Last Analog Generation

Last Analog Generation – do you remember the last time you had nothing to do… and didn’t immediately grab the mobile?

Top knot with a chopstick hairstyle, for a change to the usual knot

Top knot with a chopstick, for a change of the usual knot

Do you remember when you had nothing to do and didn’t have a mobile to check things? While you waited for a friend, at a café, without checking a mobile?. Are you part of the last analog generation? According to Michael Harris, yes, if you were born before 1985. What does it mean to be the last generation to remember life without internet? In some decades, these thoughts won’t even exist anymore: personal experiences about how life was before and after the digital era will disappear.

In The End of Absence Harris shows the last “bilingual generation“, able to “translate” the analog world into the digital one. It’s different from Nicholas Carr in The Shallows, on the effects of constant connectivity on human behavior. TV was criticized before and now, internet. Both have good and bad things. Harris says that instead of wondering what “we should do“, we now wonder “what did I miss?” being out of internet for a while and how it’s about quantifications of human self-worth: if a tweet is retweeted, it means I’m worthy, leading to confusing who we really are. What do you think of that?

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The Breast Cancer campaign touch - pink beaded scarf and pink belt

The Breast Cancer campaign touch – pink beaded scarf and pink belt – Tsakiris Mallas, bought in Thessaloniki

Pink beaded scarf

Pink beaded scarf – I think I bought it at Bijou Brigitte in Hanover. Dress-tunic, Amaryllis, from TK Maxx

"Crazy" nail design - bicolor nails

“Crazy” nail design – bicolor nails with a golden thin detailing

Nomination jewelry ring

Nomination jewelry ring

Boyfriend Jeans - in the exact sense of the word!

Boyfriend Jeans – in the exact sense of the word! It was gifted!

Vizzano shoes, with a nice golden detailing heel

Vizzano shoes, with a nice golden detailing heel, reflecting the brand, letter V

DIY Moment

Get a "gift": male jeans, worn out. Ask your seamstress to tighten it for you, and buy patches!

Male jeans, worn out, going to the trash bin. But then I asked a laundry to dye it, my seamstress to tighten them a bit up and bought patches! The top was used to repair the pockets, with a nice fabric detailing. I love a good recycling project!

The result :)

Boyfriend Jeans with patches - DIY!

Boyfriend Jeans with patches – DIY! So comfy! D for my name; love is one of my favorite words!

I bought patches and even used some labels from clothes, that I found too nice to be hidden!

I bought patches and even used some labels from clothes, that I found too nice to be hidden!

Finishing Touch and Mood of the Week

You have enough quote

Wishing you a beautiful week with many smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

Hope to see you on Friday, with Friday Feelings! 

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52 thoughts on “Last Analog Generation

  1. I love recycling clothes too!

    and I completely agree on the whole internet subject. We are lost without our phones nowadays, social media is how we communicate and how people rate your worth! On one hand I love how technology has made things easier for us but on the other hand, it’s kinda sad we depend so heavily on it.
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. wasn’t born before 1985 but I actually remember life without mobile phones and computers. it was probably called my childhood, haha. I also remember when I bought my first phone and when I and my brother got our first computer and had to share it. wasn’t easy to do that because of all the games (The Sims!!!) and chat rooms and stuff… I think I was near the end of elementary school then. but today children go to the first grade and already have to have smart phones, tablets and everything. it’s really crazy! anyway, you look lovely, Denise! I love the hair, that tunic, your accessories – actually the complete look. and when I saw your nails it reminded me I should get a new manicure as soon as possible because the current one looks pretty bad. unfortunately have to wait until next Monday though. but I wish you a lovely new week! my short vacation is over now, I’m back at work and I’m also going to start working on a new blog post as soon as possible but you already know my bad blogging schedule, haha.

  3. This book sounds so interesting, I still read alot but in general I am on my phone alot too…so I would love to read this :) Love your DIY babe and your nails, wow, they look sooo good on you :)

    Hope you had a fabulous weekend xx

  4. Gosh, I remember when there were no cell phones! I think those times were much better because we weren’t so distracted! I feel like nowadays everyone is just glued to their phone. Kinda sad but on a different note, you look gorge! Love your nails, Denise!
    Happy Monday, love!
    PS: The Gender Reveal post is now live on my blog! :)
    xoxo, Vanessa

  5. That quote is very poignant and something I need to remind myself of daily.

    I was born well in advance of the internet and knew was it was like to live without constant social media bombarding my every waking minute. I look back on those moments with fondness. It is great to sit with a real book in my hands, and not think I need to check IG. I have a love hate relationship with my phone, while it is convenient, it is also annoying. I think it is a good idea to take a day durning the week and simply go off line. People would be surprised…it doesn’t kill them!


  6. I wasn’t born before 1985 but I think I remember it- just waiting for someone without grabbing our cellphones. Actually I was born in 1985 so I’m right at the border between the analog and digital world. For today’s kids internet is something that has always been there so I think it is really hard for them to even image the world without it. I think they should all be required to spend some time without it, just to see what it is like. Perhaps schools should have like little weekend getaways, camps of some sort held in nature where kids could socialize without the aid of technology..and it might be useful for adults as well. There is one Croatian University professor that advocates ‘seven days without screens’ movements. It encourages families not to use cellphones, internet or watch the TV while they’re in their homes. This is supposed to show both kids and adults the importance of spending quality family time together. I think this is a great project, seven days is enough to learn this lesson.

    I think every time has its challenges. We lost certain things with the development of technology and social networks, but as you say- we also gained some things. Many found their lost family members via social networks etc….This book you’re recommending sounds very interesting. I would agree with the author that we should regain what we lost- but I think that sometimes even a small digital detox is enough….Sometimes we just need to spend our times with those in our immediate surroundings. There is something comforting in face to face contact, isn’t there?

    If it wasn’t for the internet, I wouldn’t be able to communicate with such a lovely woman as yourself….and I’m certainly happy that we can talk to each other. In general, I think there is nothing wrong with social networks if we use them wisely. We just need to remember that digital reality is just that- digital. It can be a healthy part of our life but it can also be unhealthy…it all depends on how we approach the digital world.

    You look so lovely in this outfit…love how you styled a dress/tunics over those pants….and the pink accessories are so pretty…that belt is adorable. You look radiant!

    There are many benefits to

    • Dear Ivana! Thank you for your always so sweet comments! Yes, I agree with you and the professor. We did gain some things – I second your words, and thank you for them :) – without it I couldn’t know a wonderful girl like you! But we also lost some things. The new generations won’t recognize it, since they don’t know how life without internet was, but sometimes the use of internet is so exaggerated! I normally tell everybody that when I travel I don’t use internet, maybe 10 min a day. The same for the entire Sunday(s) – not more than 10 min. In the evenings I don’t use internet either. I watched a great British documentary, that asked a family of 4 to live like in the 50s, then 60s, 70s, 80s and finally 90s and internet. They found it a bit difficult in the beginning, but ended up loving it, because families used to sit and talk to each other, and met in person. I loved that documentary! Thank you again for your lovely comment, I hope you have a very nice week!

  7. I’m definitely guilty of reaching for my phone for every single thing. That book sounds like a really interesting read. Thanks for the rec! Also I love your nails! At first I thought they were chrome and then I realize it was a stripey kinda deal :)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  8. For me, I was born towards the end of 1988 and I still remember life without the internet very well, in fact life without computers I remember. We didn’t have much money growing up so I think the first computer we ever got was when I was about 11, so before then I spent most of my time outside, which I have very fond memories of. Love the DIY patches on those jeans and the whole outfit is lovely! Btw I wanted to let you know Denise, when you leave the link on my blog in your comment, it’s going to some unknown blog which is an error? You might want to double check on that for the future ones! xx.

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  9. Io sono nata diversi anni dopo il 1985 ma ricordo benissimo quanto non c’erano internet ed i telefonini (sarà pure perchè qui in Italia stiamo indietro rispetto agli USA), e quando hanno iniziato a diffondersi!
    Credo la nostra generazione sia stata fortunata a vivere in entrambi i modi, così alla finenon ci siamo persi niente e possiamo godere del meglio di entrambi i mondi!^^
    Tu sei sempre bellissima Denise, con il tuo bel sorriso e gli occhioni dolci!
    E che carino il tuo diy! Sei stata davvero brava e creativa con quei jeans! :)

  10. You look stunning! Love your nails too, in regards to the post I love it! New generation gadgets ruined the meaning of life. I used to be one of those teenagers constantly on my phone or tablet, one day I said f#ck this! I chucked (literally) away my blackberry and iPhone and brought one of those oldschool Samsung phones with no apps or internet access. I’ve started appreciating life more since then, now when I go placing I actualy enjoy them, I’m not constantly on my phone. Life’s too beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.. :-) Have a lovely day! Visit me whenever you have time kisses Dominica! xXx

  11. Liebe Denise, dann gehöre ich ja locker zur letzten analogen Generation! Ich muss sagen, dass ich mein Handy oft gar nicht zur Hand habe und dann ist es auch gut, dass ich nach nichts greifen kann, wenn ich gerade nichts zu tun habe :) Ja, das Internet hat unser Leben sehr verändert, wobei ich mich noch außerordentlich an die Zeiten erinnere, als es noch kein Internet gab. In der Summe war es auf jeden Fall langweiliger 😉 Dein Outfit ist alles andere als langweilig: es ist toll und cool und ich mag auch Deine Boyfriend Jeans sehr!
    Liebe Grüße von Rena

  12. What an interesting post, Denise. We have been talking about similar matters about this in a class I had, geared more toward the digital world and business. I think I remember my parents being the only ones in our neighbourhood having mobiles and internet. But, mostly, I just remember MySpace and how so many people used to talk about that — now look at the tech world and how far we’ve come. I think taking a digital break is healthier at times. These days, when dining out, I watch others and the first thing everyone does is take their Smartphones out. It’s quite sad in some ways actually.

  13. Este outfit es super fresco y divertido! Me encantó el DIY de los jeans, le agregaste tu toque personal con esos parches que elegiste vos misma (me gustó el del lapiz labial, el zapatito y la D jeje).
    En cuanto a tu primera reflexión, personalmente los recuerdos de mi niñez son recuerdos sin internet, al menos la primera década de mi vida jaja, pero claro, cuando uno es niño es diferente. Ahora estoy tan acostumbrada a chequear mi celular a cada rato que no sabría vivir sin él. 😮

  14. I absolutely love your nails! I was born in 1990 but I do remember not constantly checking my phone, although I think I was quite late getting into the whole smart phone/social media type stuff! In a way it’s a shame, but at the same time it’s great to be so connected to everyone!
    Amy xx

  15. I remember not having a phone or internet access but then i had lots of homework, video games (tetris), a doll, cartoons and music videos on tv lol. I think it was a lot more fun then but then again I can’t really compare. Kids now have a complete different way of entertaining themselves and when I tell my younger siblings about the things we use to do, they have a hard time getting me. I feel like there was peer pressure then, and now you just see it manifested in a different way with phones and all. Back then we wanted to have cool shoes like our friends and now those shoes aren’t really cool if they don’t get enough likes or comment on social media. Writing this now I’m wondering what would be different in future.. if the internet could ever be a memory.
    You look great btw, lovely outfit. I like the scarf mad into a choker and the you did a great job with the patches. Amazing!
    Have a lovely rest of the week Denise :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

  16. My husband and I made sure there is no electronics whenever we are at the dinner table or in bed, it’s the rule and it’s also good to be offline every now and then. It’s harder for me to be offline mainly because I blog but I’m getting better at it.

    Are those stick on nails or is it a manicure? It’s so unique!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Dear Shireen, thank you for your always so nice comments! I think yours is a very nice rule – dinner and bed don’t match with mobiles! Or computers. My rule is: 1) I seldom use mobiles; 2) internet on Sundays 10 min only; 3) I close my laptop/tablet in the evenings. It’s really so necessary for me to have these rules, I believe that you like your rules too, and I liked them! The manicure – done with nail polishes! Not by me, I go to the manicurist every week, she’s an artist! Thank you again, hope you have a nice evening!

  17. Dear Denise!!
    I have missed you! So sorry I havent been around to your blog, I need to check in more frequently! I love your post, it is soooo true! I was born in 89 but I can still remember the time before the internet, and how simple it was!!! and you are right, every free moment I am checking my phone, checking my notifications, checking everything. It has gotten overwhelming and stressful, something I dont need!!! I am making an effort to unplug every so often!!!
    I really like your outfit, that scarf and tunic are so nice and pink! perfect for breast cancer awareness! And how cool you got the scarf from thessaloniki, when did you go??
    Hope you are doing well dear friend, and I will be back soon, and hopefully have new posts too 😀 xox

  18. Yeah that is a bit scary to think about that no one will even ask that question in the future. And yes it has it good and bad points. But the impact of social media just in the blogosphere and just in the last few years is crazy. I do think we need to unplug more then we do. Though the rate we are going on this plant. 100 years from now we could be back to reading by candle light.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  19. I was born in 1990, but I do remember a time before the internet… however, the internet was VERY exciting to me. I’ve always been the sort of person who enjoys spending time looking at a screen. I guess that’s how I ended up making YouTube videos!

  20. Hi Denise! I really like the topic from your post. Personally I was born, when digital era had started – in 1991 and I remember from my childhood the times of first computer in my home and first contacts with Internet. But these experiences with new technology wasn’t the most important for me – I spent a really little time playing in computer games, I preferred to spend time outside, playing with my friends. To be honest, I think that I’m not analog generation, but on the same – I’m not certain if I’m digital generation in 100% – ok, sometimes, when I have nothing to do I check my mobile, but it’s not habit, I could live without it. In my opinion, people, who was born in 1997 and so are real digital generation, because they was born in times, where computer became something normal in each home. What about your look – I can’t get my eyes off of your nails – this metallic shade is terrific, Denise! <3
    Have a lovely evening, dear friend :)

    • Dear Ivonne, thank you so much for your lovely comment! I think you are right, many people are talking about this on the comments, that they were born after 1985, but still remember childhood as analog :) Dear Ivonne, my nails were black and white, they may look metallic, but no, black and white nail polishes :) Hope you have a lovely evening dear friend! Again thanks for the sweet comment!

  21. Super gorgeous outfit, very beautiful colours and I love the detailing. What an interesting post. I am certainly not part of the analog generation (1989), I’m always reaching for the phone/computer. I have distance memories of being a child in the 90s before we had today’s technologies but that seems like a totally different world.

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