Master or Disaster

I always say “it’s OK to disagree, as long as we respect each other’s views”. I have been showing some shoes that I personally wouldn’t wear, but of course I accept if someone likes – that’s why the title, Master or Disaster – so everybody has an opinion!

All to say that… I loved these shoes – but I know many will hate them!

Nicholas Kirkwood

Nicholas Kirkwood platform pumps – £735

The description says: “crêpe, floral design, ankle strap, detachable application, rhinestone detailing, contrasting applications”. I know some may say “not a fan of florals and the heel looks awkward”.


Buy them at farfetch

The heels do look like a DIY project, so, in case you liked them, but hated the price, you can always try customizing your heels at home!

Hope everybody has an amazing day with fabulous smiles!


14 thoughts on “Master or Disaster

  1. wow! I didn’t see the price until you mentioned it. Yes, they’re quite pricey, and I don’t really like them. You know me, too many colors and patterns for me. And I don’t like the heels at all. I could never pull them off.

    • Hehe, answering here, turning off the computer for some hours – I thought of you when I saw these shoes… and thought “she wouldn’t like them!” But you know me, and although I loved them, I would probably wear them with black jeans and a plain sweater… anyway, must be a DIY project, cause they are expensive for something that can’t be “flashed” many times – the snow would destroy them, I think! Well, my father would have said “Carnival shoes” :) Anyway, I also wanted to say that I thank you immensely for your help – in fact not only help, everything you did to the blog, for the blog, for me! I started to treat some comments the way you told me once – they only come to announce themselves, don’t even look at the pictures… thanks for that too! Filakia!

  2. They’re almost awesome. I love the idea of a three-dimensional heel, and floral is pretty cute sometimes. However, these aren’t exactly my style. But I know some girls could rock them.

    May the force be with you.

  3. Hey love!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! D I do agree with you that not everyone can agree on one thing! <3

    I don't hate the shoe tbh, I find it really interesting but I don't think I have any fancy attire to go with it <3

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! I've followed you on BlogLovin, Pinterest and Facebook, hope to see you back on mine as well so that we can catch up with each other easily! <3


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