Master or Disaster

I used to have a Master or Disaster “moment” on my previous blog… so why not going on with it?

It’s about shoes… and today I found something else!

According to Asos, these are Converse trainers/sneakers made with a durable canvas upper, lace-up closure with metal eyelets, almond toe with contrast toe cap, textured bumper panel to front and… striped platform sole with tipping. Now, this is the problem for me… I’m very open to new styles, but… I guess it would take a long while for me to get used to this one. Too high for trainers, at least for me.

Same description as the previous Converse trainers, but this time white and with strawberries. Because it can be considered as “unusual”, I guess I liked them… maybe not to wear, but to look at! I really don’t know whether they are comfortable or not.

I know many people will say they are cute. I even don’t really dislike them! The only thing is that when you look at the model wearing them, it’s like the alligators are biting her ears! Well, maybe that’s the intention.

I only ask myself, again, whether these shoes are comfortable or not. Are flatforms comfy? Glossed patent upper with a T-bar dolly strap and stacked flatform sole… in oxblood and black.

The sole… is colorful, and I like colorful things… but I think even for me it’s a bit too much color, if I can say color is ever too much. They have been made with a textile upper and a resin sole. The details include: a lace-closure with round laces and metal eyelets, a round toe and a rainbow coloured flatform sole.

The beauty of the world – or one of – is that we all have the right to like different things, and agree to disagree with each other. Be very sure your opinions and likes are respected here!

Hope you have a beautiful day with very bright smiles!


3 thoughts on “Master or Disaster

  1. All these flatforms reminds me of the 90’s. I wore them back then, but I was a kid, and it was the era of Spice Girls (huge fan), but I wouldn’t wear them now. At least they’re not as high as they used to be back then. But I don’t like them. They were comfy, yes, but I’d prefer to wear actual sneakers from these. So, disaster for me. Some trends must stay hidden to the previous decades.

  2. Me gustan todos, pero como tú también dices, muchos no para ponérmelos, pero sí para verlos. Creo que ya no estoy en edad de usar zapatillas con dibujos o plataformas de colores, pero son lindas! Los que sí creo que usaría sin problema son esos Asos motorflatforms aunque no con esos calcetines, aunque una vez me probé unas plataformas así y eran un poco rígidos al caminar. Naturalmente no puedes doblar el pie con una plata tan gruesa, pero creo que después te acostumbras.

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