their shoes we can imagine what the person is going through… I would say, it doesn’t justify a behavior, being unfriendly because of problems (cause the others are not guilty of that), but we are all humans and people act/react in different ways. Thank you again very much for your great comment and the compliments :) I like to be playful about outfits :) Hope you have a very nice week!

  2. Patience takes a life time to master .. we are all so busy, technology moves so fast .. it’s sometimes overwhelming. We can only step back, take a big breath and carry on :-)


    PS: LOVE your pink shoes with old cap !!!

    • Thank you so much for your nice comment, dear Monica! It’s totally true, patience is something to learn along life! I thought more about what people do or say to us, more like “control your temper” :) but you are so right, it also has to do with technology! Everything moves in a second these days! The pink shoes: love at first sight :) They look different and the bonus – they are comfortable! Hope you have a very beautiful week!

  3. such a great post denise! I have to learn to be patient, i have to keep reminding myself, especially when I get angry/frustrated i let the angry thoughts get in the way, but I need to take your advice!
    your outfit is so pretty, i really like the dress and the heels! the lipstick looks gorgeous on you too! hope you have an amazing start to the week! xo

    • Hi, dear Andrea! Thank you for your sweet comment! Actually, better said than done – it’s difficult to be patient, but things are so relative and sometimes in the future we think “ah, I did that and actually, it was not important”… so it’s really something to learn, to “measure ” (what really matters…), and not that easy :) Thank you so much for the compliments, I loved the dress and the heels the moment I saw them! And I hope you also have a very nice week! XXX

    • Thank you so much, dear Olivia, for such a lovely comment! Haha, I didn’t think of internet, but you are soooo right! It really annoys when it is slow :) I loved the shoes the moment I saw them, and they are comfortable! Hope you have a very nice week!

  4. That’s a nice philosophy to adopt. Yes, patience is definitely something you cultivate, some people think you have to be born with it. I have to try and be patient with children when they are struggling with something. That isn’t hard if they want to do it but I sometimes find it hard when they can’t be bothered. Looking lovely in yiur (TARDIS!!) blue and PRETTY pink shoes. X

    • Hi, dear Kezzie! That’s true, I forgot about children, yes! You are right! Children want all NOW :) And I also forgot, yes, that’s a TARDIS blue outfit! But I wore it after you co-hosted the “challenge”! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! And I wish you a nice week in general, but especially at school :) XXX

  5. Great tips Denise. I’m not a terribly patient person, though I have got better over the years. You’re right, it’s so important to consider the views of others. Tolerance of others is a virtue and an important lesson in life to learn. The next time I feel myself getting angy with someone else because I don’t agree with their viewpoint, I’m going to remember your tips! Love the colour of your lipstick. It really complements your hair colour. And I can so relate to the hair frizz when you’ve straightened it and it’s a bit damp outside! Curses! I tend to wear a hat on days like that – it does help to shield your bonce from the drizzle in the air. Kisses Txxx.

    • Hello, dear Tracey, thank you so much, always, for so amazing insights! True, over the years we get better and better about so many things! Through your comment I thought about me along the years… I was always patient about some behaviors, but maybe not completely, which is OK (well, there’s no right or wrong about that, I think :) But I got more and more patient (adding to being patient before, then even compliant, meek and mild) and although I don’t try, some people say I should “man up” :) Well, no, I am this way… Ah, the hair! Yes, good tip, but as my hair is very long, the hat will cover the head and the rest will show the frizz :) So yesterday I decided for a bun :) Again, thank you for such a lovely comment! Kisses!

    • Thank you so much, dear Maria! Such a lovely comment and I like to learn through them! When I wrote about patience, I thought more like being tolerant towards people… because you are right, many times I want things NOW :) Glad you liked the shoes :) And hope you have a great week!

    • Ah! That is a good thing that you wrote, thank you so much for that! It means, you don’t show you lost patience – mmm, so maybe sometimes I am this way, too :) It’s always good to learn through comments, really! Thank you so much for your compliment and I also wish you a great week!

  6. What a beautiful, heartfelt post! Touched that you thought of me when writing it! Although, where patience is concerned, I’m still learning & trying. :) I guess that’s the important thing–that I’m mindful I still have far to go within this realm. Looking lovely in this beautiful ensemble! The Parisian dress is so elegant and classic! Love it! xx T.

    • Hello, dear Tina! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! Yes, I did think of you when I wrote the post, cause I thought you had a lot of patience, I don’t know why – it transmits through your photos, at least for me! But not having much patience is also good, it pushes people further, I think! It’s nice that you try to be patient, totally true that you are mindful! Thank you so much for your compliment, I wish you a great week! XXX

  7. Hace mucho que no leía tus post! En realidad no había podido pasar por ninguno de los blogs que leo regularmente y me doy cuenta que has subido muchas entradas últimamente y tienes muchos comentarios! Así que mejor te dejo un comentario pronto por aquí antes que se llene y se pierda entre tantas palabras jajaja.
    Es muy sabia la cita que dejaste para reflexionar. A menudo pienso en eso, en la gente que he conocido en toda mi vida, como van y vienen y aparecen personas nuevas y es verdad, todas aparecen y desaparecen por un motivo.
    Estoy bastante perdida de por dónde andarás así que como tu vestido se ve muy primaveral me imagino que estarás en el viejo continente. Por cierto muy lindos colores de tu ropa y zapatos as usual! 😉
    Espero que todo vaya muy bien y que esa sonrisa que nos muestras refleje que de verdad estás muy feliz!

    • Hola, querida Ale, como te he extraniado! Sabia que era algo asi como un viaje, o mucho trabajo, pero mas un viaje, pense! Es verdad, no? Anntes yo pensaba o me quedaba un poco o muy triste porque algunas personas salen de nuestras vidas, asi como cuando fui a viver lejos, y despues algunas personas escriben, otras no… pero despues entendi que es asi la vida, que las personas entran en nuestras vidas por un motivo, y dejan alguna cosas de ellas con nostros, sea por 2 minutos y decir donde esta una calle :) sea por 20 anios y ser sempre “la” amiga que nos da una mano para ayudarnos o para reirnos de todo :) Gracias por tus palabras, sabes que zapatos sempre tienen espacio en mi vida, jajaja! Besos y que alegria “tenerte aqui” de nuevo!

    • Thank you so much for the compliments, dear Kelsey & Kenecha! I prefer being calmer than aggressive, but as I said, that is good to me :) Hope you have a very nice week ahead!

  8. Quanto hai ragione cara Denise!
    Io purtroppo non ho molta pazienza (anche se sono abbastanza tollerante), se qualcuno fa qualcosa di male reagisco subito, senza aspettare un secondo! E spesso capita che poi me ne pento, ma più forte di me!
    Con gli anni (soprattutto grazie a diversi sport come danza e arti marziali) ho imparato ad essere più calma, ma è comunque difficile per me passare sopra a qualcosa che ritengo sbagliato o ingiusto…
    Hai ragione però, ad esser pazienti di certo si vivrebbe più tranqulli e sereni! :)
    Tu come al solito sei deliziosa, mi piacciono un sacco i tuoi bellissimi capelli!
    I colori di quell’abito ti donano molto! :)

    • Tante grazie, carina S! Come sempre, bellissime parole che mi insegna molte cose! Io posso dire che fu cosi come hai detto “reagisco subito”. Mas con gli anni, sono piu calma, ma ed un “lavoro”, bisogno pensare, domandare “perche questo?” Ho una amica che fu importante, perche era “terribile” e era come io prima – senza aspettare niente per dire qualcosa e sempre con la “ultima parola”. Questa amica mi irritava tanto, ma tanto, ma non voleva finire l’amicizia, cosi ho domandato “perche mi irrita tanto?” E dopo, ho pensato che meglio sarebbe saper perche, per capire le sue ragione… dopo, tutto e meglio :) Credo che dannza e arto marziali sono fantastica per essere calma! Mi piace l’idea! Grazie tante per i complementi, sei sempre tanto carina! Baci!

    • Hello, dear, thank you for your nice comment! Don’t worry – being patient or not is just a characteristic – it doesn’t mean it is good to be patient or bad to be impatient. Both have their roles in life! Thank you for the lovely compliment, hope you have a very nice week! Kisses!

  9. Great tips and very true. We should be considerate to others you might not know what they going through in life. You look pretty doll.

    • Thank you so much for the lovely comment, dear Jackie! Yes, we never know what others are facing in life… so we should put ourselves in their shoes to understand… hope you have a very sweet week!

    • Hola, gracias por tus palabras! Verdad que a ti te hace falta la paciencia? No te puedo creer, me pareces una chica super dulce – bueno, no es decir que quien no tiene paciencia no es dulce! Pero no es un error, es solo una caracteristica! Y no tener paciencia ayuda tambien – iiihhh, yo soy tan… no se como decir, debil, a veces me gustaria tener menos paciencia! Un beso y buena semana!

    • Hello, dear, thank you for the nice comment! No, don’t worry, there’s no right or wrong – patient is good and impatient seems to be OK, too, each at a time, I suppose! Thank you so much for the compliments, I loved both dress and heels like “love at first sight”! Hope you have a very nice week ahead!

  10. Liebe Denise, auch wenn ich zugeben muss, dass Geduld nicht zu meinen Stärken gehört (ich bewundere Dich dafür!), bin ich auch überzeugt davon, dass wir jeden Menschen aus einem ganz besonderen Grund treffen. Von dem her sehe ich auch die Menschen, die mich eher nicht freuen, als Geschenk an, denn ich glaube fest daran, dass sie mich etwas lehren sollen, was ich dringend zu lernen habe. Auch von dem her finde ich es immer sehr spannend, zu sehen, wer mir in meinem Leben begegnet und wie ich auf denjenigen reagiere :) Du hast so recht mit dem was Du hier schreibst und oft vergisst man, das auch andere schlechte Tage haben. Außerdem versuche ich so wenig wie möglich persönlich zu nehmen, denn ich denke mir, wenn jemand zum Beispiel nicht so nett ist, vielleicht ist sein Kind krank? Oder etwas ähnliches. Dein Kleid ist sehr schön, Deine Schuhe auch! Eine schöne Woche für Dich und liebe Grüße!
    xx Rena
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    • Hallo, liebe Rena! Danke sehr fuer diese Woerte, voll mit Weissheit! Ich dachte, du waerst sehr Geduld, dass kommt durch deine Geschichte auf dein Blog un dhier auch, und die Fotos, weiss ich nicht warum :) Aber du bist sehr richtig, um zu sagen, dass die Leute die wir nicht moegen immer etwas zu lehren haben – auf jedn Fall! Z. B., habe ich kurzlich gelernt von jemand so, dass ich nicht wir die Person sein wollte. Dann, war ich dankbar, ohne Witz. Naja, ich bin geduldig, alle Leute sagen so… aber manchmal (oder viele Mal) manche Leute denken “ah, sie vergibt alles. Sie ertraegt alles” und so es ist die Rezepte fuer beleidigen, benutzen und was mache ich? “Alle Leute haben Probleme, lass es so”. Es irritert mich, dass ich so bin, aber OK, agressiv wollte ich auch nicht sein :) Muss ich micch akzeptieren :) Ah, die Schuhe! Das Shhop hat in beige und schwarz auch, aber ich war verrueckt nach diesem Paar! Danke sehr fuer deine immer sehr, aber sehr nette Woerte zu mir! Ich hoffe, dass du einen schoenen Tag hast! Liebe Gruesse!

      • Liebe Denise, ich denke, es gehört auch zu unseren Aufgaben, dass wir uns annehmen, so wie wir sind, und vor allem, dass auch Du siehst, welch wunderbarer Mensch Du bist. Hm, Du hast mich als geduldig eingeschätzt? Vielleicht in mancherlei Hinsicht schon, aber wenn etwas erledigt werden muss, dann möchte ich dass alles zackzack geht 😉 Danke für Deine lieben Worte und ein wunderschönes Wochenende für Dich! Deine Rena

        • Ja, liebe Rena, alles was du sagst ist richtig! Habe ich das Wort vergessen, “weich”, ja! :) Ich war auch schon “zickzack” um die Dinge zu loesen (oder was ich wuenschte) und jetzt ich bin soooo geduldig :) Um 3 Raeume in einer Wohnung zu renovieren ich habe 6 Monate und 2 Woche gewartet :) Dann denke ich, “zickzack” wir du sagts, ist besser :) Ich wuensche, dass du ein sehr schoenes Wochenende habst! Liebe Gruesse!

    • Grazie tante, carina Paola! Tu sei sempre elegante e con parole cosi, per me, sono veramente felice! Si, mi piace look colorati :) Nel passato, per 8 mese solo indossava nero – scarpe, outfits, giacca, TUTTO nero :) Dopo ho cambiato :) Grazie di nuovo per le tue belle parole! Baci!

  11. Olá querida Denise

    Eu confesso que não sou uma pessoa tão paciente quanto eu gostaria, e tenho tentado melhorar isso em mim. Acho que é bem isso que você diz no fim do post, temos que dar menos importância para o que pensam de nós. E acho que isso já é um bom começo para não nos irritarmos tanto com coisas que não merecem né?
    Novamente o seu visual está tão lindo… Adorei o seu vestido, ele combinou muito lindo com a bolsa. Adorei!! Beijos e uma linda semana pra você

    • Oi, querida Lilly! Obrigada por sempre escrever comentarios tao lindos! Olha… ser impaciente nao eh tao ruim… sabe que as pessoas impacientes sempre conseguem chegar “la” onde querem, mais rapido :) Mas quem sabe eh aquilo, cada coisa tem seu tempo para todos :) Obrigada pelos elogios, eu amei este vestido no momento em que o vi! Espero que vc tenha um restinho de semana muito lindo! Beijao!

    • Ah, carina Maggie, ma che belle parole per me! Sempre tanto carina, che bella amica, e bisogno pazienza fino a quando sarebbe andata all’Italia! Voglio incontrati, moltissimo :) Hahaha, capisco, si hai 3 fratelli e sorelle, ma e vero, tu hai molta pazienza! E vero, asi, anche io rispetto l’opinione delle altre persone, a vece e difficile, mi irritano :) e l’emozioni cativa sono nascosta, e meglio cosi :) Ingiustizie e veramente orribile! Grazie tante per le tue sempre belle parole, carina Maggie! Tu sei un tesoro! Baci!

  12. You always have so many words of wisdom to live by.

    I need to print this out and say it like a mantra every day.

    I do try to think that we often don’t know what problems other people have.

    I LOVE those shoes! What a collection you have.


    • Thank you so much, dear Suzanne! Lovely words, as usual, you are so sweet! Well, I am flattered that you liked the “Patience post”, but remember that being impatient can also be good! I know some impatient people and they seem to build their lives in the way the always wanted to! Not that patient people don’t do that, but impatient ones seem to be more impetuous! The shoes: I love quirky shoes! They give a smile to me! Hope you have a very nice evening, dear Suzanne!

  13. Hi Denise. I am blown away with your outfit. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I love how you put it together.
    I totally hear you on the whole patience issue. I will be the first to admit I seem to be less patient as I am getting older. I am working on that though.

    • Hi, dear Simera! Thank you for such a lovely comment! Well, don’t worry and please don’t be hard on yourself about it! Being impatient is not bad at all – it helps people to get where they want to, be it lauching a business, study abroad, you name it! I sometimes wish I was less patient, but alas, that is a personality trait! That dress: thank you for the compliment! It was love at first sight, I loved the shop! Hope you have a very nice evening and rest of the week!

    • Hello, dear Jessica! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Ah, that’s normal, it depends on the situation, to be patient or impatient :) I normally don’t like driving, I get very stressed, but it also has to do with where – big cities. Small towns are OK :) And the shoes – yes, they are “different” and quirky! It was love at first sight when I saw them! Hope you have a very nice day and rest of the week! XXX

  14. Hi Denise! Thank your for sharing this. I needed these words today as I’m going through a rough road that requires a lot of patience on which I am currently working on. If there’s one characteristic that I lack, it’s patience. I easily get annoyed and I’m very short-tempered most of the time. I have extreme mood swings and it’s a struggle. But as I grow older, I realized that I need more patience to keep going. I’m trying my best not to be aggressive 24/7. Haha! By the way, your outfit looks great. You look so lovely in that dress. The colors complements your hair and skin tone. I love it! Have a great week ahead. <3


    • Thank you so much, dear Shekinah, for your lovely comment and sharing this with me! But don’t worry, you are very young and being impatient is good, too! Cause the impatient ones go for what they believe and dream, and that’s a good thing, believe me! If I wore more impatient, I would have done many things much earlier, but maybe there’s a time for all :) Thank you so much for your compliments, you are so sweet! Hope you too have a very nice day and rest of the week!

    • Hi, dear Stella! Hahaha, the half-marathon! I am so out of shape, I wouldn’t be able to run not even 500 meters :) But maybe in the future, who knows :) Thank you very much for your sweet words! I do love quirky shoes! Hope you have a great evening!

    • Thank you very much for the sweet comment, dear Sand! I don’t remember where I got the clutch from, but it was love at first sight! I remember it was offered like “Turkish rug pouch” :) and I loved it! Hope you have a very nice evening! Bisous!

  15. Aww you look lovely in your amazing dress! The shade of your lipstick is perfect and your shoes really compliments your whole outfit.

    Anyway, i agree with all you said, patience requires time and can be learned. I myself is easy to lose my patience but at times, i try to be patient and i want to have patience, because who wouldn’t?

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    • Hello, dear Sarah! Thank you so much for the kind words and compliments! Well, that’s it, you know that patience can be learned :) But being impatient can also be good! Cause impatient people normally go for what they want and dream and this is a good thing! Thank you again for the nice comment and I hope you have a great evening!

  16. Love your outfit – especially the bag :) !
    Tbh I have been really short-tempered when I was younger and I have grown more patient by age 😀 . My next goal is the stoic state of mind 😉
    Have a happy day :)

    • Hi, dear Lara, thank you for your lovely comment! I can say that I understand you! There was a time that I was impatient, well… it’s normal when we are younger, I guess :) Along the years, I turned to be so patient, to the point of being a bit “stupid” :) I don’t know any balance :) It’s either one thing or the other extreme :) Hope you have a very nice day and rest of the week!

    • Hello, dear Elle, thank you for your comment! I bet you are patient, but please don’t be hard on yourself – there are days and “days” :) And some day really test our patience! Hope you have a very nice day and rest of the week!

  17. Hello Denise, I’m happy to be hear again. Patience is a thing that I don’t have any problem. I’m very, very, very patient. But, really, some people are very hard to bear. What do I do in these cases? Just ignore them.

    • Hello, dear! Thank you so much for this nice comment, I feel very happy (you said “I am happy to be here again, that was really sweet!). I bet you are patient, cause if I am not mistaken, you and I share the same zodiac sign and that is known for patience :) And you are right – ignoring people who annoy us is the best way to deal with that, but sometimes it’s just not possible :) Then we have to bear them with… uh, Buddhist wisdom, I guess! Hope you have a very nice day!

  18. You gave amazing advices here, Denise. I have to confess that I’m not very patient, some of my beloved told me that I’m not patient at all. I think that what’s the most important you contain in the last sentence. Thank you, for your wise words, Denise! What about your outfit, I really love your shoes and I noticed that you have amazing collection of unusual and unique pair of shoes, dear :) Hope you’re having great evening, dear :)

    • Hi, dear Ivonne, thank you so much for your sweet comment! I didn’t know about your “impatient way”, nooo, that must be too hard, I bet you are a bit patient! You look like you are, always so sweet! But being impatient is also good – one goes for what he/she wants and dreams! Ah, the shoes, yes :) I love quirky shoes! I have some “normal” ones, but quirky are my favorite ones :) Hope you have a very nice day and rest of the week!

  19. Patience is a virtue, right? ha. Well I sometimes have patience and sometimes i don’t, it depends on the context. I have it when im working with colleagues and children, but with family and friends I can turn into monster because of not being patient. Velvet shoes – so cool. Your shoes are always so cute and quirky, i like that because it just makes them different and therefore adds interest to an outfit. I hope they’re comfortable. Have a great week.

    • Hi, dear Colleen, thank you so much for your nice comment! It’s normal to be that way, sometimes patient, sometimes not! Including, it is said that we lose patience with the ones we most love, because we know they will understand and forgive us :) I love quirky shoes, that’s right :) Those ones are very comfortable, indeed, because the heels are not very thin and not super chunky, but just right for being comfy! Hope you have a very nice day and rest of the week!

    • Thank you so much for the lovely comment, dear Zubaida! You are totally right! I was reading about it one of these days and yes, studies show that the fast pace of living made all instantly-desired-bought-lived! It is so true! That pouch I don’t remember the shop I got it from, but I remember it was like “Turkish rug pouch” and I loved that idea! Hope you have a very nice day!

  20. Hi my lovely and beautiful Denise. Omg that dress from Paris looks totally marvelous. France is my favorite country to go shopping. I used to be so impatient in the past but ever since I stopped eaten gluten I am the most patient woman in the world (I might exaggerate a tiny bit). We’re very similar. It’s very difficult to annoy me too but if someone masters the art to “beep” me off I hardly forgive them ever. That is the problem with me. I should learn to forgive people or I’m going to make myself very unhappy. Wish you a wonderful Wednesday pretty. Btw. I love that lipstick too 😀


    • Thank you so much for the lovely words, dear Mira! I didn’t know that the lack of gluten could help on some personality traits! This is very good to know, I can recommend a gluten-free diet for many people I know :) after you told me that! And please don’t worry, not forgiving is normal and human – I would say, when someone does something bad to me… if possible, I avoid the person, that’s all. If I can’t, well, that makes me uncomfortable – I am human, I have the same emotions as everybody :) I agree with you, yes, France! Such a great country and place for shopping! Thank you again for such a lovely comment, liebe Mira! XXX

  21. I do agree with everything you say about patience. it’s all true and correct but there’s one tiny problem. it’s just so hard to see good in everything and everyone! I’m not sure if it’s even 100% possible in my case because I have learned not everybody is good. there are people who lie, manipulate, envy… people who just aren’t good. and I can’t change how I feel about that because it would be wrong to lie to myself and imagine everyone is nice. of course I’m not saying everyone should have the same situation. people are different and the ones who don’t have manipulators around them are lucky.
    now, your beautiful outfit, Denise. once again a perfect dress for you and those fuchsia accents are like the cherries on top of it. obviously I like it! and those shoes, mm, those are really pretty! by the way, I feel you when it comes to rainy weather and capricious hair. not great at all. mine turns really hairy (? :D) when it gets rain.
    as always, enjoy the rest of the week and have a sweet weekend!

    • Hello, dear Maiken, thank you so much for the lovely comment! You are right, dear Maiken, nobody sees only good in people 100% of the time, no way! So, don’t worry, it’s totally normal and human, and we are humans! (Mmm… some people are not? :) Hahaha, rainy days, oh dear, they turn me into a lion :) The mane! I understand what you said – so we should avoid rain :) I try my best, but sometimes it’s just not possible! I love that shade of pink, fuchsia, and those shoes were love at first sight! Well, I guess shoes are always a love at first sight-case :) Hope you have a very nice rest of the week, too!

  22. I don’t know f this sounds weird or not but you look like you are very patient. You have a calm look to you and I bet you would be a great person to get to know :) I have patients with certain things (I know that sucks I am trying to get better, I guess it runs in my family hahaha :P) Though I would like to say I don’t get overly mad or anything, just a little annoyed :)
    I think these photos are very stunning and I adore those pink heels very much! Everything flows so well with the dress :) Have a great rest of the week beautiful x


    • Thank you so very much for this lovely comment, I am flattered! Well, people say I am patient and calm, but you know, sometimes this is not good :) I bet it’s good for everybody, but then sometimes (mmm… many times) people ask me things and I do, cause it’s difficult to me to say “no”… and people say hard things and I say “Ok, Ok”… but I also get annoyed, don’t worry, it is normal! And not that bad, I think – it shows we have emotions! Thank you so much, I would love to know you! Maybe one day, we never know! Those shoes were really love at first sight! The shop had in black and beige and I “HAD” to buy the pink ones! Hope you have a fabulous day! XXX

    • Thank you so much, Hira, for such a lovely comment! Ah, it seems mothers always have patience! But being impatient can also be good, people build what they want and believe, and this is good! Hope you have a very nice evening and rest of the week!

  23. Cuánta razón tienes, Denise! En especial en estos tiempos tan acelerados en los que vivimos, la paciencia es una verdadera virtud! Y el hecho de ser más comprensibles y tolerantes con los demás es algo que todos deberíamos ejercitar más seguido, incluída yo que a veces tengo mis días jaja!
    Tu outfit es hermoso y único como siempre, esta vez mis ojos fueron directo a esos bellísimos zapatos porque en primer lugar, son rosas (<3) y encima tienen esa puntera dorada tan única y original porque el material está como labrado, se ve hermoso. Me gustó que los hayas combinado con un color constrastante como el azul, el resultado es muy alegre y con mucho atractivo visual! 😀
    Que pases un hermoso día!

    • Muchas gracias, querida Deborah! Jajaja, no, no es que la paciencia sea una virtud, pues a veces uno no logra seguir adelante, porque tiene paciencia… demasiada! Bueno, eso me pasa a veces! Ah, los zapatos, si :) Cuando los compre, fue ese color que mas me gusto! Ellos (el shop) ofrecia beige y negro, pero rosa, me encanta! Muchas gracias por tus lindas palabras, eres siempre un amor! Un bello dia para ti tambien!

  24. I can safely say that I’m very patient person, especially when I need to explain or teach someone something but I guess that’s because I’m a professor 😉
    Love your colorful clutch!!! xoxo

    • Thank you so much, dear Marija, such a sweet comment! Oh yes, professors and teachers tend to be very patient, you are right! It’s lovely to teach! I liked that clutch when I saw it, it’s called “Turkish rig clutch” and I loved that! Hope you have a very nice day and rest of the week! XXX

  25. E’ vero, la pazienza è un’arte che si può imparare o allenare :-)
    Anche se sono del segno dell’Ariete (che è di solito molto istintivo e poco razionale), io sono molto paziente e diplomatica… cerco di sopportare il più a lungo possibile, ma poi a un certo punto…boom! esplodo! ahahah
    Il tuo abito è delizioso, ma io mi sono innamorata delle tue scarpe…sono fantastiche!*.*
    Tu sei una bellissima persona!
    Un bacio
    Paola ♡

    • Tante grazie, bella Paola! Che carine parole! So come e il segno d’Ariete, il segno della mia mamma :) Per questo, a volte bisogno esser paziente, ma so anche che una mamma sempre voglia il meglio per i suoi bambini :) Non esiste segno “buono” oppure “cattive” – tutto sono innsieme, uno per l’altro, con cose che a uno potrebbe mancare – per me, mi manca un po di energia dell’Ariete! Mi piacerebbe un po piu d’energia! Ma vedo che tu sei dolcissima e diplomatica, si! Sono come te, sopporto, sopporto… forse non esplodo, mas a un certo punto dico qualcosa per le persona che irrita :) Grazie per i complimenti, si, le scarpe sno rosa e so che ti piace il colore! Tu sei super carina! Baci!

    • Hello, Alina, thank you so much for such a kind comment! Well, I think it’s OK, to be patient for some things and impatient for others! But the tips help to live in peace, I guess :) Hope you have a very nice rest of the week!

  26. I love your post very much. I am a so patience person myself and I couldn’t agree more on your post:). Sorry for taken me so long as me and my family have moved to another state is been a month since my previous post:). Thank you so much for being patiently:). About your look, I have similar dress as you have wearing here:), love the shoes too, you look very beautiful:). Wishing you a lovely one!


    • Hi, dear Tanya, thank you so much for your beautiful comment! Don’t worry, I know you were moving and needed some time for blogging and blogs! I hope you are now having a nice time, after all the work moving! Wow, I would love seeing your dress! Thank you so much for the sweet comment, I feel very flattered! I hope you have a very amazing weekend! XXX

    • Hi, dear Anouk, thank you so much for your nice comment and sharing your thoughts about patience! Well, I am glad you can be patient – because I felt like you said: in the past, I wasn’t that much and now… I am, to the point I am even a bit “dumb” :) But it’s OK! Hope you have a nice weekend!

  27. Incredible wise thoughts, you always inspire me to be the best version of myself.
    Thank you <3 And your style is beyond perfect. Your pieces and outfits always seem to tell a story,
    somehow I get that impression. You look magnificent as always!

    Kisses from Hungary xo
    Csenge | Csenge’s Point

    • Thank you so much, dear Csenge! Such a lovely comment! I try my best to see everybody happy and in peace and I thought that this “patience” topic was nice for me and maybe for everybody :) Ah, the clothes and stories :) True, there are some stories behind everything we wear – and since you mentioned it, well, that dress was purchased with some other pieces at a shop in Paris. I was walking carelessly and saw them – the old owner was the designer, very famous before, and was closing the shop. His wife passed away and he lost motivation to work… he was very sweet and I loved his designs. I admired him and at the same time thought how a love story goes… seemed his wife was his safe harbor. Hope you have a very beautiful weekend, dear Csenge! Kisses!

    • Wow, dear Sand, such a lovely comment, thank you! I feel very flattered! These shoes were love at first sight, the shop offered in beige and black too, but I loved these pink ones! Hope you have a great weekend! Bisous!

  28. Wonderful post, dear Denise. I love getting to see more of you (in the photos) and learn more about you alike. This might sound like a strange thing to hone in on as it doesn’t really relate to this post, but you have such gorgeous hair! I’m always drawn to long, full hair, as my own real hair was always so thin and fine, before it thinned to the point where I had to start wearing a wig (in 2012) all the time. Those with hair like yours are so fortune!

    Have an awesome weekend – big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    • Hi, dear Jessica! It’s mutual, I love to read your posts and to know more about you! Thank you so much for the lovely comment! Well, I have something to tell that will surprise you :) My hair is thin – according to every hairdresser that works “on” that, I myself didn’t know it before they told me :) But because I have a lot of hair, with real volume (it’s dry) and very wavy (when it rains, I feel like having a lion’s mane), it looks like I have strong hair :) Actually, the points are very thin, I just don’t show that in the pictures :) But yes, even being that way – thin doesn’t look good being long – I defy everything and long it is :) But I believe that there are thinner hair than mine, of course! And I hope you treat yours right :) so that you don’t have to wear any wig, although wigs are also amazing! I am so glad that you liked my hair, because it’s one of my “Achilles heel” – to look OK(ish) I spend some time on it! Otherwise it is pure straw :) Hope you have a very nice weekend, dear Jessica, I am pleased to get to know you, so nice I found your blog! Hugs and kisses!

  29. Awww this is really great patience tips . Honestly, I am not a very patient person. But of course my case isn’t that bad. I can surely be patient when I really have too :) But seriously, you are right! It’s still hard though. Oh and I love your outfit. It’s amazing how everything colorful and all goes so well on you 😀 And I also love that quote in the end. It’s so true. By the way, I have nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. If you are interested, you can surely do it and have fun 😀 I would love to learn abot you :)

    Here is the link :

    • Hello, dear Heena, ooooh, that’s so sweet, to nominate for the ward! And guess what, I went to your blog before I read this comment, so I saw it and answered, thank you soooo much! I feel so flattered and honored! I will definitely prepare a post about it! Can you believe there was a time in my life that I ONLY wore black, head to toe? Rings, earrings, socks, pants, ALL black, for around 8 months! People change! Now I like colorful clothes :) Being impatient has good points, by the way. People are moe concentrated on their goals and achieve things, this is good! Once more, thank you for being so sweet and I hope you have a great weekend!

    • Hello, dear! Thank you for your nice comment! Well, I had to learn how to be patient… let’s say, I was patient for some things and not for other things. But being impatient is also good, I think! People are more focused and determined! The shoes were love at first sight for me :) Glad that you liked them! Hope you have a great weekend!

    • Thank you so much, Laura! These shoes were offered in beige and black as well, but I loved this pink shade and “had” to buy them :) They are comfortable! Hope you have a great weekend! XXX

  30. Hello Denise! You have a fabulous smile, I can’t take my eyes off. I thought I was patient but the older I get, less patient I become :-) I think, like many people, we’re patient in one area, and impatient in another…it’s all relative. Take care, and enjoy your weekend.

    • Thank you so much for the lovely comment, dear Lera! I am really flattered by it, thank you again! You are totally right – we are patient for some things and impatient for others and this is a good balance! Being impatient is not bad, people are more determined, I think! Hope you have a very nice weekend!

  31. What a wonderful post Denise. Well, I’ve often been tested with my patience in life. It used to be such a struggle for me, but I’ve learnt to have more patience. It’s not always easy, but certainly is important. One of my past jobs relied on me being patient, I had to laugh as I wasn’t too patient then, but I have loads of it now. You look beautiful by the way, and thanks so much for your thoughtful comment dear. I do love to cook. <3

    • Hello, dear! I can tell you love to cook and receive friends at home! Your pictures are always amazing! As for patience, well, I used to be patient for some things and not for others. And today I am the “softest”, slowest person I know :) It means, patient, but I still have that impatient sparkle inside myself, sometimes :) It’s not entirely bad, I think, since very impatient people seem to reach their desired things faster and solidly – but it’s nice to know that you developed patience along time! It is certainly more peaceful, I think! Thank you so much for the lovely comment and compliment! You are so sweet! Hope you have a great Sunday!

    • Hello, dear Nina! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I must say, when I saw those shoes I felt like “I have to buy them!” The shop had in beige and black, but pink was so appealing! Hope you have a very nice Sunday!

  32. Really interesting post. I do agree, but it’s always difficult to be this patient.
    As for the outfit, I’ve already told you how much I love these shoes! They’re so pretty, and so are you! Makia!

    • Mmm… I must have missed it, where you said you liked the shoes, sorry! Cause this was the second time I wore them, but first on the blog — but I know I sent you the picture :) for the Sat post, so I guess it was on the reply – again, I am sorry! I guess we all are patient and impatient at the same time, and being impatient is also good – sometimes it shows determination, a positive trait! Thank you so much for your lovely comment, dear M.! I hope you have a very beautiful week!

  33. It’s so true, so often I meet people who hate everything and everyone. I taught myself not to ever use that word, even if I possibly have the right to. It’s a lot better to state what happened, instead of attaching labels, smart people will figure it out by themselves. People who won’t probably shouldn’t matter to us anyway..

    • Wow, this is such a great comment, dear Min! It really helps me a lot, believe me! I face something “disgusting” from one specific person every two weeks and argh, although I try my best to keep my patience, and I do, inside myself it shakes me a bit – it is such an unnecessary thing what the person says, but still, so stupid that I think “why does this person do this? It’s so unnecessary!” Anyway, the person clearly has problems, and like you said, that shouldn’t matter to us – me. I try to help this person all the time, but the one I am describing sees the world and people as “they want bad things for me, I have to be overshadow them” and normally chooses the wrong words and methods. But, as you said, smart people will figure things out by themselves! Thank you so much, really, for your comment that really lit my view, and hope you have a great week!

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