National Lipstick Day

National Lipstick Day! Many people knew about it; I didn’t, till last week – maybe a bit superficial, but a social behavior for centuries! For the record, because of a post: I’m not 65, but wouldn’t mind being!

Nice Gio nail polish and a cut out top

Chanel Rouge Coco # 22  lipstick , Gio nail polish and a cut out top

National Lipstick DayJuly 29th – national must mean a specific country, like the US, but now worldwide spread! The Guardian says “in 1770 British Parliament banned lipstick, as a devilish trick to get men into marriage:) Now, 81% of British women wear lipsticks – an average of 3 kg of lipstick in her life, states a research! And during financial crisis, a woman is more likely to buy lipsticks.

In some cities women tend to wear more a specific color, as USMagazine shows

Most used lipsticks in some cities around the world

Most worn lipsticks in some cities around the world

From left to right

* Paris, Pale Pink. NYX Matte Lipstick, Pale Pink
Which lipstick do you prefer? Now, OOTD and my week
Top, Sass and Bide. Skirt, CKM. Tights, Selene. Bag, InScene

Top, Sass and Bide. Skirt, CKM. Tights, Selene. Bag, InScene

The top has a lovely cut out detail and bat wings

The top has a lovely cut out detail and bat wings

Cut out detail, Russian hand painted brooch and rings - green stone, Birmingham airport, cameo, don't remember

Top cut out detail, Russian hand painted brooch and rings – green stone, Birmingham airport; cameo, don’t remember

It's a watch

The cameo ring is s a watch!

Louloux shoes

Louloux shoes

Russian hand painted barrette

Russian hand painted barrette – I do love Russian hand painted accessories!

The little sweet Black Tie, 47 days old and beautiful cats

The little sweet Black Tie, 47 days old and beautiful cats


Photographing historic places and monuments

I wrote a post about a blogger who could live with £10 a weekher story and nutritious recipes

I also wrote a Lip Balms’ review

Lip Balm review here

Lip Balms review here

I hope you have a great week with many smilesThank you for your sweet comments!

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80 thoughts on “National Lipstick Day

  1. It’s interesting to see what shade of lipstick each city likes, I never knew there was such a thing. I have thought most women are like me, I don’t have a favourite shade, I just wear whatever I felt like on that day. I do tend to wear more bold shades instead of nudes because nudes usually wash me out.

    That nail polish is sooooo pretty, Denise! I’m not familiar with the brand Gio but I’ll need to look into it. The purple is just way too lovely!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  2. Hello dear Denise!
    Wow!!I had no idea it’s a National lipstick day!!
    Great cellection!!My favorite is the Fuchsia. Maybelline!Great color for Summer!
    Love your outfit and the Russian hand painted accessories!So preety!!
    Have a happy August dear!!Many hugs!!!

  3. Well I didn’t even know about this, glad you informed me. I think it is super cute :) Hopefully I’ll remember for next year! I love the shade you are wearing and also that nail polish :) Your skirt is very nice as well, great print :) Have a great day!


  4. Firsly I have to say that it’s such a shame that I had no idea that there is something like national lipstick day (especially I’m addicted to lipsticks, I feel weird without it). What about colors and cities I love shade from NYC – red is always classy and chic, sometimes red lips makes the all outfit :) And btw, I’ve just read your guest post about living for 10pounds, you did great job, dear! What’s more, I love your shoes, they’re unique! Hope you’ve started amazing week, dear!

  5. Hello my sweet, Denise! Such a beautiful post, as always! I really love your purple nail polish, it’s so pretty and just perfect for summer! Your accessories are stunning as well! Really love your cocktail rings! Oh, and you skirt is super cute!
    My darling, you really are the sweetest, and I am just SO happy that we have met!
    Sending you much love, and I hope your Monday is as fabulous as you are!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  6. National lipstick day – sounds funny:) but I think I’m addicted from red and pink lipsticks:) I also understand why women buy more often lipstick during financial crisis – it’s cheap and easy way to make some variety in our outfits.
    That skirt is so beautiful and you look classy and gorgeous like always!:)
    Have a nice day:)

  7. Me encanta el tono que llevas tú, y te creo totalmente lo de la crisis, es impresionante pero justo ahora que tengo gastos fuertes y no puedo gastar en mí, tengo unas ganas insoportables de comprarme un Dior rosa. No es mercadotecnia porque en ningún lado he visto publicidad ni nada, es el simple deseo de pintarme la boca de otro color. Lindo post!


    • Hi, Alberto! No, I am not 65! I lied to a guy once, who wanted to talk on the street and I wanted him to leave, so I lied I was 65, but I am not, not even 40! Thank you a lot for your always nice comments, you are really very nice!

  8. You always have such unique and beautiful accessories! I had no idea it was National Lipstick Day (a few days ago haha)! I love the Paris color, it definitely matches how conservative the city is. Sometimes I like reading about history bc of the random things that happened. Apparently (I saw this on Buzzfeed so not sure how reliable that is) Napoleon kidnapped tall men so his army would be really tall.

  9. Trovi sempre notizie curiose ed interessanti cara Denise!^^
    Il giorno del rossetto l’avevo sentito anche io, sembra che ultimamente ogni giorno lo dedichino a qualcosa! XD
    Però che il parlamento inglese avesse vietato il rossetto perchè induceva gli uomini a sposarsi non l’avevo mai sentito: ma quanto fanno sembrare stupidi gli uomini se c’è bisogno di una legge per evitare che si sposino avventatamente per colpa di un rossetto? XD
    Tu sei deliziosa come al solito, con il tuo bel viso luminoso ed il sorriso dolce! Ed i tuoi look sempre originali!
    Lo sai che anche io ho lo stesso fermacapelli? l’ho comprato in Russia quando ho visitato St. Petersburg! 😀
    Buona settimana mia bella Denise!

  10. Hi my lovely Denise, I have never heard of the national lipstick day. Haha I can’t believe they banned lipstick in the past. I don’t think it can trick a man into marriage 😉 I love your picks. The Nyx pale pink is my favorite. I like the subtle ones right now. You look marvelous as always. The skirt and the heels are amazing. You must have the best shoe collection ever. I would love to see a post about your shoes one day. It’s really hard to live for 10 GBP. I admire the blogger and the corn muffins look yummy. I have to try the recipe too. I don’t think I want to live below the line. Life’s too hard anyway. Happy Tuesday sweetheart!


  11. This summer I’m more like a pale lipstick lover, so I would choose this Pale Pink lipstick. Now, let me tell you Denise: you are wearing exact shade of purple nail color, I was loving this summer. Very beautiful color. And these shoes OMG, they are adorable. Always enjoy reading your posts. Have an amazing day.


  12. Those statistics about lipstick are so fascinating – I can’t imagine that I’m wearing that much lipstick over a life time and yes no matter how poor I feel I always find money for a lipstick ha ha.

    Your wearing a very cute skirt Denise – I love A-Line skirts, I think they are very flattering and the shoes are cute, your shoes always are. Ooh living on £10, that would be interesting, certainly possible but I wouldn’t enjoy it!

  13. Hello back at you my dear lovely Denise. I love oldest ladies because they have such a great stories behind them to listen too once I talk to them I hears so many interesting stories came out from their paths, especially most of kindly grandmas ages. and I will love to talk to you in person for sure even you aren’t nearly 65 :) but every of your topics as you’ve been posting is very a brilliant to learn from. As it as today I would never knew a story like lipsticks with women in British :) if not because from you:).

    Thank you so much for your kindness to considered me as a friend, I’m honor to have you is as one as of my quality friend with no doubt:). I love reading learning with Buddha bible and quotes as usual as ever, since I was a child till my today, and a lot more which is I haven’t talk or post much about my other side on my blog as much as I did with my fashions side. Wishing you a peaceful week:). Hugs and kisses dear Denise.


  14. What a busy lady you’ve been, dear Denise! This was a really enjoyable post and I’ve clicked through on the links to read tonight.

    I love lipstick sooo much! :) It was one of the first cosmetics I ever wore and is one of my top three favourites still to this day (mascara and a good powder being the other two – with liquid liner following close on their heels). I’m fiercely loyal to the ones that work well for me and often wear it (lippy) even on days when I’m not otherwise putting on a full face of makeup.

    Big hugs & many sincere thanks for all of your terrific recent blog comments,
    ♥ Jessica

  15. lipsticks are not my strongest side. I mean, of course I own some, not many but I think at least five maybe… that doesn’t mean I use them though. when I remember to do that then yes but most of the time – no. I do think they add some spice to our outfits therefore I should actually keep in mind I have lipsticks that are waiting to be used 😛 your lipstick looks very natural and pretty. and your outfit is once again very cool. I like it how you pay attention to all those little details. the cut-out details of your top, the pattern of your skirt, the jewellery and of course those beautiful heels. such a lovely and classy ensemble all in all.
    I hope you’ll have a beautiful weekend and a successful new week! take care, dear Denise!

  16. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a national lipstick day.

    I really like this feminine styling…wonderful blouse and skirt. Fabulous colourful shoes!

    you look so beautiful! I really like your lipstick<3

  17. Your blog is AWESOME! :) I love your purple nail polish and your make up is so subtle and beautiful.
    I didn’t know about Lipstick Day until it was too late. I love lipsticks, glosses, lip balms, you name it. I prefer poppy red but I love all colors and shades. Too bad not all suit my skin tone.
    I recently bought myself a Rimmel gloss that’s so cute and flirty: a shimmery light peach shade. And I love its name too ‘Oh My Gloss’. How cute is that?:)

    P.S.: I enjoyed the fun trivia about lipsticks. 3kilos is not that much though, not for me 😀 :))

  18. Olá querida Denise

    Eu também não sabia do dia do batom acredita? Adorei saber mais curiosidades sobre eles!!
    Com sempre você está linda nas fotos e eu adorei a sua cor de esmalte, é realmente lindo, ainda não usei uma cor nesse tom mais fiquei com vontade de experimentar.
    Beijos e obrigada pelos seus comentários sempre tão gentis lá no blog!!

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