Master or Disaster

Well, one more take on Master or Disaster

Rita Ora and Rhianna wearing Simone Rocha brogues


The events and images may be old, yes, but I just wanted to think of the shoes… perspex heels, in my opinion, double heeled. First, let’s say there are the low heels of a “normal” brogue… Then they’re standing on high wedge heels, making this a high heeled pair of shoes that looks as the person is on her tiptoes – all the time. A second look:

I always appreciate different styles, even the ones considered “crazy” sometimes. Creativity is normally always nice. I respect your opinion if you like them, for sure, but as for me… no, I wouldn’t wear them, although I think they are very interesting! So, Master or Disaster?

Hope you have all a very nice day with many fabulous smiles!


4 thoughts on “Master or Disaster

  1. Great post!! I like that you tackled the fashion-able subject of perspex heels, I think it looks okay on certain occasions, and on maybe a different type of shoe like a pointy-toe pump, not an oxford tie-up pair like these. P.S I don’t see my comments after I post them, have they been getting lost in cyberspace?

  2. I’ve seen them before but I don’t like them. They would have been ok if it wasn’t for the double heel. I do like the perspex platform, it’s the other heel I don’t like which make you look like you walk on your tiptoes.

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