Moving home

Moving home means that I’ve seen great houses that we can move :) Do we really need big or more than one house to be happy, with good quality of life? Please take a look and tell me your opinion!

Headband from one of my mother's dresses - I love it and Victoria and Albert Museum ring, like Murano glass

Headband from one of my mother’s dresses, love it! Victoria and Albert Museum ring, a star

People want to simplify their lives and down sizing is a way. It can be organized, stylish and cool! More, you can move your home where you want to! There’s a company creating homes where you can have all you need with comfort and beauty! A tiny customized house, impressive!

I mean, I have more than one place and I always need more space. Is it really necessary? I want to simplify life! We normally have more than what we really need in order to be happy!

It looks so sweet!

It looks so sweet! Photos’ source here

All the modern comfort you need!

All the modern comfort is there!

Sweet house!

Nice house!

Photo source here

Photo source here

OK, all said and I bet I will go on the same way… it takes time to change! Now, my outfit :)

A colorful tunic from Germany, Asos jeans, vest my design and Luzz da Lua bag

A colorful tunic from Germany, Asos jeans, vest my design and Luz da Lua bag

How the embroidery looks, closer. Top underneath, Asos. Pearl necklace, I made and pendant, don't remember where from

Embroidery, closer. Grey top, Asos. Pearl necklace, I made. Pendant, don’t remember where from

Emerald ring that I love. I broke some nails, so used transparent nail polish onliy

Emerald ring (Zoppini Firenze), love it. I broke some nails, so used transparent nail polish only

Here the psychedelic, with vest open, to see how sweet it is (in my opinion)!

Here the psychedelic tunic, with vest open, to see how sweet it is (in my opinion)!

Jessica Simpson shoes

Jessica Simpson shoes

Last week I took part on Kezzie’s blog. on National Tardis Day challenge :) Plese, check it out!

Hope you have a week with many sweet smiles! Thank you for the kind comments!

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122 thoughts on “Moving home

    • You are sooo sweet, dear Simera, welcome back! It’s good to take a break sometimes! I liked the tiny houses, though I confessed I am not yet prepared for them – during a trip, yes, but everyday living, not yet! Thank you so much for your kindness, you are s sweet, as I said! And I wish you very nice week! XXX

  1. Bijou living! I love it! I’ve never seen anything like it. The closest I guess would be a Romany caravan. I adore those, so colourful. The white interior would make it seem bigger than it really is, I guess. I think you always fill the space you have. We moved from a small 3 bed house into a large 3-storey 5-bed house about 10 years ago. When we moved I thought ‘we’ll never fill the space’ in our new place. 10 years on, though, and we’re bursting at the seams. I’m not proud of that. We’ve just accumulated because we have the space, and that is not necessarily a good thing. You’re right, a lot of us have far more stuff than we really need. I love your outfit Denise, particularly the patent black heels with cork soles. And you look beautiful, as always. Tx

    • Thank you so much for the “insight”, dear Tracey! It’s good to know that I am normal – no joke! I guess I know what you mean… 5 bedroom and 3 floors and we think “too much space!” and suddenly (well, some years) all filled :) I have some places and one is so packed, that I have to buy one wardrobe a year, and the other I started to put things there, too. I am not happy with this, but to change we need time and I am sure it’ll come :) Western people seem to need more and more thing in life, but I started to think that a simpler life may be liberating… as I said, I need time to make my mind up :) Hope you have a very nice week, dear Tracey! XXX

    • Hi, dear Elle! I totally understand you, I mean, we always need more and more space. I confess I would love to be able to live in such a house, but I can’t! Hope you have a very nice week!

  2. small is neat and manageable. Happy living :)
    I know how it is when we need more space. . .just got done with solidifying the rooftop of my house. .. the work needed past 5 years and was quite a headache!!!

    • Hahaha, 5 years, well done now! Thank you so much for your kind words! I think it’s nice as a concept and if people have a different philosophy, like a simpler life, zen, but with the western concepts things get difficult… Hope you have a nice week!

  3. I think I will suffer back pain in a tiny home bending to get to bedroom is cute like a guest house but for me and two pups I prefer space not huge but comfortable enough to move. Great outfit.

    • Thank you, dear Jackie! With two pups, of course you need space! I liked the concept, but I thought “would I be able to live there?” Maybe, but I would need space soon! Hope you have a great week!

    • Thank you very much for the nice comment, Carina! It’s true, I have spacious places, but I was thinking of a simpler life… but I think I am not yet ready for that! I still need space! Hope you have a very nice week!

  4. Ciao cara Denise!
    Hai ragione, sai, magari vivere in una casa piccola ti costringerebbe a tenere solo l’essenziale e a evitare di accumulare cose che poi non si utilizzano quasi mai, però io credo che non mi ci potrei mai abituare! ^^
    E poi penso che se si viva con altre persone avere degli spazi propri è necessario se non si vuol finire con il litigare tutto il tempo!
    Sempre deliziosi i tuoi look, è bello che siano composti da capi che provengono da diversi Paesi! Bellissime le soprattutto le scarpe! :)

    • Grazie tanto, carina S! Parole con saggezza – penso in una vita piu semplice, che sia senza stress, ma dopo so che non sono bene disposta ad una piccola casa, cosi. Forse per viaggare, mas per vivere, ancora no! E vero, una piccola casa cosi fa la coppia litigare, hahaha! Ma e dolce, mi piace come alternativa per una vita piu “folosofica” :) Ma non oggi, hahaha :) Ma e vero che non bisogno di molte cose che ho, pero come ho detto, non posso adesso cambiare tutto in un giorno oppure in un anno oppure no son! Non, non posso vive in questa piccola casa delle foto :) Ancora no! Baci, carina, una bella settimana per te e la tua famiglia!

  5. Hey Denise :)
    Wow! That is a wonderful idea. You can bring your home wherever you want too. This is amazing really!! And it’s beautiful too. 😀 Oh and the fact that you can decorate this small home and keep it organize is amazing ^^ By the way, I really love your outfit. It goes really well on you :)) Nice pictures Denise! I love it 😀

    *Heena :)

    • Thank you so very much for the lovely comment! I really liked the idea, to change places, ad it’s very organized too, it seems so! But I am still not ready for such a house – to travel yes, but to live in it not yet. Maybe one day? It makes life much simpler and voiding stress is good! Thank you so much for the compliment, I love colorful outfits, indeed! Hope you have a nice weekend!

    • Thank you so much for the lovely comment! Yes, a very nice concept, though I am not totally ready for it right now! Maybe in the future, who knows! Thank you for the compliment! I hope you have a very nice week!

    • Yes, I agree with you, with a kid it’s quite impossible, but some time later, I thought maybe… for me… although I think I am not prepared to it, either! Thank you so much for your lovely comment and I wish you a great week!

    • Hi, dear Marija, thank you so much for such a nice compliment and comment! You and I and the ones who commented till now all agreed that we liked the house :) BUT that we are not prepared for such a change! But the idea is interesting :) Hope you have a very nice week!

    • Thank you so much, dear Demi! I agree with you, I love to be in small rooms, but having said that, I also agree with you because the small rooms I like to be make all a big place :) I am still not prepared for such a tiny house! Hope you have a very beautiful week, thank you for your sweet comment and compliment!

    • Ciao, dolce Paola! Hai ragione, con tre figli non e possibile vivere in questa piccola casa delle foto! Dico la stessa cosa – non ho bambini, ma spazio e sempre benvenutto :) Ma mi piacerebbe un giorno cambiare, bisognare meno spazio… non so, adesso non :) Per un viaggio, forse! Grazie tante per le tue parole, sei sempre tanto carino con me! Questo paio di scarpe sono anche confortevole, mi piace! Una buona settimana e mese! Kisses!

    • Hi, dear, thank you for your nice comment! I think I have to agree with you! Such a small house looks nice, but maybe for a trip. Ad also, a super big house doesn’t seem to be functional, either! A decent size for our needs seem to be better! Hope you have a very nice week!

    • Ciao, carina Maggie! Grazie per le tue parole, sempre mi fa tanto bene! Sono cosi, credo che lo sai adesso :) dico, cosi “pazza”, romantica, con colori :) Ma a volta bisogno qualcosa di nero, gonna, camicia, abito… sono un po stanca di tanti colori, nella prossima settimana voglio indossare una cosa nera oppure beige :) Si, cambiare casa e argh! Ma si e per una cosa buona! 4 anni gia, sono cambiate di Alemania per Inghilterra. Un sforzo grandissimo, ma fu per una cosa (oppute voita) meglia! Baci!

    • Dear Maria, thank you for the lovely comment! I agree with you – a tiny house like that and some in other places sound good :) I think I would park that little house on a beach in Greece, cause they are amazing there – and so many I would love to know! Hope you have a great day! XXX

  6. I have moved many times in my life and sort of have it down to an art form at this point. While moving isn’t in the cards for us right now, when we are to change homes again next, I hope with every last fiber of my being that it’s to a larger abode. Our current condo is about 1,200 square feet which is quite tiny when you consider that there’s two people, two pets (one of which is an incredibly high energy medium-large sized dog), two home offices, a small photo studio, and all of the inventory for my Etsy shop crammed into that space – and without a yard or garage to help give us more room. How we manage sometime honestly blows my mind! :)

    Big hugs & happy start of June wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    • You are an artist! At first I thought “good space”, but then you started saying what the space has – the two pets, two offices, photo studio and Etsy inventory, it’s really a lot! But I think, somehow, it’s really art to be able to manage all these things together and that when you have a larger space, you will find it big in the beginning, and soon it can be full – people tend to be this way, I know! And it’s right, cause we need things, especially having a shop and working from home! So I truly wish that you move to a bigger space! As for the sweet tiny houses, they are cute, but I am also not prepared for them yet! Maybe a trip, for a month… I guess more, not! Hope you have a very nice day, hugs and kisses!

  7. Tengo que admitir que es una idea muy interesante, siempre es bueno contar con varias opciones, verdad? Esas casas se ven hermosas y acogedoras, pero quizás demasiado chicas para mi gusto 😉 Y lo digo yo, que amo los apartamentos! Jaja, pero sí reconozco que es una idea encantadora. :)
    Por cierto, amo esa túnica psicodélica, hasta se puede decir que se suma a todo este “revival” de la moda de los 60’s que está tan en auge ahora, y esos zapatos son para morirse!!! <3

    • Gracias, querida Deborah! Siempre escribes tan dulces palabras! Me encantan esas cosas psicodelicas, no se porque, pero me siento tan a gusto! Los zapatos son super comodos, asi que pude caminar con ellos! Verdad que las casitas con dulces, y verdad tambien, que aun no estoy preparada para un espacio asi tan chico :) Creo que ninguna blogger esta :) Pero quizas, un dia… un viaje? Un viaje seria bueno, para eso puedo estar en una casita asi :) Un buen dia y linda semana para ti! Besitos!

    • Thank you so much, dear Jessica, you are always so sweet! I love this kind of “hippie style” and the shoes were very comfortable! That little house seems to be so nice – though I think that for a trip it can be excellent, for an everyday living, right now, mmm…. not yet! Hope you have a very nice week! XXX

  8. Our home is a nice decent size, but not small. The smallest house I lived in was when I was in Uni, sharing a flat with others. I definitely don’t want one of those “tiny” homes, I mean where would I cook? hehe. But, we entertain quite a lot so a larger home suits our lifestyle. I love your psychedelic tunic Denise, it’s a wonderful print, and full of colour. Have a great week. xx/Madison
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    • Hi, dear Madison! Thank you for your nice comment and sharing the uni story! I agree with you, space is really great to have! I can see myself cooking at the tiny house, but not having a closet there. But maybe, for a short trip that could be nice! Thank you again for you sweet compliment, I like psychedelic prints! Hope you have a very nice day and week! XXX

    • Thank you very much, dear! I liked that house very much, but maybe for a trip, but for everyday… I don’t know! Who knows! Again, thank you so much for your compliment and I wish you a nice week, kisses!

    • Hi, dear Zubaida! You are right, small places are easier to clean and people don’t lose things as often as in bigger places :) I can plan having a simpler life for the future, I think! The idea of such a cosy house is interesting! Thank you so much for your nice comment and compliment!

    • Thank you so much, dear Angel! It’s true, the houses are sweet, but we always have too many things and we can’t fit all in such a house! But the idea of moving it is cool :) Thank you so much for your kind words, I hope you have a nice week and evening!

    • Thank you so much for such a sweet comment, dear June! I loved the houses, true, but I am not prepared for that house, not yet! Maybe for some days, for a trip, that could be nice! Hope you have a very nice week!

  9. I’ve always lived in small homes so living in my current 3-bedroom house is wonderful as I’ve never lived in anything that big!!!! I don’t want to go back to anything smaller!!!
    Loving your Mum’s headband, how very pretty as is that tunic, I love turquoisey colours!
    Hope you are well and I really do want to thank you for your supportive comments last month, they really meant a lot to me.xx

    • Thank you so much, dear Kezzie, for the compliment! I have to say that I am the one to thank you for so many nice posts and insights, things that I learned and places I went to through your blog! I understand what you mean, small spaces are cute, functional, but we tend to “accumulate” things over the years and end up needing space! I like space as well! The tiny house can be cool for a trip, I think :) Hope you have a very nice day and week! XXX

    • Thank you so much, dear, so lovely words and compliment! I loved the houses when I saw, they seem to be very functional, but you know – after some time, people start to accumulate things again and again and such a tiny house gets to be small again :) But it’s cute, anyway! Hope you have a very nice day and week!

  10. Loving the hippie vibe and colour of the tunic and your smashing heels.

    I like the idea of a home that you can move, but I need space. Might be part of being Canadian, I’m not sure. I like to know I have an area in the house I can go to that is mine and I can get away from everyone. I’m lucky enough to have a basement for my creative working space and an upstairs office for my blogging/illustration/design space. I’ve lived in very small apartments before in great locations, but I do like breathing room.


    • Thank you so much for the compliments, dear Suzanne! Since my teens I was always quite “hippiesh”, don’t know why (a late hippie, then :) I wear, every week, with at least two hippie outfits and that’s the way I feel comfortable :) as I said, don’t know why! I agree with you about the houses! I found them cute, but thought “could I?” I think that maybe for a trip, but not everyday… it’s nice to have good space, at least now! Who knows in the future! Your basement must be really cool! Cause you have excellent taste, so I would love to see it! Bisous, dear Suzanne!

  11. Rad cork shoes! :DDD I dunno know about the ideal home thing, yet. I find it hard to settle down in a single place. I like to keep moving, so the places where I live (or look at as potential living spaces) are small and practical. Maybe one day I’ll have a house. I dunno. Honestly, I probably don’t even need one. Hehe.

    – Anna

    • Dear Anna, thank you so much for your comment and insight! I guess I am pretty much the same, always moving! But I do have some houses, though not that small. Anyway, according to an economist, it’s nonsense buying a house – only if someone wants commissioned furniture, etc. But from the financial point of view, it’s more practical to rent than to buy! Just sharing what economists say! If you don’t need a house, it’s because you found the light 0 Buddha says that. I am not joking, I am so much looking for that and I really admire your view! (I am being totally honest!) I hope you have a very nice week, dear Anna!

  12. Liebe Denise, Deine Tunika ist so schön, und Du hast sie so gut kombiniert! Dein heutiger Post erinnert mich an ein Buch, das ich über eine deutsche Frau gelesen habe: sie hat auch ihr Leben vereinfacht und den Rest in ihrem Leben in einem sehr einfachen und kleinen Haus verbracht. Wenn jemand das schafft, finde ich das klasse! Für mich selber wäre ein Moving-Home nichts, denn ich lebe sehr gerne hier in meiner Heimat. Und ich schätze auch, dass ich noch nicht so weit wäre, mich von meinen Sachen zu trennen, damit alles auf diesem begrenzteren Raum untergebracht werden kann. Aber wer weiß, was die Zeit bringt :) Alles Liebe von Rena

    • Liebe Rena, danke fuer deine Komplimente, immer so suess! Du hast Recht, so ein kleines Haus ist auch noch nicht fuer mich, aber wie du gesagt hast, we weisst! Ich bin immer noch so “gluecklick” mit meinen Dingen, aber ich muss sagen, etwas weniger und weniger. Aber – nein, mag Schuhe immer noch :) Habe ich gelesen viele Buddha “Sprichwoerte” diese Woche, und “er” sagte das “existiren meint aendern”. So vielleicht, wie du sagst, fuer die Zukunft? Ehrlich, denke ich nicht – so ein Haus ist suess, aber wirklih klein, aber wir koennen nie “nie” sagen :) Hoffe, dass du eine schoene Woche hast, und noch einmal, danke fuer die suesse Woerte! Liebe Gruesse!

  13. I really like the idea of moving home – it looks like real house, but it moves, what means that if you get bored of some place or you want to go somewhere else you just do it, with your whole home. Moreover, this “house” isn’t tiny or too big, what is great as well. And you look so pretty, Denise, especially I love your elegant and classy shoes from Jessica Simpson (and to be honest – I didn’t like her as a singer, but I must to confess that she did great shoes!) :)

    • Hi, dear Ivonne, thank you so much for your always super sweet comments! You are right about Jessica Simpson – her shoes are really nice, and also comfortable! Very easy to walk with these ones! I think you are right about these houses – they are kind of “enough”, I mean the space. Though still not enough for me, but for a trip… or if we only have what we need (normally we have more than necessary, thus needing space). And then moving places, wow! Parking on streets and neighborhoods we prefer… beaches… the idea is so cool! Hope you have a very nice week, dear!

    • Grazie tante, carina Maggie! A la sera, ieri, ho i pensieri “voglio andara ad Italia un’altra volta! E incontrare a la carina Maggie, si possibile!” Forse nel prossimo anno? Mi piacerebbe, l’Italia sta sempre nel mio cuore! Baci!

    • Thank you so much, dear Tina! This comment really touched me, for the dress/headband, you know! Yes, it was a nice transformation! I loved that dress since childhood :) But the fabric was so delicate that anything (pulling) can damage it. Then she gave it to me and said “you can do whatever you want”, meaning “cut it if you like, I won’t mind” :) I made a scarf/headband then :) I agree with you about the house :) Still not ready for such a tiny house, although it looks sweet! Hope you have a very nice week! Hugs and kisses!

    • Hello, dear! Thank you very much for the nice comment! I agree with you – we do need more space! I thought maybe for a trip, that would be very good! For an everyday life, I am not yet prepared for such a house, I agree with you! Thank you for the lovely compliment! XXX

  14. Hi my lovely Denise, you look super-duper beautiful. I love your cute tunic and the heels. Omg Jessica Simpson shoe line is truly beautiful. I used to watch her reality show (yes I’m embarrassed) 😀 These little houses are super cute and I think I could live in there. If it wasn’t for my clothes and shoes 😀 I want to simplify my life too. I have started to buy less clothes and shoes…. Only stuff that I really love. You know what stripes “enlarge” me too (that is what my sister said when she saw me in total stripes). I told her I don’t care. I love to wear them and I will 😀 I wear a lot of clothes that don’t flatter me but I’m fine with that. Why should I limited my choice. Happy hump day sweetheart!

    • Hi, dear Mira! You are always so sweet! Wish I lived in Germany still, so I could meet you! But who knows, in the future! I have some friends there that write me “oh, I think we will never meet again…”, and it is sad, but I think “nice is to know I have met them one day and it enriched my life”. I say the same now, nice is that we got to know each other be it on the blogosphere or in person, and you enrich my life with your views! True, we should wear whatever we want! But look, you are taller (I am really short :) and I feel like a barrel :) with clothes that “cut” me. Nevertheless, I do wear many things that are that way :) You know, our clothes and shoes occupy a lot of space in our lives, inside our minds and physical space as well. And it’s OK so! Only, I have been so philosophical this week :) Reading a lot of Buddha stories and feeling “oh, I am terrible”. But one of the principles is to accept ourselves the way we are – so let’s enjoy our clothes and shoes and this cute tiny home can wait :) By the way, I always see you super elegant, and your clothes’ choices are amazing! Hope you have a very nice day and week and thank you for always leaving me so sweet comments!

  15. I saw some tiny customized houses in HGTV. They are so adorable! Maybe I might consider moving to one of them in the future. By the way, you look beautiful, love your top :) xo

    • Thank you so much, dear, you are so sweet! I had the same idea, maybe in the future… right now I’m fine having more space than that! But they really look cute and who knows, maybe I leave the mundane pleasures and look for a simpler life one day! Hope you have a very nice Wednesday!

    • Thank you so much, Liz! I like psychedelic items very much! Sometimes I have to “slow down”, I mean, to wear other things, to balance the “hippyness” :) Hope you have a very nice week!

  16. I think you can never have too much space. I’ve always dreamed of a bigger house and am always thinking about how I could fill it. I love decorating and interior design although I can’t say i am brilliant at it. I know a lot of people who have decided to downsize as they get older. I love the idea of moving your home though – you can take life’s little luxuries wherever you go without having to adjust to new surrounding. I guess this could be quite expensive initially, but a great investment. Great heels Denise!

    • Hi, dear Colleen! I have to tell you, after the covered dates to replace sugar, I had fruit and yoghurt and OK, not made out of iron, a praline :) But I have to tell you – it’s 5 PM now and I feel kind of empty :) I think it’s adjusting to a new routine, though I am not sure whether it’s normal :) Now, the houses! The site says they cost $65k. They look nice and functional, but I agree with you – not yet prepared to down size and also agree about changing environment and taking all with me on wheels :) I thought of visiting many beaches and having the cute house with me :) Well, an idea for the future, who knows! Thank you so much for the nice comment and insight, I always love to read and learn from them! XXX

    • Hello dear Anouka, thank you for your lovely comment! Yes, that was what i thought when I read about the houses, the more we have, the more we need and the more space we want. I wish I could live in a cute house like that, but I am not yet prepared! But maybe in the future? The houses looked very functional! Hope you have a nice day!

    • Thank you so much, dear M, for the lovely comment and compliment! The houses are small, and true, till now jusr one reader was prepared to think of living there :) I would say maybe for a quick trip, but for now, not living there :) Hope you have a very nice rest of the week! Filakia!

    • Thank you so much, dear Jenny, you are always so sweet to me! The house is really sweet, but I would say, for a trip, not for living (I mean, not now, but who knows in the future :) Hope you have a very nice rest of the week! Kisses!

    • Obrigada, Lanny! Puxa, entre e quarta e quinta eu visito seu blog e vc foi mais rapida do que eu! Mas logo logo vou la – nao foi por causa do comentario, eu vou la durante a semana, mas mesmo assim quero te agradecer, vc eh muito doce! Obrigada novamente e um bom restinho de semana! Um beijo!

    • Oh, dear Elisabeth, you are soooo sweet! I got so touched by your words, I am very far from a princess :) That small house looks cute and functional – I would like to have it for a trip! Thank you so much for such a kind comment and compliment! I hope you also have a very nice weekend!

  17. Olá querida Denise

    Eu acho que o melhor tipo de casa é aquela em que nos sentimos aconchegados e felizes. Muitas pessoas tem uma ideia de que morar em casas imensas será o melhor. Talvez até seja, na verdade depende do gosto de cada um. As casas das fotos são tão simpáticas, eu amei!
    Novamente o seu look está tão lindo e elegante, fiquei apaixonada pelo seu sapato, ele simplesmente lindo!!

    Beijos e um lindo fim de semana pra você

    • Nossa, querida Lilly, vc disse tudo! Muitas pessoas disseram aqui “nao poderia viver numa casa assim” e acho mesmo que quem sabe ate eu nao poderia, embora ache que adotando uma outra filosofia de vida poderia sim, mas enfim, vc disse tudo: o melhor tipo de casa eh aquela em que nos sentimos felizes! Pronto, disse tudo! Te agradeco imensamente por isso! O sapato eh bem confortavel, embora alto! Obrigada pelo comentario e elogio! E um otimo fim de semana! Beijao!

    • Hi, dear Stephanie, thank you so much for the kind comment! It is a cute project, indeed! I loved the way they projected such a tiny house, but so functional! Hope you have a great weekend!

    • Ciao, Lizzy! Tante grazie per le tue parole! E vero, e piccola, ma come hai detto, super organizata! Non so si posso vivere in questa casa, credo di si per un tempo… come un viaggio, mi sembra bene! Un bel fine settimana!

    • Thank you fr the lovely comment, dear Lulu! The tiny houses look sweet, but maybe for a garden, as a guest house or a trip, who knows! Hope you are well, too and that you have a lovely weekend!

  18. I love those cute little portable houses. I often think when I’m older, maybe that’s how I’ll down-size .. we’ll see.

    You are looking fabulous! And .. I love those shoes! I didn’t know Jessica Simpson shoes were so cute!!


    • Thank you so much, dear Monica, for the sweet comment! Yes, Jessica Simpson has a line of shoes that are totally wearable and sweet! Ah, the tiny houses… I liked the idea, to really use and have what one needs… but I am probably still not ready for that, BUT… like you said, in the future? Who knows! Hope you have a great week!

  19. haha, how brilliant is that “house” 😀 really really cool and stylish but too small for my taste. I need more space for breathing and for my things too 😛 by the way, a question. one day I tried to remember in which country do you live? was it Denmark or the Netherlands or something else?? anyway, when it comes to houses I have to admit mine is too big. too many rooms and space but the garden is a little too small at the same time. in the future we would like to live in the countryside :)
    about your outfit now. I’m in love with those shoes. the cork heel is so cool. and I like it how you have combined some colourful patterns with all that black. well done! and the pearls are very pretty. oh, one more thing. I’m not sure if you checked already but I left a reply under your last comment in my blog. and of course enjoy June and take care! :)

    • Hi, dear Maiken! Thank you so much for telling me about the answer! Now I have an email to send :) Soon :) And hope you enjoy your day next week! Hahaha, the tiny houses! They are so cool, look so organized, but I don’t know whether they would be this organized with two people living there! I guess for a trip they are nice! But more, I don’t know. I am still not completely ready for such a change! :) Thank you so much for the compliments! I like colorful outfits, you know, but sometimes it’s good to have some black pieces, too! Oh, you know I have shifted a lot over the years… I will write you about that later! Hope you have a great week and June is a great month for you, I see! XXX

    • Thank you so much for the lovely comment, dear Kiki! I am really thinking of such a house for some trips, no joke! I think it would be amazing to go wherever one wants and having all organized and nice, like those houses! Hope you have a great week! XXX

  20. It is true that we don’t need a big house or more than one. I at least only need one, but it needs to have a huge room for me to keep my junk and is a lot that I have to save. But the idea of having a mobile home is tempting. Could be in your home everywhere where you are traveling is at least wonderful.

    • Hello! Thank you so much for this lovely comment! True, one house must be enough, but sometimes having that one can give comfort and people can go to many places, without only a small suitcase :) It looks practical :) And having a big room for creativity (or junk, like you said :) is really cool! Hope you have a very nice day and rest of the week!

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