Love at first sight x Love over time

Love at first Sight x Love over time – do you believe in love at first sight?

Do you believe in Love at First Sight? Is there such a thing? Is it possible? Or is Love something that is build over time, after the first feeling of attraction (or even not, when you discover that a person can be a great partner due to other reasons other than mere attraction). Has Love at First Sight ever happened to you or any person you know?
I remember two situations. A movie where a guy told a friend that he saw a girl in a field and he realized that she was the love of his life. The friend asked “and what happened then?” He replied “I never saw her again“. I told this to a friend after a “strange” day. We were eating pizza in London – that’s irrelevant, but just to report everything :) She saw a guy eating alone and told me “he is the love of my life“. He looked at her and both smiled. Over the next 30 min, I felt like a chaperone :) I told her “OK, he clearly likes you, but may be shy. Go say hello!” But she was shy, too. We finished pizza and went outside. He left the place, too. Looked at her and smiled. I told her “he will talk to you now!”, but he left. She told me she went to the pizzeria to ask the owners if he was a regular client, they couldn’t recall him and asked them that “if ever they saw a man with a burgundy leather business bag, please give him my number”. No one has ever called. Over the years, she told me that she knew he was the love of her life. Could it really be? Who knows!
Love-at-first-sight x Love-over-time
Science says that when we see someone for the first time, our brains process mixed information into a whole, and we don’t realize that. Is the person articulate (in a friends’ circle, for ex.) and has sense of humor? Do you find the person’s voice nice? You may also perceive the body language, that tells a lot – but you can’t explain that, it’s complex. You just feel it.
Can it also be that you strongly liked the person and that is different from loving? It seems that love “includes a set of caring activities like being loyal, consistent, candid, trustworthy, considerate, empathetic, tolerant and supportive. It seeks the welfare, happiness and safety of another.” And all that takes some time, it’s built brick by brick. But you can also listen to what your brain is doing with you, without your conscious knowledge :) Here are 5 questions about how you feel about your partner. Obviously not everything, but some good points.And more questions you’ll find here. Can you add any other question?


1. Do you feel more relaxed when you are around this person? It seems we’re at our best when we are relaxed, and can accomplish the most then.

2. Do you have fewer unexplainable symptoms around this person?  No joke, it may happen. Muscle pain from feeling tension, jaw pain from grinding teeth, itchiness from stress-related skin conditions, heartburn… Clearly it can be something else, but pay attention to your body signs.

3. Does this person help you when you are injured or sick? How your significant other behaves when you are down is critical!

4. Do you feel optimistic and confident with the person? Having a partner who can encourage you is extremely important. Who wants a partner who puts you down and makes you feel inadequate?

5. How do you feel about your own time? If you need a lot of space and time for yourself, but still look forward to being with the person on different occasions, then you have fallen in love :) That is sooo my case!

Finishing Touch and Mood of the Week


Wishing you a beautiful week with many smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

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48 thoughts on “Love at first sight x Love over time

  1. Hello my sweet Denise!
    Well I don’t ether believe in love of first sight!
    How i feel about my partner after all those years being married with him is the happiness having a lovely family that I’m very proud for!
    Have a happy week my friend!Kisses!

  2. This is an interesting topic. Not sure if I believe in love at first sight. Although there can be an extreme attraction that can occur very quickly which I think is neither love or even lust.

    I think this extreme some what instant attraction to another person is bio-chemical. I think for what ever reason this bio-chemical reaction can be triggered, and why it gets triggered by person A instated of person B,C or Z, who knows. But I think this bi-chemical reaction is similar to taking drugs and a person can feel or think something while “under the influence” but when it wears off well…they say that is why a lot relationships break up after 3 months and it also could be responsible for the 7 year itch. Or studies have indicated this. Yeah I guess I am not a romantic hahaha.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  3. Olá
    Bem Denise achei bem interessante seu post.Sabe que acredito piamente em amor a primeira vista? Acredito também que pode acabar rápido também.
    Quando eu era nova me apaixonava e desapaixonava com a mesma intensidade rsrs, mas acho isso ótimo.
    Quanto as suas cinco questões são bem capciosas ahaha aprendi bastante hoje com este seu texto agradável e inteligente.
    Bjs querida boa semana.

  4. Liebe Denise, ich glaube absolut, dass es Liebe auf den ersten Blick gibt! Und noch einen besseren Einblick geben auf jeden Fall die ehrlichen Antworten auf Deine Fragen! Liebe ist mit das Wunderbarste auf dieser Welt und es ist das beste Gefühl zu lieben und geliebt zu werden. Ich denke, Liebe spürt man <3 Danke für diesen wunderbaren Beitrag! I love you <3

    • Oooh… das ist so suess, liebe Rena, deine Worte, immer! Ich liebe dich auch, ehrlich, du weisst das – immer wenn wir nicht uns persoenlich kennen, es ist egal, ich fuehle als wir uns wirklich kennen – alles was du zu mir gemacht hast, durch deine Worte und Unterstuezung, war wirklich unglaublich gut! Ich erinnere mich an, einmal wurde ich eingeladen zur einen Hochzeit. Und die Braut hat gesagt, ich durfte einige Bibel Worte lesen, waehrend die Zeremonie. Ich habe es Briefe an die Korinther geweahlt – “Wenn ich mit allen Menschen in ihrer Sprache, ja auch mit den Engeln reden könnte; hätte aber die Liebe nicht: so wäre ich, wie ein tönendes Erzt, wie eine klingende Schälle”. Guckte ich spaeter an, die Gaeste, Braut und Braeutigam hatten Traenen in Augen :) Es war eine Ehre fuer mich, die Briefe zu lesen! Und ich glaube es auch – ohne Liebe, wer sind wir? Danke sehr, liebe Rena, fuer deine wunderbare Freundschaft! Einen schoenen Tag noch! :)

      • Oh, liebste Denise, jetzt habe ICH Tränen in den Augen! Du bist einfach wunderbar und es geht nicht anders, als Dich zu lieben! Wenn ich Dich auch nur das Klitzekleinste unterstützen konnte, dann freut und ehrt mich das sehr. Ich bin auf jeden Fall sehr sehr froh, dass es Dich gibt und dankbar, Dich zumindest virtuell zu kennen. Die Worte, die Du aus der Bibel gewählt hast bestätigen mir einmal mehr, dass Du eine sehr reine Seele bist und ein goldenes Herz dazu hast. I still love you <3 Deine Rena

  5. Such a sweet post, Denise! I actually believe in Love at first sight or more or less attraction at first sight. LOVE is such a big word — but I do think that I have somewhat experienced it. I met someone and had butterfly’s the moment we said Hello to each other. It was quite special.
    Great post, dear and well written!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  6. Ti dirò, io credo in entrambe le cose, cara Denise!
    Ci può essere amore a prima vista (come è capitato a mio fratello, che sta con la fidanzata da 10 anni) oppure l’amore può nascere da una conoscenza più approfondita che richiede un certo tempo, magari dipende dal carattere delle persone o dalle circostanze, chissà?
    A me però piacerebbe trovare l’amore a prima vista, come in una favola! In ogni caso chiunque triovi il vero è davvero una persona fortunata, è la cosa più bella ed importante del mondo, ed il modo in cui avviene secondo me non poi ha molta importanza! :)
    Ti auguro una bellissima settimana cara Denise, baci!

  7. Hmm, I don’t believe that could be true really. I would say maybe lust at first sight, not love. Love is a true deep connection that you feel for someone and it’s unconditional, which I do not believe you can feel that just by seeing someone and not knowing who they are. They can’t be the love of your life if you never see them again. Definitely lust and the hope they would be suited to you. If they spoke to them and engaged conversation, it could change entirely. Love grows when you get to know people. Happy Wednesday, Denise!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  8. There is certainly lust at first sight. No doubt about it. An electricity shared between two with intense attraction. I felt that with my husband when I first met. Did I think I would marry him? No way! Ha ha! I was very young and more interested in playing the field. In the end though it did grow into something more and here I am…some 27 years later still with the guy that made my heart race a little faster that first night.


  9. Denise, once again you give us something to think about. What an interesting post. Well, everyone does not experience this but I have and I do believe in love at first sight. It’s also interesting how two strangers can interact and have a connection whether it be as friends are more. Happy Friday! Hope you enjoy the weekend. x/Madison

  10. I think the idea of love at first sight is very romantic, but not sure how possible it really is! Attraction at first sight for sure, but full on love, I think that takes time and getting to know the person. But hey, some people say they experienced it and that’s awesome! Lovely post, hun. <3 xoxo


  11. Secondo me l’amore a prima vista è..ingannevole e incompleto. Perchè da un semplice sguardo non si può conoscere nè capire il carattere di una persona, puoi soltanto essere attratta dalle sue belle sembianze quindi, in effetti, io non ci credo molto xD

  12. Me diverti mucho leyendo este post, querida Denise! Yo creo que no existe el amor a primera vista, sino una atraccion :) Puede ser una atraccion muy fuerte y mutua, pero creo que como dijiste, el amor per se es algo que se construye al tiempo y es un estado al que se llega despues :) Pero las historias de “amor a primera vista” me encantan! Uno nunca sabe cómo, cuando ni donde va a conocer su amor. Que lastima que tu amiga no pudo contactarse con el chico de la pizzeria alguna vez, pudo haber sido su amor, o no, quien sabe! Pero hubiese sido lindo poder averiguarlo.
    Gracias por tu email querida Denise, hoy mismo te lo respondo! <3

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