Maxi dress two ways

Maxi dress two ways during a recent trip – it’s a very common thing to show on blogs, but as I seldom do it, why not now? Besides, I loved the dress; I feel it is an item I will wear many times!

Showing wavy hair style!

Showing wavy hair style!

I’m collaborating with today to show a look throughout the day at Las Vegas hotels.  I chose the Palms Place, cause it looks nice, but not overly, true to my life views. I liked the name, reminding me of Palm Beach :) and the hotel style is a bit more casual, in my opinion. In the past I wore ladylike elegant outfits from head to toe everyday, but I changed a lot and now I’m very boho. I’d go to Vegas with that dress – I like to be comfortable, now I don’t dress to impress and I’m fine with that. But I decided to wear some jewellery pieces that my mother gave to me.

I took this dress on the trip, it’s versatile – good for the nice bars and restaurants I went in the evening and touring during the day. Really so comfortable!

Jacket, Jackie Usava

For a night out: Jacket, Jackie Usava

Bag (don't remember) and bracelets (Safra)

Nails: Dior transparent base. Bag (don’t remember). Bracelets, Safra. Gold and jade ring, my own

I really love this ring, since I was a child!

I really love this ring, since I was a child!

Diamond and gold brooch, my own. Also loving it since childhood!

Diamond and gold brooch, my own. Also loving it since childhood!

Another photo, to show the brooch

Another photo, to show the brooch

Sequined shoes. They don't need bows, the sequins make them interesting, in my opinion

Sequined shoes. They don’t need bows, the sequins make them interesting, in my opinion

Now for the day: During the day: at a museum where I recently went. Tote bag, Tom Tailor

During the day: at an open air museum where I recently went. Tote bag, Tom Tailor

The museum. Pink flats, a ribbon instead of a belt and a black T-shirt

The museum. Pink flats, a ribbon instead of a belt and a black T-shirt


Hope you have a great weekend, with many smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

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36 thoughts on “Maxi dress two ways

  1. I like that kind of posts and I’ve thought about making something similar for the blog but as you can see I’ve been pretty bad with that 😛 I even have the photos with a really cool thrifted jacket which I wore two ways but I guess they’re waiting for their time. anyway, it was interesting to read about your style and how it has changed in time. mine has definitely done the same thing.
    your maxi dress with that dark jacket and clutch looks awesome by the way. suits you really well! gosh and your hair! it’s so long! mine is definitely not long but I’m already waiting for December because of my hairdresser’s appointment. will definitely let her cut them shorter again. somehow I don’t miss the long hair at all.
    anyway, I will read your other post later. have a lovely Thursday and even better weekend!

  2. Denise both styles look marvelous. Of course you don’t dress to impress but you always look impressive. I love your cute maxi dress. It would be perfect for a day in Vegas. I would probably wear something like that too. If I get to Vegas one day 😀 I love to be comfy as well. Süße ich freu mich immer wenn du mal vorbeischaust. Egal ob bei GD oder bei MM. Beide Blogs liegen mir sehr am Herzen. Bei MM kann ich halt posten wonach mir gerade ist. Ich habe keine Sponsoren auf die ich Rücksicht nehmen muss, oder Schwestern die meckern :) an meiner Seite. Der Blog ist nur dafür da, um mir Spaß zu bereiten. Ich wünsche dir einen wunderschönen Donnerstag liebe Denise!


  3. I love versatile pieces, I am not one that can be bothered to change several times throughout the day. A nice jacket, some new jewelry and a red lipstick are what I like to throw on to get something as classy as that dress from day to night.

  4. I absolutely loved this feminine outfit….This maxi dress is wonderful and I love how you styled it. Those heels with sequins are gorgeous. I do like your proposal for Palm Beach. You always look s o pretty…and I really like your long hair.

  5. Wavy hair looks so terrific on you, dear Denise. Between the flowing length and the lovely ripples, it gives your gorgeous mane a wonderful fairy tale princess-like quality.

    That gold brooch is such an elegant, timelessly lovely piece. It caught my eye instantly and looks especially radiate against a dark background, as you’ve styled it here.

    Many hugs & happy weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  6. You can’t better versatility in clothes. The maxi dress looks lovely on you and it goes perfectly in all those settings. My favourite wardrobe piece though is the emerald green ring. I love it. A beautiful heirloom and something to cherish forever. Tx

  7. I love your boho style, it suits you very well! I think these types of posts are very useful for the reader, since you get a better idea of how to wear clothes more than once! I love how you dressed up the maxi dress with accessories – that ring is so gorgeous!

  8. Hello lovely Denise, I am glad that you are doing so much better now. I have been a little quite it lately in the blogosphere, but I am back.
    I love this look, so pretty, the print of the dress is so cute and of course the y way your styled is perfect, you know I love all the little touches you add to your looks,so pretty.
    Have a wonderful weekend dear.
    Glamoury Armory Blog

  9. Esse vestido é realmente lindo, além de como você nos contou, confortável. O que por sinal eu acho super importante em uma roupa ou sapato, que além da beleza também nos deixem bem confortáveis né? Adorei o seu anel, assim como todo o seu look, as fotos ficaram ótimas!! Beijos querida Denise, e que a sua semana seja maravilhosa!

  10. What a gorgeous dress. I love the pattern, so colourful and bright. It’s nice to see this when I am wearing a lot of boring winter clothes at the moment..! Also, I really like your brooch, you have such lovely accessories Denise xx

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