Last months’ news

First month of the year, but because I had very busy months lately – as everybody else, of course! – I didn’t post some news, outfits and places I went to in November and December last year. Time to correct it, since the blog is, – among other things -, a diary, too! Hope you like the “news” and pics!


Dublin outfits in November 2014.  Same boots – I bought them in Nov and loved them! So comfortable to walk! I honestly don’t remember some of the brands of these outfits!

At Trinity College again

At Trinity College (Dublin), 3rd time- I really love it! Coat Asos and skirt Gudrun Sjoden

I did travel quite a lot

Amsterdam – I did travel quite a lot over the last two years. I love to take this kind of pictures!


Lymington, England – That is such a sweet town! The harbor is lovely! I loved this coat, at that shop. Scarf and sweater designed by myself

I love dogs!

I love dogs! In Lymington – meet Harry, he’s amazing! Not my best shot, but he looks great!


Worcester, England – in front of the Cathedral where King John is buried

To Dublin

To Dublin again, from Birmingham – the fog was heavy – this is a good pic, believe me


Amsterdam 2nd time in 2014 and Aalsmeer, at a dear friend’s place – beautiful Dutch tiles!


Utrecht, at a sweet friend’s house – and her looovely dog, Nino!


Bewdley and Brazil – Pink tunic and beige butterfly skirt, Hering. Black bag, Tom Tailor

I really don't remember the brands... but I love these items!

I really don’t remember the brands… but I love these items!

Finally, a quote I posted

I love quotes – one of the many I posted on facebook!

Hope you liked the pictures! I have enjoyed last year a lot and saw many beautiful things, visited many amazing friends and places and if this year is half of how good last one was, I’ll be super happy!

May your year blossom with joy! And that wherever you go, you find love and peace – and that you always reach the best! These are sincere wishes!

Hope you have a great week with many beautiful smiles!

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46 thoughts on “Last months’ news

  1. Liebe Denise, es ist so schön zu sehen, dass Du so viel unterwegs warst und so viele tolle Ort besucht hast – und dass Du dabei immer so wunderhübsch aussiehst <3 Deine neu gekauften Sachen sind alle schön, die anderen aber auch! Und ja, Harry scheint wirklich ein Goldstück zu sein, kein Wunder dass Du ihn so mochtest, denn auch Du bist ein Goldstück. Hoffentlich geht es Dir gut und Du hast auch schon wieder so tolle Pläne für dieses Jahr. Mein Jahr war bisher bestens und ich hatte bereits ein paar sehr schöne Erlebnisse. Jetzt bin ich gespannt, wie es weitergeht :) Ich wünsche Dir alles Liebe und Gute! Deine Rena

    • Aaahhh, danke sehr liebe Rena, du bist immer so suess zu mir! Ich bin nicht so fantastisch, wie du es sagst :) Harry ist wirklich suess! Stimmt es, du hast Recht: ich bin auch gespannt wie es das Leben dieses Jahr weiter geht! Diese Woche ist etwas nicht so schoen passiert. Dann habe ich ich etwas entschieden – schluss mit Dingen, die nicht so gut sind, von Leute, di nicht unsere Aufmerksamkeit verdienen.
      Schoen und super lieb bist du, immer! Icch habe es vergessen, um zu sagen (habe ich heute dein Blog gelesen), dass internet ist sehr gut, um suesse Leute zu kennen, und es waere nicht moeglich, ohne internet dich zu kennen! Liebe Gruesse!

      • Liebe Denise, Du bist wirklich ein Goldstück! Wie gut, dass mit den Leuten aufräumst, die nicht so gut sind. Und ich bin auch sehr froh, dass es das Internet gibt, sonst würde ich Dich nicht kennen und das wäre so schade <3 Alles Liebe! Deine Rena

        • Ooohhh, liebe, noch einam liiiebe Rena! Die Woerte sind so suess zu mir! Und besonders diese Woche, wenn etwas nicht so gut passiert ist. Weiis du, “leben meint lernen” :) Und es ist schoen so, wir muessen lernen – so wir auf uns selbst, besser aufpassen werden :) Ja, ohne Zweifel, wenn es gaebe kein Internet, wir wuerden uns nicht kennengelernt, aber ich traeume einmal vielleicht dich zu treffen, in London oder Bayern! Viele liebe Gruesse!

    • Thank you so very much for your sweet comment! I love to know new places, to see how people live in the places, new things and harbors… I love adventures – urban and at the countryside as well! Thank you again for the lovely comment!

    • Dear Anna, you are so sweet! Yes, Amsterdam is great! When I loved in Germany it was closer, of course, and I used to go there more often. Now I do it occasionally, but it’s not the same as being just 4 hours by train from there :) Anyway, you are stylish! So lovely words from you to me make me honored! I never had the wih of being or showing myself stylish – what’s that anyway? But just to be myself, quirky, gypsy, hippie :) Hope you have a great weekend!

    • Hi, Ann, thank you so much for your lovely comment! That coat is really something I like too… i’be been wearing it since 2012! Quotes… I post nearly daily on facebook – I want to show more here, but maybe people think I am patronizing and I am not… so I post quirky outfits :) Hope you have a lovely weekend with loads of inspiration!

    • Thank you so much, dear Laila! Actually the pictures were from Nov and Dec 2014, not so old anyway, but I’m not there anymore – I loved Lymington, such a sweet town! It was, indeed, great – and I miss the time! Hope you have a beautiful Sunday and week!

    • Dear Elly, thank you so much for this lovely comment!!!! Yes, Europe is so good, with so nice museums to visit, and friends to see again, it’s so nice! I felt amazing, and I hope to be able to go on doing that! Ah, the outfits, just boho-gypsy :) Nearly hippie :) Thank you for the nice compliments! I hope you have a great year!!! XXXX

    • Hi, Paola, thank you so much for the compliment! That coat is sweet, indeed, and I bought it in 2012, so not new! And till today, it seems everybody likes it – well, I am glad! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Beautiful photos and news! It was so nice to see your outfits together in one post, and I really liked seeing some places I’ve never visited. Love the photos from the plane, and your outfits. I missed you very much my dear friend. I wanted to comment for days, but I couldn’t find some time; It’s unbelievable. At least I did now! :)
    Going to send you an email soon!

    • Hello, and thank you soooo much, dear Markella mou! Don’t worry about commenting, you know it stays here for some days, so there’s always time! And I kind of liked gathering some outfits together, so it’s more practical to show and you know that my photos are not “wow” anyway, so this was the way I found to post and at the same time in a humble way :) No joke! You will see the places, for sure – Dublin, look, you “have” to go :) I am sure you will love it! I am a bit silly, I don’t know why, but I love pictures from planes :) As I said, just silly, but what’s life, if not a bit silly sometimes :) … Thank you soooo much for your always sweet comment! It really makes my day!

    • Dear Monica, thank you so much for your comment, so sweet! Happy traveler, hahaha, yes, I suppose! I do like to travel, and discovering new places, people and thus, learning a bit more. Actually traveling is nice, but for me, in the first place comes learning from it :) Those shoes are comfortable, and the bag so inexpensive and practical 0 I couldn’t believe it! Thanks again for your nice comment! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

    • Oh, you are so sweet! Thank you for your compliments! In fact, that coat seems to be such a success, and it was inexpensive, but reliable :) I got it in 2012 and I do love it! I told you on your blog this week – I like pink :) Thank you again for the lovely comment and I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  3. Dear Denise!!! So lovely to hear from you- you are very good, I am terrible at remembering to come over here- I don’t always see if you post in my Bloglovin feed (esp if on my phone) so thank you for remembering to come and see me! You look beautifully radiant as normal and some amazing outfits! I love the butterfly dress and skirt- so pretty!
    Yay, I’d love to see you again, do let me know if you come over. My next concert is March 6th (or 7th? The saturday). That’s the only one I’ve got planned at the moment, the next one clashes with my sister in law’s wedding.

    Hugs xx

    • Hi, dear Kezzie! Thank you so much for your always sweet words to me! I catch up with your news in one go :) I mean, I always think “I want to read about Kezzie, oh my God, I am not being nice” and so on, but then when one sees, the day or the week is already gone – but count on me always, at least once or twice a month FOR SURE :) So don’t worry, visit me whenever you remember or feel like, cause I don’t have maaaany news, apart from the trips :) Wow, another wedding in the family, that’s nice! Oh… unfortunately I won’t be there in March – more likely to be around the middle of the year, I think, but I am sure you will have more concerts during the year :) I really want to go to one and meet you, we will find a day, I am sure! Thank you sooo much for the lovely words, again, and compliments! The outfits were very boho-hippie-gypsy like, I like dressing this way :)

    • Thank you, dear Maria! Hehe, yes, I know that, about the hashtag :) Always when I post the outfits here they appeared before, there :) Ah, just some urban gypsy outfits, I love them, practical, colorful and comfortable at the same time! Hope you have a great weekend, with loads of fun!

    • Hello, dear Anouk, thank you so much for your lovely words! I like designing clothes, jewellery, shoes, bags… the good thing is that some I can do myself, and some I always have a “team” that makes my crazy dreams reality :) Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

  4. Was für ein schöner Monatsrückblick Denise. Ich freu mich für dich, dass du so ein schönes und ereignisreiches Jahr hattest. Deine Outfits sehen alle wunderschön aus und es ist immer wieder ein Highlight die Fotos von deinen vielen Reisen zu sehen. Du hast in den zwei Monaten mehr unternommen, als ich in einem ganzen Jahr. Ich sollte dich als Vorbild nehmen und mehr unternehmen. Wünsche dir ein schönes Wochenende Süße!!


    • Oh, meine liebe, was fur suesse Woerte zu mir, immer! Die Outfits sind etwas “Stadtlich-Zigeunerin”, wenn es so gibt’s :) Ich mag, weil die Farben haben, und gleichzeitig bequem und etwas schoen sind :) Naja, ich versuche immer “alles” was ich kann leben, alles was ich kann sehen… das Leben ist kurz und ich habe auch gesehen, Leute die ich liebte so sehr… die gewartet haben fuer “etwas”… und ploetzlich es war zu spaet. Ich bin ganz sicher, dass du viele Dinge in 2014 gemacht hast, und vor allem, viel gelacht, viel gesehen, und ich sehe an der Blog! Ich hoffe, dass 2015 ist ein super Jahr fuer dich, und falls wir in unsere Laender sind gliechtzeitig, wuerde ich ihr “the Blog Team” gern kennenlernen! Viele liebe Gruesse!

  5. How lovely and lucky that you have had the opportunity to visit so many places during 2014. I wish you lots more travel in 2015 and that you take us along the way. Hope you’re well x

    • Oh, dear Colleen, that was such a sweet comment, thank you! I hope you are right about the trips – I mean, it is interesting, but they all happened spontaneously! If I am relaxed this year, good, if not, good too :) but I am am kind of happier when I am on the road :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Denise, what a wonderful way to beckon the new year. 2014 sounded like quite an adventure, and I wish the same and more for you this year.

    I know that we’ve been keeping in contact via Twitter over the last few months, but I do hope you’re having a fantastic 2015, so far.

    • Thank you so much, dear Maria Celina!!!! Indeed, it was quite a good year, and this year I have already started with a nice trip (I loved it!) I am so glad we keep in touch, cause I admire you a lot! I hope you have a great 2015 – still time to wish is, 10 months and half in front of us! Thank you again for the sweet comment and for always being so nice to me!!! Hope you have a nice week!

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