Love never fails

Love never fails – or when missing something makes you sooo nostalgic *sigh* :) But new great things will always happen!

Braids again - this time Reverse Crown Braid hair style

Braids again – this time Reverse Crown Braid hair style

Lately, having left Dublin 2 months ago, I’ve been so nostalgic :) I loved living there, I miss it so! Time to show one of Dublin’s best writers – Oscar Wilde – amazing statue, in front of the house where he lived (here). Sculpted by Danny Osborne, it shows Wilde’s dual nature, happy and somber. It has different stones, like the pink Norwegian thulite. I was crazy about it and in Oslo I couldn’t help, I got a necklace with it! Have you ever been that nostalgic?

Love never Fails – this is  written on my oversized top. I truly believe so!

We can see the necklace a bit, here

We can see the necklace a bit, here

Don't mention it, still a picture with the "famous" pink coat (here). This was on Feb 28th, Dublin

Still a picture with the “famous” pink coat (here). This was on Feb 28th, Dublin – Oscar Wilde‘s statue and its Norwegian pink thulite lapel

The beautiful pink thulite, bought in Oslo

The beautiful Norwegian pink thulite necklace, bought in Oslo

A simple outfit - Love Never Fails top, Penney's

A simple outfit – Love Never Fails oversized top, Penneys

Jeans, Aos; Belt, Bourbon, Indian Vest/waistcoat - don't remember!

Jeans, Asos; Belts, Bourbon; Indian vest – don’t remember! Colorful watch, Mariner

Louloux shoes

Louloux shoes

Bag, don't remember where from!

Bag, don’t remember where from!

Quincy luck charms bracelets, Peace of Glass bracelet, Purple ring by Julie Reen

Quincy lucky charms bracelets, Peace of Glass bracelet, Purple ring by Julie Reen


Motivational quote

Wishing you a great week with smiles! Thanks for the nice comments!

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48 thoughts on “Love never fails

  1. Beautifully said, Denise! Love never fails indeed! Love your kind heart and your style is super cute! Loving those shoes, babe! So colorful – just perfect for Spring and I love the last quote too! Stop when you are done! I just love that! Thanks so much for sharing! Love you!
    Happy Monday, love!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  2. Another nostalgic here, hun! Don’t worry, you’re not alone hihi..
    Anyway, I’m loving that pretty face on the photo– you!
    Also, the quotation at the end, that’s so inspiring!
    Take care always, and God bless!

  3. I’m sure Dublin is wonderful….so I can understand why you are feeling nostalgic! I was never there myself but I want to visit it so badly…well, maybe one day!

    You always look so pretty. I loved seeing all of these pics.
    Your accessories are always phenomenal.
    Those colourful shoes are so fabulous…Such a great styling! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oscar Wilde was amazing, wasn’t he? I’m sure you do miss living in Dublin. I’ve actually never been to Ireland, but I am part Irish and have Irish family living over there, so I really should go at some point. Sorry you do miss it though, hopefully you can visit again! That purple ring is really pretty too, very nice!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  5. Oh yes, I have been feeling very nostalgic. Not lately, I am too tired to feel anything else, but it is a feeling that comes back regularly. I think it is positive, as it means that my life is full of memories that are so pretty I am longing for them.

  6. You look totally adorable and so, so cute, Denise. The first book I’ve ever read by Wilde was of course Dorian Gray, my mother always made sure I started with something that would get me hooked, lol. Followed by the ideal husband, a woman of no importance, pomegranates house and some others as well. But Dorian Gray is still my fave one. Anyway, I am not nostalgic at all. Hope your week is a bliss, girl.

  7. I can’t remember the last time I felt nostalgic about anything, maybe when I went back to my old school perhaps. I’ve been to Belfast but never Dublin but I’ve heard great things about Dublin so I’m not surprised you are nostalgic. I believe love never fails too, whether it’s love of a place or love of a person so that’s a great teeshirt to wear!

  8. Liebe Denise, ich denke, es ist gut, dass man manchmal in nostalgischer Stimmung ist – insbesondere dann, wenn es dafür einen so guten Grund gibt, wie bei Dir. Vielleicht ergibt sich ja wieder die Möglichkeit für Dich, wieder in Dublin zu wohnen? Wenn Du das magst, wünsche ich es Dir von Herzen. Du siehst wieder so hübsch aus in Deinen Outfits und gerade die bunten Schuhe haben mir es total angetan. Von Herzen noch eine schöne Woche! Alles Liebe von Rena

  9. Your Norwegian necklace is enchantingly sweet! I really, really like it. What a special memory to have of that beautiful Nordic country.

    Your outfits always abound with creativity and joy, sweet Denise, and this lovely look (which is far from “simple”, IMO, in today’s ever more relaxed fashion world) is no exception – plus it’s a great reminder of just how fabulous denim and the colour grey look together.

    Huge hugs & happy start of May wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  10. That is a perfectly romantic hairstyle for a romantic message!!!! Love Never fails is the name of the sequel to the Phantom of the opera musical! The shoes are really pretty and fun too.

  11. Good morning Denise. You have such a unique and fun style and I love visiting your page!! I am glad you would eat the fig and chocolate recipe I just posted! It was really yummy! That are such pretty shoes! Love them! I hope you have a fabulous weekend whatever it is that you get up to! Enjoy! xo


  12. I love that statue. Oscar Wilde looks so natural and laid back. Dublin is such a beautiful city. I can imagine how much you miss it. Love never fails, it’s true. It always wins out, no matter how much bitterness and unpleasantness there is, and there is a lot of that in the world. Such a pretty necklace Denise, and you look stunning in your pics, as always. Lots of hugs and kisses. Txx

  13. I do love that “famous” pink coat :) Denise, I have to say your jewellery is so pretty and bright, I really love it! Very cool that you saw the Oscar Wilde statue as well. :)

  14. Hi Denise!!!
    sorry ive been MIA!! I havent really had time to visit anyone’s blogs since ive been going so crazy with work school teaching fitness trying to blog etc. so im sorry!!! but im back!!!
    you look lovely as always and i love your outfit! those shoes are too cute, so original, and your purse also!
    I also feel nostalgic for places, i really miss brighton in the uk where I studied abroad.
    hope you are doing well, friend! I’ll try to pop by again soon! have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  15. Hi Denise,I hadn’t also received the feeds of your blog. Another day I was here but only have a post of dresses and I didn’t write anything because I hadn’t what to say. You know I like very much of Oscar Wide. Dorian Gray is an icon of the universal literature. And I already saw a movie with the Oscar Wide’s history that I liked very much. I don’t know what is the original title but in portuguese it is “Os crimes de Oscar Wide”. It was a very good movie. Now I’m seeing that is a post of wanderlust. Who doesn’t have wanderlust? I hope you have a nice weekend.

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