Master or Disaster

Irregular Choice Bowtiful

Irregular Choice Bowtiful

I’m a fan of Irregular Choice shoes. I have many Irregular Choice pairs, that some people loved and paid me compliments at two airports and other people  hated and told me “you really want to be outstanding  by wearing these ridiculous shoes” (both opinions about Abigail red boots).  So, now I post an Irregular Choice pair here (that I don’t own) and ask: Master or Disaster? “Carved” perspex heels, knitted bow, polka dot pattern on the extended upper front… Another color:


Prices vary from £40 to £80. You can find them at sarenza, amazon, spartoo, house of fraser and other sites.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, they really make my day!

Hope you have a great day with sweet smiles!


20 thoughts on “Master or Disaster

  1. Mmm not sure. I’m not a fan of Irregular choice. They’re usually too extreme for me and too extreme in general, but these ones aren’t too over the top. I’ve seen some of their pairs, with flowers covering the whole shoe, or peacock style which were way over the top.

  2. I honestly love their brand, I discovered them 3 years ago but never had the courage to actually purchase a pair, because I like so many pairs and I was never able to make a decision! Great post, it’s the first time I read about them on a blog and I’m so happy to see this.

    Have a lovely weekend,
    Mary xx

  3. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog! I love your comparisons!!! Right now, I‘ve got my FIRST WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY – it‘s a great gift and I think you might like it! Why don‘t you take a look and join it?! Love, Kyra

  4. Hi dear, I am also a fan of unusual pairs of heels, and if it were not for the polka dots (my phobia and everything), I would really like these, Hope you’re well! Thanks for your visit, may this week be a great one for you!

  5. I don’t think they’re *too* crazy- i really like the front of it with the polka dots and the bow. Though the clear heal is so-so for me, BUT i’d still appreciate them if I saw them in an outfit :)

    PS- I don’t think I ever got your e-mail! Try sending it again :)

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    • At first I thought I didn’t like the pair, but now I do! I didn’t write an email, it was a comment, but when I pressed send I think it didn’t go! I will write again then! Guess what, I got a “deal” for India next year, I’m so much looking forward to it – hope it happens!

  6. okay, I really like your boots. such a great statement piece to wear with something classic.. something black for example. but those shoes I honestly don’t like at all because of the bow. I think this bow ruins the whole thing. those heels, by the way, are really cool! but yeah, the bow still sucks 😛

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

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