Meeting Bloggers

Meeting Bloggers – I guess many bloggers have already thought “how is this or that blogger?” Many met some and are friends now. I’ve met some bloggers over the years and now, February, again!

Bloggers meeting

I’ve been meeting nice bloggers since 2012! I try to set meetings with some, when I know they live in a city I’m going to. Last December I tried to fix some meetings in Italy, but it was Christmas and New Year’s Eve – I knew it would be difficult. Through my post last Monday I discovered that a sweet blogger lives in one of the cities I went recently and it was such a pity we couldn’t meet!

I’ve written about a very lovely meeting in Greece here. Now, I’m showing the lovely Kezzie – she invited me to one of her concerts in London and Fil, meeting in Dublin. She gave me such a great present, one of her CDs! I’m so honored and thankful! Such an amazing afternoon and by the way – we met through Kezzie’s blog! Please check their blogs out, they’re all really sweet and kind! They inspired me to start Music College! I’d love to know about your bloggers meetings!

Kezzie, London  and Fil, Dublin

Kezzie, London and Fil, Dublin

Fil Campbell Back There CD

To go on with the topic :), I got the Liebster Award through the sweet Danielle (a brilliant cook!) and I thank her so much for this honor! I’d love to meet Danielle, too! Let’s see what she asked me!

Liebster award

1. Favorite place you have ever been – I love Tenby, in Wales.

2. How do you usually spend your weekends? Painting, designing furniture or sewing or then visiting new cities. I try to have a balance between staying cozy at home and some spontaneous trips.

3. What is one of your talents? I prefer when people “discover” things about me, but alas, if it’s a talent (not sure about it), I’m a certified Flamenco dancer :)

4. Why did you start blogging? Purely because I always wanted to try things when they are “a novelty” – I started my first blog in 2005 and wrote there till 2013 :)

5. Piece of advice you would like to share? Always be kind and grateful, it doesn’t cost a thing.

6. Planner, spontaneous or both? Both. It depends on the occasion.

7. Favorite dish? Difficult to choose! I’m a fussy eater, unfortunately. I think it’s avocado.

Avocado pasta salad

Avocado pasta salad, with tomatoes, basil and asparagus

8. Bags or shoes (if you HAD to pick one)? Shoes.

9. How would you define your style? Always changing! Ladylike in the past, then boho, now practical.


Beach House memories

Wishing you a nice week, with smilesThanks for the great comments, I love having you here!

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81 thoughts on “Meeting Bloggers

  1. Ciao cara Denise! Innanzi tutto bentornata! 😀
    Ma quanti posto hai visitato in questi ultimi mesi? Che gran bei viaggio che fai!
    E che bello che hai potuto incontrare altre blogger, spero che ci incontreremo anche noi prima o poi!
    Sai che abbiamo anche degli hobbies in comune? disegnare, viaggiare, creare vestiti e ballare! Io ho fatto danza classica per quasi 10 anni, ma non ho mai ballato il flamenco, tu devi esser bravissima! Mi piacerebbe impararlo, io adoro ballare! 😀

  2. Denise non posso credere che tu sia stata in Italia senza dirmelo!!! Mi avrebbe fatto piacere incontrarti! Dove sei stata di preciso? Che bello che tu sia stata a Londra al concerto di Kezzie! Un grande abbraccio tesoro! Baci, Valeria – Coco et La vie en rose NEW POST

    • Carina Coco, grazie tante per le sempre dolce parole! Non sapeva bene dove sarebbe, ma un giorno voglio incontrarti – sono andata a Italia molte vece, mi piace moltissimo e anche incontro famiglia :) Cosi, sono sicura che saro andata di nuovo, e voglio vederti! Sei sempre tanto carina! Baci!

    • It was my honour and pleasure, dear Fil! I wish we could meet once more, but I know you are packing for Australia, otherwise this time I would go up to Rostrevor! It was such a lovely afternoon, you are so wise, so kind and lovely, I really learned a lot! And again one more point in common – avocado! Hope you are fine, I am sending positive vibes for the voice – tea with honey and meditation are good ?!

  3. Hello dear Denise!!
    Congrats on the award, you decerve it !!! I am impressed , you’re a flamenco dancer!!
    It’s nice to meet other bloggers!II want to ask you are you living in Ireland?Are you an Irish girl?
    Thank you for sharing!Have a happy week ahead dear!!Hugs!

    • Hi, dear Dimi! Thanks for such a lovely comment! I am not Irish, but have Irish roots, according to my family tree ? I am currently living in Dublin, but moving soon ? By the way, I’ll be in Amsterdam for some time around March 20th, would love to meet you if you are there, too!

      • Oh, no, I didn’t see that the keyboard wrote Diminish, instead of Dimi! I tried to leave you a comment on your blog explaining and apologising, but I don’t know whether you received that! Sorry agai!

      • Hi Denise!
        I love Ireland and i would love to visit one day!
        My daughter and the baby are visiting us in 21 of March!
        I’ll come in the Netherlands in Summer.Oh,i would love to meet to!
        What a shame i ‘ll be here in Athens!
        Have a lovely day dear!!

  4. such a cool post, Denise! it would be really awesome to meet my blog friends in real life! I hope life will give me the chance to meet at least some of them :) I think you are definitely lucky you have already met several!
    it was also interesting to read answers to those questions and seeing your beautiful delicious salad made me super hungry! I would love to have it right now 😀 I always love those versatile posts where you have so many different topics and sides! enjoy your Tuesday!

  5. Hello Denise :) Congrats on the award, I had no idea that you’re certified Flamenco dancer, I’m impressed, dear! 😀 Futhermore, I love avocado too, especially in guacamole, I could add it to almost everything :) What’s more, I have to google this place in Wales, because I haven’t heard about it before and I’m really enjoying to discover new, beautiful places on the world, I hope that someday I’ll be able to see the majority of them :) Hope you’re having great day, my dear friend :)

  6. I have met a couple of them and all of them have been really sweet..Glad to know that you organise meetings when you know a blogger lives in a particular city that you are visiting. I havent done that yet..But I would from now on

  7. Liebe Denise, das ist so wunderbar, dass Du all diese Blogger getroffen hast! Und danke für das interessante Interview – etwas Neues auszuprobieren, ist ein sehr guter Grund, einen Blog zu starten. Liebe Denise, ich würde mich auch so freuen, wenn wir uns einmal treffen – bitte melde Dich daher unbedingt, wenn Du hier in Deutschland in der Gegend von Bayern bist. Danke <3
    Alles Liebe von Rena

  8. Denise, this is such a sweet post! Meeting bloggers in person and becoming friends is so special! I never thought in a million that this was possible but it is. I’m glad you and Kezzi + Fil got to meet in person and became friends! I really hope we get to meet as well. You are such a warm and loving person, your personality really shines through your blog! Love you to pieces, dear heart!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  9. I think making new friends is one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had from blogging. Some of the people I’ve met when I first started out blogging have become really good friends of mine and I love how the other bloggers I’ve interacted with are so friendly and positive :)

  10. Countless “yeses” to the quote that kicks off this lovely post. That is such a simple, yet deeply powerful message that whole world needs to be reminded of and, moreover, to take to heart.

    How exciting that you were able to meetup with some fellow bloggers. Isn’t that an almost surreal-y cool experience? I’ve had a chance to do the same a small time of times over the years and it never stops being off-the-charts awesome!

    Thank you for taking us along to some of your lovely meetups, dear Denise.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  11. Hi Denise, how are you, hope yotu have been keeping well. The start of 2016 has been quite busy for me; I’m just about finding time to post on my blog. How lovely that you get to meet other bloggers, I love that idea and have only met two since starting my blog, hoping to meet some others later this year. Love learning more about bloggers, cant believe you are a certified flamenco dancer, that’s amazing. I’m opposite to you, I prefer bags over shoes. I haven’t been to Tenby in ages!

  12. Hello Denise! So lovely to hear you’re back!. The whole blogging community spirit really has made the world a smaller place and widened friendship groups. It’s one of the greatest things about it. If ever you’re planning a trip near London, do let me know and we should try to arrange a meet-up. It would be lovely to have a proper natter over coffee and cake. So Tenby is your favourite place to visit. I never would have thought that a small town in Wales would win over the heart of someone as well travelled as you. That’s a fab nugget of information to know. Love and kisses sweetie Txxx

  13. hi sweet Denise! Yes, I have met some bloggers in person, two of them actually and it was a lovely experience. I would love to meet more, but sometimes it is really hard to organize it. That’s one of the things I would change in my life if I could, I would love to be able to travel more and see my family members and dear friends more often (I do see my immediate family very often but I miss my cousins and friends…sometimes a decade passes between our meetings but what can be done…when you have a large family scattered around it is hard to get everyone in one place).

    I love these photos. It is great you met Kezzie. I read her blog regularly, she is so sweet, isn’t it?

    Now just to make a reference to your comment. I think long vests can be worn by everyone, it’s just about finding the right one. A fellow blogger ( Prudence) did a whole series of posts where she shows how petite woman can wear pretty much everything! I think all those rules about what petite woman shouldn’t wear are silly. We never know if something fits unless we try it. I have a short torso but I often wear a high waist ( something people with a short torso aren’t supposed to do because it apparently makes us look like our legs and breast area are connected) but I love it and I plan to continue wearing a high waist. It is either that or classical waist line, I just can’t wear low waist, it gives me backpains and I’m always worried about overexposure.

    I love that you are a certified flamenco dancer! Do show us a video sometimes, I love flamenco.

    • Dear Ivana!!! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! Yes, Kezzie is lovely and such an accomplished musician! I know what you mean, when family are all over places, but just like you said, what can we do :( At least, like you said, after 10 years meeting them is very nice – and I give you an ex.: in 2014 I met a friend who I hadn’t seen for 10 years and when we just saw each other, it was like if we had met the day before :) On a fashion note, I think I expressed myself in the wrong way – I am really someone who don’t pay attention to fashion rules, and I know through your comment, that you don’t either and I find it great – we all have the right of wearing what we like, just like you said, the rules are silly! It’s only, that I feel really short when wearing a long vest, with a huge piece of fabric and the small one (me :) inside. But then I wear long coats and midi skirts, so I may have bought the wrong vest – it was beige and I didn’t find it so exciting, maybe that was it :) Again, thank you for your sweet comment, you are always so lovely!

  14. Hi dear :) here I am again too !! I would like to meet some bloggers too. There are a lot of meetings in UK but here in Italy is a bit different. There are not a lot of community :( but it is so nice read post like this !!

  15. Ciao Denise!!! <3
    Scusa, ultimamente ho avuto poco tempo per il mio blog e ho seguito poco anche tutte le altre bloggers!
    Mi spiace che non ci siamo viste a Bergamo, ti avevo scritto un messaggio al numero di telefono che mi avevi dato, ma non so se l'hai ricevuto
    Comunque, ci sarà l'occasione di vederci la prossima volta!;-)
    Tu viaggi tantissimo, che bello! Non sapevo che tu fossi anche una Flamenco dancer…wow!!!
    Un bacio
    Paola ♡

  16. Bentornata Denise!
    E che bel viaggio ti sei fatta, un sacco di posti! Hai fatto benissimo a girare così tanto e incontrare altre blogger è una delle belle cose che ci regalano i nostri diari online perché creiamo amicizie virtuali si, ma quando diventano reali è ancora più fantastico! :)
    Bacione e buon weekend! :*

  17. What an awesome opportunity meeting other fellow bloggers, Congrats on your Liebster Award so well deserve doll. and the food light and delicious remind me of a Spring dish.

  18. Meeting bloggers is so lovely!! I love this post Denise, it makes me feel so warm to raed your posts. I’ve missed reading posts for a long time, it’s been a busy month and I’m so glad to catch up now :) xxx

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