Laws of Attraction

Laws of Attraction, in the plural, because there are many ways to interpret such a concept: the “known one”, the psychologists’ explanations, your own concept :) What are the Laws of Attraction?

First time two nail colors - Revlon and Essie. Golden accessories, earrings + brooch, V & A Museum. Asos hair accessory

First time two nail colors, Revlon and Essie. Golden items, earrings + brooch, V & A Museum. Asos hair accessory

It’s a movie with Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore and Plato‘s philosophy theory: “like attracts like” (earth to earth, water to water, etc.) Biologically, we’re unconsciously more attracted to people with the same emotional maturity level. Can a person be or feel attractive at 60? Older people are beautiful and wise! Very young ones won’t care, but what’s your opinion about it?

Scenea party in Leeds. I was sober with drunk friends; I dislike alcohol. I went outside. A guy approached asking “How old are you?” 65, I lied, for him to leave. He said “if you don’t want to talk, fine, but don’t lie” and left. Why did I think that if I were 65 the guy would leave? Society’s thoughts: Young is more beautiful“. Getting older means we’re alive! :) Still, men with gray hair are seen as attractive, while women are “old witches”. Women are under more pressure to look young than men, says Allure magazine. 56% of women worry about aging, against 34% of men.

Now makeup, outfit and this week there’ll be a surprise post later :)

Makeup of the day: YSL Youth Liberator! So the topic! Chanel eye shadows, blush and lip gloss

Makeup : YSL Youth Liberator – so the topic! Chanel shadows, blush and gloss and Lancome mascara

Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume

Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume, Too Faced palette, Rimmel eyeliner, The Body Shop lip tint, L’Occitane balm


Dress, EAST. Jacket, Comedia. Bag, from a German shop, Mäntelhaus Kaiser

Dress, EAST. Jacket, Comedia. Bag, from a German shop, Mäntelhaus Kaiser

Here you can see the nice color of the bag

The nice color of the bag

Dumond shoes

Dumond shoes

I thank you all for your sweet comments and wish a week full of smiles!

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90 thoughts on “Laws of Attraction

  1. I think that there is nothing wrong with getting older, but on the other hand I can understand the people, who afraid of aging, because (especially women) feel less attactive and I think that is caused by the world which we’re all living, because everywhere everyone tells us that we should be young. What about your outfit, you look so pretty in this dress, it has great print :)

    • Ola, querida Lenny! Passei no seu blog no sabado, como sempre, mas nao tinha postagem nova! Nao se preocupe, eu vou la sempre aos sabados conferir! Espero que voce tenha uma semana maravilhosa e obrigada pelo comentario, adodei! Beijos!

  2. Interesting thoughts on attraction. I’d never thought much about it except that I’ve only ever been attracted to people more clever than me and Ilike slightly childish guys who aren’t at all macho or too into drinking or pub culture etc. What’s your partner like? Is he similar to you? That’s s really cute way of doing your hair and the dress is really pretty. You always look so well put together. X x

    • Thank you so much, dear Kezzie, for your thoughts – they make me think further and I like it! My partner is just like you “said” – I like determined, knowledgeable and gentle, not macho or drinking too much, like you said! I hope you have a very lovely week, dear Kezzie! XXX

  3. Che aneddoto interessante Denise! Un uomo che inizia una conversazione chiedendo l’età a una donna non merita nemmeno risposta. E proprio l’etichetta che suggerisce di non chiedere l’età a una donna nasce dal fatto che l’età non è quella anagrafica, ma quella che dimostriamo e che viene da dentro. Anche tu quindi ami la filosofia? A me piace di più la teoria – sempre di Platone – delle due metà che sono destinate ad incontrarsi. Forse perché io e la mia metà non siamo molto simili :-) Solare e luminosa come sempre, stai benissimo con questo trucco e con la maxi skirt! A presto cara Denise! Baci,
    Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog – Valeria Arizzi

  4. I think, women are under pressure from society, that they have (?) to look young and beautiful, unfortunately that’s reality. That pressure makes them worry about aging more than man do. What about today’s outfit: I love your shoes __ they look perfect with your dress. And your makeup is always so pretty. have a nice day, Denise.


  5. Boho is chic great pairing, those shoes are amazing you look fabulous. Is so true the woman have pressure in looking young since society and magazine consider them old mid 30’s and up.

  6. It is hard being a woman is’t it? We are always under so much pressure for everything. I love your hair and the headpiece is gorgeous! You always have the cutest shoes and I really like the ones you are wearing today :) So beautiful you are!


  7. Ohh, I can totally relate with you on this. I too never understand why the society automatically think women are just no longer attractive when they are older and I, myself is guilty of this. I do catch myself with this silly thought every now and then and will mentally scold myself but 90% of the time, my mind just instantly go there. And I personally find older men are very attractive, I mean my husband is 11 years older then me and most importantly, I am now 36 and I am loving myself, my life so much better than my 20s!

    ps: I honestly love and respect your style, Denise. I love how it’s a unique blend of vintage and bohemian and you don’t conform to whatever hell the latest catwalk trend is. It shows me how you are confident in yourself and I love that in anyone. Hope you had a marvellous weekend! xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • This is such a beautiful comment, I feel so honored, dear Shireen! I do wear what I like, this is true, mostly bohemian no doubt :) I like to dress to feel comfortable :) You are right, if everybody wears culottes, that I like, it doesn’t mean I will wear too (I may :) – not because of confidence, I have to be honest, but because I put on a lot of weight over the last three years and I look like a little barrel in many things, I think :) Then it comes to image – why would a barrel be bad? It’s the same for older women – we tend to accept what magazines say. Don’t worry about your thoughts, because I am the same – at first, what is ingrained in our minds through media, is what comes – “older is not good” – but thankfully we think further and see that we were just being driven to that, you and I and many :) Thank you soooo much for this amazing comment, you are great! XXX

  8. Hello sweet Denise!!
    Yes,i agree!!Woman like to look young and preety,indeed!!
    Lovely outfit!!!Like your dress and your shoes!!
    Amazing hair style!!!Have a happy week dear!!Hugs!

  9. You didn’t really think you would get away with telling you are 65? You look way to young.
    But I agree, women are under great pressure to stay and look young, up to a point where it gets ridiculous.
    Now that I am 36, I still feel attractive and alive, and I hope that won’t change throughout the years to come. I guess it is our duty to change the perception of aging in women by staying vital and passionate and embracing the changes we go through instead of hiding away.

    • Thank you for your amazing comment! I just said “65” to show I didn’t want to talk, I knew no one would believe my lie :) And it worked, the guy left offended :) I could have said “no chat, please”, but I am not so quick-witted, unfortunately! You are definitely very beautiful, and you are right as well – we should change, the way we can, the views about women in general! Changes are good, and age means experience and wisdom, I think! And beauty too! Hope you have a very nice week ahead! XXX

  10. Isn’t societies views of women so skewed? lol. It’s so true, a man can have all grey hair and bee viewed as handsome and youthful with a much younger wife or partner, lol. Your jacket and handbag is one of my favourite pieces. I love the colour of the bag too. You look great Denise. Wishing you a lovely week. x/M

  11. Your style is lovely, such beautiful details on the dress! Yes, the double standard doesn’t seem fair or appropriate, but I took classes from this woman. I don’t know her age, but she is probably in her eighties. Though she has wrinkles and grey hair, she is completely mesmerizing. The young women in her classes are obsessed with her and in total awe. Not only is she beautiful without plastic surgery, but the way she carries herself seems like royalty. She is filled with wisdom and light and it exudes from her like an angel. Truly she is probably the most charismatic woman I have ever seen, so from my experiences with her and how utterly mesmerized everyone is with her, I concluded age doesn’t have to matter. Have a terrific week!

    xo, Bry

  12. Dear Denise, a beautiful post from a beautiful girl. I agree that men who are older may still be regarded as handsome but to me beauty solely comes from within. I consider someone beautiful who has a good heart, like you.
    I enjoyed reading your post – I feel like I get to know you better step by step. I hope you are having a great week!
    Sending you much love!!!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  13. I think it is true that women are under more pressure because of aging….partly it is part of the society, but partly it our fault because we as women are more hard on ourselves, especially about the way we look like. I’m not sure why that happens.

    you look so lovely on these pics…you have a winning smile!
    wonderful manicure btw

  14. Umm good point of views about how we women are lives day by day with our pressure life and get the feel of less attractive and even more when we hit to point we are calls old woman! I’m ready for any ages as I always prepare for. Oh, I won’t believe that either you would look 65:) if I was that poor guy:) who denied:). I’m the same way I am not a drinker and not smoker, a bit of glass of wine once in awhile to join my hubby when it celebrates. I absolutely love your boho dress combined with that cute jacket. You have a great picked when it comes to your own personal style – always beautiful you. Love your makeup knit:).

    I wish you an easy with peacefully through the week:). X

  15. Wow Denise, you always get me thinking with your amazing philosophical posts. I guess it’s true. In a world where we live today, beauty is the only thing that matters. Every woman is afraid of aging for the fear of loosing attractiveness. It’s incredible how much people give importance to appearance. That forces others to dress well and to worry about the looks. I love how you are always open minded and have a good opinions on things. You are so honest and kind and that is what I call the real beauty. Not only you are beautiful but your personality is delightful. Thanks for the great post Denise 😀

    • I am so honored by your amazing comment, dear Heena! I don’t know whether I deserve it, I am just someone who doesn’t like to see unfair things in the world… but I will accept the compliments with a very happy heart! Thank you sooo much for that, you are really wonderful!

  16. Cómo me gustó este outfit, Denise! Ese vestido me parece hermoso, y con el blazer queda divino! Además los zapatos y los accesorios son únicos, en especial ese hermoso accesorio para el pelo.
    En cuanto a tu interesantísima investigación del día, nuestra sociedad sobrevalora tanto la juventud y todo lo que esto implica, que terminamos dejando de lado “lo viejo”, sea ésto una moda, una persona, una tradición… Siempre me interesó más la gente más grande que yo (no necesariamente en el sentido romántico), asi que supongo que dentro mío tengo una mente “mas vieja” jaja! 😀

  17. hehe, what a cute little bun! I like it! I also like your hair accessory with those metallic chains. and the dress with those classic heels. manicure too, of course! oh and I also read your previous post and had a plan to comment too but I have no idea what happened to that plan 😛 by the way, did you also post those 7 facts about you or those answers to the questions were the facts? probably the second variant, right?
    about aging. who would believe you are 65? 😀 I understand what that guy was thinking. and yes, women talk about aging all the time. it happens to all of us and we can’t change it, we can’t stop time. if you think about it, it can be pretty scary! I myself have so many other issues to think about that aging doesn’t make it to that list right now but one day it probably will and I will have to deal with it when it does. every woman (and man) has to. oh and I definitely think older people can be beautiful, stylish, full of life! they just have to know how to do it and they also have to have the health for it!

  18. The devil is in the details, Denise, and this outfit proves that, because I LOVE your heels, so pretty!!! :-)

    As for those laws of attraction, well, I think it’s completely unfair that men are ‘allowed’ to age and are still considered attractive when they’re older while women are expected to look young forever :-(

  19. Hahaha Denise, you look very good for your age (65) ;-). We should meet one day. I bet we had a lot of fun. I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t like to hang out with drunk people. Well at least you got rid off that guy! It’s his own fault that you lied to him. We have a say here: Frage eine Dame niemals nach ihrem Alter! 😀 You look marvelous as always. Love your makeup and your cute dress. Happy Tuesday sweetheart!


    • Liebe Mira, ich bin total sicher, dass wir beide sehr viel Spass zusammen haben wuerden, oder werden, wer weisst? I would love to meet you! You are very sensitive and sweet and this is the kind of heart and feelings that I really admire! Thank you for your sweet words, liebe Freundin! Die meinen so sehr! XXX

  20. I think you’re right! Women are definitely more concerned about aging, and that’s because society makes them think they’re less attractive when they’re older.
    Beautiful make up and outfit as always my dear friend! :)

  21. Of course!! Women are under a huge pressure the older they get!! I mean seriously we have that inner clock and men? Men just love themselves and are happy to get older because they’re like wine then: the older they get the better they taste (they think!!). And the society agrees with that. But women have to get kids, become mamas and be happy. If not, if they wanna be business women and don’t want to have kids, something must be wrong with them… This is what people think. I love business women and hope that the trend maintains!!

    You look fabulous by the way! And the jewelry (earring!!!) are fabulous!!

    Big kisses, honey!

    • Thank you so much, dear Stella! You are so right about everything! I don’t want to have kids and I think it’s fine that way, and many people think I am weird. But nearly all the women I know who had kids complain about them and the lives they lead. Of course I am aware that there are pros and cons in everything, but I just don’t feel prepared for such a huge responsibility! Then, I am weird :) to the rest of the world :) But not to you, I am glad! Hope you have a very nice week! Kisses!

  22. Denise.. It’s always such a pleasure to read your philosophy and thoughts.. you make well put argumets. I do agree that women have the society pressure to be always young and beautiful when older men are always in fashion :), although lately there is an attempt to change this perception .
    p.s-love your outfit! suits you perfectly!
    have a great weeken,

  23. Ageism is very much alive and kicking, I’m sad to say. People do make assumptions about a person if they know their sge. It’s crazy as you can be 50 and look 30, and be 50 and actually look better than someone who really is 30. Age really is just a number, at least it should be. I have friends older than me and others signifantly younger, and yet we all get on as one and share the ssme interests – hence why we’re mates. I rarely tell strangers my age; I’d rather they judge me for who I am, not for my age!! Super post Denise :). Xx

    • I totally agree with you, dear Tracey! We should all be “judged” by what we are what we think and how we treat people, not about age! Thank you so very much for an amazing comment, it is really very nice – I do have older friends too, and I love learning from them!

    • Thank you so much for the amazing comment! You summarized ll the thoughts, in such a great way – it’s like being punished for being a woman, or even, to be alive! I never understand why people are constantly talking about that – “this actress got old, oh!” And if “she” dies young, people say “oh, so young!” What do they want? Dying young means a young memory, dying old means “old and ugly”, for many people in our society. Thank you sooo much for the amazing thoughts, I really really loved them!

  24. Non capirò mai perchè gli uomini quando invecchiano sono considerati più affascinanti e invece le donne sono semplicemente vecchie e basta!
    Io credo che ogni età abbia i suoi lati positivi e negativi. E comunque, non si chiede mai l’età a una donna, non è galante!
    Che bello il tuo abito e mi piacciono anche le tue scarpe, hai sempre uno stile così particolare! Belle anche le tue unghie bicolore e la tua nuova acconciatura :-)
    Un bacio
    Paola ♡

  25. There are plenty of beautiful older women. I think society but also women make it hard on ourselves. If we as women change our mindset then we as part of society will be more accepting of different beauty standards.
    I think older women are a lot more beautiful when we take pride in aging and good care of ourselves as oppose to a possibly botched plastic surgery. You look lovely.

    xx Falasha
    Bite My Fashion ll Instagram ll Bloglovin’

  26. Ahahahaah!!! Mi hai fatta morire dal ridere Denise! ma come ti è venuto in mente di dire 65? Sei grande! XDDDD
    Comunque io credo che si possa esser attraenti a qualunque età, anche se da giovani è normale che si abbia un’aspetto più piacevole (qui in Italia si chiama “la bellezza dell’asino”)!
    Però alla fine è aver un bel cuore ad una bella mente che conta! E secondo me tu sei bellissima fuori e dentro cara Denise! :)

  27. Yes, its true, women are under so much pressure from society and the media to look younger. Its madness! I hope things will change in future generations because women are starting to look like cartoon creatures from all the plastic surgery to make themselves look younger. You look beautiful being natural. Great post. X

  28. Lmfao. Wtf. Did that guy really say that? He’s ridiculous. Lie if you want. >:D I’ve actually thought about tacking on 3-5 years to my age, just to confuse people and garner questions about my “secret.” The secret is lying, of course! Haha. Anyway, I really love your dress. The pattern work is spectacular!

    – Anna

  29. I like your smile :)!
    And I like your blog a lot! Very professional and interesting!
    Thanks for sharing :)
    I just wrote a post about travelling in Tokyo. Please feel free to have a look :)
    Followed you on all of your social feed. Hope you would like mine too :)
    Nice to meet you!


  30. Liebe Denise, vielen Dank, dass Du Dein Erlebnis so ehrlich hier schilderst! Hm, ich denke auf jeden Fall, das Alter ist etwas, dem niemand entkommt. Leider hat jedoch das Alter nicht den guten Ruf, den es haben sollte, denn ich finde wie Du, Menschen im Alter weise (nicht alle). Ich denke, es wird gerade deswegen angestrebt, jung auszusehen, weil das zu den wenigen Dingen gehört, die man sich nicht kaufen kann. Denn Schönheitsoperationen funktionieren offenbar nur bedingt. Und nach was streben die Menschen? Nach dem, was sie nicht haben! Ich weiß nicht, wie es mir im Alter gehen wird, aber ich weiß, dass ich froh bin, nicht wieder jünger zu sein, denn bei manchen Dinge, die ich erlebt habe, bin ich sehr froh, dass ich sie hinter mir habe. Du siehst wieder sehr schön aus. Ich mag Deinen zweifarbigen Nagellack, Dein geschmackvolles Outfit und natürlich auch den total süßen Asos-Haarschmuck. Alles Liebe für Dich und noch eine wunderbare Woche. Deine Rena

  31. I totally agree, being a woman is the hardest thing ever don’t you agree? I mean we are always being poked and picked at while men go around without a care. For one I think a woman is beautiful at any age!
    I am in love with your whole look today doll! Your hairstyle is killer and the headpiece suits it perfectly! :) You are stunning for sure x


  32. Hmm, I hadn’t really actively thought about how women take so many steps to prevent aging, it’s probably because I’m not at that point in my life yet. When I am, I hope that I will still be healthy and happy, and age gracefully. I don’t think I would ever get Botox or any of those “youthening” procedures, because I would be scared to death of it coming out wrong haha.

  33. Oh my word, what an incredibly rude, uncouth man – not only to ask your age, but to then reply to impolitely. Goodness! I’m sorry that you had to encounter someone like, dear Denise.

    Your outfit is fabulous and you look very pretty and youthful, my friend! I especially like those shoes – the colour palette is delightfully reminiscent of my favourite season, fall, which I must admit, is already on my mind (in a good way!) heavily these days. :)

    Big hugs from Canada,
    ♥ Jessica

  34. You always look so amazing dear, your beautiful smile shines. this is so interesting and i agree with you, i believe that age is not important but we do live in a society that tells us otherwise. i’ve always been attracted to older men and i believe that i have always been very mature for my age so that’s been one of the reason i’ve always dated older men. interesting subject, love it!

  35. É bem verdade isso Denise, as mulheres são sempre cobradas para manter um certo padrão de beleza e que muitas não é o que realmente importa para ela. O que vale mais é uma boa cabeça, sabedoria e que a pessoa possa ser feliz sendo quem ela realmente é, não importando a idade. Fique encantada com o seu sapato, ele é muito lindo!!! Amei ♥ Aliás, todo o seu look está muito lindo também e combinam com a sua make.
    Beijos querida e um belo domingo para você!!

  36. Hi again Denise. Now I understood what you told at that post here. But this is true. The younger, generally is much beautiful than the older. Not always, true. My opinion is that is much relative. There are some women very beautiful with 60, 65 ou 70 years old and, there are many women with 16, 18, 20 anos much ugly. That’s all. I like very much this post. Congratulations. Have a nice week. Thaks for your existence.

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