Master or Disaster

These shoes are meant to be shown…

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent pumps, were £735, now £367.50 here

They are described as “Candide paneled T- bar satin pumps, with metal panels at square toe”. They are certainly “different” or “interesting”, not to say creative. I loved the color, the style, the heels. But not exactly the panel.


I mean, the first three panels are OK, I’d wear such a shoe, but that fourth one “falling” over the toe… spoils the shoe for me.

Well… now it’s your decision: Master or Disaster?

Hope you all have a great weekend with many sincere smiles!


P.S. – I apologize for the lack of comments from my side till around May 22nd. I’m embarking on a huge trip and still have so many things to finish here! I’m scheduling Words of Wisdom for Monday (20th), as usual, that I hope cheer my friends up!

31 thoughts on “Master or Disaster

  1. I’ve grown to have an affinity for capped-toe shoes, and I’m liking the colour of Yves Saint Laurent’s heel above. However, I do have to agree with you on the panel that’s closest to the top tip of the shoe. It looks too disconnected from the other three panels, and if there was any design intention behind it, it’s hard to see the thinking. I’m glad they experimented with paneled toe cappings, but the execution could be a little better.

    Overall, for me, it still leans to Master, rather than Disaster. The fourth panel may not have worked, but it’s still not a bad shoe in itself.

  2. Thank you so much for your nice words!I’m glad you liked my outfit!
    About these shoes the color looks nice and the design, but I don’t like the forth one that looks like falling down.
    Have a nice trip!

  3. I am on the fence as you mentioned about the fourth panel on the capped toe, there than that it is truly an elegant pair of heels! Thanks for taking the time to drop by :) Happy Friday!

  4. Hi Miss Denise

    Thank you for checking up on me!

    I haven’t been sleeping at all well recently and that has had a knock on effect on my blogging.

    It has been a while since I was here – as my 9 year old would say: “What you are doing here – I like it”. x

  5. The second picture looks a bit like a broke ballet shoe. Definitely not my style but I’m with you anyway (:

    Sorry for taking awhile to recomment, had troubles with blogger! Thank you so much for visiting, though!


  6. Thanks for your constant kindness on my blog…Dont worry about the reply, its totally understandable, hope everything is sorted out now…you’re leaving this weekend? Please let me know when you get there safely hun :)

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