Moon phases

Moon phases, not because of the full moon starting today, but because I guess everybody has “phases”. Well, I think I do :) What about you?

I am on a "pink coats" phase now!

I am on a “pink coats’ phase” now!

Do you believe in Lunar effects on people’s behavior? Particularly the full moon seems to influence, but studies say that it’s a myth – I don’t know :) Anyway, this February I’m on a “phase” :) Pink coats, a pleated skirt (my design!), knee-length boots (I love them!), beige bags :) Well, even Pantone says that Rose Quartz is the color for 2016. Honestly, I don’t care about Pantone’s “rules” – I just like pink :)

Pink coats: Asos,

Pink coats, from left to right: Asos, don’t remember (!!!) and Va News. Tops: C & A, Penney’s and TK Maxx

Wood marquetry, Luz da Lua, Betty Barclay

Bags: wood marquetry – don’t remember; patent leather – Luz da Lua and Betty Barclay, worn here

Boots, from left to right: Peacock, Rocket Dog and Next

Boots, from left to right: Peacocks, Rocket Dog and Next  – from Tenby, Dublin, Birmingham

Necklaces pendants: golden, New Bijoux, silver (a clock), Trinity College Dublin

Necklaces pendants: golden, New Bijoux; silver (a clock), Trinity College Dublin

DIY (Culinary) Moment :)

I love cooking, in a practical way – I like being practical. Last week I prepared some dishes – one from childhood :)  The creamy spinach on toast – a variation of Spanish Tomato on toast. The dishes are sooo easy, but nevertheless, the recipes are on Vegetabible :)

Spinach on toast

Cantonese soy sauce pan-fried noodles

Strawberry Meringue Dessert



Wishing you a nice week, with smilesThanks for the great comments, I love having you here!

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70 thoughts on “Moon phases

  1. Loving the pink coats on your, darling! I don’t think I could pull off wearing pink myself, although funnily enough it is actually my favourite colour! You do look gorgeous in pink, though, that’s for sure! :) <3 Loving all the dishes, also – spinach on toast seems super yummy; I'd be tempted to add a little bit of feta cheese to that! <3 Hope you're well. x x


  2. Hello sweet Denise!!
    You look so preety!!Beautiful outfits!I like pink color for Winter!
    You have amazing boots and bags!Love your pendants!!
    And so delicious food and deserts!!Lucky you!!
    Well the news are that i ‘m travelling back to the Netherlands again on Wednesday and return in Greece on 21 of March ,with my daughter and her family!Ιτ is great need to go, because the nanny is leaving and i have to take care of my grandson!
    When are you going to be in the Netherlands?See how the things change!!
    Have a great week my dear friend!!Manyhugs!

  3. Ciao cara Denise! :)
    Sai io credo che le fasi della luna influenzi un pò l’umore delle persone, quantomeno per il fatto che siamo composti al 70% di acqua e la luna influenza le maree! :)
    A parte questo però anche io ho delle fasi in cui preferisco vestire più romantica, più sportiva, più trendy, ecc, però il rosa mi piace sempre, è il mio colore preferito e io lo indosso spessissimo a prescindere da quello che dice Pantone! :)
    Mi piaccciono tantissimo i tuoi look, sei deliziosa e molto femminile!
    E quella meringa alle fragole deve essere buonissima!!!

  4. Denise you look so lovely, and I have a slight obsession with pink coats at the moment. I loved the VA News style, and your outfits here. I’ve never had creamed spinach on toast with corn. Sounds good, maybe I will try it sans the corn. :) I like most colours and wear them all pretty much so the colour of the year could be purple and I’d still wear it even if it wasn’t, lol.
    Star Noir

  5. I definitely believe in moon phases and their effect on people. I notice that people drive more aggressively when there’s a full moon. It’s interesting that the moon has so much power, including regulating the tides!


  6. Hallo Denise, tut mir leid, dass ich mich jetzt erst melde. Bin zur Zeit auch öfter offline 😉 Also ich glaube an die Mondphasen. Bei Vollmond und Neumond schlafe ich besonders schlecht und meistens habe ich auch Albträume 😀 Könnte schlimmer sein. Alle drei Looks gefallen mir, aber der erste ist mein Favorit. Ich liebe pinkfarbene Mäntel. Ich wüsche dir einen wunderschönen Tag Süße!


  7. Pink really suits you.

    I adore you in a beret.

    I also enjoy cooking but rarely feature it on my blog. I’ve had people tell me they just automatically “skip” those posts. {sigh}

    The spinach on toasts looks yummy!


    • Hi, dear Suzanne, thank you for the compliments! I have the same feeling about food – I know some people simply skip the post. But then, I posted some outfits too, so I thought it would be OK! If you saw the things I cook, and I don’t post… but I will “need” to post 2 more food “I made this” :) And then I will go on with outfits, because where I am now it’s difficult to have outfits’ photos – and later it will go back to my photo routine, which will be OK! Bisous and thank you again for the sweet comment! By the way, I would love to see what you cook!

  8. Hi Denise, I love all your pink coats, I surprisingly don’t own a single pink coat and after reading your post I really want to go out and get one! Love all the recipes you shared, will be saving them for later. Hope you have a fabulous weekend :)

  9. Liebe Denise, ich glaube absolut an Mondphasen! Zeitweise habe ich sogar meine Haare nur in den dafür passenden Phasen schneiden lassen und auch was Bauholz anbelangt, denke ich, dass Mond darauf großen Einfluss hat. Ich liebe rose auch und Du hast so wunderbare Sachen in rose. Du siehst wieder wunderschön aus und Dein Essen zu essen muss der Himmel sein <3
    Alles Liebe von Rena

  10. I must say I haven’t really got into lunar effects. I look at my horoscopes occasionally but that is about it. Pink is always a good colour whatever month of the year and I too love over the knee boots – I’d love to wear them in the summer if I could!!

    Great recipe ideas Denise, I love the idea of creamy spinach on toast – so healthy, if the toast is wholemeal of course ha ha!

  11. Definitely! I find phases exciting and fascinating. It’s cool to see what does, and conversely, doesn’t, come back into your lives and/or wardrobes again. Ideally, such things are positive, but even when they’re not, there’s usually a takeaway lesson to be learned from them and a reason they’ve surfaced on our radar once again.

    Terrific styling, sweet lady. Pink sings on you!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  12. Of course we all go through phases. If the moon or the season or my hormones have the biggest influence right now, I am not sure.
    But I don’t think I will ever have a pink coat phase, because no matter what Pantone says, these blush colors don’t suit me at all.

  13. Nunca sé qué creer sobre las fases lunares y demás cosas de la astrología! Me divierto leyendo sobre estas cosas a veces, pero al final del día no se si las creo. Amo admirar la luna y las estrellas, eso seguro. Podría pasar horas viendo un cielo estrellado o una luna llena!
    Me encanta tu “fase” de abrigos rosas! A mí también me gusta ese color, lo diga Pantone o no 😉 Y la falda de tu diseño es hermosa de verdad!!
    Que tengas un hermoso fin de semana, Denise!

  14. you look very pretty, I remember one myth which was told by my mother that if you cut your hair on full moon days your hair will grow faster and you know it’s absolutely truth i don’t know how? but yes its true.

  15. Hello sweetest Denise! I don’t know about moon phases affecting my mood swings, but the weather certainly does, lol! I’m getting really fed up now of the dank cold weather we’re having here in the UK. I want Spring to, well, ‘spring’ literally. I don’t much think about the sky at night. You look lovely in pink btw. It’s a good colour for brunettes, though I own very little of it in my wardrobe. On the subject of food and eating, I’m feeling very tempted by that strawberry meringue desert. Love strawberries and same goes for meringue ?. Tracey xxx

  16. I love your pink coat…and I’m happy about Pantene’s choice of colours for this year…pastel blue and pink are both lovely shades.

    You look very feminine and pretty in all these outfits.

    when it comes to the moon phases, I have sleep problems when there is a full moon, so yes I believe that the moon can influence us.

  17. I think I definitely have phases! I become very obsessed with certain items of clothing, and sometimes if I buy them, they just don’t work out. Right now it’s overalls, and I still love wearing them around!

    I actually really like Rose Quartz, it’s such a nice color! I got a phone case in that shade, though I think I’d buy it anyways even if it wasn’t Pantone’s color.

  18. I think some things affect our mood and behavior to some extent but in the end it is up to us to deal with it. Not really sure about moon phases affecting behavior but it does have a strange effect on mental illness in old literature. I love your pink coat and the food you made looks delicious!

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