Lovespoon is so beautiful, in my humble opinion… a symbol of love and effort, too!

Trying a bow hairstyle

Trying a bow hairstyle

Glad to be back after one week of blog’s maintenance, by the way! :)

I loved oversized denim jackets, backpacks and beanies full of buttons and brooches, called “trend” now, many years ago. When I saw that this year, I rolled my eyes – I thought “now? ‘Old’ for me!” I wear the “trend” since teen years, all the time :) Before, people looked at me and said “she’s a bit crazy“, but ended up used to it :) I’m loving the “come back trend” (for me) and wore some brooches together again. It brings memories back! The proof, a jacket with buttons in 2000 :)

One brooch now is a silver lovespoon. Before, it was a carved wooden spoon with symbols of love, given to a woman by her suitor in Wales. I simply love it and its story and I have some lovespoons. I selected 2 pictures with brooches, though I have more :) I said I used to wear them a lot!

It’s so interesting – not to say a bit strange – to see old photos… sorry for the quality, they were not digital. It’s just to show that everytrendcomes back! Do you feel weird looking at old pictures?

Oversized denim jacket and many brooches - tender years as an exchange student, shorter hair and fringe, always!

Oversized denim jacket and many brooches – tender years as an exchange student, shorter hair and fringe, always!

Brooches in rainy Flensburg


Denim jacket, Penneys. Dress,

Denim jacket, Penneys. Dress, Enfim

Tan espadrilles, Rchlo

Tan espadrilles, Rchlo

Bag, I don't remember where from!

Bag, I don’t remember where from!

Boho dress and belt

Boho detail long dress

Belt detail, cute!

Belt detail, cute!

Here replying to lovely Kezzie’s tag5 brooches :) She always wears amazing ones!

Rissian hand painted brooches - I really love them! Golden brooch, Victoria and Albert Museum. Siver lovespoon, bought in Tenby, Wales

Russian circle, heart and butterfly hand painted brooches. Golden brooch, Victoria and Albert Museum. Silver lovespoon, bought in Tenby, Wales – and a safety pin against racism, for solidarity

Bow hairstyle

Bow hairstyle

That was what I tried, but the original was better!

That was what I tried, but the original was better!

Finishing Touch

Carl Jung quote

Wishing you a sweet week with smiles! Thanks for the caring comments!

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75 thoughts on “Lovespoon

  1. I love your bag Denise – you’ve always such cute style. I’m a bit haphazard with brooches – they tend to stay on jackets for years. But the safety pin idea is still intriguing me.
    Have a lovely week

    • Thank you so much for the sweet comment!!! Well, I was just a student, now an adult… :) I guess it must be the lack of meat, sleeping a lot and drinking plenty of water. You know I told you once that I don’t use photoshop, because I didn’t want to learn it and I prefer when we show ouselves the way we really are, so what people see here is what I am – but not as the student I was :) Though I am content now as well :) Than you again for your lovely comment! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. You are such a beauty, Dee. Sorry being late, I still sit with his dad in the evenings, he’s out of ICCU but still in hospital, tho. We need to hire a LPN for when he’s back home. Anyway wishing you a lovely week ahead, girl.

    • Oh, dear Lenya, I had an idea it was something related to parents and I am glad that the worst part is over, not at ICCU anymore! And you with a big heart, coming to leave me a sweet comment, thank you so much! I really hope that all is solved asap! At home he will need a lot of care and love, but I do think that being with family at home makes recovering better – just my humble opinion. I hope all goes well, dear Lenya, I really hope so! Wishing you a nice week, hugs and kisses!

  3. Ja, liebste Denise, Du warst Deiner Zeit halt schon immer voraus! Und ich sehe schon, jetzt haben Deine schöne Erfindung ganz viele Menschen nachgemacht :) Vielen Dank für die wunderbare Rückschau und auch das aktuelle Outfit, dass mir samt Tasche sehr gut gefällt. Ich mag es nämlich grundsätzlich, wenn Jeans verziert wird und erst recht mit solchen klasse Broschen wie Du sie hast! Ich wünsche Dir von Herzen eine glückliche, neue Woche. Alles Liebe von Rena

    • Thank you, dear Suzanne! Wow, that’s a compliment, thank you so much! But before I was a naive student – I think :) – and now a naive adult :) Hope you have a lovely week! Bisous!

  4. You look gorgeous Denise! You have such a vibrant and fun brooch collection, I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t own a single brooch! There is only one that I only ever wanted from Chanel and they never have it in stock – maybe one day I will be lucky to find it :)

  5. the bow hairstyle looks great on you! its pretty funny to see how most styles come back in trend after awhile. 90’s fashion is so popular again. its best to keep some pieces you own because you never know when they will be back in fashion again.

  6. It’s very true, trend do come back round and my mum always says she wishes she had kept most of her accessories and clothes as they are the sorts of things I wear now. I don’t think I own any brooches but I have seen them a lot in the shops so I should probably experiment with them on my clothes. Great to see your old pictures looking just as stylish!

  7. Oh how cute were you when you were younger- you look the same though- beautiful smile still!!!
    Ha,I love your selection of brooches- so pretty and the love spoon is SOOOOOOOOOOOOooo cute!!!! Hope that you are well and happy.
    The bow hairstyle is so clever. I wish I were better at doing my hair!xx

  8. I love seeing these old photos of you! You say that is years ago, but it looks like you’ve barely aged! I think you’re winning right there 😉 !! You look lovely, btw! I love the pink dress and the lovely brooches and lovespoon!

    • Hi, dear Nissi, than you for your sweet comment! I was in my teen years, an exchange student. It was a nice time, I love studying! But then I was different – thinner and with shorter hair :) So strange to see old photos :) Hope you have a nice day! XXX

  9. I like the saying you shared. it’s so true when I think about it. anyway, about those lovespoons. I hadn’t heard of them before reading your post. and I had no idea brooches are coming back. of course I wore them when I was younger! I think I wore them on my backpack, on my jacket… good old times, haha.
    oh, and what a cool hairstyle that is! too bad you didn’t photograph it from behind. I also love the red dress and brown shoes. that shade of brown is one of my favourites.
    I wish you a lovely time for the rest of the week and hope to be back with a new post as soon as possible. take care, Denise!

  10. I know what you mean, when I was a teenager I used to wear biker jackets and bomber jackets and not many of my peers were wearing in this style.
    Now it’s very popular and I still wear them a lot.
    I adore your old photos, you was looking very cool!
    I like also your present look, you look beautiful in these colors and this dress is just perfect!


  11. What a bevy of awesomeness you’ve filled this lovely post with, dear Denise. From your adorable hair bow to your classic jean jacket (a perpetual favourite garment of mine, too) to your breathtakingly gorgeous enamel brooches, there is so much to delight in and take inspiration from in this great outfit entry.

    Many hugs & joyful mid-July wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  12. Bentornata on line cara Denise! 😀
    Che dolce la storia del “lovespoon”! sai che non l’avevo mai sentita? e comunque è una spilla graziosissima, mi piace tantissimo!
    Ahahaahahah! Hai anticipato il trend delle spille tu!
    Sono supercarine le foto di quendo eri più piccola, e sai che hai ragione? Ci si vede sempre strani nelle vecchie foto (anche se tu sei rimasta quasi uguale), però è piacevole rivederle ogni tanto, no? :)

  13. Hi Denise, Its amazing how modern “old photos” can be! and I actually really love the idea of bringing brooches back! they are such a fun way to accessories :)
    ps; That first picture with your bow hair style is beautiful! But I don’t think I could pull something off like that :p

    Have a great Friday!
    ♥ Josune @ Your Beauty Script

  14. Awww Denise you look lovely as always! Btw that hairstyle is really adorable. It suits you very well and you look really beautiful :’) I did realize you love brooches which looks really great on you. ;D You are a real fashionista Denise 😉 Also, that quote in the end is amazing. That is so true :0 Awesome post! 😀

  15. Hello my lovely Denise! First of all, I really like that bow hairstyle, I have to try this out too, looks really effective! What’s more, you know that I also used to wear a lot of buttons on my jacket? When I was teenager I really liked to wear clothes with a lot of skulls (especially in pink color), I’m sure that you wouldn’t guess, ha! :) What about you, my dear, you look so pretty and lovely as always! You have good energy and you’re such positive person, so I really like to visit your blog as much as I can. And, again, your selection of quote is terrific – totally agree with you that there is no such a thing like “one, versatile perfect recipe for a living for everyone”, because everyone is different.
    Hope you’re having relaxing evening, my dear friend!

  16. Muchísimas gracias por tu comentario Denise, de verdad que es para mí todo un honor tu visita.
    Voy a añadir tu blog a mi blogroll para seguirte más de cerca y llegar a conocerte mejor.
    Un abrazo fuerte

    • Wow, es un honor para mi, que bellas palabras escribiste! Gracias por todo! Me olvide de escribir que tampoco yo puedo con el sol – por eso mi blog tiene mas abrigos que blusas ligeras – cuando es verano en una parte, me voy a otra con invierno :) Si que el sol es importante para la salud, pero para mi no me hace bien :( Te admiro mucho, eres una persona muy dulce y de uevo te digo, es un honor para mi tus palabras! Un abrazo y besitos! :)

  17. I love looking at old photos too, was wondering where you were hun, glad everything is sorted now :)

    I am also loving the come back trends, denim, chokers and layers are my go to right now and the bow hair style look gorge on you :)

    Hope you have a super fab friday hun

    Mwah xxx

  18. Ciao Sweetie!
    E’ vero, nella moda è un eterno ritorno…non bisogna buttare via nulla, perchè tutto prima o poi torna ad essere un trend!:-)
    Le tue spille sono bellissime! Non conoscevo la storia del Lovespoon, è una spilla troppo carina!
    E’ molto originale anche la tua borsa!
    Un bacio grande
    Paola ♡

  19. Hi Denise!! How are you? Hope you are doing well love!
    I am finally back in the blogging world after a whirlwind of a few months of crazy grad school!
    I love the jean jacket you are wearing! I’m sure I have mine around somewhere at my parents house! such a lovely addition! I also love those heels you are wearing! too cute! and what a cute old photo! I love coming across old photos! My cousin sent me one recently from when I was baby and it put a smile on my face!
    take care and have a wonderful weekend! xo

  20. I’ve always loved brooches, though I haven’t worn them for a while. This post makes me want to revisit my previous taste in fashion and start buying them again!

  21. Glad to see your blog is back up and running Denise! What a lovely brooch – you have such a pretty collection. Also your hair looks amazing in those photos, almost sixties style (the bow one looks amazing!) I love that you included some older photos in this post too :) xx

  22. Ooo, I love those espadrilles !! My feet are a bit too wide for espadrilles (even though I can wear regular width shoes just fine).

    Your hair bow turned out perfect too !!

    I rather miss print photos. Now that everything is digital, I no longer get the prints. I use to make photo albums, but .. not so much anymore.


  23. This is so cool! I love seeing old photos like that, you definitely were ahead with the trends! Some of the ones that I loved when I was younger like platform shoes and mini denim skirts are popular again now and I love it! 😀 😀

    Raindrops of Sapphire

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