Master or Disaster

Another week and many shoes “later”, here I ask: are these ones

Master or Disaster

The description says they are “a piece of high tech composite material that twists around the foot supporting ball and heel. Memory foam padded leather lining finishes with a 9cm heel”. Very creative, no doubt. Let’s have another photo:

A customer's review states that  they are actually comfortable...

A customer’s review states that they are actually comfortable…

The funny thing is that they are called Mojito, and Mojito is made with lime juice and mint, among other ingredients. It would be rather green than red – these ones could easily be called Chili Pepper then.

Therefore, the question remains: Master or Disaster?

Hope you all have a great day and may it be full of smiles!


6 thoughts on “Master or Disaster

  1. Mmmm chili pepper would be more appropriate for their color. They look as an apple being peeled. They are to extreme to wear in my opinion but somehow they do seem comfortable. But I’d have to say a disaster. You know me, I’m more classical than that.

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