Master or Disaster… hair

I was so busy last week (who wasn’t? I’m sure we all were!)  that I didn’t even prepare a Master or Disaster post! I normally never post outfits, but since everybody does, I wanted to show one of my “creations”! :)

Dress/tunic: Superdry. With DIY hem - I found it plain, so I put some velvet ribbons there!

Dress/tunic: Superdry. from England (jacket as well). With DIY hem (well, my dressmaker) – I found it plain, so I put some velvet ribbons there! I like colorful looks!

I really love this dress/tunic - it has a hood :) Jacket from Germany

I really love the Superdry dress/tunic and its hood :) Here worn with a jacket from Germany

It was also an opportunity to wear this lovely bag - in my opinion. But now I wore it 4 times already and I'll change bags.

It was also an opportunity to wear this lovely bag – in my opinion. I bought it in Brazil. But now I wore it 4 times already and I’ll wear another one tomorrow.

Another pair of shoes with hearts … I love these ones!

Since Master or Diaster is about shoes... I posted one of my pairs here! Shoes: Emporio K

Since Master or Disaster is about shoes… I posted one of my pairs here! Shoes: Emporio K

And now… my Master or Disaster DIY… my hair.  I’m struggling to like it darker… it’s not my natural color, by the way. Mine is more like… “before”:


June 2nd, 2013

June 2nd, 2013


June 16, 2013 = Master... or Disaster?

June 16, 2013 – Master… or Disaster?

Honestly speaking, I know many people don’t read posts – they only look at the pictures. I hope people read what I have asked – which is better? Before or After? Which is Master or Disaster for me? Well… I have my opinion, but really would like to know yours!

Thank you so much for your visit!

Hope you all have a wonderful day, with many beautiful smiles!


50 thoughts on “Master or Disaster… hair

  1. No sé… Me gustan los dos tonos y creo que se ven bien con tu piel. El antes pareciera menos natural aunque dices que es más como tu verdadero color, el actual no parece tintura, pero te repito que con los dos te ves bien y no encuentro desastroso ninguno. Creo que a veces hace falta un cambio y total no es algo efinitivo si es que no te ha gustado.
    Qué lindo el detalle de la capucha de tu vestido! Me pareció lindo quelempusieras las cintitas en el ruedo.

  2. I like both colors on you! I would suggest to keep the darker color. Since you had a lighter one before, it will become lighter with every bath you take, and it will end up being something in between. No need to change it again now. You’ll damage your hair. Wait a few weeks, see how it will look. I’m sure it will change. And if you still think it’s dark for you, then have some lighter highlights to brighten your face. I was the same way when my hair turned up burgundy instead of copper red. Way darker than my natural color, which was light brown. That looked liked dark brown/black with red hue. But after some showers, it lightened up. And I really liked it. You can wait to see, too.
    Also, I really like your additions to the dress, and the hoodie, shoes, and bag! Gorgeous bag! :)

  3. to be completely honest I think both looks suit you well. and that’s the whole truth for me. they’re both lovely and I just can’t choose only one favourite. btw, I really like that bag! I think I will go to Latvia next week and look for a slightly bigger bag too. I really need one 😛

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  4. You look beautiful Denise! its always so great to see you in an outfit post. I love your creativity by adding your own DIY flair to this dress, I think you have a career opportunity here! I like both shades, each brings out your features differently, in a very good way of course. The hoodie is so cute and that bag is such a classic. Thanks for your lovely words, I really liked what you wrote about using a sieve, that made so much sense to me. Its nice to hear that you have already applied all these positive elements to your own life.

  5. Hey Sweety!!

    How lovely was your amazing feedback on my blog!!
    thank you so much for it.
    I think both hair colours look beautifull on you,But I think the darker version look very chic and brings out your eyes more;)

    I am glad to have discovered your beautifull blog and how cute are those social media buttons!

    lets keep in touch by joining eachothers social media?

    Wishng you a great sunday dear.

    kisses Tammara Chloé


  6. Hey dear… Glad to see your outfit post.. :)

    Well I love your creations.. It quite different and looks totally good on you.
    And if you ask me to choose between the “before and after” look.. I would certainly go for the “after” look beause I always encourage revamping different styles plus you you look more beautiful with dark hair.

    Lots of love..

  7. That hooded dress is so adorable; very playful! You look gorgeous. I love the old color of your hair, but the darker shade looks very sophisticated. What can I say? Brunettes rule.

    May the Force be with you.

  8. denise, the important thing is what hair color do YOU like for yourself? which one do you feel best in? of course you’re pretty with both. i like the added ribbon to your skirt. darling heart shoes. fun hood and the bag matches perfectly. :)

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