Fun Friday #10

Fun Friday #10 – I am enjoying sharing some finds, so much! Hope you find something nice among these finds, now!


Fun Friday

At the bottom, the video is so cool an funny, I hope I can say “as usual” :)

Picasso soap – it’s too nice to use it!

Ice cream bowls made of sugar – so delicious! And beautiful!

Amazing kitchen gadgets that are practical and fun!

Friday Finds

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How to Find Life Answers

How to Find Life Answers sounded a bit arrogant to me – but I’ve read some questions that can give ourselves some answers… or, at least, I hope so :)

Lemon earring - just one :) by Manoa. Silver bracelet, don't remember :)

Lemon earring – just one :) by Manoa. Silver bracelet, don’t remember :)

This is the 54th hairstyle (more here) :) Ponytail with a braid around it :) Retro series I Dream of Jeanie style :)

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Fun Friday #9

Fun Friday #9 – some things to smile, some to order :) and some to take a look and relax!


As usual, there’s a short video on the bottom, really interesting – about What it was to be a child in the 90s… made by Internet Explorer. That was really wow to me!

Fun Friday

These are not photos, but pencil drawings. Unbelievable!!!

You will only understand this… if you have been to IKEA at least twice :) So funny!

I couldn’t help loving these unique wedding proposals… really sooo cute! Also worth checking here and here – all are ooohhh, so romantic! The latter depends on weather conditions :)

Friday Finds

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