Master or Disaster

For today… I bet it’ll divide opinions!

Giuseppe Zanotti for at farfetch

Giuseppe Zanotti studded platform pumps for £ 1,131.87 at farfetch

Farfetch says: “Khaki leather pump from Giuseppe Zanotti Design featuring a peep toe, a concealed platform, a leather sole, a skyscraper stiletto heel and all-over brass-tone micro studding”.

I like studded shoes. These micro studs now are so sweet – but the height of the platform and the way the front of the shoes closes over the platform (which are not SO concealed, as the description states) makes them a “no way” for me. A little lower would have done wonders!

Hope you all have a beautiful day, with sunny and genuine smiles!


11 thoughts on “Master or Disaster

  1. I think that’s a really awesome shoe but no matter what, I think you can either wear this shoe on YOUR wedding day, or if you are receiving the Oscars lol.

    It’s a great shoe but not practical in “normal” human life :<

    Whoa someone who develops game shows you how to do it? Must be a real honour!! Hehe cosplayers are also superbly awesome <3 Hahaha I game much lesser nowadays, the only games I play now are the ones on Facebook or those on my iPad :<


  2. denise, they look really cool, but i am a klutz. i know if i tried to wear them, i would hurt myself or someone else. just like the people who suddenly fall down at a skating rink, and you almost crash into them while, you’re trying to skate by.

  3. hi sweetie..
    hmm always love your post because you make me think and share my opinion.
    i do love those stiletto (looks so elegant and classy–i mean i love seeing someone else wearing those stiletto)… but i think i wont buy or wear them because i cant walk on them. they are too high, and i dont have skill walking on skyscraper heels. …

    • Oh, really – that is my favorite Bollywood movie ever as well! And I am so sorry your friend passed away, but as you said, yes, the memories remain… and they may be what make us go on – my previous blog had stories of what happened to me around 2 years ago, but I try to keep this new blog without that bit… it was too tragic, but after a while… we keep memories and have to decide to go on… that’s why I have a new blog, like fresh! I hope you are fine, you are really so nice and kind to me! Thank you for sharing that with me, I am sure your friend knew how you felt and feel! A heart full of good things!

  4. I think they’re kind of awesome in a way. Like really high-end stripper shoes. I wouldn’t wear them though. I love high heels but those look more dangerous than most!

    May the force be with you.

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