Lip reading

Lip reading, yes, but not the kind you may expect – when people can’t hear well and have to read lips. But rather, lips’ shapes reading :) According to some people, it’s possible to describe some personality traits by the shape of our features. Maybe not true, but at least interesting – or funny :)

Some kinds of lip shapes you can find :) Descriptions of personalities below!

Photos courtesy of

Photos courtesy of

1) FULL  LIPS – You are confident, corageous, able to solve complex situations and radiate an assertive personality. Fun personalities and knowing how to entertain;

2) THIN  LIPSCalm, intuitive, balanced, aware of the smallest details; watching from the background, waiting for the right time to make a good decision. They may appear to be shy, but they have firm opinions, often winning debates. If you show you’re loyal and honest, they’re very kind and loving;

3) WIDE  LIPS – You are lively and have many friends with many different interests. You are also a perfectionist and talented, and you will follow your own mind;

4) DOWNWARD-turning LIPSThey may appear as sad, but shows a mysterious personality. People may perceive you as quick-witted. You are also a picky person and can be hard to please;

5) HEART-SHAPED or BOW-SHAPED   LIPS – Independent and confident. The need for love and kindness is also important for you. You’re also very expressive and aren’t afraid to live life to the fullest and enjoy the things you do. You aren’t afraid to speak your mind and take charge of your destiny;

6) ROUND  LIPS – You are interested in exploration and are a little bit rebellious and flirtatious. People are naturally drawn to you because of you are vivacious, charming and have a risque fashion sense.

So, were you convinced by the descriptions? You can read more here and here :)

Now, to the “superficial” part – my outfit on Feb 15th :) And a quote :)

Shorte sleeved embroidered cardi, Zara. Straw bag, don't remember. Dress, Sang Bang Wool. Shoes, Louloux

Short sleeved embroidered cardi, Zara. Straw bag, don’t remember. Dress, Sang Bang Wool. Brooch, bought at Trinity College shop. Shoes, Louloux

Some bracelets and the another part of the garden

Some bracelets and another part of my garden, with a palm tree

Outfit shoes with floral print in low and high heeled versions

Outfit shoes with floral print in low and high heeled versions

I found a shop that has the most amazingly creative shoes… crazy styles, the way I love! So last month I got some fantastic pairs of shoes (above and below). Eager to wear them!

Louloux Shoes, amazingly creative!

Louloux Shoes, amazingly creative!


I don't  wear cleavages, so I put a brooch on the dress to close it!

I don’t wear cleavages, so I put a brooch on the dress to close it!

Finally, I posted many quotes (as usual) on FACEBOOK, one of them is above.

If you enjoyed this post, I am very glad! Support is always welcome on facebook :)

Hope you have an amazing week, with many radiant smiles!

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106 thoughts on “Lip reading

    • Thank you so much for the comment, dear Min! Hahaha, it is a nice “personality test”, isn’t i? I found it funny, but not that we reeeeally have to believe it :) So maybe you are not hard to please, and even if, it means you are selective – which is good, why not? I hope you have a great week and thanks for liking me on facebook! It is really so sweet towards me!

  1. Liebe Denise, Dein Spruch hier ist so wahr! Ja, diese Leute leben einfach anders, aber das heisst noch lange nicht, dass deswegen der andere verrückt ist :) Du hast Dir wieder so schöne neue Schuhe gekauft, ich bin überzeugt davon, Deine komplette Schuhsammlung ist ein Traum <3 Und wie schön Du mit Deinem Outfit aussiehst, kein Wunder, dass rot Deine Lieblingsfarbe ist <3 Das mit den Lippen ist sehr interessant und es ist das erste Mal, dass ich darüber lese. Vielen Dank! Da muss ich doch gleich meine Mitmenschen ganz genau anschauen :) Nur selber bin ich mir nicht sicher, welche Lippenform ich habe … Liebe Denise, hoffentlich hattest Du ein wunderbares Wochenende und es geht Dir immer noch hervorragend! Alles Liebe von Rena aus Bayern

    • Liebe Rena, hallo, und wieder bedanke ich mich fuer die immer suesse Woerte! Ja, habe ich viele Mal gesehen, oder sogar erlebt, wie die Leute sagen wie verrueckt “ich” oder einige andere sind, weil ich die Welt sehen wollte – und oft bin ich alleine gereist (das war oder ist verrueckt fuer manche Leute). Naja, habe ich einige schoene Schuhe, jetzt ungafehr 460 Paare – aber ich werde einige zu einigen Institutionen geben. Es ist schon Zeit, besonders im Winter. Da ist etwas verrueckt oder krank, so viele Schuhe, die ich nicht alle tragen kann, nur mit mir zu halten. Naechste Monath werde ich einige geben, wie gesagt. Die Lippen- persoenlichkeit Test scheint gut zu sein :) Aber genau, einige Lippen sind sehr aehnlich zu einander, z. B., die runde mit den Herzen Lippen, und so weiter. Aber lustig und witzig ist der Test :) Ich wuensche dir eine schoene Woche und bedanke ich mich woeder fuer deine Woerte, immer super lieb! Liebe Gruesse!

    • Thank you so much, dear Beauty Follower :) for the nice comment! It’s true, I think many people will think “mmm, which kind of shape are my lips?” Because the round and the heart-shaped one can be pretty much similar to each other! And there are full that are wide. So it’s a bit like a riddle to find the exact shape :) Nice that yoo liked the dress! I bought it many years ago, and wore it for the first time now :) Hope you have a great week!

    • Oi, Lilly! Hahaha, todas estao dizendo isso :) Mas eh dificil mesmo. Tem uns formatos que podem bem ser parecidos, como o circular-cheio e o de coracao. So sei que tem gente quenao vai dizer cheio, para nao parecer ter ego inflado, desde que parece ser o formato mais desejado por todos. Apesar de que eu conheco uma pessoa que vai dizer exatamente isso, apesar de que essa eu ja sei de antemao que nao eh :) Hahaha, tudo muito engracado! Um beijao!

    • Hi, dear June, so nice to know you are back to blogging! I think we have some phases, with some breaks, much needed! But so good, welcome back! And thanks for the lovely comment! The lip reading was also new to me :) I found it so funny and interesting :) ope you have a nice week! XXX

  2. Thin lips works for me! Yep, sounds about right!
    THOSE Shoes are amazing- I really like your ones, especially the flat ones, from Louloux you say? I’d love a pair of those, dare I check the link????

    You look particularly striking in red, it suits you beautifully. xx

    • Thank you so much, dear Kezzie! Red is my favorite color, can you believe I bought that dress many years (I mean, really many) ago, and just wore it now? But I like doing these things :) I can check wether they have that pair, you may as well. If they don’t deliver abroad, and have the pair, I can send to you! Really! Because they are really sweet and by the way, comfortable! Hope you are having a good re-start of the week! XXX

    • Thank you for the sweet comment, dear Imogen! Yes, the lips are tricky, because some of them are a bit similar, so they can confuse us! But I found it funny! Thank you for the compliments about the shoes! A bit crazy they are, but I love shoes that way! Hope you have a nice week!

  3. I have thin lips and I do agree with the stuff said about people with such lips. and it sure was interesting to read about such things. I didn’t know one can describe people according to their lips :)
    now, the second part of your post. you have a beautiful garden and I would love to see more of it! and your outfit is beautiful too, perfect for your personality. the dress, those shoes and bracelets are all gorgeous. gosh and all those new booties and shoes you bought – wow wow wow! I can’t even imagine how big your wardrobe must be! 😀
    by the way, thank you so much for the kind note you left under my previous post (now a new one is up, finally). you asked about following my blog and getting notifications via e-mail. so, my blog has always had three options for following :) 1. Bloglovin’ (includes notifications via e-mail) 2. GFC 3. Subscribing posts/comments via this Atom thingy (I don’t use it with other blogs so I’m not sure how it exactly works but I think it means you will get notifications via e-mail). I get all the updates from others via Bloglovin’ and I think it’s the easiest way. but yeah, you can see all three options when you look at my right sidebar. everything’s available there. if you have more questions, just let me know :)

    • Hi, dear Maiken, I always love your sweet, lovely comments! First for me not to forget, the subscribing thing :) I must confess that the “Atom” thing didn’t work, only codes opened to me. The GFC tells me there’s a new post only if I check google, and I opened the account just to be able to comment on some blogs. And bloglovin never sends me new posts of the people I follow (and I do follow you, I am sure) through email… so I don’t know. What I meant is that there’s on some blogs a subscribing way directly from the blog to the email (I want to set it soon on mine) and it worked with other blogs. But please, never mind! I can check yours, no problem, just bear a bit with me :) Like now, that you said there’s a new post – eager to read it, after I answer to your comment :) The garden of my main place is small, divided into some parts, but it’s cozy :) But even being small it’s a bit “exuberant”, with that huge palm tree and an exotic flower. I like it, and the whole street is full of trees, it’s incredible! Thank you sooooo much for all your nice and sweet words, you are really always so kind to me! Ah, the lips! Hahaha, I only posted that because I thought it was funny :) Many people seemed to think so too, and it is nice! Hope you have a very beautiful week!

      • hmm, have you checked your Bloglovin’ settings? there are the following options for new posts by email:
        1. I don’t want new posts by email.
        2. I want one email every day.
        3. I want one email every time any of my favorite blogs are updated.
        I use the second variant and it works beautifully so I recommend you to check your account settings and see what’s going on there 😉 I myself don’t follow any blogs via this option you just described but after all it’s a matter of taste.
        oh and I also tried this Atom thingy and that one also worked for me. I hope at least one of them will work for you too :)

        • Oh, thank you so very much! I confess I am a bit “raw” about some things, and now I will check the options and wow, it will help me really very very much! Thank you so much again, dear Maiken, you are always amazing!

    • Thank you so much, dear Paola! I love shoes, but who doesn’t! And the lips’ description article I read was very interesting, so I decided to share it! Hope you have a beautiful week! Kisses!

    • Hi, dear Paola! Thank you for your lovely comment! Really, does the description suit you? It’s the second girl that says this, that after reading the descriptions it is reflects her way – and now you confirmed! Kisses!

    • Oh, dear Maggie, I feel so flattered! So nice compliments coming from someone I admire so much, you are always so well dressed! Actually I have a boho-gypsy style, that I don’t like or dislike – it’s just “get what looks Okish” and all is fine :) But I am so honored by your compliments – well, the shoes were something I couldn’t resist, so crazy, colorful and interesting! Great new online shop – the problem is that now I am always visiting it! Hop you are having a nice week and thank you for your sweet words! Kisses!

  4. I have fuller lips and without sounding big headed I really think those traits match me pretty much exactly. I’ve never really interpreted what lips mean so this is really interesting. I’ve always liked the shape of downward lips but only for cosmetic reasons – I think they look quite sexy. I love the superficial parts of your post too ha ha. Those shoes are super cute and will be perfect for when spring arrives. I’ve always considered being called crazy a compliment. Hope you’re having a good week

    • Wow, thank you dear Colleen, for the feedback and comment! I am really hearing (or rather, reading :) what people say, whether the lips’ descriptions suit or not! And up to now it seems all is going right! Oh yes, the shoes, I am eager to wear all of them, but true, they are so colorful, I have to match them with a more discreet outfit :) Not the bold ones I am wearing lately :) But the time will come :) Hahaha, yes, you are so right! Being called crazy is just like that – it’s when we simply don;t live by other people’s standards and then… it’s easy for them to say “ah, just crazy”. You are right, rather a compliment! Hope you are having a great evening!

    • Hahaha, Min, I loved your comment, thanks for that! I guess our personalities change a bit, but maybe not THE personality, but some attitudes – it all depends. I posted yesterday on facebook that our attitudes change according to the way we are treated by this or that person. I knew that lipstick shape “research”, but ow the lips’ shape drew my attention… Mmmm… good to remind me about that, maybe I will post that as well – thanks for reminding me! I hope you have a great week, we still have some days ahead!

    • Thank you so much for the really sweet comment! You are so kind! I do love my shoe-collection, but of course we all have collections that we love (shoes, bracelets, so on :) I hope you have a great week! Kisses!

    • Hi, dear Tina! Thank you so much for your sweet words!!! I like that cardi as well and the red dress is in my closet for many many years, but I like it this way, when suddenly you feel like wearing the piece – and it’s there for us, new :) The shape of lips is funny :) Some girls are also in doubt about the shapes, because some are very similar, like the round one and the hart-shaped… but it is funny anyway :) Hope you have a great week! XXX

    • Hi, Tanya! Oh yes, I found more about it – can you believe, shape of cheeks (!!!), shape of eyes, and etc :) Supposedly it all can say the way we all are :) I hope you have a nice day and thank you for your lovely comment!

    • Hi, Elly, thanks for your comment! I do love that straw bag, it reminds me of one I had when I was 15 and bought at a beach… nice memories :) The shape of lips was new to me as well, and I found it funny and maybe interesting :) Many people are in doubt of their shapes, though :) Hope you have a nice day! XXX

  5. Omg Denise you look totally marvelous! I love your dress (red is one of my favorite colors too) and the super cute floral shoes are to die for. Haha I think the lip reading might be true. The description convinced me. I have thin lips btw and it fits. Thank you for your kind words and the wishes. Wünsch die einen wundervollen Mittwoch Süße 😀


    • Liebe Glamdevils!!!! Thank you so much for the very sweet comment! I love when someone loves red as well! So nice to know it is one of your favorite colors, we do have this point in common! I like floral patterns and it stands for shoes too :) (and bags and all :) The lip reading is sweet, isn’t it? I found it funny! Thank you again for the kind and beautiful comment and I hope you are having a great week so far! Liebe Gruesse und geniess den Tag, sehr! XXX

    • Thank you so much for the sweet comment, Jessica! The lips’ shape article seem to be very funny, and everybody is having fun till now, knowing about it :) I didn’t know till last week and found it interesting! Thanks for the compliment about my outfit! It is a dress I bought many years ago, but only wore it now :) Hope you are having a nice week so far! XXX

    • So sweet comment, dear Rebecca! Thank you for that, so lovely words! I didn’t know about the lips’ shapes till last week, so I thought it was so interesting, that I wanted to bring it to the blog! That dress is kind of old :) I have it for many years, but never wore it before :) And the cardi was there because I never wear cleavages or outfits without sleeves :) I am so glad you liked the shoes, cause I admire your shoes so much – so I am so flattered that you liked them! Hope you are having a great day!

    • Thank you, dear Jezz, such a lovely comment! I didn’t know about the lip reading thing till last week, and I found it so funny that I posted :) Wow, really great words of encouragement, I am so glad for your comment! Hope you have a nice day!

  6. Hi Denise! I love this post. It’s very interesting and I had fun reading it. I didn’t know about these things before. It’s actually accurate. I love your outfit. You look so gorgeous and lovely in that dress. I love the color, it looks good on you. <3 You have a nice collection of shoes. I strongly agree with your quote. Have a nice day! :)


    • Hi, dear Shekinah!!!! Thank you so much for this lovely comment again! Guess what, just saw you have a new post, and will read it when I come back home – leaving now in a hurry :) I think the lip shapes’ reading seems to be funny and interesting – many people agreed on the descriptions :) And now you too! Well, you know about the shoes, I can’t resist them! But I guess we women are 98% the same! I hope you have a great day and thank you again for the sweet comment! I really want to read your post in peace when back home and will do so tonight! Kisses!

    • Oh dear Hati, thank you so much for being always so sweet! I so much needed your words :) Lovely! Thank you for the compliments! I don’t think you have thin lips, but you must know it better! I think they are more like full/round/heart-shaped! But every kind of shape is beautiful – and what counts is the feelings we have inside our hearts! Wishing you a loooovely day, you really made my day! Liebe liebe Gruesse!

    • Thank you for the lovely comment, dear Ann! The lip reading thing is unanimous, I guess, everybody is saying it’s interesting and funny, and I thought so, that it would be :) Hope you have a great day and weekend!

    • Hi, dear Maria, thank you so much for the sweet words, so nice to “see” you here! I confess, I love floral patterns, so for shoes as well :) Thank you so much for leaving me this sweet comment, it really made my day (really!) XXX

  7. I like reading about things such like these, but to be honest, I’m quite not sure what shape my lips has(I think that they’re thin or round). Moreover, I like your quote, I’m so agree with it, because when people think that someone is crazy, maybe that’s because of their problem? Maybe in their opinion there is one good path how to live and everyone should accept it? Have an amazing weekend, dear :)

    • Hi, sweetie, thank you so much for your lovely comment! I told some people that it might be confusing, cause some shapes are kind of similar – so I think if you read both descriptions it will suit! The round one could be heart-shaped as well, so you see, confusing somehow :) Oh yes, you are so right! Many times it’s this way. People think only one opinion is the right one. Theirs! And all the others are then crazy, stupid, strange, so on – there are many nicknames for that! But we should trust ourselves! I hope you have a great weekend and thank you for sharing your thoughts with me!

    • Thank you, dear Anouk, for the sweet comment! I did’t know either, but when I read that I found it so interesting, that I wanted to share it so much! I found it quite funny! I hope you have a great week and again, thank you for the nice comment!

    • Thank you for the lovely words, Elisabeth! Yes, I told some girls who commented with the same doubt “which kind of lips do I have?”, that some shapes may be quite similar, like round and hearted-shape… so I said, “read both@ :) Cause I did that, too :) I hope you have a very nice week, again, thank you for the nice comment!

    • Hahaha, dear Min, that was a sweet comment and I had to smile – hard to please! Are you sure? You seem to be really sweet! Like, easy-going! But OK, if you say so, I believe you :) Thank you so much for the sweet comment, I hope you have a very nice week!

    • Oh, super sweet comment, thank you so much, dear Kashaya! I always feel so shy when I read compliments, thank you so much again for the nice words and hope you have a very nice week!

    • Dear dear Jenny, such a beautiful comment, from a beautiful friend! Thank you so much for that, the comment, compliments and friendship! Reading from you, that I look good , is a big honor, because you know that you are the one to be called gorgeous! Hope you have a great week!!!!

  8. I hope you enjoy wearing all your new shoes. They’re pretty and very much your style. Love your outfit, and your shoes in it.
    I didn’t know you could tell something like this by reading someone’s lip shape. That’s really interesting. Although I don’t know which category I fall into.

    • Hello, thank you for the lovely comment, as usual – and don’t worry, I told that for some, more than one shape is possible, like for some the round combined with the heart-shaped one, for example! Or full wide, and so on! But it was a funny thing to read, and then I wrote it here :) The shoes, yes, they are so quirky, so funny and colorful! I have worn two of them already, missing the other 4 – well, there’s the whole month ahead! Hope you are having a nice week so far! Kisses!

    • Hi, Camelia, thank you for the nice comment! It’s just for fun, I don’t know whether it really describes personalities through the shapes of someone’s lips! Did you find yours and the description? I hope you have a nice week ahead and thank you again for the sweet comment!

  9. I’ve never heard of measuring someone’s personality from the shape of their lips before. Fascinating! According to this then, I’m confident and courageous and able to work out complex situations! Ooh eee, not sure about that 😉 Tx

    • Hi, Tracey, thank you so much for the lovely words! That’s great, to be courageous and confident! But the lips’ shapes may confuse us – many people are saying that they are not sure about their shapes :) I think they are right – round and heart-shaped can be very similar, for example! Anyway, a funny thing to think of :) Hope you have a beautiful day!

    • Hi, dear Laila, thank you so much for your comment! Guess what, YES! There is a research on “eye-reading” and nose-reading as well, and even cheek-reading!!! So I chose to bring lip-reading here because I found cheek-reading a bit too much!!!! :) Hope you have a weekend full of fun!

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