Jealousy and Envy

Jealousy and Envy – the difference… is big!


Friday Feelings

Jealousy Coveting EnvySurely it’s fine to wish nice things, but don’t get caught by envy! You certainly have much more than you need and lots to be thankful for – if you focus on reaching your goals, instead of thinking about what others have, your life will change, in a better way! Comparison is really not a good thing, we are all unique. And important!

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Wishing you a lovely weekend with smiles! Thanks for the amazing comments!

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40 thoughts on “Jealousy and Envy

  1. Oh gosh, I would love to go back in time and bitch slap my 20 years old self so I would stop being envious of everyone and of everything. Yes, I was that girl who wants everything that everyone else had and gosh, I wasn’t the nicest person either. Thankfully life lessons humbled me and I’m a much better person today.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Dear Shireen, you are so amazing! Thank you for your comment and for sharing your thoughts! I am sure you weren’t a bad person, you maybe were just trying to find yourself, your path in life and once you did, all got much better! I am sure we all had moments when we thought “oh, if I only had this and that…” , you name it – a boat, more time, being fitter, anything! So I am sure you were and are a great person! Thank you again for your sweet words! And I wish you a great weekend!

  2. You’re so right Denise. I believe we all have different blessings and challenges in life. I try not to look too much at what others have because I don’t know how long they waited and how hard they worked for it etc.. That way I don’t get envious. I look for inspiration and motivation mostly in what others do.
    Thank you for sharing. Have a great weekend Denise :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

    • Hi, dear! Thank you for your lovely comment! I guess the last quote can be a bit radical, but I think it’s because having some money for emergencies or big plans is what it was about. Maybe because some people who spend all their money, when it comes to something bigger, like buying a car or a house, never have, but a wardrobe full of things that won’t provide shelter… I don’t know, just a thought! Of course, spending to have some happiness is great! Hope you have a nice weekend! Thank you again for the sweet words!

  3. as I grow older, I’m less and less envious because I understand that nobody has it all…and besides, we need to be true to ourselves and that means taking responsibility for ouselves and our actions. Envy makes us unhappy and it makes others unhappy too.

  4. Bellissimo post come sempre cara Denise :) hai perfettamente ragione, gelosia e invidia non sono lontanamente simili. L’invidia è qualcosa che porta spesso a cattive conseguenze cercando di fare di tutto conto gli altri. Bacii

  5. Liebe Denise, da hast Du wieder sehr treffende Worte gefunden! Ich finde man sollte sich vor Neid in jeder Form hüten. Neid halte ich grundsätzlich für sehr gefährlich, denn Neid kann einen von innen heraus zerfressen. Dabei finde ich dass es gar nicht nötig ist, neidisch zu sein. Auch wenn man es glaubt, ist das Gras anderswo praktisch nie grüner und jeder ist auf dem Platz, auf dem er hingehört bzw. hat die Möglichkeiten, dies selbst zu ändern. Ich hoffe, Du hattest ein wunderbares Wochenende!
    xx Rena

  6. Hi Denise!!
    I was actually thinking about you yesterday!! :) thanks for your sweet words on my post, and I’ve been meaning to come visit your blog! Love those quotes, I’ve seen those before and I agree they are true! And it really makes you think about those feelings!
    Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day/week and I’ll be back again soon!! Xx

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