Master or Disaster

Finally shoes again! Guess what, I had high fever this week, but got better and can now publish this Master or Disaster! I’m in South Americal now; I want to show something local. Fashion and shoes are strong and creative here!

Source here

Source here

Shoes by Jailson Marcos. I know many people will say they don’t like square toes, but that’s not why I’m showing them….


Another angle

Jailson Marcos para Ronaldo Fraga

Jailson Marcos for Ronaldo Fraga, 2010


And a closer look


What I say: the shoes are, no doubt, amazingly creative. I love creative things! I would put them on a shelf to admire them as art. They are artistic! But I think I wouldn’t wear them…

Have a beautiful day everybody with many gorgeous smiles!


26 thoughts on “Master or Disaster

  1. Y por qué no? A mí me gustan las puntas cuadradas. Son cómodos. El taco parece una rueda y es especial. Si se quiere impresionar sería bueno usar algo así. No se ve incómodo.

  2. That is an interesting item.

    I can sort of see how the structure, particularly the rounded heels, can work as a shoe, but I think the material choice and the colour made the whole thing fall way short of a spectacular design. To me, this is definitely categorised as a disaster in my books.

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