New professions

New professions – so many that we never thought of, so many that still don’t exist!

Movember campaign -  blue nails

Have you ever thought of New professions? Some people think that 50 years is a landmark – for some things yes, but compared to the age of the world or humanity, not. So, some years ago there weren’t video game developers, youtubers, bloggers, app developers, psychoanalysts, even car drivers or plane pilots. It’s amazing how the world develops and studies say that 60% of the new professions of this century still don’t exist. Can you think of a new profession for the next 50 years?


Movember nails in blue

Movember nails in blue. Blue ring from Santander

Love this Penneys ethnic cardi! Tunic, Mamo

Love this Penneys ethnic cardi! Tunic, Mamo

Embroidered tunic detail

Embroidered tunic detail

Tunic waist detail

Tunic detail

Jeans with velvet and beads embroidery, Rosa & Rose

Jeans with velvet and beads embroidery, Rosa & Rose

Embroidery detail

Jeans embroidery detail

Wearing Lollipop socks with navy Nicholas Kirkwood sandals

Wearing Lollipop socks with navy Nicholas Kirkwood sandals

Cardigan detail and Russian hand painted brooch

Cardigan detail and Russian hand painted brooch

Finishing Touch and Mood of the Week

New Professions quote

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81 thoughts on “New professions

    • I totally agree with you! Thank you for your lovely comment, it shows how great you are – I do believe that this profession is needed, many things are getting lost because of the advances of technology – surely we got many things from it, but many are kind of gone now :( Hope you have a lovely week!

  1. Sai che hai proprio ragione cara Denise? Noi ci sforziamo di trovare un lavoro che già esiste quando invece quello è un mondo in continua evoluzione e cambiamento (come quasi tutto, del resto)!
    Io la trovo una cosa bellissima e molto interessante da un punto di vista antropologico! Comunque io credo che le nuove professioni saranno sempre più orientate verso uno sviluppo ecosostenibile della vita ed improntate ad una maggiore preservazione del nostro pianeta :)

  2. That’s amazing how many new professions we see now, who would imagine, for example, that blogging would become a profession (I know, for many bloggers it’s still a hoby, but for many others, blogging has become a profession). Now, let me tell you Denise, your nails look absolutely beautiful, and that embroidery detail on you jeans looks amazing. Wish you a lovely week ahead,
    Nina’s Style Blog

  3. I’d never given that much thought before, but yes there are so many new jobs these days that didn’t exist, even a short time ago. I am so in love with those NK shoes! I have one pair of his boots and they are just gorgeous. The nails are so fun too.

  4. Wow! Those jeans are spectacular!

    So are your nails for that matter.

    They say that something like 80% of the jobs people currently hold will be replaced by robots in about 20 years. So many careers will be made redundant. We’ve seen it happening already.

    Soon we will all just be sitting in chairs pushing buttons. Heck…that’s what I do already!

    The pink socks are a wonderful surprise.


  5. That’s what I love the most about life, it is always progressing, moving forward. Each day there is a new development, a new adventure, some makes us wiser, some makes us see things differently. Anyhow, love your nails, Denise, so beautiful. And, btw! what a fun fall look!

  6. Hi Denise! Totally agree with you that there are so many new professions, that exist due to development of technology and to be honest, there is something melancholic about that event, because on the other hand many of professions are disappearing because of the same reason. What about your outfit, I’m so in love with your cardigan, it’s so pretty and it suits to your positive and beautiful personality, Denise! :) Btw, your nails are terrific,this blue nail decor is definitely eye-catching 😀
    Hope you’re having lovely evening, dear!

  7. Hello Denise. I hope you’re well today :)
    The quote at the end is one of my favorites, It has helped me a few times.
    It’s interesting and kind of exciting to think about all the different new professions there might tomorrow.
    Your tunic is so pretty. Your style is always so unique and original. I love the nail art too.
    I hope you have a very lovely week :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

  8. Liebe Denise, wie schön Deinen Tunika ist – so wie Du! Und auch Deine Jacke ist super, die Schuhe sowieso. Eine neue Berufung? Ich kann mir immer alles vorstellen, nicht nur deswegen, weil ich bereits mindestens 3 verschiedene Berufe ausgeübt habe :) Und ich habe auch zwei Ausbildungen, von dem her bin ich schon gespannt, was ich noch in meinem Leben alles machen werde. Das finde ich einfach toll, dass es weiterhin auch in der Hinsicht spannend bleibt! Auch wenn ich meinen jetzigen Beruf als Einkäuferin wirklich gerne mag.
    xx Rena

  9. Hey Denise,
    Oh how I love your posts! They are truly amazing. :) Yes the world is changing and that, too fast. But what can we do. It is at the same time awesome and scary. I never even thought about new professions ;0 We are so busy in our lives that we don’t even bother thinking much about that matter. The world is developing big time.

    Btw, you look pretty as always Denise. I love those nails 😀 The color suits you perfectly.

  10. I remember reading one article about this subject, it was very interesting! I think that in future, more and more people will be employed in a digital world- one way or another. Perhaps Facebook PR specialist will be an important job? Perhaps it already it is. :)

    you look stunning in that tunics…I love embroidery…the embroidery on those jeans is amazing as well. It is really sweet how you matched sandals and socks- I always loved’s so sweet and feminine.

  11. What an interesting point of discussion. New professions are not something I’ve given much thought to, but now you raise it, it’s a fascinating subject. Yes, all those professions you list didn’t exist half a century or so ago. It’s also fascinating to see new jobs and careers develop around us, though sometimes I guess that happens subconsciously. As to future directions? I have no idea, apart from more opps in the online world. What they will be is anyone’s guess, though those at the vanguard of them we’ll no doubt bbecome very wealthy indeed. Love and hugs Denise. Txx

  12. Funny you mention this – I was just thinking the other day that the job I have now didn’t exist when I was at High School. So when everyone was asking me what I wanted to do, it didn’t matter that I didn’t know – because social media didn’t exist! And without that, I wouldn’t have my job. And in ten years I might be doing something else that doesn’t exist right now. Crazy, right?

  13. I have thought about this, and I wonder, but I wonder if there will be a world to inhabit the way we are going. With this sense of a new world order sweeping the globe and the looming global warming disaster I really wonder. Sorry I hope I am not being a Debbie Downer. Though I guess I am. We are in trying times.

    Allie of

    • Hello and thank you for your nice comment! No, you are not being a Debbie Downer! It is true, the way the world is going, we really don’t know where it’s going! Many professions will disappear. Today I even read that accountants won’t be very needed in 2 decades. And I was sorry for the accountants I know! Hope you are fine, thank you again for your nice thoughts!

  14. Hi Denise!!
    Loved this post – there are really so many professions it’s crazy 😉 I’m just wondering if you’ve tuned comments off for old posts? I just noticed as I was scrolling through – no problem if you have, you know I read and enjoy your posts regardless and I’m glad to be able to read them! :) i hope you are well and enjoying this time of year xxx

    • Hi, dear Laila! Yes, I closed comments on 2 posts, that were not exactly very personal, but on the ones on Mondays and Fridays they go on being open – and many thanks for your lovely comment! It’s really amazing how the world has changed, today I was reading about which degrees won’t be needed in about 2 decades and surprisingly even accountancy was among them! Thank you again for your nice comment, I hope you are Ok and having a nice time!

  15. Your jeans and sandals are sooo cool! Also love your mani! That is such a great questions, I wonder what new jobs will present themselves, and which will disappear? So many things being mechanized, I can see the medical field being outsourced by algorithm, to a big degree, driver less cars in the making, and yes it seems like a very good and fluid algorithm could do much accounting work.
    Sign maker, hopefully there will always be one of those, as business come and go.

    You look fabulous!
    xx, Elle

  16. Hi Denise! thank you for your nice comment on my blog as always! :)
    New professions..? I actually never thought of that myself, even though it seems obvious since we are constantly creating new needs for society… I think this is a good topic to bring up with a glass of wine and friends :)
    props on your mani btw! it looks really difficult 😀 I couldn’t have done it so neatly for sure!

    Have a great rest of the week!
    ♥ Josune @ Your Beauty Script

    • Hi, dear Josune, thank you so much for your sweet comment and compliment! I couldn’t do that complicated nail design either, I go to the manicurist every week for different nail art! She is the talented one, not me! I hope you have a very nice day! Thank you again for your nice words!

  17. Denise your nails! WOW! Those are creative and gorgeous!

    I agree on the professions though, I mean when I was younger I never expected to have a career as a blogger as it didn’t even exist. I mean we grew up in an age without the internet for a long time, so the times change so much. I can’t know where my future is going as I don’t know what careers will be available in the future. It’s crazy!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  18. wow! What a great information. 60% !!! me impresiona y tiene sentido porque todo el mundo va cambiando y evolucionando. Siempre compartes informacion buenisima y aprendemos mucho por ti.
    btw, me encanto las uñas, tienes talento Denise!!!!
    Gracias por tu bella amistad y tu apoyo. Como te cuento en la respuesta en mi post anterior, ya estare contando la razon porque estuve ausente por varios meses. :)
    Nos estamos hablando. Te mando besotes!
    – Elsey

    • Gracias, querida amiga, por tus amables palabras! Siempre tan dulce! No se porque no recibi la respuesta, pero voy a pasar de nuevo a tu blog para leer! Ah, la manicura :) Lo siento, pero no soy yo quien la hago :) Es una chica que si, ella si es talentosa! Pero muchas gracias por ella! Besitos, un buen fin de semana!

  19. Una vez me puse a pensar en todas estas nuevas profesiones que por ejemplo alguien como mi mamá nunca se hubiera imaginado que existirían! Me pregunto qué profesiones no conocemos todavía nosotros, será muy interesante ver eso en el futuro.
    Tu outfit como siempre me encantó. La manicura es bellísima, últimamente estoy amando todas y cada una de tus manicuras :) Los tacones se ven de infarto y muy femeninos, también los amé!
    Espero que tengas un lindo comienzo de fin de semana, mi querida Denise!

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