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I always had and have very long hair, with maybe a short interval of some months – I say months, because if I had it cut now, in maximum half a year it’s long again – my hair grows very fast. Because I have a lot of hair, people think it’s strong and thick – but in fact, it’s light as a feather, very thin; my hairdresser calls it “baby hair”. I don’t mind, really, but I always hear “oh, I wanted to have hair as long as yours, but mine simply doesn’t grow!” Well, now you can have long hair, like mine! With CC Hair Extensions!
Makeup July 2015

If you have short hair, soft and natural looking extensions are the easy and practical; way to get the length you want without waiting for your own hair to grow. Today I am sharing a hair extension shop with you, CC Hair Extensions. They will surely have nice and natural looking extensions for you!
Hair extensions
I have a dear, really dear friend who is always sad because her hair doesn’t grow. Well, now she can have the long hair she always wanted to, with huge range of clip in hair extensions, hair pieces and extensions. The shop certainly has the best hair extension for you, according to your style.
 Hair Extensions– It is a shop selling high quality hair extensions in wholesale price, with a wide range of many beautiful styles. They have a wide range of Clip in hair, Tape Hair, Micro Ring/Loop Hair, Hair Weave, Nail tip hair, Stick tip hair  and hair that comes in all lengths, styles and colors. And if you receive any damaged product, they provide a refund or replacement, upon proof of damage. Returns and exchanges are accepted if they are requested within one week of receiving the items.
– So if you want to add length to our hair right now, as well as thickness, too, check out the shop! The clips blend so well with the natural hair and that’s why they are very popular! The shop recommends some grams of hair, according to your type of hair. They are offered in different lengths, from 12 inches to 28 inches and can be wavy, straight and more! You can shop by Material, Texture and Color. All with no damage to your natural hair! So versatile to have long hair, you can have so many different and beautiful hair styles like a braid, a ponytail, bun…
– They offer online chatting, so you can ask them what you want about hair extensions.
 Have you tried hair extensions or are you thinking to?

Wishing you a great week with many smilesThank you for your sweet comments!

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36 thoughts on “Long healthy hair

  1. Your hair always looks lovely so I’m surprised to hear that. I wouldn’t want to try extensions as I just don’t have time to do anything with my hair, just enough to keep it out of the way.x

  2. Hi Denise, your hair look very beautiful. I had no idea you had baby hair. My hair grows pretty fast too and I have a lot of it and it’s very thick 😀 I have never tried extensions cos it’s just to much effort for me (I know. Shame on me). I’m just too lazy to put them on. These extension look great nonetheless. Wish you a happy weekend sweetheart!


  3. Gosh, I always thought your hair was very thick too. That’s how it looks in your pics. But whatever, you have truly gorgeous hair. Long and luscious! My hair is long too. I’ve always had length, though my hairdresser made me cut 2 inches cff the length a few weeks back because I’d been using very cheap straighteners at the gym (why did I do that!?) and basically they had frazzled the ends of my locks :(. I was gutted at the chop but it was the only way to stop split ends. Luckily my hair grows quickly too. Hair extentions if done well can look just like the real thing. Kisses to you Denise xxx. Tracey

    • Thank you for the comment, dear Rosdays! Wow, so we two have very thin hair – well, you are right, mine shouldn’t be that long, because the ends are so thin, not split, but one can see how thin it is – but then, you will understand me, you and I know how much work it takes to keep thin hair looking at least decent! That’s why I always have locks, so that the ends are disguised :) Thank you for sharing that, cause I know we understand each other’s hair!

  4. Your hair is so beautiful! I had long hair for a while, then cut off 10 inches this year. Sometimes I miss everything I could do with long hair, but it’s nice to have a change. I would definitely try out extensions if they didn’t seem like so much work!

  5. I haven’t tried extensions despite my hair not growing at all (exaggeration, but not as fast as I would love it to). They are so much work to keep up (when permanent) and so damaging to the hair (if clip-ins) that I never bothered.

  6. Hi dear Denise, firstly, you have such a beauty hair:)! I’ve never tried extension in my life, which is I always wanting to try and see what is going to looks like on me:). You probably don’t need extension at all as you own such a beautiful long hair. I wish you a lovely weekend honey. Hugs and kisses


  7. Hola Denise! Perdón por no pasarme por tu blog en estos últimos días! Es que he estado muy ocupada, pero ya estoy aquí :) Debe ser muy divertido tener un par de extensiones para variar de vez en cuando! Yo también tengo la suerte de que me crezca el pelo rápido (digo “suerte” porque puede ser una condición salvadora en caso de un mal corte de pelo, jajaja). Una muy buena recomendación, querida Denise!
    Espero que estés teniendo un lindo fin de semana!


  8. I love your hair. I don’t use hair extensions because my hair is so red it’s almost impossible to find hair extensions that match my hair. Great post I hope your enjoying your weekend. Looking forward to your next post.

  9. Oh yay! This is so funny-I just did a blog post on hair extensions! I got to try out some hair extensions recently and it was so much fun! I got to have Rapunzel long hair which was interesting because my real hair has never been so long before! It was an interesting experience since my hair right now is like a lob! While wearing clip-in hair extensions may not be an everyday thing for me, I am happy to be able to own a pair for special occasions :)
    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

  10. Tu hai dei capelli mervigliosi cara Denise, anche se sono sottili e leggeri! A me piacciono tantissimo, e di certo non hai bisogno di extensions!
    E che fortuna che ti crescono così in fretta! Anche io ho i capelli sottili e leggeri, ma in più sono anche mossi/ricci quindi più crescono più si arricciano sulle punte e sembra che stiano sempre allo stesso punto…

  11. Great review, I’ve heard about this store before and I find that it’s great, because it helps women to be even more feminine, with beautiful (and natural!) long hair :)What’s more, it’s great option for those,whose hair doesn’t grown (like hair of your friend) or for someone, who have just cut hair and immediately change his mind. Personally I have long hair and I can’t imagine myself without them, so I understand why these extensions are great alternative for women who literally die for long hair. Have a great week ahead, Denise!


  12. You’re so lucky! My hair grows long, as you know, but really really slowly. If I cut them short (which I sort of want to) I’ll definitely regret it because I’ll need 2-3 years to go the same length I have now. Maybe even more. However, I’ve never used hair extensions, and I’ve never felt the urge or the need to do it. I prefer my natural hair, no matter the length.
    But I know many people who love them, and prefer to use hair extensions or weaves than have shorter hair.

  13. Hello Denise, this was a nice post. It describe one of my favorite things in a woman. The hair. I think that is a beautiful thing that the women have. And I like very much of your hair. But I don’t agree that will be a solution the hair extention. It is very ugly and it never will be natural. Excuse me for disagree to you. I hope that you have a very nice week.

  14. Non mi sembrano affatto male, quasi quasi ci faccio un pensierino. Avrei proprio voglia di sentirmi i capelli lunghi, mi mancano tantissimo. Maledico sempre il giorno in cui li ho tagliati. :(
    Un bacione cara e buon inizio settimana! :*

    • Hi, dear Jessica! Thank you for the lovely comment! But I am afraid it’s exactly the contrary – I wrote that although people think by the pictures that I have thick hair, it’s so so thin, that my hairdresser calls it “baby hair” and if you touch it, you can feel that her words are true to meaning! I have only luck that it grows fast! All the rest comes with thin hair – tending to dry, super frizzy, uneven ends, but I refuse to have i cut (as it would be better)! Hope you have a great day and week!

  15. Hello Denise.

    I am too glad that I reached to your post for which i was searching form a long time. I have a friend name rashmi, her hair are too short and rough. Whenever we go out together in some party she always say that why my hair cant be like others why i look so ugly ! But after referring your blog i am too curious to gift her these extensions :)

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