Orange is the new black

brazil1Again I didn’t post on Monday! This is for the week of June 30thJuly 7th! Last week: Wednesday post this week, due to 1) the World Cup :) 2) I was sick last week. I’m in Brazil for 10 days and changing food made me sick. But it’s delicious! Some women like football (soccer)! I like to be present during the championship – everybody seems to be happy, cheering, the atmosphere and vibrations are so amazing!!!

Hanover, 2006 host city

Hanover, 2006 host city and Cup clock

I was in Germany in 2006 during the World Cup – great atmosphere, too!

On Sunday, June 22nd, I saw the Korean team bus 1 meter far from me!

Title: not about the TV series… it’s about the Dutch team in Brazil – wherever they go the scenes are amazing, as well as Australians, Americans, Brazilians, Chileans, Argentinians and so many other teams! But the Dutch are really impressive!

Dutch supporters on a street of one of the World Cup cities, walking to the stadium

Dutch supporters in one of the World Cup host cities, walking to the stadium

There are 12 host cities: Natal, Recife, Fortaleza, Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Brasilia, Cuiaba, Belo Horizonte, Manaus. It’s such a big country, it’s very difficult to go to all!


Brasilia, capital of Brazil

On the flight  next to me sat a Dutch star, really very nice – a former national team player. I confess I had no idea about it, what I think turns things better, I guess. I was sincerely interested on the projects he told me – visiting children at slums, cheering with them – children are sweet, genuine! I love children!

Magazine he showed

Magazine he showed

He said he now works as a commentator for TV and has a fashion shop. He showed me amazing shoes – I bet you’ll love them as well, so nice items!

Sorry for the lack of makeup... I had a 12 hour-flight! With Pierre Van Hooijdonk

Sorry for the lack of makeup… I had a 12 hour-flight! With Pierre Van Hooijdonk

Please, take a look at his footwear line, I recommend! I’m going to get one of the boots for sure, despite my huge collection! They’re amazing! I believe there are no coincidences – everything happens for a reason! How could I imagine a star would have this collection?

Source here

Source here

Sweet Shekinah (great blog!) commented on my facebook page that I’m lucky to travel that much, so I meet amazing people. My answer: “true and that I don’t take things for granted”. I do travel regularly. And I  feel lucky. I thank my parents for the luck. I owe a lot to them.

Tracey (also a sweet blog!) said that my blog is my travel diary – I found it very cool!  Well, yes, but that wasn’t my plan. It happened that this year is “abnormal”, with so many events. But after the World Cup I will have regular outfits posts :) It means, very soon – is next Monday fine? :) I miss them!

Hope it wasn’t that boring! I never write that much! But I know many don’t read, so, it’s OK.

I hope you all have a great week with many nice smiles and I thank you for your commentsThey mean a lot to me, as I said, and they truly boost my day!

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114 thoughts on “Orange is the new black

    • Hi, Jackie! Thanks for always being the first :) So lovely comments! It was and is very exciting, indeed! The happy atmosphere is contagious! I am watching some games and curious to see which team will be the winner!

  1. Hi Denise! How are you? :) I hope all is well. When I first saw your photos on facebook my initial reaction was, “Omg! She’s so lucky and well-traveled” that’s why I immediately dropped a comment. 😀 But you really are lucky with your travels and of course, your parents. Thanks for mentioning me on your post. :) You’re an inspiration especially when it comes to travelling. Your blog and photos of your adventures are a constant reminder that I need to strive harder so that someday I can finally travel from one country to another. :)

    Get well soon to the both of us (I’m also sick right now).
    Have a nice weekend ahead.


    • Hi, dear Shekinah! So many thanks for this lovely comment! As I said, I always think of you when I post something about trips! I don’t think everybody has to travel to be cultured or to have adventures, cause we can read study, talk to amazing people to gather knowledge and we can have adventures even when meditating. But one should travel IF she or he wants to, and it was my case. Travelling makes me not better than anybody, but surely it made me who I am now – always curious, willing to learn, to interact! I always felt that way, so I started travelling. I recommend it, and count on me if you want some suggestions, some tips on how to take care, etc! I really wish you start travelling if you want, and as I told you before – when we really really wish something, it happens! Have a great weekend, dear Shekinah!

    • Thank you so much, dear Margaret! It was also a pleasure for me to find you there! I like when we can see what we post apart from our blogs – in my case, I only post once a week, it’s easy, but nevertheless, we always share a bit more there, I guess, and I loved your page! Have a great weekend, and again, thnak you!

  2. Hi Denise, so wonderful to see you posting again! Hope things are going well in Brazil and that you recover soon from being ill. I can only imagine how amazing the world cup atmosphere must be there, I know how it was when we hosted it here in SA 4 years ago, the amount of tourists from around the world is truly staggering and so interesting meeting them all. Will you be going for any of the matches? Its so terrific that you got to meet this former soccer star,he sounds like a great person and friendly too. His shoe line is quite impressive. Please don’t apologize for the lack of makeup, you are so beautiful without any. Your skin is positively glowing. Happy to have you back my dearest sweetest friend! Hugs

    • That was such a sweet comment, dear Sam! Thank you! And I totally thought of you when I was preparing the post! Because of the World Cup in South Africa! I knew you would know the feeling! So for me, actually it’s the 2nd World Cup I “see”, “take part in”… but no, I won’t go to any match… I just see loads of people around, with their shirts, and it’s a great atmosphere!!! Saw people cheering at airports, that was great! Actually, many supporters who came to this World Cup came for the same reason, the atmosphere – they have no tickets for the games! There were 100 thousand Argentinians in a city one of these days, and only 1/3 had tickets :) I bet it was the same in South Africa – some people wanted to visit the country – I, unfortunately, never went to SA (on my list :), but I know it’s amazing! The Dutch star was really very friendly, who could have thought? Some may be “divas” – he was not! Thanks for the skin compliment! I started the trip 23 hours before that photo, and I thought I looked tired! Thank you again so much, dear Sam, you always make my day!

  3. hey, Denise. how cool that you love football! I myself used to be a huge fan who watched pretty much every game but things have changed now. managing a house and a garden doesn’t leave me those free hours… so I rather do something outside than sit in front of the tv/laptop (which also shows in my posting hiatus, oops). anyway, I hope you’re enjoying your time there and taking the most of it. and of course I hope you’re going to share more and more photos because I love seeing them. discovering the world is one of the coolest things!
    by the way, you look great with the minimal makeup! oh and thank you for your always sweet comments. I checked and my post about the hotels has the comments section so I’m not sure why you couldn’t see/use it. but it doesn’t matter :) take care and enjoy the last days of June! :)

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

    • Hi, dear Maiken, so nice to have you back too :) I thought you were travelling, to enjoy summer! Maybe you are! Well, I watch some games, not all, it wouldn’t be possible. But as I was sick in bed for nearly a week when I arrived, it was Ok to watch 3 a day :) Now that I’m better it’ll be different :) Well, I like gardens very much, my dad planted so many trees and flowers at the garden at the beach house, but I am so bad in a garden, unfortunately. I wish I had that characteristic from him :) So I envy you, I bet your garden is amazing! Oh, and it wasn’t minimal makeup, it was none at all :( I was traveling for 23 hours when it was taken… and didn’t put anything on, no gloss, no blush… it was the naked truth! I prefer wearing makeup, as I told you once, but since it was an occasion I had no control of, I had to be that way :( But alas, it was a happy occasion, travelling is nice – I know you also love it! So, I’m visiting your blog next week, hoe there’s a new post, but if not, take your time – I know we all have a life to run, not only our blogs! Have a great week, dear Maiken!

    • Hi, Angel! Thank you so much for the lovely comment! I was amazed that I could meet a star, but I didn’t know he was a star – he was so friendly! It was in the middle of the flight that I realized it :) I always tell everybody – when you want something very much, it’ll come true, sooner or later! I’m sure you’ll travel to where you want, soon! Wishing you a great week!

    • Oh, thank you so much, you very sweeet girs! Yes, that was the sentence I was looking for – and you have just written it! The atmosphere that brings people together, it’s so right! I am feeling OK now, and I even lost some weight, and that was needed :) Hope you have a beautiful week!

  4. Haha, at first I really thought about the series. Hope you´re fine now and enjoying some delicious food. The atmosphere looks so cheerful and crazy, it has to be amazing there. You were really lucky the meet so famous person and it´s also great that he was friendly and talked about activities and his collection. It´s not so common today. You always meet so kind and lovely people, you lucky girl. :)
    Fashion Happenss

    • Hello, thank you so very much for the comment, so sweet! Well, you are right – at first I didn’t know whom he was, then I started realizing he was mega famous and then I was amazed that he was really very very friendly! But I don’t meet many famous people :) I met some famous people, it’s true, but not more than 10 – so, it’s not like going to a Hollywood party :) But nice anyway :) Hope you have a very nice week!

  5. You look very cute without makeup)) It’s very cool that you have the opportunity to visit the championship, it’s a big holiday for all, even for those who do not like soccer)))) It was very interesting to see photos from the trip!
    Good luck!

    • Oh, thank you so much!!! I was a bit concerned about posting that picture after so many hours flying and without makeup! But now people are saying I look “fresh” and nice, so I may avoid makeup some days… it makes things faster to get ready :) The atmosphere of happiness and excitement here goes on! So many nice games and supporters so anxious, they are always smiling and I love it! Have a great great week!!!

  6. Awww, you are so lucky Denise to be able to travel everywhere where your heart desires. I like travelling too and always want to go somewhere. Thank you for sharing these to us. It feels like we where there too with all your stories and pictures and how lucky can you be to be seated and chatting and have a picture taken with some ex hottie soccer player. No worries if you don’t visit me often in my blog but when you do, i always can count on your sweet thoughts. Stay in touch.


    • Hello, dear Sam! I loved your comment, you are so sweet! Because of “going here and there” often, I haven’t visited your blog very much, but I will do so now, that I’ll stay in one place only for quite some time :) Or so I think, we never know :) It was a nice trip, better because of the stories he told me and he was really so friendly, not what people expect from a huge star. But I don’t visit all the places my heart desires :) I want to go to so many more places, I plan to go to some every year – but places that are very far from me are still missing, like Australia, Indonesia, India, China and so many more! Hopefully I go, one day! Have a great Sunday! Again, thanks for the lovely comment!

    • Hi, Jessica! Well, actually also many others who came to this amazing competition! The atmosphere is really so contagious, everybody smiling, it’s so nice to see and feel it! Wishing you a beautiful week!

    • Thank you so much! I posted that because of the World Cup and, as usual, to keep in mind where I was, when I was… like a diary! I’m having problems photographing myself… so that is the post for now :) I’m glad you liked it! Thank you again for the lovely comment!

  7. Hi Denise! Wie kann man nur so gut ohne Make up aussehen!! Letztens war ich beim Arzt ohne Make up und er meinte ich sehe überfordert aus hahaha. Ich kann mich noch gut an die WM in Deutschland erinnern. War ein großer Spaß und die Holländer haben in unserer Stadt gespielt. Die Fans sind echt super!! Danke für’s stalken auf Facebook. Ich dachte (und ich bin mir 100% sicher), dass ich deine Page schon geliked hatte, also hab ich nochmal gecheckt und nein. Das muss ein Fehler bei Facebook sein. Klar will ich dir folgen. Also ich hab jetzt nochmal den Gefällt Mir Button gedrückt, wenn es nicht geklappt hat, sag mir einfach bescheid. Ich hoffe dir gehts wieder besser. Ich werde immer krank, wenn ich in ein anderes Klima reise. Gute Besserung und hab noch viel Spaß in Brasilien!!

    xx Mira

    • Hallo, liebe Mira, und danke fuer das Besuch, immer so lieb! Mach dir keine Sorge, es ist wunderbar, dass du “geliked” hast, es meint viel fuer mich! Nun muss ich eine schoener Seite machen, weil ich bin nicht jemand, die nur um Nummern kuemmern, ich moechte denken, dass ich etwas schoenes zu zeigen oder sagen habe! Ich bin Ok jetzt, danke! Es war die erste Woche, jetzt bin ich hier schon fuer 15 Tage! Letzte Woche war die Hoelle! :) Aber jetzt alles wiedr gut! Ich war in Hannover waehrend die WM, de Stadt hat einige Spiele auch, es war herrlich! Jetzt kann ich dich auf facebook sehen, es ist so gut! Vielleicht treffeb wir uns naechstes Jahr? Oxford Street in London wartet auf uns! :) Danke noch einmal fuer die liebe Woerte, du bist wunderbar! Eine schoene Woche fuer dich!

    • Thank you for the lovely words! Yes, I’m feeling much better now, and I wished to lose some weight so much… that the stomach bug did exactly that for me! Hahaha, always seeing the positive side! Hope you have a great week, dear Julie!

    • Thank you, Paola, for the lovely comment and for following! It means a lot to me! The experience is really amazing, no doubt! It’s like Christmas, you know? When everybody gets together and wish all the best for everybody in the world… and, like Christmas, this spirit lasts for some weeks only :) But it’s nice!

    • Thank you so much for the lovely comment, Dania! I have to say that your name is the same of a very very good friend of mine, and this is already a great omen :) Hope you have a great week!

  8. Wow this must be such an amazing experience! My husband is a huge soccer fan but Italy is out unfortunately… I never watch soccer on tv, but I went with him to the stadium a couple of times and I must admit it’s a totally different experience and I actually enjoyed it :) I can only image what the atmosphere in Brazil must be like! Gad you’re back and I hope you’re well now!

    • Hi, Anett! Thank you so much for such a lovely comment! I’m better now, thank you, though I have to take care of what I eat – but alas, we all do, of course! Wow, so you know that the atmosphere is really different, no doubt! The streets get different too, with so many supporters! My father and one of my brothers are huge football fans too, so I grew up in such an atmosphere (I don’t have sisters!) Again, thanks for your nice words! Have a great week!

  9. I totally thought you were referring to the TV show at first, but the World Cup is definitely the big item right now. Wow, I guess you never know who you will end up sitting next to on a plane. And those shoes look like street-chic versions of Uggs.

    • Hi, Brittney, welcome and thank you very much for the comment! Yes, it’s amazing the interesting things that can happen to us, to everybody! I didn’t think of that, but you are so right – the shoes and boots do look like a chic version of Uggs! I am eager to wear one of the boots with a casual outfit, but feeling a bit “upgraded”! Hope you have a great week!

    • Hello, Jo, and thanks for your sweet comment! It’s an experience that will be unforgettable, I am sure! It’s what I said yesterday: the happy atmosphere among different nations is so cool, even “tangible”, that it’s like Christmas spirit – everybody wishing everybody well, but for some weeks only… I wish it lastes longer! Hope you have a very beautiful week!

    • Большое спасибо! Я желаю вам очень хорошей недели! Я надеюсь, что я написал и на русском языке! “Spaciba” I know from a Russian friend, the other words I used google translator!

  10. Oh wow! It’s fantastic that you visit Brazil! And the atmosphere of world cup must be great! I hope you feel better now.
    I’m also following you on bloglovin, because I like your blog:)
    Have a great week:)

    • Wow, thank you so much! I’m feeling much better now, thank you! And yesterday I saw another national team on the bus going to the stadium, I felt so amazed! In the cities, as a coincidence, whoever is here sees incredible things that we wouldn’t see in another time of the year! The atmosphere is pure joy! But well, one team will be the winner, I’m curious to know which! Hope you have a beautiful day!

    • Hello! Thanks for your comment! I read your post about Mid Summer and the beach house and great food, but I don’t think I read that one, so I’ll go to your blog now to read it! Thanks for sharing the link with me! Yes, Italy started as a favorite, but left, it’s a pity. But the best is that there’s always another World Cup in 4 years, so every team can build up hopes again! And after all, just one can be the winner… I’m curious to see who will be this year! Hope you have a great week! Thanks for the sweet comment again!

  11. Hey Denise, don’t worry about the absence. I understand. Just really pleased you came back to viist :). Well, well, well. Aren’t you a lucky girl. Got to sit next to a Dutch national football star! I’m impressed. I can’t beat that I’m afraid. Lovely pic of the both of you! Well, we’re out of the World Cup. That’s the England football team for you. But I have relatives in both France and Holland, so I kinda think we’re still in it, if you see what I mean. Out of those two I’ll be supporting the team that gets the furthest. Ha ha 😉 Tx

    • Such a great comment, dear Tracey! And good luck with your teams! People bet that Holland will win, it’s really very strong! Thank you so much for the compliments! I had a nice trip, and the Dutch star was so friendly! Telling about the projects with the children in Brazil, and his footwear line. I had no idea how famous he was, and then I started realizing it – and he was still friendly, not a diva. I hope many more stars are like that! I hope you have a great week and good luck during the games! Thank you again for the lovely comment!

    • Wow, Elisabeth, que lindo tu comentario! Me siento muy halagada, muchas gracias! El viaje fue interesante, es verdad, entonces creo que me veo feliz – pero sin maquiallaje despues de 24 horas, pense muuucho antes de ponerla aqui (la foto!) Al fin y al cabo, me dijeron que me veia bien, entonces OK, esta aqui la foto :) Tambien te sigo, tu blog tambien me gusta mucho! De uevo muchas gracias por tus dulces palabras hacia mi! Y una buena semana!

    • Wow, thank you for the nice comment! I’m amazed that you are watching every game, cause it’s nice to meet another girl who likes football! If not on a regular basis, at least during the World Cup, such a grand competition! I am not watching every game, but many :) And yes, it’s such an experience to be here during the World Cup, I’m glad I could come now! Thank you again for the lovely comment!

    • Hi, MJ, thank you a lot for the sweet comment! I am so pleased that you like the blog! Yes, I was in Germany in 2006 during the World Cup, and the atmosphere was also so cheerful, like now in Brazil! I think I’ll be a “World Cup hunter” :) (Just kidding!) But why not? It’s a nice time, no doubt! Thank you so much for your sweet words, they mean a lot to me!

    • Hi, dear Anna, thank you so much for your kind words! I am feeling better, thank you! But you know what? That’s what I always tell everybody – what we really want, we reach! I really believe so! So I’m pretty sure you have amazing places to share with us and will have others in the future! I hope you have a great week – I was waiting for one of your outfits, but didn’t see any on facebook – as soon as I do, I’ll run to your blog :)

    • Thank you so much, Marija! I try to show other things, but it happens that this event is so important to the world (or to sport fans :) that I “had” to share it now! The Dutch star next to me was pure luck – I had no idea whom he was, and it was nice this way, so I was mesmerized just after I realized it :) He was very friendly, contrarily to many other famous people. Thank you again so much for the beautiful words about my blog, it made my day!

    • Oh, thank you, Paola, for the sweet words to me and for following me! This place here is immpressive! While it’s so hot in the north, it’s very cold in the south, so you have all sorts of weather in the same country at the same time! So, I’m following you too, we will meet soon! I’m glad about it! Thank you again for that!

  12. las probabilidades de viajar al lado de celrbidades en la vida no son muchas, tu tienes mucha suerte de viajar, que dicha! es por tu trabajo? o por legado? muy interesante su linea de calzado, me alegra hayas tenido un agradable vuelo en compañia de el… besos

    • Hola, Diana, gracias por visitarme! Bueno, no es na primera vez que se me pasa eso, de viajar al lado de personas famosas, pero entre unos cinco o seis, pero no todos simpaticos, asi que fue importante ahora, pues fue super simpatico, increible – tan famoso y tan simpatico. No todos son asi! Con el estaban muchos famosos de la tele alla. Y todos sonrientes y simpaticos – creo que eso hace un dia muy feliz, encontrar a le gente que sonrie, que se alegra, es tan bueno! Siempre viaje y siempre me gusto, a veces para divertirme, siiiempre aprender muchas cosas, a veces por trabajo, a veces para estudiar en otro pais. Pero como te he dicho, apreder es lo que para mi cuenta, ver cosas diferenres, asi es la vida! Besos y muchas muchas gracias por ser siempre tan amable!

    • Hi, Tina, thank you so much for the “like” and the lovely comment! Yes, I’m feeling better, although there’s winter in Brazil, and I’m currently where it is so cold – hopefully I now don’t catch a cold because of that! :) But what counts is the atmosphere and the adventure :) Hope you have a great week!

  13. Hi Denise! Wow how cool what you are having now! All this atmosphere it’s amazing! I remember when we had Rugby World Cup it was also a lot of people from all world around with painted faces and flags. Wish you enjoy every moment of it, it’s really unforgettable experience!

    Thank you for your kind comment:) I found your FB page from my personal page so Oxana it’s me:)

    • Hi, Oxana, thank you so very much for the sweet comment! You are so right, the experience is and will be unforgettable! And you are right, it’s not only the Football (Soccer) World Cup, there’s the Rugby World Cup! I watched it (but on TV only!) and yes, it’s the same amazing atmosphere! It’s amazing the interaction and joy among the different teams and supporters! Ah, OK, I’ll check your page on facebook and thanks for that – it’ll be nice to be connected! Have a great joyful week!

  14. Such a dream to go to the world cup and visit Brazil, must be a really amazing experience and great athmosphere to be able to watch these teams play. The former footballer looks like a nice and interesting guy to have conversations with, and ohh brazilian foods, not familiar with any of them but what’s your favourite? I might try cook it myself!! :) Have a lovely day Denise!! xo

    • That’s such a sweet comment, thank you so much for that! The former footballer was definitely very nice, and he is mega famous – sometimes people in that position are so much like divas, but this one was totally the contrary! Brazilian food are nice, but this is such a big country, every region has different food… as I like cooking, last week I tried to cook one of the dishes for the first time, and it was delicious – but I am a fussy eater, so wherever I go I have problems in the beginning, not any country’s fault :) Hope you have a lovely and sweet week!

    • Hi, Borka, again many thanks for your comment! Actually, right now it’s winter in the part of Brazil where I am now – but I have to say, I love winter! Hope you have a great week and loads of fun!

    • Dear Sam, it’s YOUR comment that makes my day brighter, believe me! It’s sunny today, and 4 degrees C, and I like it! I’m all wrapped in warm clothes to avoid catching a cold! Thank you again, Sam, you’re amazing! Many hugs and smiles to you!

    • Hi, S! Thank you for the nice comment! True, some people like the World Cup, but not other games – I guess I am more or less this way, cause there are some teams that I “follow” in the UK! The positive energy here is really amazing! I hope you have a very nice week!

  15. Liebe Denise, das klingt alles so spannend und bin überzeugt davon, das ist es auch! Hoffentlich geht es Dir jetzt wieder ganz gut, so eine Essensumstellung is alles andere als einfach … Wie cool, dass Du den früheren Nationalspieler von Holland getroffen hast, ich hätte ihn genauso nicht erkannt :) Seine Schuhe sind toll und die Holländer sind wirklich wahre Fans. Eine meiner Kolleginnen, mit der ich viel zusammenarbeite und die ich sehr gerne mag, ist auch aus Holland, nicht nur deswegen drücke ich Holland die Daumen! Genieße weiter Dein Leben, liebe Denise, Du machst es genau richtig <3 Danke fürs Folgen auf bloglovin – ich bin Dir auch sehr gerne gefolgt! Alles Liebe von Rena

    • Oh, danke sehr, liebe Rena, du bist immer so suess! Ich war nur faul – wenn ich nicht die Passwort mich erinnert, dann dauert laaaang um zu der Seite zu gehen – Bloglovin war so :) Sooo faul, ohne Witz! Aber dann ein Tage dachte “Schluss! Es ist heute!” und dann war ich auf wieder auf Bloglovin :) Und konnte ich dir folgen, endlich! Manchmal bin ich so “mache ich morgen, ah, morgen” und morgen dauert ein Jahr :) Abber alles ist wegen meinem Leben Motto, du weisst – das leben geniessen ohne Schuld! Am wenigsten, denke ich heute so! Danke sehr, dass du mir folgst! Es ist sehr lieb, aber du bist immer super lieb! Die Hollaender lieben Fussball, richtig! Das Finale kann Nederland x Deutschland, wer weisst!!!!! Ich sag nur, das beste Team wird der Sieger! Und alle wird gluecklich, weil das Fest war schoen! Viele liebe Gruesse! Und wieder, danke fuer die liebe Woerte!

  16. Denise, I am not much into sports and I know ver little about the details of the recent events, but I do know that it can be amazing to be surrounded by a cheering crowd. I used to love basketball and watch it when I was a teenager and a bit later, but it was only because I am Lithuanian and they are very good at basketball. I’d hate to watch something where we stand little chance to win… Awesome that you were sitting next to a star, even though I don’t know who he is! :)

    • Hi, dear Min, thank you so much for the lovely comment! Wow, it’s nice to know you are Lithuanian! I was there in March and I loved the place and the people! I wish I can go back there one day! I know some countries don’t like football very much, but as you said, the positive atmosphere is what counts now, everybody wishing each other well, it’s so nice! Basketball is also exciting! Hope you have a beautiful week!

    • Hello, Christy, thank you for the nice comment! Well, it’s a nice experience, and you can come for sure – I planned the trip since January! It’s all a matter of planning and a bit of luck :) Thank you again for the nice words! Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

    • Thank you for the comment, Stella! Amazing – I always had some names for the case of having a daughter one day and your is on the top of the list! So beautiful! Hope you have a great weekend!

  17. Everytime I see or read something about worldcup brazil I have to think of you! I planned to come to London this year! Would be so awesome if we could meet! Miss you! Kiss, Hatice

  18. OMG!!!! Esto es re emocionante Denise! Estar alli, en este evento super apasionante! Como me encantaria estar alli :)
    Espero te sientas mejor, toma tecito y gaseosa coca cola si es que la comida no te sento bien. Eso te ayudara mucho. O si puedes encontrar en las farmacias pastillas de carbon , eso es muy muy bueno para cuando necesitamos poner un stop al estomago, tu me entiendes cierto? jiji
    Que sigas disfrutando y cuidate mucho

    • Jijiji, gracias por tus lindas palabras, querida amiga! Si te entiendo, jajaja, ya estoy bien ahora, pero es verdad, mi hermano me ha dicho tambien “toma pastillas de carbon”, jajaja! Pero despues de unos tres o cuatro dias ya me sentia mejor! Estar aqui viendo a la gente tan alegre por las calles es increible! Ojala la gente fuese asi alegre y con deseos buenos a todo el mundo los 364 dias, el anio todo! Pwero ya es bueno que sea un mes :) Gracias de nuevo por tus sugerencias, me alegro mucho! Besitos y que tu fin de semana sea estupendo!

        • Muchas gracias, que lindas palabras, tambien quiero que sepas que puedes contar conmigo! Yo inteto no usar la computadora en los domingos, pues duermo un poco mas :), despues me arreglo y saldgo para… un shopping center, a arreglar mas cosas! Asi que te lo agradezco las palabras, pues arregle cosas importantes ayer – disfrute :) Espero que disfrutes ahora, la semana que empieza! Besitos!

  19. People who can travel regularly are very lucky and I’m glad you have these opportunities, I wish I did ha ha. How lovely that you were in Brazil and amazingly met this guy on the plane. I didn’t know who he was either but his shoe collection looks so cool. I’m sure you had a fab time and look forward to hearing of your next venture x

    • Thank you Colleen, very much for your sweet words! His shoe line is amazing, you are so right! I’m quite sure I have read about your trips too! And I am also sure I’ll read about many more in the future when you post about them! And I’m also eager to read about them – and also the great bags you buy (drooling!) It’s really a great atmosphere and energy here right now and I can’t wait to know the winner in some days! Hope you have a great weekend – you know you are my “eating well inspiration”, don’t you? I thank you for that and for this lovely comment again!

  20. Seem like you had a really great time there!!My exams are over so here I am again!!I think i did well on exams but when the results come out I’ll find out how it did go.Thank you for all your support while on exams amd I can’t wait for more photos of you and your perfect journeys!!Kisses!!:)

    • Hi, George, you are always so supportive and nice, thank you so much for that! I’m glad you don’t have exams anymore, and I’m sure you will have good grades! Please remember to share with your readers not the grades, but that you did well! I’m not taking many photos, actually… landscape and building yes, but no selfie and no one to take pictures of me :( But I’ll try my best to come with a decent post next week! Thank you again for your lovely comment and enjoy the weekend and summer!

    • Hello! I’ll add you for sure, too, thank you so much for the comment and for following me! The trip was long, yes, but it’s a time when I watch many movies and when arriving it’s like a new world full of new things to learn and see! Hope you have a nice week!

    • Hi, welcome and thank you for your comment! I found your blog very sweet, thanks for the invitation, and I have just started following you on Bloglovin, too! Happy to meet you here! Hope you ave a sweet week!

  21. FINALLY, I found some time to read some of my favorite blogs. I haven’t done it in so long.
    I missed blog reading, and especially your blog. It’s been so long since we last talked, and I could post a comment on your blog. So here I am. I really enjoyed reading about the world cup and seeing your pics. You were lucky to meet the athlete. And such a nice coincidence that he designs shoes. I hope we’ll talk soon! I missed you too! Kisses!!!

    • Oh, thank you, so sweet your comment! I could imagine how hectic your weeks were, I saw on facebook! I hope you had a great time, I am sure it was! But don’t worry, I also posted some of the pictures here on facebook too, so many things are not new for us, who are connected there! The athlete was so friendly, and the shoes so nice! I was amazed! I missed you, too, I am so glad to read your comment and I hope this week is great for you or maybe a day or two relaxing, why not? It’s sometimes nice! Thank you again for this sweet sweet comment, you are lovely!

    • Hi, M, thank you for the invitation! I’ll check it out for sure! I’m a “once-a-week” commenter, so I’m glad you told me about the giveaway now! I won’t miss it! Wishing you a nice week!

    • Hi, thank you so much for the nice comment! Yes, I realized he was famous in the middle of the flight! He was so friendly, so different from what I would picture such a famous player to be! Really a nice flight! And his shoe line is great! I’m watching the game, 2 x 0 to Holland right now, wow, congratulations! I expect more goals! I told everybody it’d be easy today! Hope you have a great weekend!

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