March trip – Part II

I’m so pleased to be back to the blogs I so much enjoy and now on facebook and twitter on a daily basis! As promised, here’s the second part of my Rally Holidays in March. As I said here, the pics are small, but it’s to keep track of where I’ve been, not about fashion. More about history and architecture :)

Last Monday I ended with some pictures in Gdansk, Poland. Let’s start from there again :)

Rainy Gdansk, March 16, 2p014. Roover Vistula and ship musem Soldek. A suitcase to be presentable... you need to change accessories. Scarf by Codello, bought in Zurich, umbrella Mark Jacobs

Rainy and windy Gdansk, March 16, 2014. River Vistula and ship musem Soldek. Packing a suitcase to be presentable… you need to change accessories. Scarf by Codello, bought in Zurich, umbrella Marc Jacobs

The marvellous architecture of Gdansk!

The marvellous architecture of Gdansk!

That satchel by Miss Lulu, so handy! I didn’t like the flowers so much this time, so I added some felt hearts, with felt “buttons” inside. Sorry for “blurred me”, it’s just to give an idea

That satchel by Miss Lulu, so handy! I didn’t like the flowers so much this time, so I added some felt hearts, with felt “buttons” inside. Sorry for “blurred me”, it’s just to give an idea

After that, I went to Kaliningrad, really interesting!

I love this picture! I just wanted the Russian words in the photo and myself - when I saw it, it looks like the model is kissing the woman walking there! So funny!

I love this picture! I just wanted the Russian words in the photo and myself – when I saw it, it looks like the model is kissing the woman walking there! So funny!

Pregolya river, Kaliningrad

Pregolya river, Kaliningrad


Kaliningrad, Church of Alexander Nevsky, Russia

Now, riding to Lithuania – such a great place, with so friendly people!

It was snowing in Marijampole, the 3rd biggest city in Lithuania. So beautiful!    Church St. Michael's  Basilica

It was snowing in Marijampole, the 3rd biggest city in Lithuania. So beautiful! St. Michael’s Basilica is so peaceful and beautiful inside!

Now…. back to Poland, Warsaw and Rzeszów

Rzeszów, Poland - so beautiful and nice!

Rzeszów, Poland – so beautiful and nice! Guess what, that bag caught many glances….

Then I went to Slovakia, to Košice and Prešov among others, but the target was Hungary

Budapest is FABULOUS!!!  A street there and then The Vajdahunyad Castle (Vajdahunyadvár) in City Park (Városliget)

Budapest is FABULOUS!!! A street and The Vajdahunyad Castle (Vajdahunyadvár) in City Park (Városliget)

The Parliament in Budapest

The Parliament in Budapest

On the top of  St. Stephen's Basilica, it was windy, but phenomenal

On the top of St Stephen’s Basilica It was windy, but phenomenal

Then, one more time Slovakia – now Bratislava

Near Horsky Park with the sweet small church

Near Horsky Park and a sweet church – Faithful Miss Lulu satchel, Ralph Lauren top and juzionline necklace

Again I wanted the local language in my photo...  Revenge? Well, that is a bin to donate clothes, I donated this coat

Again I wanted local words in my photo. Revenge? That’s a bin for donation, I donated a coat

And now… ending this year’s edition of my Rally Holidays… a city where I visited sometimes, so much that I was even asked to publish a guide once – Prague

Charle's bridge and the river Vltava in Prague, Czech Republic, March 22nd, 2014

Charles bridge and the river Vltava in Prague, Czech Republic, March 22nd, 2014

Prague astronomical clock and Wenceslas Square - Topshop umbrella to look OK-ish :)

Prague astronomical clock and Wenceslas SquareTopshop umbrella to look OK-ish

And this is the end of my Rally Holidays in March, 2014. Sensational weeks when I saw so much beauty, learned so much, interacted with local friendly people – a time to remember!

Hope the post wasn’t that boring and that you liked it, places and pictures!

I’m always thrilled to read your comments and suggestions! Thanks so much for them!

Hope you have a fantastic week with many smiles!


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98 thoughts on “March trip – Part II

    • Do you believe they were only $15? I bought them especially to be able to walk a lot during the trip and they are really warm, comfortable and lovely :) Thanks, Monica, you always very sweet!

    • Hahaha, of course, between friends it’s OK! Thanks for your lovely words to me, I enjoyed the trip indeed! But I say, it’s nice to ride so much, I do it every now ans then (adventure spirit), it’s tiring – it is – but so rewarding!

    • Jackiiiie! Nooo, don’t say sorry, please! As I said, I was very happy that this time I went there first, as I always feel “guilty” because you always come before me :) You are so sweet, thank you for your words, always!

    • Thank you, M :) Comfortable yes, I tell you, that was really comfortable! While inside the car, and stopping a bit, I wore the 3 or 4cm court shoes, sweet, and for walking no compromise – the pon pon boots!

  1. Liebe Denise! Das klingt ja nach einer aufregenden und spannenden Zeit, die Du hinter Dir hast! Und Du hast einige der Orte besucht, die ich auch gerne bereisen würde (trotz meiner Reiseunlust), dazu gehören vor allem Kaliningrad und Litauen, denn ich habe soviel über diese Stadt und das Land gelesen! Du siehst glücklich aus auf den Bildern, und ganz danach, als wenn Du auf dem richtigen Weg bist. Ich habe öfter an Dich gedacht und mich sehr gefreut, als ich Deinen Kommentar auf meinem Blog gesehen habe, Du hast mir eine Riesenfreude damit gemacht. Ich wünsche Dir alles Liebe – wie schön, dass Du wieder da bist <3 Deine Rena

    • Liebe Reeeena! Wenn ich dir Freude gemacht habe, sage ich auch, dass du mir eine Riesenfreude auch gemacht hast jetzt, mit deinem Kommentar! Du weisst, dass ich dich sehr lieb habe! Meine Mutter hat auch Reiseunluat, weil sie mit ihrer Familie staendig umgezogen war, als sie ein Kind war! Ich nicht, so ich mag Abenteuer sehr! Ich kann dir sagen, dass Kaliningrad war ganz interessant wegen der Stadtsgeschichten und Immanuel Kant und Litauen soooo suess! So freundliche Leute! Ich bin sicher, dass du moegen wirst! Viele liebe Gruesse und bis bald!

    • Thank you, Anna! Well, I think you have the coolest bags! OK, we both have quirky nice bags! As you know by now, I like to wear quirky things :) People looked at that bag :) I’m very sure you’ll travel to the east – I used to want it so much, and then one day it was true!

    • Liebe Gruesse auch, Vanessa, und danke fuer deine immer suesse Woerte zu mir! Geau, das russische Foto ist so witzig! Ich habe das nicht gesehen, nur 1 Sekunde spaeter! (das war ein Selfie :)

    • Thank you soooo much! I’m sure you’ll come to those places – I told a blogger friend as well, who told me she wants to travel so much, that if she wants something veeery much she will get it! It happened to me, I wanted it sooo much and then I went there! It took me 10 years dreaming of Budapest! But there are so many other places I want to go, so I have to go on strongly thinking of them :) and one day I may go! The bags are definitely quirky :) I put the links on the post :) Wishing you a very nice day too!

    • Wow, thank you so much for your kind words! I’ll visit your blog too, for sure! For such a trip, when one has to be practical, I made sure I was comfortable – and if I managed to look OK it is a plus! Thank you again for your sweet comment!

  2. Wow that was some amazing pictures and places to visit. It looks like an awesome trip. I would like to visit one day soon too. I am glad that you are back blogging and sharing your wonderful self to us. Appreciate your visit in my blog and stay in touch.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! Surely I’ll stay in touch! I’m sure you’ll visit all the places you want – as I was talking yesterday, we have to wish something very much and then… it turns into reality!

  3. Hi Denise, I am so happy that you got to travel and explore all these amazing places, it really enriches our lives, the architecture is truly amazing, we don’t have any buildings and cities like that here so it is really fascinating for me to see. Prague is my dream destination, you’re blessed to have been there, is it as beautiful as I dream it to be? Love you floral bag, you look so beautiful in these photos…and glowing again! I have been so busy lately, I barely have time to blog so forgive me if I can’t visit as often. But I have really missed you!!

    • Don’t worry, dear Sam! I know we have periods of plenty of time, that we even get a bit bored, and periods of very hectic ones! It is normal, and I know you always come here, so I know when you are busy, so again – don’t worry! Prague is, in my opinion, all what you may have dreamed of and more!!!! I went there sometimes and honestly, I want to go there many more times if I can! Maybe we can meet there once? Would be great! Thank you so much for you always amazing words towards me, they do make my day, believe me!

    • Thank you for your comment, Carmen! I plan some trips like that sometimes, I like history and architecture! I’mm sure you will visit the places, it takes a bit of planning, and that is fun!

    • Oh, woooow! The blog world is so small, isn’t it? I adored Gdansk, too! I’m so impressed, Rzeszow is your home city! I can tell you, it’s amazing there and I had a fantastic time, and great memories!!!! I’d like to go back there again! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! (Czesc!)

  4. Fantástico tu viaje! Europa tiene lugares tan bonitos!! y se te ve feliz, eso es lo mejor! Te queda muy bonito el pelo tomado. No sé cómo le llamas tú, pero nosotros le decimos tomate a ese peinado 😉
    Me encanta tu bolso con flores y corazones. Siempre detalles bonitos en tus cosas :)

    • Aaaaah, muchas gracias, que palabras lindas, tu siempre tan amable! Sabes, mw gusta viajar, es cierto, pero a veces necesito un viaje asi, largo, para mantener mi mente ocupada y ver cosas nuevas para distraerme, claro. Aun siento muchisimo por mis padres, y a veces necesito un viaje asi – como te he dicho, para no pensar mucho mas en ciertas cosas. Por eso creo que me veo feliz en un viaje asi… jajaja, si, la gente me dice que ese peinado tornado se me queda bien – en ingles es bun. Muchas gracias siempre, tus palabras siempre me alegran!

    • Thank you so much! I did buy a pair of funny orxfords (and people love them, they are so crazy!) I will show them here in around 10 days :) You will see how crazy they were, but so comfortable! Hope you have a great great weekend!

    • Thank you so much, Louise! I bought that top at Bicester Village :) in December and only wore it in March – but I like doing this, waiting for a special occasion! Hope you have a great weekend! I want to visit your shop again today :)

  5. Liebe Denise, wieso hab ich dir denn immer auf englisch geschrieben? Hab deine Kommentare gelesen und siehe da, du kannst ja deutsch! Die Fotos sind wunderschön und ich bin fast ein bisschen neidisch. Ja so eine Städtereise würde ich auch sehr gerne machen. Ich freu mich für dich, dass du so viel Spaß hattest und viele nette Leute getroffen hast. Einmal die Woche zu posten ist doch super. Freu mich schon auf deinen nächsten. Wünsch die einen tollen Tag 😀

    • Danke, liebe Mira! Naja, ich denke ich kann etwas Deutsch sprechen :) Ich musste so beweisen, umsonst darf mann nicht an der Uni in Deutschland studieren… als Auslaendern, ich meine (es war ganz hart, aber ich habe es geschafft!) Ich denke, wir haben immer auf Englisch geschrieben, weil mein Blog ganz auf Englisch ist, und so dachten wir beide, dass es waere besser auf Englisch zu schreiben :) Es ist in Ordnung auch! Ich freue mich immer wenn du schreibst, so ist das! es ist wahr, ich habe so viele nette Leute kennengelernt, so viele neue Dinge gemacht – und gegessen, und natuerlich zugenommen (das “haesslich Teil” der Reisen), aber mein Bilanz ist, alles so Wert! Und ich bin schon froehlich, um an der naechsten Reisen zu denken! Ein schoenes Wochenende wuensche ich dir von Herzen!!!

    • Oh my word!!! I didn’t know that!!! We should have met for sure! Aaaaah :( Another day, then, because I liked the country very much! Thanks for the words towards the pictures! (I’m feeling really frustrated now!)

  6. Wow what a lucky girl. Sounds like you had a fabulous March. Budapest looks beautiful, I’ve never been before so it was nice to get a snapshot from your travels, thanks for sharing. I hope you get to visit again soon and share some more piccies.

    You’ll have to pop on to Instagram, as well as Facebook and Twitter, so we can connect even more.

    Take care x

    • Thank you, Colleen! I am now a big fan of Budapest! I always wanted to go there, for many years, and finally did – and it really was amazing, so I recommend it! I’m going to add you, surely!

  7. well hello, Denise. long time no see! I’ve opened your blog several times and wanted to leave you a note but something has always stopped me. times have just been so hectic but I’m more than sure you know exactly what I mean. right now I’m working on my first post about Crete by the way 😉
    anyway, I loved that post of yours! so much interesting information and lovely photographs and beautiful fashion (your collection of accessories is awesome!!). oh and I was especially happy to see Prague in here. I love that city! me an my fiance visited it in 2012. and Lithuania! I haven’t been to Lithuania yet but would love to since it’s actually so close to me. and I hope you will also visit Latvia and Estonia one day! :) I’m sure you would love Estonia. we have so many beautiful sights here. but take care and enjoy the weekend! talk to you soon :)

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

    • Oh, how lovely to see your comment again! I was thinking about you – I thought “when is she back?” and it’s so nice to see you are back now! I visited your blog on Tuesday and there wasn’t any new post, so I was waiting for the next week! I am so much looking forward to reading about your trip to Crete, cause a Greek friend of mine is always inviting me to go there and I never did, but one day I’d love to go – so it will be so nice to read your post and see you again :) Can you believe I nearly went to Estonia and Latvia and I soooo much want to! One day, for sure! I am sure I will love Estonia, I saw many beautiful pictures! Ah, answering to your question some posts ago, I travel in different ways: sometimes accompanied, but most of the time alone!

    • Thank you so much, Margaret! Actually I tried to show a bit more, so I prepared the collages… it blurs the images a bit – even a lot :), but they give an idea of the places and as memories! Kisses!

  8. Hi Denise. I’m glad to be back again. :) I lost my internet connection few days ago and I have to contact my isp to get it fixed. How are you? My Mom is beside me and we’re both reading your post. You’re so gorgeous and we both love your outfit, bag and umbrella. So cute! Looks like you had so much fun and adventure during your March Trip. Are you always travelling alone or do you have a company? Anyway, if ever I’ll go on a trip I will definitely ask you for tips because I don’t travel a lot (boohoo) and I’m not familiar with any places. Haha! :) Have a great day ahead.

    Bloglovin | Facebook

    • Thank you so much for your always sweet words to me, and now your mom’s! So nice, I have just written to you that I found your mom really wow, she is beautiful and stylish! No wonder the daughter is too! I am sure you will travel, I told you – I used to wish that so much, and then one day I got the courage and started it! I’ll be very glad to share some tips, if ever I am that clever! I’ll feel honor to share them! I tried to be comfortable and my normal quirky self – I’m a bit hippie, if not completely :) I love old eras, but this one, our era, is OK too :) I travel sometimes with company, but most of the time I travel alone. For that, I have to choose the places to go alone very carefully – you know some can be dangerous for women alone and I wouldn’t take risks. When alone I don’t stay for a long time at places and sometimes I’m a guest at close friends’ houses. We need to take care, as I said, no risks! I tried to comment on your pages, but I couldn’t – but I gave a like and a following! Have a great weekend and I hope you solve the internet problem soon!

    • Thank you for your words! The architecture is really fantastic and I am ready for the next adventure! I wish I could go there NOW! I really love being surrounded by so beautiful buildings!

    • Thank you so much for your words! I went to Poland many years ago, but just to one city and I was always keen to know others… ans this time it worked! I totally recommend it!

  9. Wow, you’re so lucky to have travelled to all these interesting places. I have been to Kaliningrad, Warsaw and Prague. On Thursday I am off to Budapest and I can’t wait!

  10. Hi, Denise! I apologise for the late comment! However, I am glad that we can still catch up on the more immediate medium that is Twitter. I hope that it’s been serving you well, too, in terms of communication and bolstering your blog.

    The photos that you have posted are great. You really seem to be the jet-setter. I do have some trips planned, but they’re not until later in the year. I do hope to capture as many moments as you always manage to do in your trips. Extra kudos for going to Prague, by the way. I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but that city is definitely in the top part of my travel bucket list. One day.

    Also, you look really nice with your hair tied up. =)

    • Hi, dear Maria Celina! Don’t worry about late comments, they are never late! I always, absolutely always enjoy reading your comments! Well, Twitter is still a bit of a new place for me, and I confess I do prefer facebook – although I was out, voluntarily, for some years.
      Thanks a lot for your compliments! I try my best to have all registered! I did go to Prague sometimes, and I completely recommend it! You will love it and I am sure you will go there one day! Looking forward to reading your latest post tomorrow (it’s my comment day :) and also, to read later in the year about your trip!

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