Merry Tropical Christmas!

Merry Tropical Christmas!  With a nice Christmas tag, to copy if you wish!  I hope everybody has a beautiful, loving Christmas!

MERRY CHRISTMAS from the beautiful Joao Pessoa  beaches! And a picture with a painting of local excellent artist M.F.

MERRY CHRISTMAS from the beautiful Joao Pessoa beaches! And a picture with a painting of local excellent artist Moises Farias. I wanted to look “tropical” = colorful and wore a wooden beaded necklace, hippie earrings of Bath and a Murano pendant. But in the end I can also be a Christmas tree :)

The day has arrived! MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope everybody has a beautiful day, with great moments with family and friends, enjoying the beauty of the day with good vibes and sweet feelings! Remember that whoever has a family to count on, to wish Merry Christmas to and smile at, is blessed! I hope you are always blessed and have many beautiful Christmas in your lives!

I’m keeping a new “Mona Lisa smile” because 1) I had some problems during my trip, thankfully not enough to make me “fall”; 2) I liked the change, now :) 3) I was a bit shy, with “new” people looking at me in a different place, during my selfies :) But I’ll soon go back to Montevideo and will “fully” smile again :) Now I’ll share some pictures of the beautiful Joao Pessoa city (founded in 1585, 800,000 blessed with amazing beaches inhabitants now) :) I’m loving it!

So, reading Ashley’s sweet blog – even the name, you’ll see :) – I saw she answered this Christmas tag and I liked it very much! Hope you like it, too! You may share some answers with me – I would love to know about your traditions!


MERRY CHRISTMAS from the beautiful Joao Pessoa beach!

MERRY CHRISTMAS from the beautiful Joao Pessoa city! I went to the famous Manaira Mall there. Loads of beautiful things! This dress I wore in 2014. So comfy and practical!

1. Real or fake tree? I love real trees, but equally love fake ones :)

2. Favorite Christmas cookie? Don’t make me choose! There was a time friends in the Netherlands used to call me “Cookie Monster“! Any cookie will do!

3. Home on Christmas morning or travel? Again, both are good. I have tried both and honestly, both are OK, I don’t have a favorite way.

Fishers on Tambau beach

Fishers on Tambau beach

Tambau beach with fishers' bpats

Tambau beach with fishers’ boats

Mangai-restaurant, typical food, it seems it's the best in the city

Mangai restaurant, typical food; it seems it’s the best in the city. It was good!

At Mangai :) So tropical!

At Mangai :) So tropical!

Joao Pessoa Tambau beach, with a selfie with one of the paintings along the city!

Joao Pessoa Tambau beach, with a selfie with one of the paintings along the city!

4. Clear or colored lights? Colored, always!

5. Send Christmas cards? Mmm… Not really, but this year I sent 2, to elderly people.

6. Favorite Christmas present received? Mmm… a difficult question. A red bicycle maybe, a giant doll :) or a CD when we “had” to buy CDs :) Or even a turquoise  bracelet, a pearl ring or a floating locket this Christmas… difficult to choose :) Actually, the best present is to keep the lovely memories. Seriously!

A star-cloud!

Star-clouds! Early morning beauty!

Yes, I enjoyed the warm sea Due to my sun allergy, I have to bathe with clothes on :(

Yes, I enjoyed the warm sea. Due to my sun allergy, I have to bathe with clothes on :( But that didn’t take my joy away :)

Yes, hydro gym at Tambau

Yes, gym at Tambau. But swimming was better :)

7. Favorite Christmas present given? I think books or T-shirts, as simple as it sounds, to my brothers, and perfumes to my parents. Well, this year I also gave (funny) things I loved :)

8. Stockings or no stockings? No stockings, but I should have some next year :) This year would be impossible, where I am now.

9. Christmas PJs? No Christmas PJs. I don’t like PJs, my opinion. But I like to see funny ones :)

Historic district

Historic district lovely architecture

Nail art and the bag I wore. Will show it better another day :) Ring from Germany

Nail art and the bag I wore. Will show it better another day :) Ring from Germany

10. Favorite Christmas carol? God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, from 1833, aka “Tidings of Comfort and Joy”, but I also love Deck the halls (’tis the season to be jolly, la-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la) :) and Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. The question is about carols. Old and pop songs, I have many favorite ones :)

11. Favorite holiday tradition? Mmmm… relax during the day, I think… does it count?

12. Early shopper or last minute? Early shopper ALWAYS. Spares so much stress.

Colonial architecture downtown Joao Pessoa

Colonial architecture downtown Joao Pessoa

In front of the Medicine Faculty

In front of the Medicine Faculty

13. Favorite Christmas movie or show? The Holiday :) (2006) and It’s a wonderful life (1946), but so many more. But I guess these 2 are my favorite ones :)

14. Favorite holiday beverage? Sparkling water.

15. Cookies and milk for Santa? I don’t like milk, so you can have it Santa, but leave the cookies for me, the Cookie Monster :)

Well preserved buildings

Well preserved buildings

I love architecture!

I love architecture!

Finishing Touch and Mood of the Week


Wishing you a beautiful week with many smilesThanks for the sweet comments!

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44 thoughts on “Merry Tropical Christmas!

  1. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays dear Denise! I’m happy to see you are enjoying yourself. I bet that warm sea is pretty perfect:). I like swimming in both cold and warm seas, but warm seas allow us to enjoy them for the longer stretches of time. With cold seas we must always beware hypothermia and when we swim in a warm seas we don’t have to worry about it. Anyhow, beautiful photos, thank you for sharing your travels. All in the best in the NY!

  2. Denise
    Que delicia o lugar que você escolheu, fiquei aqui viajando na sua viagem, as fotos ficaram lindas, amo o coloridos que você coloca nas sua vida.Que ela seja sempre muito colorida.
    Lembrei do Restaurante que você foi também estive lá e amei, este local vive lotado e quando fui tinha filas, ai utilizei meu direito de ser atendida antes pois sou idosa ahaha.
    Espero que tenha aproveitado muito o nordeste é lindo mesmo.
    Grande beijo e uma boa semana.

  3. Feliz Navidad querida Denise! Me alegra que estes pasando un lindo en las playas de Brasil. Te ves hermosa y radiante en todas las fotos! Que hermosos lugares. Me parecio muy divertido este tag de Navidad! Creo que lo voy a incluir para mi post navideño del año que viene <3 Te cuento que yo solo tengo una tradicion "particular" para la Nochebuena que es reunirme con mis ex compañeras del coro de mi ex colegio y cantar "La Misa Criolla", si nunca has escuchado la Misa Criolla te la recomiendo! Es algo del norte de Argentina :) Yo empece a ir todos los 24 cuando entre a la secundaria, y desde ese entonces hasta ahora nos seguimos reuniendo para hacer esto, es una de mis partes favoritas de la Navidad.
    Que termines excelente este año y recibas uno aun mejor! Feliz Año Nuevo!!!

  4. Belated happy Christmas Denise …. this looks like another beautiful city and oh my gosh, the sunshine looks so inviting. Here it is seasonally cold and we’ve had a lovely quiet time.
    I wish you the most wonderful 2018 and I look forward to meeting up again.
    Fil x

  5. Such beautiful pictures! I felt like I was there with you :-) You always discover the most amazing places.

    This year I purchased a fake tree with lights and I gotta say it’s pretty terrific. I added a scented candle (Mistletoe by Yankee Candle – smells like a pine tree) and quite frankly – you’d never know it was fake!

    Hope your Christmas was wonderful and wishing you the happiest New Year <3


  6. Liebe Denise, oh, ich bin sehr froh, dass Dich die aufgetretenen Probleme nicht davon abhalten konnten, weiter zu reisen! Danke für diesen schönen Weihnachts-Post aus den Tropen und ich mag Dich auch sehr mit Deinem Mona-Lisa-Lächeln! Was Du trägst ist auch wieder sehr schön und Deine Antworten sind alle sehr gut! Bei uns gibt es keine bunten Lichter am Christbaum, wobei das eigentlich ziemlich cool ist! Ich wünsche Dir weiterhin eine fantastische und dass ab jetzt immer alles glatt geht!
    Hab noch wunderschöne Tage in diesem ausklingenden Jahr 2017 und rutsch gut in das Neue Jahr!
    Liebe Grüße, Rena

  7. Oh did something happen to your teeth? Yes taking selfies in public is weird still, and I bet it is even weirder in some countries. Shooting selfie videos is even weirder hahaha. Luckily in New York no body notices. You can walk around topless in Grand Central and barely get a reaction. Haha I did witness this.

    Love the photos! I have never had a tropical Christmas it as always been in cool climates. Hope your holiday was great too!

    Allie of ALLIENYC

    • Haha, I had to smile about the topless and no one cares- yes, I did smile – fully :) No problems with my teeth, thankfully, touch wood! :) But I do feel embarrassed sometimes… Like posing and whoever is around stopping by to stare… Well, I know, I shouln’t care… But I still do :( Especially in a place I’m a tourist :) sometimes in Montevideo I now look at people and say “hello!” But here I feel shy :) so I pose here in a discrete way, I try :) Yes, you are right, videos are “strange” outside! It looks as if the person is face timing someone, but well, we bloggers know what’s going on :) Thank you so much for your lovely words, I love your comments! Hope you have a great new year!

  8. Sembra che anche tu abbia passato un bel Natale, cara Denise, ne sono proprio contenta, te lo meriti!
    Anche il mio natale è stato molto bello, in casa con tutta la famiglia ed i vicini di casa (sono una coppia con i figli che abitano lontano, quindi le feste le passano con noi), tante cose buone da mangiare e un sacco di regali! :)
    Carinissimo il tuo tag, ti voglio rispondere velocemente qui:
    1- io di alberi ne faccio 2 uno vero in terrazza ed uno finto (enorme) in casa
    2- Torrone e struffoli , sono dolci tipico di Natale qui in italia
    3- A casa, senza dubbio!
    4- Luci chiare
    5- Qui in Italia non è un’usana molto comune spedire cartoline di Natale, io le spedisco solo ad una mia amica giapponese a Tokyo e ad un’altra che invece sta in Tanzania
    6- In realtà ho ricevuto tantissimi regali che potrei dire esser i preferiti, praticamente tutte le volte che sono un regalo a sorpresa che non ti aspetti ma che è perfetto
    7- credo sia il drone che ho regalato un paio di anni fa a mio fratello
    8- Qui in Italia la calza si appende al camino per la Befana (il 6 gennaio)
    9- Non mi piacciono particolarmente
    10- Santa baby, Jingle Bells rock e Last Christmas
    11- La grigliata di gamberi arrostiti sul fuoco del camino
    12- Io comincio presto ma finisco sempre all’ultimo minuto
    13- Una poltrona per 2 (trading places), e le maratone di cartoni Disney e Harry potter
    14- Champagne
    15- Biscotti!
    Ti faccio tantissimi auguri di un meravilgioso anno nuovo cara Denise, che ti porti tanta fortuna, soddisfazioni, gioia e amore!

    • Carina Silvia, mi piace molto le tue risposte! Mi piace anche champagne (per brindare um incontro…la la la :) – ma adesso non bevo niente, dove sono fa molto caldo, acqua mi piace piu qui :) Una delle mie nonne e nata a Roma, quindi a casa mangiamo molto cibo italiano e adooooro il torrone! Grazie per il comment, sempre cosi gentile e ti auguro un anno nuovo con salute e gioia! Baci!

  9. I love your answers to the Christmas tag! I taught my kids God rest ye Merry Gentlemen last year and they LOVE it and always get excited when we sing it which I think is sweet!!! You certainly do look tropical in your photo. I love the one of you at the side of the photo with your hair in a ponytail, you look so young!!!
    I hope your Christmas was enjoyable. I am grateful to have my family to enjoy it with and I just wish you had the same. It was a little sad for my husband as his Father is very ill and doesn’t have long and he was too ill to come out for Christmas dinner with us which we were all very sad about and he has found it hard to actually see us but I am so grateful we did get to see him and be here even if he didn’t necessarily ‘appreciate’ it as such. xx

  10. Dear Denise, I hope you enjoyed your Christmas holiday.Your photos are beautiful and I think having a tropical Christmas can be enjoyable, although I really love the winter time with colder temperatures. I had a really wonderful Christmas this year. Your holiday film choices are two of my favourites as well, also I like your festive manicure. Happy New Year, dear. Wishing you peace, joy and happiness in 2018!

  11. It was nice to read about your Christmas traditions, I might answer the challenge a bit late, after NYE because I haven’t written anything about the actual Christmas holiday on my blog yet…I was just too busy and had no time for writing. I guess the biggest tradition for me now, is to create new traditions, as my parents aren’t among us anymore.
    I have to look up that movie “It’s a wonderful life” – I haven’t seen it and I love movies!
    Thank you for all your kind support during this year Denise! I hope you have a wonderful New Year, and I wish the best of luck for the year ahead!

    E from Helsinki, Finland

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