Master or Disaster – with news!

thursday 1

I meant far from England :)

This will be a different Master or Disaster! I will show a pair that I do want an opinion – but will give news from where I am and will be for a while. People are asking me to do so!

Master or Disaster for today


Two years ago I never wore flats! Now I like them! What do you think? The one with the tiger head on the front? A Master or a Disaster? I’m thinking of getting it… The bag is also great!

This is part of my last Sunday at a Mall in the south of South America… I’ll prepare a post with information about this impressive place. About the countries I’ll get to know, their industries and more.  One of the countries I’m visiting is Brazil. That is the “gate” for the other countries that I’ll soon go. The shoe industry here is phenomenal! Leather industry in general. They produce for Kurt GeigerCarvella and other brands. They export shoes for many countries and ooohhh, I just went crazy at the Mall!  I know I have now more than 400 pairs, but I’m planning to get some more here :) On Sunday I bought just one pair :)

Hope you’re all fine and that you have a great day with tons of smiles!


21 thoughts on “Master or Disaster – with news!

  1. Hi sweety, I can imagine that yo are spoilt for choice with it comes to shoes in Brazil, they have the best! I live in flats 99% of the time. The tiger motif ones are really trendy, I think they could look really great with the right outfit.I appreciate your visit dear, its always interesting to hear your views…Happy Friday!

  2. Your drawing is amazing, and so cute! Wish I could draw like that. :)
    I liked the shoes, they remind me of Versace or another brand, I can’t remember its name now. I say buy them if you like them, and want them. The bag is also really nice.
    I’d love to read more about the places you’re visiting. I always like travel posts, make me think that I’m there for a little while! :)

  3. I’m all for flats sometimes it just has to be done, although if I’m heading out at night it’s heels all the way. Oh and I always go crazy at the mall too, maybe it’s an illness? ha

    Rebecca xx

  4. Creo que ayer intenté abrir este post y no pude, aparecía un mensaje de error, pero ahora lo veo y puedo comentar.
    Me encantan todas las ballerinas aunque tengan una cabeza de tigre, están lindas! 😉 He visto algunas con calaveras… esas creo que no las compraría.
    Piensas venir a Chile también? En Argentina igual hay muchas cosas de cuero de buena calidad.
    Hermosos tus dibujos!! Tienes talento!!!

  5. Oh, I’d totally get those flats. They’re hella fierce. Usually a piece like that would need to be paired with a subtle fashion ensemble, so that the shoes are emphasised.

    Personally, these flats are totally up my alley, and I’d get them in a heartbeat, probably if the leather were white or black or light beige, because I like the whole idea of a strong colour on gold. It’s very classy. Either way, Master.

  6. denise, i hope you share with us some of the things you bought! :) if you like the tiger shoes, and purse, of course you should get them. i’m the opposite of you with flats. in fact, i just did an art journal page earlier this week, where i said i prefer heels. i’ve narrowed my flats collection down to 3 pairs. i’m fairly certain, i want to get rid of 2 pairs of them. yes, i’m serious.

    • Oh no, Teddi, I am like you! I prefer heels too! Among all my pairs I must have 10 or 15 flats, and I only started liking and wearing them a year and a half ago, purely because of the slopes of Bewdley!

  7. I also like you couple years ago didn’t wear flats only heels, but I think that designers have changed women mind bringing to the catwalks and shops a lot of awesome flats. One year ago I got knee injury and could not wear heel for on year, I was missing them so so much and I was so happy when I was able to put heels on:) Now I have combination of heels which I still love especially pointed and flats!
    About Brazil I think I must go there, my friend from Argentina said that if you see in South America fashion girl it means she is from Brazil at 100% :) I adore Kurt Geiger – Carvella shoes!

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