July good-bye, welcome August!

July is gone, August has arrived… with this rhythm, December will soon be there!

* Please don’t be put off by the date! Today is August 25th – I posted just once this month, but among other reasons, you’ll see at the end of this post where I’m posting every week!

In July I only posted once, for some reasons – #1, cause the first semester of the year was so kind to me – my July post talked about it, the nice countries seen and sooo much missed… Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republicthen Ireland and Northern Ireland, Belgium, Germany, England, Greece and the World Cup in Brazil – I’m kind of sorry to write about it again, but I really want to extend that feeling! I confess that most of July I lived thinking it was still June :) It was nice! It was also hectic and with some nice news! Wait till the end of the post :), please!

As I said, posting only once in July generated many pictures along the month – please bear with me and take a look at the next page :)

July 27th, winter where I am now: with a lovely necklace and earrings from Hungary

July 27th, winter where I am now: lovely necklace and earrings, Hungary

The end of the World Cup inspired me to cook some typical dishes!

Coxinha de palmito (Brazil) - Bibimbap (South Korea) - Vegetarian sushi (Japan) - Homemade stringozzi (Italy) and Chivito (Uruguay)

Coxinha de palmito (Brazil) – Bibimbap (South Korea) – Vegetarian sushi (Japan) – Homemade Stringozzi (Italy) and Chivito sandwich (Uruguay). Recipes will soon be on Vegetabible!

Please correct me if I made any dish in the wrong way! The vegetarian sushi has avocado, egg, carrots – same as I’m used to eat at Japanese restaurants :) Bibimpab – I read about it ant it says the egg can be raw or fried. I don’t like it raw, so I fried it.

I wrote many quotes and posted them on facebook!


I visited a cathedral – I love churches, nice architecture!

Cathedral in Porto Alegre, Brazil

Cathedral in Porto Alegre, Brazil

I wore comfortable and quirky outfits, as usual!


That bag in the middle, made out of wood! I love it!


In July I was in a place with 3°C – therefore the coat!


Looks like a dress, but it’s a coat!


I tried many different products and makeup. Warning – I thought three times before posting that one without makeup and dark circles under my eyes!

No makeup, a bit of makeup and glasses, how a very shortsighted girl prepares herself and the result

No makeup, a bit of makeup and glasses, how a very shortsighted girl prepares herself and the result, with contact lenses!

This was just a week ago!

July 27th, 2014. I love that lace tunic, Bijou Brigitte scarf, Roberto Cavelli bag and Bottega Veneta shoes

July 27, 2014. I love that lace tunic! Bijou Brigitte scarf, Roberto Cavalli bag and Bottega Veneta shoes

Shoes and bag detail

Shoes and bag detail

Makeup detail

Makeup detail – much better than without any color!

I went for some shopping!

I love this bracelet!

I love this bracelet!

And for August there are some news! An amazing new site, that my friend Markella invited me to be part of! It has a bit of everything related to fashion and beauty, written by a team of 6 bloggers! Please, check it out – I may be biased, but I find it really amazing and I think you’ll do too!

Stylishly Beautiful, check it out here, I'm sure you'll love it!

Stylishly Beautiful, check it out here, I’m sure you’ll love it!

And the site already has a biiig surprise!!!!

ipadSo this is the summary of July. I hope it wasn’t that boring and that you enjoyed the pictures! I hope you all had a nice July and that August is sweet to you!

Thank you so much for the lovely comments, I love them, very much!

May you have a Stylishly beautiful week, with many smiles!

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82 thoughts on “July good-bye, welcome August!

    • Hi, Tammy, and welcome! Thank you so much for your lovely words! I did love Bibimbap very much, it was the first time I prepared it! I am also following you! Your blog is lovely, so it’s an honor for me that you’re following me! Hope you have a beautiful week!

  1. I totally get what you’re saying. I mean how time passes by way too quickly. I just don’t get it where did July go.. and where did June go? really, soon there will be Christmas and that’s the reality. so it’s definitely important to enjoy every moment of time as much as possible. I’m not always good at that but at least I’m trying and giving my best. anyway, I loved seeing all those outfits. your shoe collection is beyond stunning and it’s always inspiring to see something I would otherwise not see (they don’t sell some very fancy labels here where I live). and don’t worry, you look lovely without makeup, with very little makeup, whatever. I think when a person is lovely inside then she/ he doesn’t need tons of makeup anyway. I really believe so. oh and now that it’s summer (ours is very very hot – around 30-32 degrees C all the time) it’s especially cool to let your skin rest from all the makeup. at least that’s my point of view. anyway, it was so good to hear from you again and I definitely get it when other bloggers don’t have much time for posting since I’m one of those bloggers. I have tons of material and photos but just no time. well, what can one do :) take care, Denise, and talk to you soon!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

    • Hi, Maiken, thank you for this sweet comment, you are always so amazing! Yes, time flies, it’s already near the end of the first week of August! Oh my word, soon Christmas, you’ll see! We’re all going to see! And yes, I always mention of a blog-friend said once “life is what happens when we are out of the web, when we are not posting!” Somehow I feel a bit guilty when I don’t post, but honestly, I wanted to be in the first semester again! You know when something is so good that we don’t want it to finish? That was the beginning of the year for me! Thank you for your compliments, about no makeup, but I really don’t recognize me or have the courage to go out without a bit of it :) I think I look a bit sick without it, but everybody till now seems to like :) I don’t see me as lovely inside, but somehow I also listen to it, so I must be something OK :) I still don’t see me that way! I am glad you are having such a nice summer! I have to confess, 30 degrees C is a bit too much to me, so I try to escape for winter when the temperature gets higher in England :) Thank you again, dear Maiken, and enjoy summer and life out of the web, cause i think this is where it’s more amazing, isn’t it? Hope you have a great week!

    • Thank you soooo very much! For everything, this comment and liking Stylishly Beautiful! It will have daily posts, that’s why we were all busy – the team, I mean! I hope you like it as much as we do! Your words mean a lot to me, no joke – after I got to know you live in a place I liked so much, even more – I’m sure you can only be very nice, cause I loved your country! Thank you again for your always lovely comments and I hope you have a great week!

    • Thank you, Ann! Yes, I can’t complain till now about 2014. And thanks for the words about Stylishlybeautiful, it’s written with a lot of love and passion! I hope you have a nice week ahead!

  2. It is great to see you are back! We love having you here. Hope everything has been going well. Your pictures are very amazing. I am so in love with your purple shoes because they are very beautiful.

    • Hi, Imogen, thank you so much for your lovely words! And thanks for the purple shoes – when I saw them I thought “I want theeeem!” And I wore them for new year’s eve, that is a time that I always wear bright colors to have positive energy for the year. I guess it worked! Hope you have a very beautiful week!

  3. Your purple Bottega Veneta shoes are to die for !!!!

    I love the variety in your blog .. so fun to see different dishes, travel, clothing etc.

    Looking forward to your August adventures :-)


    • Hi, Monica! Thank you so much for your sweet words, you know I’m your fan – no joke! I was thinking of you, will go to your blog to see how you are – I am sure well :) and keep on that way! Well, this is a gathering of things I like… love cooking different “experiments” or dishes :) And the shoes, when I saw I thought “no matter the list to get them, they will be mine!” I am “zen” (attempting to be a controlled yogi without practicing it) – I don’t like to be impulsive, but I think I am! :) Thank you again for your lovely words!

  4. The wooden bag and shoes are adorable! Also, I want to eat all of that food! >_< Haha. It's OK that life catches up to you. That's just what it does. It commands your attention and pulls you in different directions. You just have to go with the flow (which is what I'll be doing this month and the next, apparently hehe). 😀

    – Anna


    • Hi, dear Anna, you always leaving so sweet comments! I thank you so much for that! I have just read you will go on a trip for 7 weeks, I will miss you! But then you will come back full of news and it’s great! Yes, life is like that, flowing! 5 months to the new year – and it will fly, no joke! But it’s good to be carried that way too! Thanks for the philosophical words – I love them!

    • Hi, thank you so much for this lovely comment! You do look great – and I don’t think I look great without makeup (and I thank you for the compliment!), but as you see, we always have such a view about ourselves… I think you really look amazing! Bibimbap is really great, I am longing to prepare it again!

    • Hi, Tanya, and thank you for your lovely comment! Yes, I am sorry, I try my best to leave a comment and I’ll do so soon, but the Stylish Beautiful project was a busy period last month! Thank you for the compliment! I normally don’t wear purple, but that nuance was nice! Hope you have a beautiful week too!

    • Hello! Thanks for the lovely comment and compliments! Well, I am following you on facebook and bloglovin’ :) Would be nice to interact on facebook, for sure! I will read your new post soon! Still enchanted by that lovely bakku! Hope you have a great day!

  5. Hi sweety, so sorry to hear that you were not well, I hope that you feel better soon. Have a lot of rest. Happy August as well and in Safrica it is known as Women’s month because its a celebration of the female species. I am so impressed by these amazing dishes you made, please do some recipe posts, I would love to try them because you and I both prefer our vegan food. I hope this half of the year brings you many more great things, love and more travel, hopefully here to SA. Love that green skirt you are wearing, your outfits are always so graceful and refined. You have the most beautiful ladylike style. The purple shoes are gorgeous! And love the pretty bracelet too. I will try and have a look at the quotes you posted in FB as well. Miss you. Hugs!

    • Dear Sam! Thanks for this amazing comment! Wow, women’s month, it must be amazing! And thanks for the compliments, but I really don’t see me as wearing refined outfits – I mean, as superficial as I think it is, I have to confess that I wear famous brands a lot – but I mix with my design items or cheap things too, to balance the look. Then I look quirky, boho, and I prefer it – no arrogant pretentious outfits, in my humble opinion! Guess what, the green skirt is Indian, it’s really my favorite kind of fashion, you know me :) I am eeeeager to go to South Africa, do believe me! One day I am sure I will! I will soon post the recipes – but I warn you :) they are very simple! I love cooking, but when it’s practical :) Hope you have an amazing week!!!!

  6. So sorry that I am not here as often as I should. You are one big traveller are you and I am so jealous. I wish that we can do that more often. Maybe when my son is out of the house, lol. way to go cooking all these traditional food of each country. They look so pretty and yummy too. This is a fantastic post and you look amazing and a nice lady. Glad we stay in touch through FB.


    • Oh, dear Sam, don’t worry! You are here now with this beautiful comment, thank you! And I also have to apologize for not being on your blog as often as I wanted, but life has so many tasks, you know it better than me! I am also so glad we are in touch on facebook! That way we keep on seeing each other! Thank you again for the compliments and lovely comment! I find you amazing, and wish you an amazing week!

    • Hi, dear Jenny! Thank you so much for the sweet comment! It means so much to me! The outfits are just very practical – I like quirky and comfy clothes :) Thank you very much for you always sweet words to me!

    • Hello, welcome! Thank you so much for the lovely words to me! The food was interesting – I am not so experimental, but these dishes were nice to discover – so I have them a try! Thank you again for your nice comment! I hope you have a nice day!

  7. Wow! Looks like July was a fabulous month! It is nice to take a little break every now and then and just enjoy life! Can’t believe you were in a place in July that was only 3 degrees, but you still looked fabulous and stylish! Those purple shoes you have are just so fabulous! I will check out that new site!


    • Hi, Rebecca and thanks for the sweet comment! You are so right, and I use to say, life is mainly what happens outside the web! So I decided to post, at least for a while, on the first Monday of each month :) so I have time for so many things, like re-starting painting – people say I’m good, but I’m always so lazy to do it! But this month I have painted two pictures! Since 2012 I didn’t do it! Thank you so much for your compliments, you are lovely! I may not post so often here, as I said, but the new site has daily posts! Thanks for checking it out!

  8. Hi Denise, how was your week hun? You are so right, what if we get what we thought we always wanted and when we do, its not exactly what we thought, this crosses my mind a lot. Loved your advice and excellent comment!

    • Dear Sam, thank you again for your always nice comments, with lots of good thoughts – I didn’t know that you often asked yourself that question, I do too. Guess what, my week without posting here – you know now it’s daily news on Stylishly Beautiful – was really productive – since 2012 I haven’t painte a single picture and this week I painted 2!!!! Believe me, that’s a record! I have been posting quotes on facebook, writing to SB and painting – so, I’m glad! I hope you had a great week and that you have a great weekend! You are really an enrichment to everybody – no empty words!

  9. Hi dear, I will be on vacation for a few weeks and unable to comment back to you until I get back on 8 September. Take care until then hun and have a wonderful week! I will miss you!

    • I will miss you too, dear Sam, and thanks for telling me! I hope you have a wonderful time and I am eager to read about your adventures! Thanks for this lovely gesture and comment! Hope you are having a great time!

  10. I was so sure that I’d let a comment here before but now I saw that I didn’t. You look absolutely stunning in your photos and I loved your purple shoes.
    So sweet of you to mention me! :)
    Also, It’s almost early morning here, and I’m getting hungry by looking at your food photos. hehe

    • Dear Em 😉 OK, I wrote your name there :) Thank you so much for the lovely comment and don’t worry, I posted just once this month! And of course I was going to mention you, you created everything! The dishes were meant to know the countries in some way! Bibimbap was new to me, and it’s soooo delicious! I actually could eat it now :) Thank you again for your sweet comment, you are an angel – really! Makia!

    • Thank you so much, dear Monica! And how are you? I told you, I thought and think of you – I never forget that sentence! Hope you have a great week! I wish to be a world traveler, but there is still so much to see – and will I have the time? I hope so!

    • Hi, dear Elle, thank you for your sweet comment! Actually till June it was very busy! Then August I started posting regularly on Stylish Beautiful, busy too. But I am much more relaxed now and longing for another trip! Hope you are fine! Wishing you a great weekend!

  11. Hallo meine liebe Denise. Wie kommst du denn auf die Idee, dass der Post langweilig sein könnte. Ich freu mich das du Zeit hattest mal wieder einen Post zu machen. Du bist ja viel rumgekommen, im Gegensatz zu mir. Freut mich das du so viel Spaß hattest. Ich hab mir eure neue Seite angeschaut und die ist wirklich super geworden. Da ist für jeden was dabei. Keine Bange ich hab die Kommentare alle erhalten, aber wenn jemand Facebook erwähnt landet der Kommentar im Spam Ordner (haha wir hatten 30 Spams pro Minute, die über Facebook kamen). Wünsch dir einen wunderschönen Donnerstag 😀


    • Hallo, liebe Mira! Danke sehr fuer dein immer super suess Kommentar! Ja, Stylishly Beautiful hat etwas fuer jede, du hast Recht! Da schreibe ich jede Woche jetzt. Das macht Spass! Naja, ich wusste es nicht ueber facebook! 30 Spams pro Minute, das ist hoch! Aber es ist sehr praktisch, dich zu sehen da :) Ich freue mich immer wenn ich dich und deine Outfits sehe, ohne Witz! Hoffe, dass du ein schoenes Wochenende hast! Viele liebe Gruesse!

  12. Hi Denise! I miss visiting your blog. :) But it’s nice that we’re connected on Facebook. I love your quotes. Your first half of the year is amazing as well as the other half. You’ve been to different countries and events. I love your World Cup experience. I adore your outfits as well. :) I didn’t know that you have a bad eyesight too. I am nearsightedness (myopia) and my eye-grade is 535/550 (something like that). By the way, I love the dishes that you cooked. They look so delicious and healthy. I wanna try the Homemade Stringozzi. I love Pasta! Hope you’ll have an amazing weekend. I’ll check out the site that you recommended.

    x, shekinahjoy.com

    • Dear Shekinah, thank you soooo much for these lovely words, you are always so nice! You should try the stringozzi, it’s easy and delicious! The recipe is already on the Vegetabible page! I love pasta as well! (But I should go on a diet :) Actually, you are right – my first half of the year was active, adventurous, I have to confess, really nice! The second half is very calm till now, apart from the World Cup. My feet are itching to have new adventures! That’s me! :) And yes, I have the same as you since I was 11 :( and unfortunately it is worse than your sight – but thank God we have contact lenses!!! I hope you have a great weekend! I love seeing you on facebook!

      • I will check the ingredients on the site so I know what to get when I go to the store this week. :) This will be my first time to cook pasta. I only know how to cook fried dishes. Haha! Wish me luck. 😀 And yes, thank God for contact lenses. I still wear eyeglasses but mine broke down the middle few weeks ago. Bummer! Haha!

        Have a nice day!

        • Dear Shekinah, thank you for the sweet words! Stringozzi is very easy, you will see, and I am eager to see the result! I am sure you will be great and guess whay – I love fried dishes, like tempura! Such a coincidence, the glasses that I am wearing om this post broke in the middle last week! So we two have broken glasses now :( I have another pair, that I used to like a lot, but now they hurt a bit. I’m so lazy (I confess), but next week I have to go to a place called “Glasses Emergency” :) to have them fixed! Hope you have a beautiful and blessed Sunday, you are so great!

  13. You did have a busy August, a little bit like me actually and the weather was almost perfect. I loved your comfy, quirky outfits that kept you warm when you were in colder climates.
    Congratulations and good luck with the new site. I’ll certainly take a peek. Happy weekend x

    • Hi, Colleen, thank you so much for your comment, always so sweet! Yes, I am quirky :) No matter which brad I wear, I always look quirky – the best was that long coat that made me look like a respectable lady – but I felt a bit “not me” :) Thank you so much for checking Stylishly Beautiful out, I am having fun posting there! Hope you have a great and full of fun weekend – and healthy food! I love seeing what you eat, reminds me of eating healthy things too!

  14. So jealous, you’ve been to so many countries in such a short period of time! I also went to Lithuania in August, but I am Lithuanian, so that doesn’t count. ;-)) I hope you had a good experience there. Did you go to Vilnius or somewhere else? Don’t worry about not being very active on your blog. I also posted only once or twice in August and similarly during summer. Blogging should bring us enjoyment, not a burden.

    • Hi, dear Min! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! Well, for me it counts being a Lithuanian and going to Lithuania – and how sweet is that? I can tell you I loooved the place and I am eager to go back there! Even the police officers were nice and fun! I had a fabulous time there! I didn’t go to Vilnius on the list!), but many cities till Kaunas, and stopped in Marijampole at a great hotel! Everything was great there – the breakfast, and I even got some yoghurt labels, believe it or not, and cheese with a girlie duck label to frame – and so to always have it in front of me to remember the great time. You are right about blogging! It has to be nice, not a burden. I now post every week at Stylishly Beautiful, and here as a recap of the month. It can change, but for now it’s fine this way! Hope you have a great weekend!

    • Hi, Demi, than you so much for your comment! Yes, I went to Greece again – I love it! The 1st time I went to 5 cities and now I went to some more, a friend of mine, Markella, showed me so many things! She is great and I had an amazing time! Is it possible to have anything different in Greece? Greece is fabulous, lucky you! I hope you have an amazing weekend!

    • Thank you so much for all, Paola! The looks are just like me, quirky, nothing comparable to your elegant and great looks, but as a friend says, each one with his/her own style! I must confess that all of the dishes were first-time experiences, but they turned to be nice, indeed! I love cooking! Thank you again for being always so sweet to me and enjoy your Sunday a lot!

    • Thank you very much, dear Paola! I must confess I have a degree in Italian and I love Italy, so I was there many times – and I also confess I watch RAI every day :) It is so nice to get your compliments, I confess I feel proud – so my studies paid off :) I hope you have a great week!

    • Hi, dear Tina! Thank you so very much for your lovely comment! I totally understand you, when we need a week, 2 weeks or even more off! Actually I am in such a phase, in need of going on the road again – but it has to wait now :) I am glad you went to New England and had a good time there! I am also glad I see you on facebook! Thank you again for such a sweet comment! And I hope you have a beautiful week!

    • Thank you so much for your comment, Marija! I am glad you will soon travel on vacations! And look – my first 6 months of the year were hectic, but the 2nd half is completely calm! I am sure you will enjoy your vacations, share with us you pictures, please! I love seeing new places! Hope you have a great week!

    • Hahaha, dear Kezzie, don’t worry, it happens! What about me? I am not using mobiles for 3 months :) Didn’t really need one where I am now, but now back to England I will re-start to use my mobile again :) How are you? I hope you are fine! I am so happy with your comment now! Hope you have a great week! I am a bit busy deciding what to take with me, and not to exceed the air line limits :) Hope you have an amazing weekend!

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