Nice to meet you!

Monday, super fresh start!

Nice to meet you AGAIN, for some of my “old” friends that read my “old” blog.  For several reasons, I left it – sometimes a “creative” pause is needed. But I missed blogging and interacting with the friends I made there along the years. So I decided to restart blogging, but this time with a new address and a new look.

Keep Calm and Blog on  So then, the biggest doubt: choosing a name for the blog. It’s so difficult! I registered more than 8 names! After all, people I asked (family and friends) suggested the name of my old blog. Not the URL, but its name – Denise’s planet, codes and secrets. Of course I couldn’t register such a long name, so I got the first part and here it is… Denise’s planet.

I still had or have doubts… I didn’t want to sound egocentric, with “my planet”. But friends told me it didn’t sound so, and that they know I’m not this way (thank you, dear friends!)  They said it suits me, cause it seems I’m a little eccentric sometimes and they tease me with “which planet are you from??? Not Earth!”

But then, didn’t everybody have some eccentric moments? I guess so! Then, this is “my planet”, as others have theirs; my world, my days, my thoughts, my likes. It’s mainly a diary, to keep track of where I am/was and when, and what I was doing then. I’ll be very glad to exchange views and ideas – when people don’t agree with each other, rather than disliking it, I see as enrichment. So, if we don’t always agree, be very sure that one of my main views is to ALWAYS RESPECT EVERYONE’S  OPINIONS.

I hope you enjoy my new place, that is still a bit under construction, evolving. You’re very very welcome! One of the things that previous readers told me is that it was difficult to follow me, since I didn’t really like facebook or Twitter. Well, now I’m back to the accounts I had, so if anyone wants, it’ll be easy to follow me now. I have to thank some amazing people who helped me to reach this goal, and I’ll do so this week!

The sea and I, holidays around Europe, Jan 8th, 2013

The sea and I, holidays around Europe, January 8th, 2013

May you have a great day, full of smiles!


7 thoughts on “Nice to meet you!

  1. You do not come into this world to have running dreams – without pain, suffering, without problems. The more varied your experience, the more learning from many mistakes, the more valuable your lifetime.


  2. hi denise, glad to see you again. :) i was just thinking, just this morning, how it’s been ages. sorry about all the garbage. i figured something was up. you’re looking good, like always, sweet lady! rock on.

  3. Welcome back to the blogging world my sweet Denise! I hope your new start brings you all you were looking for… You look amazing in this photo, and I really can’t wait to read more of your posts. :)

  4. wow :)
    good to see you again Denise!!!
    It’s indeed a nice page…
    I am looking forward to see your news and ideas of course…
    Congratulations for the nice page…
    Love you…

  5. Yay!!! Welcome back dear…I am so excited to see my friend back in the blogosphere, you have been dearly missed. The new blog is looking great, I like the name, its a perfect choice. Cant wait to hear about your holiday.

  6. Hi my sweetheart. You know I loved your “old” blog and I love this “new” one even more! I like the layout, the structure, the categories and of course your lovely and always inspiring words <3 You are so talented in writing. I think it is because it comes from the heart…..

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