My first Cinderella

Tuesday – No, I didn’t watch Cinderella for the first time… it’s the name of the ballet piece I watched on March 31st, Sunday, at Peacock Theatre, London.

specially created ballet for children aged three and over. English National Ballet 2 (a company of dancers recently graduated from English National Ballet School) performs an accessible new take on 'Cinderella', choreographed by George Williamson, set to Prokofiev's original music.

Ballet for children aged three and over. English National Ballet 2 (a company of dancers recently graduated from English National Ballet School) performs an accessible new take on Cinderella, choreographed by George Williamson, set to Prokofiev’s original music. Text source here – Image source here.

It was lovely! I went with two friends of mine and their daughters, aged 4 years old… plus a friend of one of them and her daughter aged 6… I said “I feel misplaced… I think I should have rented a child to come here…” Around me, only parents and their children! That was sweet! Nice energy and it was so good to remember my time with my parents, grandmother and brothers, when I was a young girl going to ballet!

Image source here

Image source here

And that's me, surrounded by children - I really love children!

And that’s me, surrounded by children – I really love children!

It was so funny, with my friend’s daughter. We always play together and laugh a lot! At a certain point, she asked me if I’d be able to go to her birthday party. I answered “I’d like to”. And she said “you can ask your mother to allow you to come!” I had to tell my friend “look, I now know it’s true what people say about me. I AM A CHILD. Your daughter sees me as equal! That I have to ask permission to my mother to do things!”

That was so funny! On the train back to Bewdley a tall guy with an even bigger dog, if that’s possible, asked me if I was going to visit my mother. Out of the blues! So, I guess my mother wanted to send me a message, two episodes mentioning her…


Filippo Di Vilio (Spring), Aeden Pittendreigh (Winter), Daniela Oddi (Cinderella), Lily Spencer (Fairy Godmother). Alice Bayston (Summer) and Natsuki Sakita (Autumn). Image and text source here.

It worked its magic, children loved it, adults too – I suppose – and I totally recommend it – even if you don’t have children!

Hope you have a great day, full of smiles and magic!


13 thoughts on “My first Cinderella

  1. That’s so sweet! You’re definitely a child at heart! And I’m sure your mother was trying to send you a message!
    I’m glad you had a good time! Hope you’re feeling better with your cold!

  2. there’s a song with a line that says, “everything is beautiful at the ballet.” i think we are all children inside, to a certain degree, versions of our former selves that we once were, and those parts that remain within us. glad you had a lovely time, and that you’ve kept that childlike wonder and magic. sending love. :)

  3. Hahahhahaha that’s so cute! Aww your friend’s daughter simply thinks you look young and I find that as a compliment! I have a kid who came to me and called me AUNTY. Nearly exploded on the spot lolol <3 Hahaha there's no need to rent a child, you are already there as 'a child' =P Seems like you have lots of fun!


  4. hey! thanks for visiting my blog! I’m glad you liked it :)
    I really enjoyed reading that post of yours even though I don’t actually find ballet being my cup of tea (I loved the movie Black Swan though, it was brilliant). anyway, it’s awesome that you loved the whole thing and time spent with your friends!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  5. Y por qué era una versión para niños? era más corta? Me encanta el ballet! Ese no lo he visto, pero debe haber sido lindo. Me imagino lo bien que lo han pasado las chicas contigo, deben sentir que eras como el hada madrina a lo mejor, encantadora y capaz de hacerlas reir y disfrutar 😉
    Qué bonito, tal vez tu mamá andaba por ahí enviándote mensajitos.
    Besitos Denise!

  6. hi sweetie..
    awwww thats nice!
    i love ballet so damn much but when i was a kid, my mother doesnt have enough money so i couldnt join ballet class (it was so expensive).
    and i think you look young and you dressed well so your friend’s daughter thought that you are equal with her. its so cute!
    i look older than my age–you know, my new neighbor thought that i have already 40 years old! omg im still 24!!!

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